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McCalvy: Guerra will be the Opening Day starter for the Brewers!

Mar 20, 2017|

Adam McCalvy, our Milwaukee Baseball Insider, joins Chuck and Winkler to talk about the Brewers. What will the rest of the starting lineup look like for the Brewers this season?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At a McKelvey joins us an agreement West Bank hotline. The incredible story that is junior gear Adam continues his guy went from. Well who the hell knows where he's vanden everywhere and now he's starting opening day for the Brewers. Yeah it is really amazing story that you got. Up like this I'd say you know win or lose it's not. Important when your covering the game you want the good stories. And junior Eric Carle sure sure I mean. From Italy he pitched in Spain he learned that you pitched a splitter which kind of saved his career is a waiver claim he's David Stern's first player ever acquired. Which gives them a little place in franchise history. He churned out you know opening day starter so it's all. It's a really interesting story it's. It's eventually I'm obviously not he can do just over all year. Kenny do you does now that national instructional or seen him. Com there is questions there and I think it's. You know he's got a lot to prove that she's in just 32 year olds all. Okay so is that splitter now counsels talked about that splitter takes time. To start working you know takes few wraps were easy now with that right now. He's got I mean this is something you've worked out I use it at about five years and secure a really good about it you particular term Jean Marc chi. It's for the Giants and all I'm. They were friends in Venezuela much shipment. Five years that you'll. And it's a true you know it's a truce literate. It if fingers spread where par on the base all alms. So it's different from other guys actually now that it is or it is huge she's got going splitter. Arm isn't a little different it is if you can sort of jail pitcher. Split our circle changeup you know your dominant here or failure suddenly assert the ball. Against red year. Middle finger a little farther away index finger at Jenny Nelson. It's different though from junior here as well I'd also like that since returning early like because it. It it it shows you that it's different for all of these guys not one away throw. Pitch and it's a comfort saying the changer especially its own future cap to keep trying a million different combinations. In Europe and spot properties until you find something that your console it. And it your starting pitcher that you can find something you're comfortable with that change of get a chance. To me melt is really compliment in his news blip that he's crawling. Armed it would make him more short pitched it could be a big pitched it could be the kind of thing. Welcome to take the next step it certainly think turgeon era tremendous sort of world. Engaged. And a McKelvey would brewers' Zack com On Twitter at Adam McKelvey. FaceBook as well. Adam would Garrett now 'cause will probably ask you this. Later soul wall asking now about Jimenez is long term plans that this team they're gonna give him the opening game not clearly that's. That's a big deal for a lot of these guys and a big deal for gear up again he is on the wrong side of thirty as they say and if you're rebuilding. It might be more valuable to get pieces for this guy that'll payoff two years down the rolled unless they think Garrett can still beat this guy two years down the road. Well yet look at in this story. Well. Album or more years and so agency if you want to really dried out and yeah and he's creeping up on already so I don't know that. You know he is kind of like a special case. He's on one hand. A league minimum salary guys so she's she's one of the guys need to that way into the equivocal or rebuild but. I think has given where he's at in his career it it's hard to think we're in the same way and gave. I think if you actually can and the interest in them or. Back it intrigued about last already interest. This offseason needed tomorrow occasion and coaches other pitchers that on the potential. Sure ain't lol yeah excess culture. Much work to achieve our kids aged. And yeah never got to air it never got sort Gerald. Or I salute you will never. You know I I think it's much more likely that he is. Probably traded at some point if repeat as Scotland that he can do that Europe. A couple of years arm I think that's what are elected and that he plays out his full six years of control. In this. Or or Europe BO and answer to a tree questions of day where continuous now we're saying. Stick tied with the Brewers. Job he was up 31 year old rookie restart you opening day of the following season one of those things. Is it in all paint. It's talk it up a little pitchers that you know you hope are going to be really get a long time teacher and our coaches our thoughts. All of a sudden find something and become Jake area. You know later in their careers are in particular not. So it's pitching especially as a rule and only thing you know rookie bonus and opening days. All. You got you never opening day starter list is to mix. Mainstays. Legend in the cage and are on hand and sort of record. Raphael OK I think started on opening day and there is their interest in England yeah. Tightly that a McKelvey our baseball insider here I'm not in Europe they're well I'm just gave up. On me mom. How I don't remember you mean the real doubled the now that. Now I don't think you know I don't the law to dinner at least just Karlsson on the opening day and once. As an obvious and yeah. It's spring training so we're two weeks away now from opening day. The comments over the weekend Adam that Ryan brawn would like spring training be over ASAP. Yeah you know look I didn't expect that it on the I get (%expletive) like this or it is you know he says that kind of smirk. And I'm serious I'm not cheating. Took a little bit more. He's got a cast surgeon and execute articulating. As I ever. There's just to look at it and keep the that you. Wanted either check dating or many better. Hitter positions are thinking sweet law writes that state law. Arm it it's sort of change the pitchers double edged out there that are completely drags at this point object and they're ready to. RN and others took it you know not so well it's it confidant we're not KG. That sometimes. Often get in trouble I can give me is is point below which it all along continues. Yeah you guys who waddle almost like he doesn't walk a lot of stir checking. Eat certain in certain areas those talk about it and they that are in net at every. It's about picking our options or a base to force. Us to second on a certain routes out. At their own multi you know all of your head. She park language that you roots. Ball pictures just look up all the little and you see you get it won't arms and training. So then you get opening day and in the season and something. And it sort of in your belt that year. And you know you you are able to. Say this you know choked cheated. Sort of you know serious. At all along about all. He just seems all the agent while. Pomp and have a stories you're watching for here in the next the weaker sell as we move for now the it's opening day pitcher has been announced. Well do you think it is an announcement nothing else can you know I arms. It means very curious but in the all of a sudden at that rotation now at least share of the ship there at the end. Oh. The last year back and the pitching pretty well. Agencies other solve that. And then that was evident after the bullpen essay James Sanders and people don't get their rotation. You keep one in the bullpen and all that keep all our. Ovechkin impact. Restaurant open. So I think they're hitters you know barring an injury it looked. Really didn't want instant yeah. At that position. The pitcher's side is really is no more clarity and so and some solutions it. At a McKelvey can read his work or Brewers dot com On Twitter. At Adam McKelvey I Doug Davis started in 2006. You go on opening day and actually did catch up and look at. Pitcher or. At least one release well geez I just don't. I Rafael rocks in there tag runner up there for Roque you know Roque and the like croquet now. Steve water Jamey Wright all these guys Steve ordered another one now he what was he 96. Maybe seven. How Woodard was 2002000. Look at how it's got that start. Dallas one to fifteen doesn't get the infamous ten nothing run balls and that's when the that was councils playing a national team which a given night. And you know they get the Iraq. Certain that okay yeah that. Fifteen year speaking it was not an added that year were geese flew all spring training. Well that is playing in Turkey that tunnel toward. Well hopefully you're on a flight this time around to that day. Well. All won today so. It's not something here as. Well and every give back do it safely and we'll Jimmy the next week. Garcia Adam McKelvey joining us on the great midwest bank hot line when you're ready do you. Did in two or back into the housing market look no further than great midwest bank has agreement resting deck Tom take the next step toward your new home.