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Imig: The Packers have lost more talent then they have added!

Mar 20, 2017|

03/20/17: Paul Imig, our Green and Gold Analyst, joins Bill Michaels to talk about the Packers and what they have done so far this offseason.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paul Menard reading or analyst now joining us on the Schneider orange outline Paul. Don't caught on well. Are you tell me everything you got an extremely quiet after last week's glory of that tail end of that first round of free agency everything is really crawled to a halt it seems like I was wanna be didinger brand was on last week he says doesn't feel like free agencies now over. And it really does nothing else is really happen. Yeah I'm missing a couple of these let you know of the top 100 free agents going into the ops he's an. Saw top 100 list. I've seen on the list there's like five to eat means what you don't ever current ones that aren't even when other yet Tony Romo. RJ Cutler court in at least ending available you've got two Eagles nests you know I quarterback that people know. But you know they hate him you had to tackle formerly of the giant took still trying to get himself a multiyear offer. I. Your team like the Packers you know in doubt scarred by saying. Didn't want to exceed it fork CJ and lying. Or Micah Hyde or. Certainties of course are critical and that turned out that it. You know you you get you know you want your team to not overpay to keep it going guys Alan. Yeah that was the greens were. And sending somebody can released here in the upcoming week what is your roster bonus to something about where I mean what expectancy hit greens you suddenly darted. I mean to debater ever been on September stuck in that jobs we're going to be. Mark no right so those kind of things can happen but a pending that you look at the name last look at the money available and green cards. Or at least asked the question. Why or order now and I think that's kind of where it while he is. How much better or worse do you think the Green Bay Packers are as they sit right now. And for sure I think what I was that is a much more well rounded. And even if he wouldn't talk to try and he in Jericho it was a very good addition I don't want anybody. What most of us when the option but yet you don't restart one. Let one of sugar or cook let me and Duke diminished what you did but Martellus Bennett is a superior player yet at England lands efforts to that next. It's helpful as well because that of course doesn't lessen that Richard Rodgers are urged perspective I think needs to have. A very certain role on a good team and I think that role is better or that right now tendered and Bennett other than that it's. You know they've added about how good quarterbacks and hope that group got. But you can't lose the number of guys. But the Packers have right now and say that they're brother and I I think you know I. Ted Thompson put to the pats would probably agree that right now of course we don't start so. You should only take so much it with a grain of salt but today now the Packers. Aren't the better team than they were caught or leave or at least you could they when it went into a champ Japan had more overall talent on the roster now Beijing today. He often. I'm sure the big names aren't still on the board the big money or are mostly awkward and it's signed elsewhere over the past and the nets and they took fourteen days. I thought wanna make a good deal of what is roster look like on March 20. But you know it is it is they have lost more talent than what they. And I'm not I'm not perspective alone. I think that's where there are some sort concerned sorry what are you why are you reading you hole nobody thought start was good that the whole bill because. You don't like it probably going to be restarted tracker oh wait all logical or old one. God analyst and it will might hop. Was not perhaps the most effective. He Centre back who can at least one and luckily that last year outs when he wants you know is the Micah Hyde for about how you so to speak that they are truly. You know I was any better or worked an odd it's an equal lost first. I think they'll be certain. But overall I mean you now or are more holes than what you are two weeks ago. That's where it's sort of an I wonder about. I would call and every old analyst on the Schneider orange how line I started going through the list of of rushers of defensive ends. Of outside linebackers. He ended the pickings are slim to none which is. You know I mean a lot of the guys are re sign with their own teams. I still find it amazing that James Harrison is back with the Steelers at the age of 39 however. You know he did you see names out there but not been names of guys who have given big numbers. Who are coming at a bargain basement price I mean. You know Elvis Dumervil comes in my mean you know he granted he had a couple of seventeen sack seasons but he hasn't been that guy in a long long time he still on Simon. There's not anybody out to the you're gonna go. Wow this is going to be a usually impact full move by Ted Thompson if he brings one of those guys and. Well and it could use somebody as Auburn's football fan has heard of what's just yet another example of Darrelle Revis. That it that it agreement silent our long gone. Get that could be somebody that you could at. What operatives don't mean the rout was huge names in the aren't that football people still out there but again it up I remember. Didn't like Jamaal Charles Adrian Peterson. Act. Marshawn Lynch that are in that I'll come within a big big names. But these are guys who was caught in in and it's not that you that the Packers wouldn't be better if they had a small child but I think the darker art but it landed Darrelle Revis. But more because you just have so many old in terms of gaps. Carcillo that. You might need in the name of their their first initial excitement I think it's part talk and I'd like battle starts if they aren't won or that are household name but I did you know. But they are still available in free agency or at least. And I'm cute but then you say maybe that you can like in eaters and maybe you reportedly asking for too much money and he'd really outplayed when he fought to get. Person watching turned out action be willing to let could be more and Adrian Peterson all and it could be anybody else there's an issue with it is. What is critical or what it allows as relates to his recent quarter just but. You know they're certainly. Out. You know I just don't know what those means Q were you in 2017 and maybe not just because you remember them being good 234 years ago. Yeah it's amazing because you start to go through all the top players. And they're they're just they're not there most of them remain with their own teams. On boy you know I mean that I guess one of the higher rate guys out there and Brandon Flowers. Released because of the nine million dollar salary but he can still play a me be a pretty good guy to bring and he's he's der abilities obviously a little bit of concern but. He only played six games listeria mean that other than that it the next highest rated guys Sam Shields. Oh you know. Or. I mean I am I yeah I mean you start to look at some of these let's say you they list Sam Shields is one of the top fifteen corners on the league but. You know he's eat I mean even if he's cleared to play who's gonna take a chance on guided you know got a concussion from an elbow. Right and who missed an entire season because of certain passion and then. Of course at the police inquiry this contour it's your call and answer the door and hang in his Patten and which I discovered between entity that are from there I'm. He also do without so the kind of guys to where you are and how much they really helped me to go back out you know out of our name and it. Stars were excited about. Maybe you'd use and rushed. Ability offered up on the net and 41 here or five million dollars or something like stop. I don't even know when things are starting to disappear without you are probably you know one group a few what's. A comparable Arlen. And those things are disappeared off the board and and here you are tornados and Artest bat an eye contact he didn't go in the absence of something really big unexpected happening around we were. At least two grew up. Do roster bonus situation. He's probably gonna go to them on an even court. You know he would like lack circuit box are open up a couple it is about those spots are. Quite which apple that would be department all of them were talking. Much now and we never happen not only known about it you want to Adams extension intellectual and weeks engine and I think that's probably just operate in that when you're quite happen again. Yeah I a I might. How would you say the same thing I said that there's still got to be. I still think there's going to be one more move I still think there's gonna be just something. Because we have roster bonus is coming up here shortly going. You do and they are staggered throughout but it's up to turn it into where. If a player is so good. Oh isn't good enough for the lead currently playing work to not think he's worked his meet march roster bonus. How good is about and he can't help block whoever that player might be but how that player really hit it in which Cutler looked out. You know simple roster bonus and a cup let's cut a player written going to see Ortiz and savior. You know your guard position post each line it's gonna help. It's gonna get you more option options. I don't know what's gonna eat up about it chat line making. At the same like I do agree I think you know for sure in the next you weakness and somebody you know some position. Some street creation quote on quote it gonna excitement and nobody can beat somebody we heard. Aren't local or turtle you maybe get the ball right but. But I don't I don't think it's yeah. The break the bank type of move. Would tell a Packers at twenty billion dollars and ultimately well because well it is player one of the sixteen million not a player vote that aren't there more and that's kind of where. Which what you mentioned the free agent list of guys to look noble. This is what foot it is targeted grade he did start and the only with that you. All broken before let you go and ask this question openly come in the next segment budgeting your opinion does Aaron Rodgers deserve better. I think he does yes just like I think Brett Favre. Towards the end of we can add his frustrations boil over I I would not be grudge any superstar quarterback and I didn't. In that superstar quarterback so well and he expressed it publicly orders to himself and it is a close friend or whatever the case might be. But that person wouldn't feel like. Really come this is by. I did my best to convey my spots. And yet each and chipped in watts and you go to calm mind out of the order where you didn't take it that way to. I was intending it to be. Whatever it is not the I won't when you have a team. It's seemingly every offseason takes small step back. Because I know. Last two rookies are going to be like get your players you never know what sucking your players are becoming her curtsy to the open you know and there is Randall becomes superstar. And you know what the type of your three feet left art Adams yeah it hurt your. It looked like a lot there as well it would be sort of look at it in. From out birdies quarterback prospect who stones parliament say. Got well I deserve better I I think that the error. Spot. But if it number twelve cabinet I think it will be very there ought to be. All good stuff so we'll just again we're awake all right. But it artillery they don't call me guard Ramon analyst joining us on the Schneider orange hotline shatter Harry drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years the beginning you don't. Call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com.