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McCalvy: The Brewers' minor league players have impressed!

Mar 21, 2017|

03/21/17: Adam McCalvy, our Milwaukee Baseball Insider, joins Bill Michaels from Brewers Spring Training to talk some baseball. Should we raise our expectations for the Brewers this season?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Even now speaking of baseball and adamant county brewers' Doug common joining us for a couple minutes in the Schneider orange hotline hello out of married doing. I'm not so it almost fly. I got to do our opening day the first Europa. Trickier than it looked slow yes. Very much and shoot right up yes. I actually they would without getting too long into a story I national indoor water park once were I almost came out of the top of water a water slide. So I have ten of that weird fear. So I went really slowed on the sly you know but divvy out you do it's it's it's a little harrowing experience especially different heights. When you're like that kid on the slide that it is doubted my. Shouldn't on the slide and it takes a whole minute. Tom why I'd kind of gripped it a little bit I wasn't completely a petrified but yeah I guide the I didn't fly down at. They're video that we can do all doors pictures a little while ago I don't know that's still up and around it don't search around for them. Opening day it it was in the weight you'd know this is obviously way back in 2000 and what 12 doesn't want. He was different because you didn't have the same level of security you do today but I had friends of mine that'd come to town. Bombs that just wanted to come for the game and you every old regime they just a it was it was mom and pop it was really nice skeletal walk around and and you know I mean granted there is a level security you have to have now but they tell it to walk around in. So that's why do that from our friends in they got pictures upstairs in the you know I won was a photographer he did a big fish I picture the ballpark before even opened it was it was really neat and so yeah that's when I got a chance to do it but oh over a good old days man. Yeah I was gonna say that was in the build a of the two schools and that is on the saw this very cool. And then them but that was get up on the catwalk behind lights yes like the let those those kind of up on the underside of the route that was pretty. Yeah yeah I had a twelve it back when was being built. I actually got a chance to to tour the place and I actually went and then unfortunately in the bucket that was then you know knocked down after because I don't know. But I can't follow up where yeah their ballpark yet what the story goes I mean I got the two were. And then a couple white's shot a bunch of pictures I had that in that was back when you headed to develop pictures there were just on a chip. So I've got them. Parent can when mr. Kidd later. Yes so I developed the pictures and I taped them together for a panoramic. And I posted them on the website of the station I worked at at the time Bo Ryan had called me and thought it was pretty cool. Anyway you said can you give me you know can you give me at a torso we did. And as an empty wanted to thank me for the for the for the tour for setting it up that's what he was back would you WM. So we took me to Denny so I was a Denny's in tow set and he gets a call from pat richter and that's when he got the job. And while it does. This group. That yeah I need to be looked at me he said don't you say blinking word. And then he called me and said okay go ahead and then you know we I mean was like within thirty seconds between myself and then. A station on Madison the broke the news of Bo got the job Leos it was bruised critical deal. Well whatever part of that story that is think he does take you to Danny. We are Denny's graded out that he is. Made a couple of bucks in the coach in nineteen Howard pride you had a different. Would be a little different now would assume them. So what's a big story on there other than the fact that we finally know the opening day starter. Yeah that was and wondered what an honor would have sort. Of such. In just his path to the point three years ago pitching middle east Carolina. The other story is Johnny ER back for an opera back due date so it kind of got their team back from the little bit talk about it too which is obviously. Are gonna try to win the thing with Puerto Rico but Jorge Lopez then either Burgos probably not that well. Smoke that's for sure he's our options won't be on the opening your roster also the big league got their back in you know two weeks left before opening their secret couple was eager. Do not get his team back. I think we'll see. You know a lot more of those players in the final to slope so all play a lot more. The concerted see what my decision making it out of the columns. It just killed more real. After you know when you're two weeks ago and associate of. Now we have seen this team. Plays are pretty your baseball. And so my question is and I started to bring some yesterday. The question is. Should we in anyway shape or form maybe raise our expectation of what our wins and loss total should be for the Milwaukee Brewers this year. Not based on spring training performance not that you know and and on they've scored a lot of rob Manfred I in the a lot of that point 411 game. I generally believe that spring training statistics are worth about as much sense you know the kid's Little League statistics. Not much nothing against your kid. But it's it's. Spring training about getting ready for these guys it's about. If there are decisions in the U mean I don't think they're making them based statistics for example this rotation. Think it's still anybody's Harvard and as well as soon I don't think that has been made. They suburb about Jerry in the captains I think they're looking deeper than at executing pitches. You know what they need from a guy urge your from a guy in terms stock options to have some of the other factors. Luckily that is beyond this institution. So I'm not clear that we can make you need a conclusion good or bat they can. I'll home. The one thing I can. That does it out and made yet it is. All the minor league guys that they brought over and themselves. And I'm not talking about wouldn't let him go yet. Well whatever whatever the result. The way they handled themselves and the the nature of the bat and such a professional hitters. I think they acquitted themselves very well in the camp and that kind of stuff it in the mind of current council and coaches date. Kind of make decisions moving forward so I think of those are the guys who really. Stood out jeans. Odds are when that a McKelvey a bruised account minimum bedecked counts so what other story I guess. Com may be of interest is forays roster moves is this Teamsters who will it Whittle itself down to the big league camp. Well it's the pitching you know I can think of ourselves in the position outside the one question was catcher and you know like I always cautioned. We get too far ahead of ourselves and we debate how it worked out and then. Since it's made. Yeah that kind of happened with a captain since his second getting better than. Are still not playing games you have an option remaining anyway ignited. A roster move but I gaps would be the op. Arm and it looks like that's me doing it turns I would achieve a spot on the on the kitchen side. You know those. Big questions about Harvard and at their public and at the open back into the rotation and then that it's gonna impact how they are back in the bulk. So I think those called Michael bowed to the head am I mean those indelible memories there is. Ten guys are so that I think could be a medal people. In order stroke so then I really don't know right now how that in the chic. Quit this team and I agree with you by the way about this spring training statistics. Tom realistically I'm not looking for a hard core of this is what I expect him to do. But what you see this season being is this going to be a tale of two seasons a tale of a season of of building up some trade value in trade equity and some guys that they want to move and then the second half of the season which. The young guys get a chance to come up and explore are we looking at. The big league squad and in the minor leagues and and who develops in the minor leagues are coming in next year fill in those spots in big. You know I think. That second part of that is it's true so I ask this question mark not a big one because the last couple seasons I've been extremely well off. Not 2014. It was all week surprisingly. 2015 and you just fundamental decision to rebuild 2006 gene was. Totally a rebuilding years kind of starting from scratch a little bit how do you define that you and that's a little warmer. I think. I think they could repeat last year. It would confidence except you get to me what happened last year what you had two or three groups or individual players kind of gained a foothold in the Beijing. And show that we are worthy. Being on the other side of this you've and that I'd like ER. For a exactly these junior Garrett doesn't count the young guy but junior dare. I'll. Yeah Brock similar about that way and then he got hurt I think he's doing it or are going. So certainly if they can win and certainly you certainly important fighting and they can still point that the key of success if they get a couple more. Of these raked through tight these guys that group okay we're we're could not be part of the Dominican Republic called it an optimism that next catchers are gonna have a big opportunity. You know Travis Shaw may be at third base not exactly. But Q but I'm gonna get to play every day. Our Bears players are on the diamond on the team that are have a real opportunity. To be part of this thing has the Brewers hope a couple other the other side and that goes back to that first day with mark up opposite don't. You know we talked about that it wasn't right there wasn't that in a negative way but it was certainly more of he meant it and invite. But there's huge opportunity. For your own good nick the most. I think that's kind of what the scene about. I hid it was gonna get into Domingo Santana last year or. Kind of thought he was banged up that he never really got fully healthy and then when he finally started trying to get in the swing the season was ending. So how big of approving your is this for and how has he looked. Well how he he had he had a stretch of games and out of that barks that was really simply standing back breaking ball. He's he had like that you're looking Israel's 34 actually hit all breaking balls which is really big. Arm where he serves really well as a metric exit blocking that we get because stat on the radar owns all arcs. Opening up in cancers. I finished second on the team that number out there and are an up there and they want to look exit velocity. So that's one of those sort of like underlying. Traits that that makes you think you could have huge success because what they all of about. Hit the ball hard to bop and you can. That's really when it comes down to the conference player and Dominican does that so I think he's a really intriguing player if you can tell. And as far as how big you're that well it's big because he plays the position in the outfield with a lot on the player's arm. And lose Princeton looks like he's. Just waiting for the call Ryan Cornell looks like he's waiting for the call it doesn't surprise her out so he thought he might you guys a little further away but he's going to be at AAA. He's a call it. The purse what can hit this year he's shown that defensively he can do that it tends to play. At least a corner outfield spot management so there is there's. Group of guys that are right there banging on the door. To go back at a job this year. To hold that sort shot. We always. You know kind of look at some of the names and one of the names it keeps getting brought up as far as being a big year because of his slide in the money in the minors was Brad Phillips so I wanted you'll Brett Phyllis and I wanna do wanna touch on Ryan Brohm euphoria we go but. I don't bronze not gonna play alive and all like kind of stuff because he just feels that you know and he's proven and he just doesn't have to. So we can talk about his season upcoming maybe even next week but. But Brett Phillips is a guy that a lot of eyes were on because I think there's a lot of people rooting for him to get here. But yeah is he gonna start in double play her seat he's 'cause he's gonna start delayed and try to bounce a triple A right. He's got started tripling and I don't guess I would have got double a lot of people would have thought that way. But they've opted to keep that group together so that shortly I'll you know. It looked like he could count to three guys I mentioned burns and Kordell Phillips. Playing bumping around all three positions when he got Michael Reid and then their top thirty prospects are. And you've got Howard ran who's a really good baseball some of the former Braves. Would never doubted I never changes you know trade. They had that they at least a really really good cook. Hand looks like he can play in the big leagues and relative distance. So that's those are probably the outfielders that the there have a crippling nineteen yeah do you associate with those you don't they're real proper. Is let's keep them together and remember the Brewers to a network here earlier. In China muscular weeks. Hearty they kept those guys some of those guys together. In the minor leagues and they think that is value as well but for Bledsoe. It's the back. You gonna hit. And now to be in the major leagues yet a down year last year he was spoken very strong about it arm he's very clear eyed about. How important is in his. Now can he take can can know that and England that he didn't collapse to succeed at the play that didn't stress. Our big hope that he's with probably the prospects that I guess there's no one of those healthy competition in the morning we'll how. Is brits are going to be the guy gets the first call option and out there go down. I think so I mean he looked so good. Games he looks the part of the leaders physically. I think he's probably the got a bit of course call them. Always good stuff then they'll we'll chat again the next week and our only a couple of weeks loss and a couple weeks away now some serious and get back here in the nice little cool in L weather. Yeah I'm ready for that cold lap and they're in the airplane door opens rusher to some. They all that counts. They go Bruce Jenna male taught you soon. Erotic -- they go out of McKelvey joining us on the Schneider worn challenge shatter Harry drivers right now. You work arbitrage there eighty pushers immediate and column 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs died come.