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Faith in the Zone - Mike Wilks - Current OKC Thunder scout.

Mar 19, 2017|

Coach McGivern talks with Mike about being an NBA player and more. Mike is from Milwaukee and played point guard at Milwaukee King.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together and lies feet. Right now discover how people in sports and walk in faith the host Mike we give burned and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome their faith in Arizona on sport tree 1057. From the fans. I'm Mike Garrett flying solo today pastor Ken Calvert will be back next week. The rundown today show first three segments today we are going to be joined by Mike Wilks he is a Milwaukee native. Played over Milwaukee king former NBA players now with the Oklahoma. City thunder is a scout. Later in the show will be joined by NBA all former NBA all her AC green. Right now we're joined now I'm excited about this Mike Wilks I was such a fan again I've been around gospel want privacy Milwaukee. And look if you viewer if you press me say who were the top five players ever come by the city conference my keys in that in that group. And it's so nice to be able to talk to him my quotes are you doing today. Very very meant I looked I was a huge fan that coached 35 years in in the city of Milwaukee. And to watch you when you're going up and down the court. At TI a Milwaukee king was was fun to watch your hackable high school bass while clear here in the city. Now appreciate it you're on whether on a sound in my life and I have great. Great memories plant keying. They've dug coach guys and see your high school coach. Or are. Meant to really good guy said that I had chances seacoast guys the other nights out coach now over a Martin Luther and and Doug Jimmy is over at to Medicare and and got a chance to play them this nationals the other night and and he was cute to see him you he's a heck of a coach he'd. Runs a lot of stuff that they may get extremely hard to defend. And as always in typical gym guys fashion they play really good defense. Yeah down. I'm stressed R&R remembered. Now we have not long one print that we caught it and you know kamikaze. You know defense and we try to you know pressure people. You know like so a lot of great times. You know coast damion grant opportunity early in my career. Hey you know Mike I tell kids and and we had this conversation off here. And I always give PD kids that rolled horizon because on the old guy's been around long time and I don't know and I'm talking about. When I tell these kids that are juniors and seniors in high school when you get a chance to play. For your high school team it just doesn't get any better than that I mean the other night when we played to Medicare and were over at Tel west south central. And the gym was attacked. And it was packed with with students it was packed with parents and aunts and articles and then just basketball fans. And Emanuel was loud and and it was a good team and both teams are getting after it and in a setback after the game I thought. You dominant talked to Mike Wilkes and we had this conversation. But I don't know Holland gets better than that I guess if you play at at rice sure it was constant. You know it does very vivid the res cute bigger in the spotlight it's a little bit bigger and you go to the NBA and it's the same thing. But I don't know in the in its purest form if you ever have as much fun playing basketball. As you do in high school. Yeah our school artists on best out of them. And art memo that packed houses planned against rival. Oh Milwaukee it is watch it is. You know and so forth you know grown up in the city of Milwaukee on the globe with a lot of players they go to different art school. Though I'm a little bit different now way you basketball outcomes and you know high school ball it was any you know and you want to. Play against the best you know not select the city of Milwaukee you know Grunow we had he knows some of the best players you know and in the state of Wisconsin so. Just that their rivalry go. Com played his best manners if you it was a great you know on the packed houses. You know people talking crazy talk you know talks trash it's you know this on the bragging rights you know that you could it mean that you you have a lot of Victor. Hey Mike how did you deal with that an end we're gonna get to our promise to people that listen to this show. How worried talked to Mike about the platform lord has given him and and his testimony but. Ali how did you deal with all that nor its re able to just kind of shut it off or did was that's up than a guy you claim better. Our home. You know it it was a basketball purist form we know that's why it. You know we were used who you know grown up on a playground when a belly to impart. On grownup planet far away mayor right arm important Euro. You know god talk trash you know guys. On competing you know and so it was a normal actual aura do it was a way of life for a and it was it's on you noted to be it would compete com. You know we did get out there. You know you are bad been. On the you have the support of your neighbor. You know are quite low. You know an outcry out pretty pretty quiet player I'd let my play do talking. You know I have allowed you back away. Calm day it did not talk or media the way out and it was it was all fun though you know for me. You and Mike it's not look if you don't know Mike Wilkes he's five tent and they've this year at five Tenet I don't know the U five tender. Pretty well are up. And there are oh let's let's say 511 so he is it one of these guys are Easter post guys up. But man watching him use quick is in America could finish made great decisions on on the floor you do it's a proper for fruit show. What I looked a lot of stats and and and the one that jumped out at me the one the city congratulations for the most Qiyue. His senior year rice he averaged twenty game five rebounds a game three's sister. All the time Ernie in western athletic conference scholar athlete honors. And I think that that if people understand how much time you have to put into play. At a division one high level basketball universe you like rice university at that time. Arm and still be on the it's two to win scholar athlete award. You know you must've been really strong and yet be able to to take the time that you had each day and managed that time. Our man I have to do a lot of credit to my mom you know kept it straight. Early on he would do it in the important medication Amare remember being in the middle school and Samuel Morse. And that is seventh grade. And I think I got two points something you know I'll still eligible to play basketball. By seeing who are out when you're in the book Smart bet and so he took me off the bat he bought me. And they're from that point on. You know a great year always rise who. Com grads in the graduate on top 5% mark byers you know at three point eight you know from key game. And start give a lot of credit from Amman on C colleague. Maybe understand it outlook mortar and aptly. Years doing that leaks are used to regard. And you know of recovery and valuable lessons. You know. So that was at the farm based memo mom opens you in me. You know I was volatile part Obama program. Is that foundation thing you know they'll. Help me you know further on our that would go to college and take some notes at Tuesday. They Libya earlier. We're talking to Mike Wilks for use them Joaquin native. Former player over Milwaukee king former student athlete I should set at Milwaukee king. Went to Rice University played in the NBA for ten or eleven seasons. Totally he's now a scout with the Oklahoma city Thunder Bay before game two of break. Mike I love the fact that you wore the number 29 structure NBA career. We exceptional one stint with the spurs. But as a tribute to Milwaukee's 29 street playground where you grew up play and there were gonna talk about it will be little bit later in the show you still come back. And you give back to this community a big way. Especially 29 street basketball camps that you guys to buy you wore that. You wore that number strictly to watch honored 29 street. Yeah you know it wasn't this morning Knight street you're that you reap the Milwaukee you know you know between actually playground not. Growth plan and a warning the most of my ally and you know for me you that you viewed you know all creative people in Milwaukee could identify. You know me recognizes much Beatty mean you reckon not in the fact that you know between our they would accomplice. I didn't do little hole are a lot of people support me. People born into me a lot of people help me alone away. Common help me achieve so it was me recognize. You know all the help that I had it. You know in this struggle record enemy might be proud you know it and it's and also you know let people know that this city of Milwaukee. You know in the in the state of Wisconsin at the players to you know not just you know new York and LA in the B exceed book it's achieve our guys they came before me you know the kava racers out at me. You know on all those guys that paved the way for me and it. You know I was at Butler from its not me you know park to mark gave. No idea and without the Kodiak you know it is we recognize it Marcy. In my can you imagine if if if we're just do your best boss showed today and we started talking about the Calvin rave for San Jose Winston sent. You know these guys that that you know back that just made the city conference where it was. These are really good basketball players I coach against Jose Winston's direct no saint Joe's. And he he is one of the nicest amendment. That that I know he he's just a good guy a really good coach and he cares a lot about the kids he's coaching. Yeah afterward lol oh okay. Well. While file or six years ago when the you know amid the mall in order a talent and great play that well although it was one of my favorite image is that people. You know it's ironic probably they're anti Beijing and so on home I'll Baird prodding him at him ego. Allen of the coast Indians but the main U is correct to a community. And on the you know except that he. You know it is guys like you know while while award. Oh purpose in the Milwaukee got it. You know didn't use them an opportunity that I VA. It Somalia you know thanking god recognizing talent that we had been. He is Mike Wilks we're gonna get set to break other said the break again former student athlete Milwaukee king. Former NBA players now scout with the Oklahoma City Thunder will continue our conversation with Mike Wilks. On the other side of the break this his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports walking pace. Thief in the zone is brought to you buying bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host might mean giver and pastor can kill her. Fox sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to. Faith in his own press corps for you went 057 from the fan I'm Mike the giver against fly solo this week. We're joined by Mike Wilks. Here's a former Milwaukee king student athlete. NBA player and and he is now he went to Rice University had a great career rice university and he's now a scout for. The Oklahoma City Thunder. He might let's talk a little bit about about your faith and if we can ask you for your testimony in where this all began for you. Okay. I am afraid is my foundation. Margaret open it's our runner really commit in my life to Lorton. Margaret are being. About a sophomore in college. And if you know lack of peace in my life you know McCain if potatoes happened in the city of Milwaukee back home you know it's school used in. How do you image. Not just didn't have the not moving experience to our meeting incarceration or bad but whatever. You know mark how accurate that the statements we're going to wait it out with hope and in either black. You know I got for the where like you know. Are aware are. Where are seen myself you know word our in depth in you know. In our realize how group got that mean it's me. On eight nautical what do some days. You know are really got to the forward. On the line in the late count me in my life to Christ. And back in 99 it. Com banned in my life of the lord is never been saying you know is that is that crazy is in and out you know ever been made. And that's. That's hawks he's Mike on this show we we we ask every every bird every guess we have we ask for their testimony and pastor Ken loves to say. That tell everybody has a story and they never get old. And I gotta tell you they're tearing guys and the show might fit the worst thing they ever did their life for stealing candy pork. And then on the show we've had guys like Darryl Strawberry and myself. That we're doing so a lot of exits things that they shouldn't be doing it and if the boards willing to accept guys like pastor Daryl strawberry and I. Indy Indy his kingdom man you know he's there isn't anybody out there that Swiss news show that if they don't make that decision. If they don't make decisions you made as a sophomore and I made much later in life and so I envy you that you you made that decision as early as you did. In your life. You know if if if people that are elicited are sane man I don't know why don't have this piece. You know I've got a good job and I'm doing this side I am IP. You know doing this or that but I don't understand why don't have pieced did with when we had strawberry guy and he said look I had everything I want it. Everything I thought I want it. I was a big time baseball prepared all the money I needed that all the girls I need that Carson how Susan and he said yes a one happy. And couldn't figure it out in in until he fully you'll felled who's sneezing and accepted she's crisis is personal savior he was not not happy. Mike how did how did this the I know that your life change at that moment how did the locker room for you changed. Which was that was that different in and one question I love to ask guys. On this on this show was was it easier for you to walk worthy inside the locker room where he had guys are you holding you accountable. Or was it easier for you to walk or the outside line for a. You know for me. Out of a crowded. I had a the maiden name Omar may be it won my bet it's today he transferred from LAU. What I end up happening is Diana gets in a row Wednesday. And shortly aspect in my life to lord. I got this part in Britain got music spray and it you know Guatemala Payer got off. Out like meant what you know about it and you buy what you know about that and now we start giggling and I like you'll believe is right yeah. And it from that moment all you know or rep among you know outage we know each other accountable we were accountability partners and we product. Are they know each other comparable you know practice and how we you know care sell off the off the court in. But he was you tell the meat and got beat in the plan in in our panel one in my prayers at the people in my life happened. And data out the door and it. That word being that level while you know being you know a crease to is that you don't have to duo Iraqis beer. And out of honest we're he knew our they've got a little campaign. And people and it won't be in my life. You know on the unit chronic kilometers separate my belt. And he did that increase the round that you of people that outstrip their mock debate and hold me accountable. And you know they'll build on base in while they palace de L be at a bullet whale. Not to have their people in my life you know that that do that it is today. Men Omar manned is that that's his name. Yeah Omar meant he'd actually. On that same Vanderbilt. Com these music culture for a number years I don't Omar Omar you. The robber in losing my can't third double bound program. He will call meanwhile the highlights. And he would say hey you bury your wired you know and if by that he would give me a little Irvin order all of you know it just. You know just ask they'll need either you you know wanted to keep I live up to it it is as if so what my life children. Man that's that's awesome Ike I love those stories we we never get old here and might one in my favorite. Once Mike and I've told the but I haven't told them that we division three. College basketball coach from Indiana on and make. I'd have to go back to get his name but. He he was to talking about how he struggled. On being able to outside lot from UC cement house really good inside the locker talking in my players instead and and staff about my faith. And I was very comfortable in that locker but once so I got a lot crew and he said I would take some classes at church and how to be a better fans a list and be able to open some doors and and and then he read a book called I'm not a fan. And he spent the exit three dollars for the good of the bracelet that of the plastic or rubber bracelet that's it I'm not a fan. And he said be in the supermarket Arabia gas station in summer you'd see and they go board Xu fan out. And he'd see I'm not a fan of Jesus Christ and people go what eight NEC I'm not a fan and his fee incidence silence them follower and I talked T about it. And decent like that it's read how are pretty slick. Opened every door that act could ever imagine to be able to discuss my faith with people that I met on the street. And and so I love the fact that you know simulate Steve Roberts who would call you would say here you are you are and yet you in the word is if you're not let's talk about it. So as as Christian men we you know we we are tuned to hold each other accountable. And I love the fact of people do that. Yeah absolutely. My father in law now Mary now spotlighted the pastor. And I don't know it is quote by the east at something years ago. He says believe that we're we're the weakest that are congress speak when necessary. Well for me is. Now people watch action. You know more than what you say a lot of armed and well that's something knowledge here with me. You know especially being a professional athlete. And down. You are fat people watching now I realize Watson. And you know letter wrong place they're paying I mean how. You know there where Kerry you know by campaign game and so in battle not the right door right India speak. You know of people but it sure you pay he would testimony. On the terrorists along those is gonna book you are marker. You we are talking to Mike Wilkes and before game to break I have to think Curtis whether. Is Curtis. I saw Curtis the other day and in the end he mentioned Younis city he'd be a great cast for for that faith in his own show that you do. And it's you know I tried a couple times and not get a hold of Europe. And he said yeah let me let me I said his number Cindy reach out to him first. And find out that it's okay if I give him a call and I don't want to think Curtis weather's. I know that he listens to this show every once in awhile and and I appreciates. I appreciate him studying. Setting this up because it's cute to break other set of prequel continue. Our conversation later in the show we'll talk to former NBA all sir EC greens. About a few things is wall. Our next segment we'll continue your conversation with Mike Wilks. He is a former Milwaukee king student athlete played at Rice University former NBA player. How is it ten or eleven seasons by the way Mike I've got to both Britain doubt. I played in total summoning BA a mall or the term and I started beauty though. Operate a little bit everywhere. But always play and keys still can you still it'd just show up by the way. Ever not been out there have been Baghdad in the data to our body is different. Someday it. Page you know what maybe is it as a guy that works as a radio stations when you come back to town I sit up a 101 match review and Jose Winston. And I guess I was they act just in tickets for that one could only see Allison tickets he isn't my quotes of what your back. Of a conversation with him on the other side this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee faith faith in. Has brought you by all American window and door. Here's host Mike may get burned and pastor kin Kellner on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome activate the zone on sports Radio One of 57 FM the fan. Mike B you're flying solo today pastor can count there. Who will be back next week. We're joined by Milwaukee native and he is that I still has more key is are you could take the boardwalk you beach can't take Milwaukee. The boy I can tell you that. He is Saddam might quilts. And if you was if you've ever heard one bad thing about Mike woke slut you know cause I haven't and it's great to spend this time while with Mike. Hey Mikey that your said earlier that you merge you have children. Yeah out on the merry eleven years. All are now Kimberly we have to boy IV and as our agent not war. Mad if both of whom you go to their lust by now I would assume right. Are working on it. You know tomorrow is the love of the game our. Actions board. You know a lot of the ball in the game and so. Honest doubt aware of that fact and you know Jim from invite here in the air by. I'll definitely make this year you both came at a. That's that that's so important he might quit you come back to walk you know you've done this for awhile that 29 street basketball camp. That that you get adventure involved with them and there's a lot of Buckeyes did have. Have really gotten involved with fan I love the fact that that people like Calvin refer to Darryl banks and those guys give back. This is important view and an and the work that they do over there. Yeah it's huge you know lacquer there. You know Beryl banks you know he's. Mango. I still think about a mayor Daley then you know not too long ago. Com put him in and mark away Willie weigh in those guys medical status. You know all of our lives. They take their time now. You know they they treated us like we were. Eight a lot of valuable life lesson utilize in the game of basketball. And up grew you know now on the beat go back law operators put you know try to be good citizens so. To me is our responsibility to give backing and do what was down for a and so you know every year. Our past or forward decade now. You know we've been doing it can't open nor do it and you know you aren't he would you know we viewed anywhere strong. You know 6580. Is a year. It's a free to convey can't you know make sure they have school supplies. It is not allowed on them in different guest speaker coming and revival in the and we also have. Erotic scholarship. Actually get a lot degree. You know scholarship to a seen here on that going on the college in this strike give back you know that it be you know do what was down for a. Hate you know I'm story did not know that that. Daryl banks that passed. Yeah yeah yeah when did that happen while at all. Outlook or. A year it's been you know Camara forty years. Or maybe I'd call knowing I've you know I'm getting old I'd I may have forgotten appetite. You know he he was very instrumental in in in that campaign and that camp's given way over 35000. Dollars in scholarships. To Dade and in the article that I read it was it was very much about academics with them. Yeah you know. It was about academic part of about people. You know looking out for one another. Com. And it is either but being warned. One you know are there warmup bad or it. They're so you know every eagle work but it under. No come from games. I'll get a phone call from him with our game. You know I don't drive all all game. He is a big influence always giving. You know graded by even the parade you know that I call on. And use the file bigger and so he would like they have or or a lot of work though. Like him of this China. I'll give back and do what he did you know for me it's so many other. NFL we determine you know continue to carrier. And Mike as we get close to their camp by the I would love to have you in and maybe Calvin or somebody. On come on my high school basketball shown let's promote and and celebrate and and just. Make sure that we're letting people know that campus available and I'll reach out here. Here in a couple of months to make sure that we do that I really appreciate the fact that you guys are arguing that given back to the community. Are you in the short amount of time that we have left when we had we had Tony Dungy on this this show might can he kept talking hidden his big. They use is to utilize a platform that the borders and has given us. And and as an NBA former NBA player now still in the NBA as a scout. Where the words given UP four platform. Is that something natural take advantage of the spread his word. Absolutely. 00 mark career so merely law. That's what it was always pretty you know users India platform. Ignored in edit bay. For me is not going to be. You know Armitage are issues that you whine oh we are Pakistan report out today. And in Barnaby what did you do war you know our argue that your opportunities that talent. On the use Omar glory what did you do Christ that you share and so I think you know it aptly. It's you know are wrong or indifferent we Wear all that. Can influence people by being that we say a lot of you lie that active began to get because you know radar. You know the biggest stay there and play caller is spelled just the use that. Platform. It is the lead back into you know Gardner might not understand that we were critically glory or it's part of it. It's so. Did definitely you know platform that I continue to argue you know you can. You know being the other city day you know with the ABA. Has now. I'm able to speak at the people's lives and make impact and you know share Christ you know as much lacking. Man that saw some. Mike Cusick as a scout day you know is there are you going out to stick to scout teams that that the founder plan or are you looking for players. I do pro personnel our work well he would have for an office. Omelet and it got traded for a seat on worn out there it's gotten. You know specific players watching every player on every team in the event then and come out you know it created the lord air trait in the area. Com so we're all gonna you know they are ready for you know any possibility. To make our fingers are simple personnel Scott. Well tell you when you win when that crowd and the Oklahoma City gears you know CA and still now but certainly. You know last year when it went to grant was playing there when when that crowd got into a game that was like a college atmosphere and that. Man it's it's you know arguably the best atmosphere. You know an elite. And we you know here in Oklahoma. Big big big fan base felt like you know if a fancy you know. I'm mark give a lot of credit to you know are all this it's been excellent leadership Sampras if they do. Grades out well make sure we were connected to the community. And it's a privilege to work with such a great organization that. You know. It is bigger than basketball it's about you know impact and people and soul. The fans are definitely connected thirteen make a modest support and at one that they don't know about him and Oklahoma. You know a little bit under and it's a lot of being me you know our people here and they expect to be worked but it under you know eight bailout heart they lower fees. Why can tell you this you know that might that's where your Livan now butcher homers here Milwaukee meant. By age this is your hometown and end. You need to know that. That outside of of the Rufus king Bobble in and in the city market there there are people all over the series that are really prod do you. They're men they're really proud of who you are what she Brit com. You know there's surely produce success you've had on the court. But anytime your name comes up. Basketball is used quickly and then it goes on from there says Mann music great basketball real let me tell you bow kind of guy years. And so this city's very pride do you Mike Wilks. I gotta tell you. Rick and I appreciated Allah whether it is. All in all the people would have helped me alone away you know it's a testament to it to every wanted. You know I've still got a long way to go you know I appreciate the compliment. You bet Al reach out here are in a month or so will I promise you will promote the 29 street basketball camp. He is Mike books we're gonna get to a break other side the break former NBA officer AC green will join us this is faith in the zone. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports and their walking face. Faith in the zone is brought to you buying young expressed. That the host Mike McGinn Vernon and pastor Ken Kellner and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Then. Welcome back to faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we give a flying solo on this segment. So if you listen to show you know that I'm a big basketball fan have been coaching for 35 years. When my favorite NBA players of all TARP was AC green love the way you played. Really just enjoyed watching him. Just as his whole attitude on the floor off the floor read a lot about him. And I still do he's doing great work. With the AC green youth foundation he's joining us right now BC thinks a lot perfume it's your time or you today. Back a wonderful governor great pay I am honored to be on here with you so. Recruit you don't some good face of public importance talk about some apparent that score on the dot society. I I really appreciate that they see this does show faith in his own week we do we do is as good a job as we can't hear more acute as secular sports station. To talk to what people that have been in and around the game of sport. Ed talked to them about their faith and how it's affected their lives professionally personally. And an AC you spent a lot of time in the NBA I sixteen seasons. Yeah I think your nickname if I remember right it was the Iron Man. And I just really appreciate the fact that when you were planned AC in the war is giving you the platform that she had. The messages that you were given up back then it's still large according to your website. I just really appreciate the fact that you have taken full advantage of the platform. The Michael appreciated and you know we. It would come understand. Go to do you do to just read the Bible you're very it's quote from it. And do cute little familiar with the you know you you've got to remember one where you come from a lot of parental. Guidance and voice intentional cheer dealt with a lot of use in still to this day. Always remember what one called for calm from. But at the same time too much is given much has been required and the goddess who wanted to give the ability and the talent you know that's it's up to and really you're like all part. To really try help and inspire that next generation your fellow man throw. Not durability. Rock side it's staying per say in him. But at the same time that they that I am trying to do commit in my life to trying to be a part of you know they can help change lives one way or another and that's what it's all well. SI we speak with AC green if you get a chance and an I would. I would ask you to put ten minutes aside at least because once she can on this website it's AC green dot com. And it's all about the AC green youth foundations the things that third joint. Are incredible and and I love the message of of this foundation. Again AC green dot com. If you're feeling led terror to our to give jurors say he had placed there on the web said that she can donate to this program. Add the amount of work that they're doing with the with the with kids in in with our youth is is pretty special. And the fact that that this is a former NBA player that that is driven to give back to it. To the community I think is is is equally special AC if we can come if we can ask you for your testimony roe court. Just to talk a little bit about about where your journey with that with their lord Jesus Christ were that started in your life. They'll Mike at stake. It off on the Cuban border it's important organs and I I you know about what to older brother and older sister. And wonderful parents and how open at the same time the world of course but also both very religious. And you know I was that young. Exports trades. Young male athlete but at the same time. I'm very much a man please do. Now what do you. Always be in Iraq are France must I would be a part of the team. That's sometimes not even know mobile world my home values were I was to always try and bait sure I would make kidnapped I'll. And sometimes you know I'd love argued today you make decisions based on popularity of supposed to be in the right thing to do. And I fell right in line with that. In Seoul. Draw high school that was sort of the mentality of Allah for the moral makeup. You know leafy green junior was it and it was until I got out of high school graduated of my way to college organ state university. That I really came up with a challenge. Faced the face of what it was then that I wanted to. You know well and become what it what I wanted to do it and I patterns. Not a creature from the state review article they have and you wanna go to hell. Why it would really centered around. Having a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. I heard the concept before but it wasn't broken down about wage. Cut my heart with candor right at that particular time that she needs seventeen year old. And that's what got things started Mike and from the air got displaced in part of from local church and my high school are through community college or got the Oregon State they're from there are. A good bottle braves Bible teaching the league type of scholarship and accountability to a very strong and you go from there and do. Continue to grow and then he's start it far and other people because that wasn't Obama you know but how much you share. And that led into the NBA and sharing with the other guys and who became friends. On my meetings and here I am today 27 years ago basically operation now it's still in the distance as you were sharing. Trying to park lies but it started back in our heart that changed I want them one message at a time. Acie take you for that end and whoever asks you those words if you decide you wanna go to Holler haven't. I I'd advocate for him because it's amazing. Would win we talked to coaches and we talked to tell it to managers and we talked to ex athletes or athletes. There's there's always somebody there in their life that that that set. You know those kinds of words to them and it's interest when he talked about you knew your urine a religious home. We had a guy come on the show that said these words and it's stuck with me for years. He said look I knew Jesus Christ. The way I knew Abraham Lincoln I knew all the stories of Jesus Christ the way I knew Abraham Lincoln servers but I didn't have. That personal relationship so I love the fact that that in your testimony the worst personal relationship. Comes out AC when you got to the NBA and and you started to talk about the things that you believe dent. What were were were there are a lot of people willing tick tick to listen was it was that a typical place for you in the locker room of the NBA team. Tinted to be a little bit peculiar like the Bible says we need to pit. Well I. Burger at that particular question all our. Sort of almost I had a good friend Mike he made to look for the ball. Gorham quote local preaching from bill. He was sharing my state with them because they if they don't believe they don't know what country don't normally just like you talk about your past guests. When he came to know who you subscribe or in a personal way to and it became real to me you know articles to do a story in the book. And so because a lot of guys. We had no previous relationship but once they start concede kneel on a daily basis and how much what I live. That open up the court to hear what I did and what I believe it totally became a very good. Opening statement just Bubba likes stuff about that my lifestyle perfect before now. Put at the same time they all the hard and they saw that what my intent and purpose in my convictions were very clearly and lie to that affluent saints. AC MS's questioned says two other. Other NBA and NFL and in major league baseball players was it easier for you to walk worthy in the locker room. Or outside of the locker room and and and acquire WPA is is a lot cruel place that you use Roger self with with like minded. People or was it that was it easier resort to walk worthy you know in the off season. Well our community Eagles. You know all of the guys in your locker room because you become normally or more down. Aren't that stupid real sports scenes are because you feed your love each other pretty much most of the day. So you become more like a brotherhood. Inside the sports world. And same thing you know for the ladies and they are split their sports team is just because you don't become a family so much easier. To forgive her for gear. And forget. You were. Saying that happen. Insider rambling. And it's the same without a sports team when you're trying to you know when you do it out and in our public and you're all off season. If it's a bit collides with a different lifestyle. In general for a bald guys because now. You don't have those relationships you don't know those people are that you interact with. On a consistent basis yet but just in every day coming don't you know you really don't have the relationships or all the different outlook. Trail from that employed. But I would say what made it easy for me on a personal side that effect I was just consistent. At all. They aren't they relative a lot from outside the locker room. You know my goal my heart my intentions and what I did look pretty much the same thing did not change without respect to warmer location on. That's that's awesome we are talk and AC green former NBA player again and be iron Bennett and the reason he got that nickname. Is he played in in a number of of games I think it was over a thousand straight teams cracked 11192. Straight games. He played in an and that nickname. It's up than that that he certainly earned and and deserved. In the few minutes we have left. I in this segment a seat to we talk about the mission statement for the AC green youth foundation as we speak again code EC green dot com. To get more information on the work that he's seen his foundation is doing. Again if you're feeling led to watch to donate and help that foundation and there is a place on that website to do it and and I just think it's a really good read make sure you put. At least ten minutes a side because once you get on the website it's some really very entrusting material. May see the mission statement for they'd DC green foundation youth foundation would be. You know we are really impacting lives through education. Vehicles through sport health and wellness. And also do character development. Are you will leave focuses. Vehicle that I'm really driving home. And the foundation hypocrisy at it's been 27 years. It's been definitely exciting and working with you know are you working with salaries. Helping young men and young women. Realize the value that they happen possessed even in there are adolescents. And at the same time maturity he would say can grow into. In the careers to which they desire to try to help we give a global map you'd only keep its successes. Understanding and other body understanding. That the value of their body goes belly up one. So that's what the best sources that we can make about who we are and him in the base that we do would not what the most popular. Sources. To be a part of what the bad and so doubts about baseball is trying to really helped drive home. What are what are you especially in support of our parents you know a lot of the things professor before markets. I don't I don't wanna create a little word doesn't need to be recreated but at the same time I'd definitely want to support our proudly. And our parents are single parents and grandparents who are racing kids these states. What the boy outside the home that it still feel that they're very strong clear positive message. Arm into it really be that I got you back. Type of person that type organizations. And like I said you know it's not. You know we're we're not doing everything under the sun you know we're we're not a perfect 501 C three and dog done everything right on the 27 years but by and large you know. Doug you know we've done a good job we've been blessed them and I'm looking forward to the challenge is that we upcoming. You know we're next in law actually seven years. A CIA I can tell I've coached a high school bass on the Dow might thirty fifths your coaching and in doubt coach and a school now. That you know it it's is the the student athlete has changed so much over that amount of time since I've been coaching. And I can assure you that did that the page on your website again it's AC green dot com that talks about their frequently asked questions about abstinence. I will print out. An Iowa hand to each of these players that I have in my team. Because when you when you when you ask questions like what is abstinence and what what about safe sex and they'd be the the answers that you give. I think are perfect are spot on. And in today's teenage India at least you're in the city Milwaukee if you're in the high school setting you wanna talk about abstinence. People G shaky often they say that's not going to work we need to talk about safe sex. And we need to make sure that we're supplying condoms and we need to make sure that that were reported them in in in an environment where they can feel comfortable. NN EC I don't believe them that. I believe that if you talk to kids at an early age about abstinence and explain to them. About intimacy and he explained to them about the benefits and wading. I I think that these these these frequently asked questions that you have your website. Are just a great guideline and a door opener for a cup for a high school basketball coach like I am so thank you for that. No Mo problems and that's why it straight created you know. Because altogether I'd I would say that this is the time I could say that. We thought this was my life it it wasn't something that album speak imperial speak and factual. This is tight lipped. Absent like stubble that do not know and practice to be in the virgin. And understand the value of one's body and understanding how to respect the young lady. You don't both saying tour that's that's always that's been ingrained in me into what I always bear. What I learn you know I would work in progress but I finally got here. But as they meet you know it has been and so what I scheerer posting that on my web site. And some of the keys in my success and being even in the NBA. And letting you know you know if I can do it in my environment you know coming to my lifestyle he'd be an NBA player. There's not a whole lot of recently become like you can't middle school and this elementary school. So I agree I I appreciate that and but but that's you know again that's why is that god put Obama art to you know public foundation. And make a lot of the things that we do free to secure it simply two profoundly. To alleviate in the financial challenge that they might have even though you know it cost us money to put our program. Luckily we've got all camps and programs of that nature but you know got also he makes a provision can be purchased people's hearts to be a part and believe what we're trying to do it. Were able to continue getting. The message out and these messages now that's help change lives and that's what probably softly at this might we the last thing you go on the web site that you saw. You know we are we are trying to help. Two duo. Critical testing for heart. And we have a heart testing program now that it's going nowhere helping. Are are you. Basically just do a sweetheart tests. Inside a beer you know their community where they might be located in the school districts in you'd program and we do we remodeled doctor should. In the home program that helps keep come out and do these three clinical testing gives them accidental abnormalities. Going on the side of the sub from hearts and are you so they kill them so they can have a chance of about their dreams because right now. There are the dangers of unfortunate. Out W. That time because some heart complications. And hopefully I think both he can be detected early. In my ideas what a tribe on the way to do that the apple on the web site and if that's what it's about as you know we can all do what we can do that ball. Guys if they're the reason faith and result with their Alyssa and the reason faith in his own we started three years ago is exactly. What we we did today with with AC green for me it is to to talk to mend. That that they have walked worthy that aren't utilizing a platform that the board has given them guys that we put up on a pedestal because he could not down jumpers. And you could rebounding get up and down the four on the NBA for but that's that's what he did that's not who we yes. And who years. Is this man that's trying to give back to the community and again AC green dot com. Help out the EC green youth foundation continue the good work that they're doing is yet can't they queued up right. During the research by the way I'm in my birthday is October 4 as well. So we are kindred spirits are friend a little older than you are though. A couple we grossed. Hey AC green take you for your time I really appreciated. Good luck Eric continued good work with the AC green foundation. And thank you with your short Q can make the difference thanks for your time. The fan you've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike. And give earn an pastor can help me. Here feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip per guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. The games. Our service. No I didn't.