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Woelfel: If you're in the playoffs, I don't think it's big picture - you're playing for now.

Mar 22, 2017|

03/21/17: WSSP basketball insider Gery Woelfel joins the Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show

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During a sound great midwest bank hotline to be a ciskei basketball inside he could find his organs are seen journal times. Terrible thoughts on mom and. Revel in their big victories yeah. Valid it was obviously huge win for the books. Yeah anybody who thought that they were going to be or have seen this road trip you know probably. A little. Out of their mind to put so. So I mean it's huge you know. They get some huge contributions from. They're bench incidents a lot of it's in particular so just just very it would books. All I totally agree and I gotta say I was doubt it's you don't into this on the both teams they intend coming into the match up. Obviously the heat coming off a big win not against Miami on Sunday the box. Really got rocked the last time they were out I wasn't sure how they were gonna respond on jet any indication you know this you've been tracking this team obviously. There's they've been shown some resilience in moments like this throughout the season. Yeah they have and had no you doesn't start opposite of him connect with their defense is like to ask my date from what what was you know. What they have to go and you know to. Play good defense that we've they have a chance to be in games and now that that put some there they don't have an offensive. Power sort of power but they would IP obviously with two Barley. You know Spiller so if you can keep opponents you know around a hundred points or under you get it you know reasonably good chance to win. Absolutely this is beautiful thing I Anthony Mandela doing it where you were. Commit felonies alert at some point how to do this stuff because eventually you know I may and I've been again sick in a break or killing over a heart attack or something and second once more likely to keep your second one is more likely is that you pointed out I die hard attackers coming up until you belong to on the show he can't he can't worry about me he didn't. If that military gets first three minutes in the valley here. That's rushed out to go I'll take it right you paycheck at the half they got the Gary wouldn't when you talk about. Where this team is right now. On it and they're two games behind the Hawks their one game behind the Pacers for the you know the five seed for the Hawks succeed for the Pacers Hawks come in there on Friday night. I just think right now as you look at the matchups a bulb that. We had Ted Davis on earlier and we both agree we brother face Boston. Entire time about the seventh seed possibly in. Used to get the best you can get even though all Washington. Yeah exactly I mean you know it's so it's so foolish to speculate who you just don't know what's gonna happen I mean. Eagle I played trumpet but it was well we're going to be a 100% OK it is not a 100% if I'm in the books I would love to play tribe took. I mean tonight the Bulls should be I mean that what you look for that game view about the fight for the way. I yell I didn't I didn't hear about it I saw the I saw a highlight video on a website about it. Yeah the L world to tallest boxers. Sergio bark at Robin Lopez went at it yeah. But I mean that game was Walsh capitals solid slate happened to them tide turn but. My point is you know I mean who knows for how while we could come back if he's going to be you don't. Though lower that we've seen in the last couple years or he's going to have. Problem you know recovering from that the intrigue. Where where the box at a Michael Beasley because Tommy something tonight when you have no I was in no Middleton and they're sitting on the bench in the fourth and you're watching Wheeler comeback in a Portland started to make their run. This team needs Beasley is offense right now. Are no question I mean we we talked Butler for a couple times recently. Especially when you put little sand in the Greek freak on the bench for next. Stemmed mom time. You know even Marcus shouts of brought it up side on the years you know like you've got a question what you know it would instilling. In you get Gallic Mike obviously yeah. You know certainly those. Yeah radio major help. The other thing that goes along well with this it as you look at this bucks team you saw tonight fond got three minutes on tonight. If Georgia acing Q do you continue to start spot in the playoffs. Now I definitely don't and you know what self cancel everything you get you dig yourself into it is you know. Oh hole like they have on a couple of occasions. In the playoffs we might not get out of it Yunel. There is it's wanting to do you have the regular season to move and do in the playoffs would be just don't want to get off on the wrong foot so. That that one QB yes situation I was coach for sure. I got I think he's a play all the way out as a starter I just do cinema and I say it again he's gonna start all the way through knocked his minutes may not be very go to may be legendary only gets three ninjas the watched. But depending on the match up you may need a 6000 not the mouse. Mean it hits it is Toronto and you read deal that big setter in the middle you may need his six files. Yeah I do so give diving for a three minute sudden what. What's the reasoning was the rationale in L. Oh not for three minutes but it is you can get he had me L ten minutes a night. To start each half inning hits a couple threes guesses cabinets up gets a block shot gives us some energy. That is probably worth the to a certain degree because again I think it's a big picture move more than its a move for now. On like everything else. But but again if you're in the playoffs well think it's big picture things you're playing for now. No I disagree not see we disagree there are a and the reason I say that is. Because you want these young guys is much playoff experience as you can as soon as they can. But then there's fame yearly award balloon. Non non non non non not playing time maker for 35 minutes you're on a plane for it's time for five here five there I I don't think that's the end of did end of the and it the date type deal where I'll boy the Bucs lost the series to Toronto because times like ten minutes again right at right I don't think I don't pointed out and that's why they lose. I've had again if I'm in the playoff threat I'd played I mean that'll be anybody any good coach and gonna play in the rotation there and play that those players by any means possible. In my mind there's some of their best players right now. Realize I want I want this more tomorrow night about rotations for the playoffs and going down the stretch run here sparse what happens when Beasley comes back into those events. Well that's a Rondo we have Leon after box kings Garrett thanks much for coming I'm. There is Gary Wolfe on the great midwest bank cut line when you're ready to get into our back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank is great midwest bank dot com take the next step towards your new home.