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Hot diggity dog, they're 3-2 on the West Coast!

Mar 22, 2017|

03/21/17: MIL 93, POR 90 - The Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show

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Plus he his own. Here for the players Jones was very tonight. We need that for the whole season but you know you. Off the charts behave. And we got to start off return we got to play our angles they. This is the Milwaukee. Can't show. Oh from. From the Mike Joseph knows tri city. He hung based studios here Steve sparks you fight you're 11 over like seven. Why give good marks and how. Yeah our high old get an award the bill Michaels. Well all. Bo Bo Sox. Not Portland you gotta be given beat animal what do you ever did not parents verb and I sank. The job. Henson. On you Hanson haters out there their body. Usually guy at the end Brock had a big shots hell he had some sports there in the fourth guard delighted gentry won much anything the whole game. And Hanson comment on its huge. At the end his basketball game. Joseph I. Can for this bucks basketball team. Yeah I have to give them credit tonight. I don't care if you don't like don't. I don't care if you whyme traded if you want him caught one ever he was pivotal to this boxing holding out tonight in getting this win 9390. This is. A ball as big a win. As this team is that all year. Well yeah it's. Now I know you're as Iraq Portland that are 500 sparred what's the big deal the big deal is is now you solidified. Worst. Of three and three road trip. Worst. There's no pressure going in Sacramento going well we don't win we're going to be 214 on this road trip. Irons are getting nearly as pretty as it could have not all. New owl you have a chance to be full and to cool on this six game road trip. No nobody thought they were going to be four and two and that why take that back I think there was one call that predicted foreign to. Outside of that. I don't think anybody else really thought this team had a chance of being four and two on this West Coast trip. It is awesome. Simply awesome to see there's much basketball team figure out away. To win this game night climb back to 500 is as much basketball team at 35 and 35 road record all of a sudden now. If you look at their road record it's starting to climb back toward 504 games under 500 now on the road fifteen and nineteen not obviously. If you did watch basketball game and you look at the box score tomorrow morning like oh boy Jonathan Middleton she argued a ball that good gains. But this fourth quarter was not necessarily about those two at all it was to light average and it was Henson. Those two guys were huge for this basketball team there in this fourth quarter. Huge. We go to the buy store here in just a couple seconds but Chris Middleton 26 points three boards three assists three steals. I'll one blocked shot for turn over eleven and points you from the field. John it's 821 from the field. 01 from 36 of seven from the line 22 point eight boards three assists a steel in to block I will tell you this. Jason Kidd. Almost killed this team all Moulds costs in this game. He. Held out as long as humanly possible for bringing Chris Middleton back in any held out longer than I would've I'm bringing down a spec. As soon as Dave Miller entered the basketball game here comes got a sinkers militant if I'm Jason it that's why I'm not that coat. I'm not waiting to see what's gonna happen here. I. I was amazed how long did waited to bring back Chris Middleton in this game now. He got away with it. They want. I don't they our way to dialogue. You meet in this basketball game tonight like I said to sexual double four and two West Coast trip six game West Coast trip which would be gigantic. If this team makes a black outs and a bagel Ford two as let's go straight. You're gonna look at this game and the clipper game as why that teams in the plants there there's there's no question about it aren't let's go inside the box score here and tell you what happen. And then let's go inside the box score brought you by ABC audio video all entertainment and commercial audio video simply done right and ABC audio video dot com. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick and save post game show. I've got now to go inside the box score. Died tonight three minutes. Nothing stat wise. He got his 36 minutes like I just set eight of 21 from the floor 22 points eight boards three assists a steal a couple blocks one turnover. Tony sell 36 minutes to a five from the floor one of three from three point range five points five boards two assists one turnover. Malcolm ride in 26 minutes for six from the 402 from three point range. Eight point seven boards four assists one steal and one turnover Chris Milton 33 minutes eleven of twenty from the floor. 26 points three boards three assists three steals a block four turnovers. Off the bench tonight in the bench got a bunch Iran tonight Jason Terry 22 minutes one of three from the floor. One of one from three point range three points three boards a steal and blocked that's right he had a block tonight. For Jason Terry adult adult and 25 minutes to a seven from the floor 01 from three to two from the line six points two boards one assist one steal for him. John Hanson forty minutes and was huge down the stretch three of six from the floor for Hanson six points eight boards one steal three blocks. In full work turnovers. Europe plus minus still stand of our score. I hate that stat I really do. On but for this case Henson led the botched bay plus thirteen rating tonight. I never read that in his box score a TD Jakes is Agassi knows I never read it I I think it's useless but in this case. I'm remembering it out because in this case I think it's got entered the board that they were babe really benefited. From Henson there in the fourth quarter tonight Greg Monroe 22 minutes for twelve from the 41 of two from the free throw line. Nine points nine boards to assist one block one internal. A lot of bitch eighteen minutes three of eight from the floor to a five. From the three point land double big threes are eight points all coming in the fourth quarter four boards and want a six. 42 point 2% for the bucks from the field 42 point 2% for Portland there even though there three point shooting seven of sixteen for the box four of 21. For Portland free throw shooting ten of twelve for the bucks sixteen of 26. For Portland. I think Obama trailblazers fan tonight I simply look at free throws and say that is where you lost the basketball game you missed ten free throws tonight. I and you had fourteen more free throw attempts than the box rebounds evened up the 49 turnovers fourteen for Portland thirteenth. For the Milwaukee Bucks leading away from Portland tonight was a Willard. 31 points while he was two of nine from three point range ninety had seven assists five boards four steals 21 for CJ McCollum. A lot of points off the bands for crab. Awe and our kids showed they held in Jack really mean a lot in points fourteen rebounds two blocked shots two steals and assessed a tonight's night had a double double. But they held him in check the most part and yeah it did take over and dominate this basketball game. Like he's had some real real big game's already this year. How body block rat I wanna hear fraud you know big big big big big big big big big big win. When it. 4147991254147991250. Anthony Mandela's better West Coast producer. I station in California working hard every night how you doing Anthony pretty good if you have dopey I wish I was there yeah I heard here in those colors every hear the national shows you got little hosting new York and you got the producers working in LA and in. He got some other dude that's colony in and do different stuff somewhere else and start all over the country happy set late night chill out and yet national shows is pretty funny. Okay so where we go on first and Stevie. We and ended off what's us dvd. We'll go sparking yeah I'm dual do. Get the work that the game early. In IP predicts forward to but I beat Pitt you after the eagle the par of people in the West Coast trip. And I also but it beat what he went there this extreme cold they had you they are the book full no sir updated. Are you that the book control what they want to do if they want to win go to the playoffs if the book do it. Victory would up and down the whole heap a bit of local the right. Look at game two to say this and in the world there are currently eighteen excellent. But. We think well and a pair of character of a future in making you afford to West Coast trip Lian in. You know try to due to the six feet or are could be bringing to park Milan Olympic keep your limit but now he plans of seeing. Play better be fair keep it going we Colby candidate. You know I'm happy under no 12 games and lead late games like they're deep they're it would work you know what to. Like bit they have and I enjoyed it are treated don't give a report extra out probably. Out while you reap what expect so we'll take it. They believe debate became hopeful they played maybe it will mean it or three incarnate sort in the would be that we at Merrill the only way it is Beckham middle. Let's see this is the beauty about this it if anyway I Sacramento we just will all be frustrated tomorrow and I did their loss to Sacramento agreed but. Worst case scenario your 500 on the trip and worse astute at a good move for. Both address artistic beauty of our best case scenario was the green three and now going into the last game that's our worst case man. It's just a gigantic wake that's for thanks for the comment draw the rest of my 414. 79912. That the average size I mean if you can't tell I'm Jack I don't know what else I can do to prove to you how excited I am right now this is just. Awesome. ES PM by our rankings. Came out while wasn't yesterday or whatever was reported out in fact I should I am middle find how to read CU. What they had out for the Milwaukee Bucks. After what happened denied it you'll get a good kick out of aren't where we go next just in the North Carolina you're on the fence but that doesn't. But you know on here Don right most of you knew you know mop board to behind it here called. Probably about look I don't speak a lot and it's not guaranteed yet but. You know certain thing you know talk by early on a big shall not silly I call you Brothers I call you. There's what are game from Hampton. And haters. Right dead nobody quiet they won't say anything for a while we understand it got very upset now he's had a good game. Up LE two Big Three. While he needed it because he was he was not very good the first records a basketball him. I'm pretty confident this team will go in tomorrow. And be sacrament of a real quick not even on top of what the Bucs have a flight tomorrow morning. Where you don't 5 AM are you an element the Tuskegee Alabama in the next point but at 12:31 eastern time. Yeah probably a maternal the game on the go to sleep. How can can it. This is but I think that break and I will take a nap somewhere. In airport tomorrow to watch Sacramento game too short slice for you though hasn't. This are but I got a two hour drive after the flight they'll grow. That's but it but beaver though is basketball and it was Dodd and beaver. Our stated playing ball right now spark you know there are no question guys the top men appreciate and enjoy your flight tomorrow. X you. That does not graduated out there that's made out by out archery caused Trey Crosby. Between them. I like the old full go into the news and sure enough he's all over like always. Ice box fan do you realize. Milwaukee Bucks currently in the seven C. At 535. And 35. Half game in front of the heat. There in the seventh seed OPEC. Watcher in the seventy. Milwaukee Bucks are what are you rotted succeed. Milwaukee Bucks are two games I did a five seed. They'll five seed. Who is that five she asked yeah Atlanta Hawks who play at all in Milwaukee on fried. How about basketball game I brought up. A cool out there aren't bad news that comes along with being in the Bible. Don't before right now. On the LaTroy I don't I have just nearly went Toronto. I really allowed you'll Washington either to be quite that knew I'd rather deal Boston sitting in the two seat. The think you could climb all the way took off I. Afterward you went through and Jenny where in early February Almonte Ku woods. Beaumont. Port. 14799125414. 7991250. Bucks over the trail Blazers 9390 quick timeout. Come back to be the odd big shot of the day and get more of your calls a Twitter responses and of course. Some Wendy's email to live and wanna buy seven FM the fan not gonna. This is the Milwaukee Bucks big saves post game show let's get tonight's Dave and buster's and shot only. Buster's wallet Sosa the only place to eat drink play it don't watch sports this is the only station. Carlo back. Stay starting five with dale and Anthony Mandela I'm giving people tweeting hammy. That the microphone. Or something along the lines that some very good that is distorted so obviously I'm here your there. So I switch microphone we're gonna say there's microphones on that it matters I want from. My microphone total I was screaming at the beginning of the Shell so maybe I broke the microphone and if I did I'm sorry. Op but it's ice was marbles not all the way Boller is microphone and don't tell him I'm using my homes and get very upset on but I'm using his microphone now. It's a blood amino tweet back at as the one of pleasant enough in the fence some of fun this microphone is sounds any better because they're saying it was distorted. So hopefully. Maybe this'll fix fish box beat Portland trailblazers 939 tonight shot of the game Anthony Mandela. Producer of this very fine show what is your suggestion for play the game we got to go with the shot that gave them the lead back right there you go. I it's a very go that is a big shot obviously highlight courtesy of past he in my not meant a lot LaMarcus Johnson. I'm fox sports Wisconsin hope and add Ted Davis on. And actually I might be in calling right now on the great mid West Bank hotline. It's going to be an arresting. To see his thoughts on this when it comes to Wear this bucks team is that right now you're an old you'll get to you here momentarily if you want our board to can't. 41479912541479912. Ticking time now to go inside the locker room. Hear what the players all moot court sponsored by Tim frost as Reuters local match. Consider a rewarding career and check other pressure program and get escalators night. This is the only sees you Bucs fan. 1057. I'd joining us now on a great mid West Bank not lone deep voice ignored Milwaukee box and I'm telling you. The lineup the night Ted Davis the line tonight. Was sick employee you. Our bench was better than your pitch at bat I thought I. Also see flawed that I. They might have been about favorite line of Ted Davis all your Bob I was better than your advantage as Dolan of additional that was awesome. Well I root actually went the letter to reveal that. I'll try all that's right yeah I've had a carpet better than your it. All my god that was so fun at a big bucks to make shirts that say that that is just beautiful lie that was so it autumn. By the way when you play that I'll live on the air you're on a tight rope put out a bet. Kept that there's no what is she big cut all Bucs get the win over the trail Blazers tonight 9390. Matta going on here oddly. This six game road trip all we talked about for weeks was this to be the death knell of the season and all of a sudden a turnaround to get on the winning streak. Just before they go on on the road. They lose to Memphis and go OK Iowa some of the end of the world just beat 500 pleased. And now all of a sudden after tonight Ted worst case and Mary Lewis 500 had a chance he Foreign. Ministry. Yep he got a chance that a winning road trip out to be a stat that I think bump up everything Sparky and it's really beat it become that simple. The Bucs have won their last bit being gay fifteen straight when the opponent has been held under under or B it's been in a row. Third at beat Brett. Right earlier in the year what do they go like 2223. Games about holding an opponent under honor against. According to a heroic and I don't know what happened I want and at that practice that for the Denver game. Where they look so bad the practice from hell. The practice from Hal apparently now meant that moment and the defense has been so much better. And they limit. A team that scored a 108 points a game. But tonight in the game tonight in Tibet he's been BA with the and a number of reporters that are going up on the way you can't touch anybody. Most team scoring over a hundred if you hold attained under a hundred points you got about 90% chance winning right bigger jerk and and they're doing that their defense will look very good again. Yeah I agree with you on that it is in the what part about this game as yes Milton. I had a nice night tonight guys had a nice night tonight but they're in the fourth quarter tell what edge and hands and we're really the stars in the fourth quarter for those bucks team. What a lot of it offensively because these these court all eight of his you know in the fourth quarter. And then on bottom and been linked site off again he was getting its finger tip on shots he was disrupting shot. And and all that bit of it's really not run the doctor on here but it certainly have a chance to basis I think the other only game behind Indiana that got the tiebreaker with the pace. And I'm not ruling out the possibility of a pit B. Because Atlanta got all kinds of problems right now they're coming to town on Friday night which will be a huge late regular season game and I hope people turnout for that big crowd on Friday night would be nice. Atlanta has the tiebreaker. But who knows maybe if you beat them on Friday in Atlanta car title but early game out of bill. I'm not rolling out that fifty. This is my issue I have a small issue by small issues this. Right now to Ronald before I wanna play Toronto in the first round Ted I don't have any interest in playing the Raptors. Well. Lowrie coming back off an injury. Like right now you're gonna play. At that point you would play either. Austin. Which gonna play at one time and lost in overtime Washington you lost three games that they'll make been a bad match up. And Toronto he lost three games and admit I like Boston or. Yeah I would rather play Boston to begin it as as well as they played it. In the regular reason I'm I'm not all that era below playoff time but that means yet to finish 70. You have to look a little bit here to get down seven. Yeah that's who I want as boss but I agree with you how do you Heidi say while don't don't don't try get the five seat having. Degenerate early February fast Fordham on the milk the Jets the five seed everybody would of laughter June said you're out of your mind. And that's all we know exactly how this is played out and I'm very excited Ted thanks so much for coming on and does safe flight to Sacramento. Eric. They care Arctic are imaginary is the voice of the Milwaukee Bucks Ted Davis on the great mid West Bank up. When you're ready to eat into your back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank is great mid West Bank dot com to take the next step towards your new home. Who's. Beaten tied outside I am part of January on. So it up nick and fox point you're on offense sudden neck or are you tell me. I'll tell you art art. Go towards rather fort corner man I was broke 65. Where it was cute look at bringing in middle and only thing I could think about as when he substituted out yarder. In Greg in the Golden State game and they weren't huge drug that we certainly you know also well. It is late. And flashbacks. I'm so glad they're able to real that is put out. One. I think it was huge that they didn't small ball because earlier in the year last four minutes of the game sort of snowballed and a little losses came by ten points. Just it would have just roll out of control and that shows you the maturity of this team word is right now and the of the huge effect occurs Milton has had. Absolutely I think you can tell ya on the circuit note also are of course called this your short bald eagle. They're the couple call tonight that he definitely wouldn't have got. I don't think if you was in the Cardinals this year. I was real real crew critical solo which. But I like I like to acute human animals the more PT because if we don't grow on court as well ops. And and you get our help the equally bad. There will be huge for throwing in the playoffs and then I'm excited I'm excited that it's exciting your you on the radio and go block. Go budget writers for the cup I was thinking about this when he had Kidd had Middleton and jas ballclub the floor and Willard was back on the floor in the column. And I'm sitting are going you got why are we not putting our star players back in the basketball game to imagine this let's not blow this. In net and I was literally thinking to myself my god if they had Michael Beasley right now he could be on the for giving them some offense. He really could use of Beasley right now they really cool and I don't know how far away he is that the sooner he gets back and playing. Are at a decent level offensively the batter off this bench is going to be it just is because again guys look to what they didn't score total fourth quarter you've got eight. Monroe wired all night a score the basketball he would night. Six for Henson cares very much more than dull and all the sex he's been pretty much. He's had a few games of Syria where you think OK maybe just are going Allen an Eagles right back to the form that he was in prior I Jason Terry Jason Terry going to be twenty minutes and his shot or two. You don't have a legitimate score off the bench Al Simon role you meet somebody else for nights like tonight woman road doesn't score a bonds. Diesel he's that guy. And you could use him or. Again and they're not gonna do this but John Barr played pretty decent last Sammy was out there I just. There eight doesn't appear like. You want to plays young guys outside abroad and right now coming down the stretch Madonna got three minutes and I. We're just five he's trying to get the best playoff seeding did it CL far they can get going forward much in the win in 199390 what's up next Anthony. Jason is somewhere on the nor short but he's on the fan right now all right there what's up man. I don't or good how do you think I'm doing man got a women night of course and then. Albert that lovable than in the future oh my lord I mean look Doug deedrick be productive years we I'd never call. Shall won't effect technique and how we could seeing your nose is fiscal hole. Oh man I don't love that record as I've coupled think alike regarding our restaurant. Our group we work much earth is my question more has to do with a question for you. Looking at between them but what. OJ case it is in it and I didn't if you basically when I'm streak including the opted out of their. We didn't have with the pictures included. They is difference yeah. Well out. Oh yeah articulate what it will get medals. I get more defense and the fact that you brought up with the gators. Well. It was anchored about I'd have patent myself. Or with a lead it's not that we do that. What we've got a lot of local. We can look at the future with bonded with who couldn't fool would simply daughter obviously the war. Basically that's what we couldn't voters in the league on that one legitimate order right this week and a guy that did great riveter entered our target is purity that's as good as it the other is. Credible and of people would do his bat. We talk of poker with pat that your scenario as it. Yeah it before and want to keep it or that week and hope it replica along with and forethought in the future. We're part of this equation I kept making double by the record I really am I did. What do you mean he's the other forward what's their lets -- to figure out about this Middleton goes back to big Milton goes back to be in the shooting or like he was before or. Yeah yeah I am yeah you really really do understand I do understand something this this defense is not built an individual defenders because you don't have any good individual defenders. But they're but they're record owed if you can audible throughout nordic you've noticed would make a couple of ritual called the injured under divided up that pick and rolls which. Stop what you're talking about on our defense which allowed when his pectoral believe are stroke which. But Oakland when they cook when we have a exit it with a one out wide and then it as being eager and it is cool walk off. You have to have a you have to have a remembered actor and right glut of that now that the issue that is you need to revert doctor at the five whether that's fodder Henson. That's an issue because of that if that perimeter it. I understand but they did you don't get in that situation if you have the rim protector is just like when this team and I mean. You can debate how good the guards are in this team but it just like it didn't you previous years when your guards couldn't stop anybody in Bogut was left by himself on the back line. Haven't stopped every guard in the NBA coming at him because the guards couldn't stop all penetration. So different you don't have a lot of great single individual defenders on this basketball team you don't and that's why you play the defense you do using your life to help protect you. In certain situations and all to our partners on a great defender I think he's gotten batter but Jabari Parker by himself was not going to be read the reason why do you. Basketball games because he's gonna score the basketball thanks for the call and I I understand why everybody freaks out a budget by partners deep and old bald is concerned but all the other people on this team's defense. No I just. This team is give me a first team defensive player. Dallas might maybe some point W few years down the road maybe who else. Milton is on that guys should know not that guy and we all love Tony styles defender but that first team defenders up. Mean so you don't have those players right. It's an ice or done about okay what players you they are average to above average defensively in the NBA I still don't think you've probably got more than. Three or four maybe. All the dumb I had maybe three or below or that's often. Sort of don't continuously single out one player on the entire roster and say that's the reason they can't play defense that's garbage. Total garbage. It is I don't buy it I'm not considered defendant is a good defender but he's not is that go to did the defender reader does it's kind of like big dog to a certain degree. More of like the big dog that's unfair to Jabari arm. Yeah I don't know I don't. That is Jabari thing in him defensively and all that final adolescent I know who else. May be able to the organization by what would your Celek maybe they will maybe they'll trade at some point in that'll change that I just right now at this point. I'm not buying into the. 41479912541479. Nigel to between us that one up by seven at them the fans. Warts you next Anthony pee on the north side what's up what's up man. Bureau what are commanding view to win lovely waited. Bit like one of the best. Western road trips that I have ever seen the books that. You know him there are obviously can't believe up figures there earlier. Basically that we win two in Atlanta. Lou lose their next game and then lose against we get five. But you know what they when you when you Ty Law does basketball team on and where they're going. Do you think. Now based on how you've seen the Bucs give playing here were they one what is it nine of their last eleven or something like that after Jason kids got bashed in ripped and everything else for saw live people wanted to rip on. Now are you convinced that Jason Kidd might be birdie go to what he's doing. Yeah you know what Smart and I'm glad you brought that up because I actually. I'm always actually felt good racer Q was that was a good couple. You know I mean you first off. He was totally with all his whole change. Umps hold wearing Jabar he wasn't planned at one point and then Al Jabar got him Middleton what so you know he was close to what other poll came. For most of his cultured figure. With the books. And then the other thing you know people are so diplomat this. Like last year and this year you know they're talking about. You Biddle Middleton can't be the third peas or are on the books. To be a playoff contender championship contender and then now they talked like lashed the left can't they'll talk about the Bard park. I come all manner like. Nobody would really be praying when the books were both 500. What do what three months ago where Parker putting up numbers and what are all star. I'm Michael homers and it these these Carrick is so critical book I'll do I'm glad that the books were going out and perform not partly due it is. Is doing a good job and our upgrade created Doug it's warm up real good after that. I have character Djokovic you know pretty much what a normal couple weeks ago and they got the message and and I'm glad we very. Yeah I'm it's. Your habit eight for 21 game and they beat a team has been you know. Our middle kid can go out and and and in so that you know he's learning the police billion. You know it and MO well its not smoking he's going out there and saying hey let's look made the playoffs. Sort of blocked got a lot of peace within that to what a lot of people and NBA. We're looking back at the given that a year when they felt like the books. What were going to be wanted to change the look out for. Tiger thanks for the comment and that's what he boarded out was this Portland team walls are hot basketball team coming in since they made entry would Denver like I warn. And that's why I said in the beginning and distribute tickets three games Memphis I thought they could wink is Memphis was garbage going into that stretch and they were awful. Arm and they came out played inspired basketball beat him but. Dallas game and all they could win a big beat the Lakers in the kings those are my three wins did not think they're going to be the Clippers I did not think they'd be gold say and I did not think they'd win tonight against Portland. And looking looking here now all of a sudden you're 32 on mr. over the Chancy for into you beat Sacramento to not tomorrow night. Number eleven watch Bostick is a post game show one more time. Tomorrow night at JRH at three to eat at the bat Bucs are exceeding expectation on this trip can not let up in Sacramento. Four and she would be huge yeah you leave on a troop one game under 500 and you come back one game over 500. And again you're just tuning in. The Bucs are one game and the sixty to Indiana to BI and a five seed in lineup and Atlanta comes to the Bradley center on Friday night buy your tickets. Buy your tickets tell your friends and buy tickets tell your family members abide tickets tell people on the street to buy tickets. Let's sell out the Bradley Center Friday night in support this team and help this team beat the Atlanta Hawks in dumb move up in the standings. Man how cool is this this is just awesome for more they were to where they are now. Just truly amazed who gets a sports last year with Anthony Mandela I see more people Arnold would get TF you wanna talk about how excited you are bothers buck's victory. Against the Portland trailblazers fault lines are open for you to 41479912541479912. To do more to bucks but it's a post game show live. The dressing you have a studios on sports Radio One of my seven FM the fan. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick and save post game show let's hear. Coach's corner now. Sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time visit Schneider jobs dot. Or call 1844. Pride this is the only station Bucs fans need. 10 fun seven answer. Fox had some 9390. Win over your Portland trailblazers. And I'll before we get Jason give us that you call your real quick guy who's up next Anthony. Let's take a look losing gum Monta in Chicago where there's again what's up not to. Bart Bart aren't bigoted dog that what ever that's what I said man came out watch a lot Mickey Mouse clubhouse now Jackson's I get that whole thing and I try working Monica. There would have where Greg weird man were great actually and it that I act. And obviously will struggle and I don't like. Wouldn't it be nice to have. I think it would land right now but you don't lose and force ball. Don't know about all. Agreed agreed up a man would that be nice to have signaled that I have been realised right now there's not. I could write a bit and then he started you know he hit a couple of real good about Welker. We know we we need someone likes agreement. Dominican and and and yeah honest at wrestle. Well let subsequent. I'm terrific sudden you are meant and I. The white and I'm not there when the Eagles play this Sunday. I'm gonna beat him and me and my boy is going to be the issue. I can make the play again it would be nice note on Portland working I'm I'm a Chicago workers concealed. I got a mobile. Yeah I it's gonna be cool man and again now Bulls seem. You're pretty much and try and finish them off your view you give begin at Atlanta while again I'm nom I'm not gonna ask for the moon here I'm not Ozzie a stadium and Chicago but. And that Atlanta game that Atlanta game is a big game because all the sudden now you can put the fear of dot in the that even though they on the tiebreaker I knew. I duels and climbing to within a game of them are half the game of them depending how this plays out between now and then that base you get real and harassing the Eastern Conference. Yeah yeah that's definitely important especially coming off waltrip who wouldn't want it you know the first net com and I call it all the jetlag you know whether or not a great. The good Arnold and it was the opposite. Well I hope you know but they're gonna declare or so you know that they're gonna give up. That's why the arena again being full for these home games do they got more road games and all means all the rest led the box. Sold fan support is going to be huge for this basketball team. Going for when they are at home they need all the law they can get and maybe get them a winner to hear gimbal of the that extra energy in these home games. They're coming this McNamee what do and it didn't play at all you have been at it as an exciting Brett booking my aunt and you play it up now. Yeah it's a great thing man I agree disagree but. I didn't go to it. Hi David dollar base of the call Monta have good night I would cheer from Bucs head coach Jason did he talked after the game. On fox sports Wisconsin. Coach put Henson back in there right in the right at the end of thought there was a big move because you really altered a bunch of shots at the end of the you know we went small there they went small and one as long as I could go with moose. Roller guaranteed around the turn I don't know layup drill so. I'm we smaller yard jump back in the game and he helped us when they. Offensively we do guys make plays Chris made big plays coming down the stretch. For us but you know defensively we've we've found a way to win this game. Lastly and then additional points I mean that's that's really impressively insisting on this team is very dangerous they can score a lot of points and curry and so. For us to be you know focused on trying to take three out of the game make them make tough twos or thirty yards execute the game. Those rookies do about the unit has started to force corners specifically Mears. And just when the big plays not just offensively but defensively as well a lot of talk defensively comes a little big charge. And therefore coach is hard you know he's playing well he's making shots. But I really on us back in the game in the coming in after him a total. Try to make a decision had to do more small army on the stories to our. I'm glad that they're small group that was out there playing they they played well and they shared the ball and made plays. Again we kept our discipline and we didn't panic when they made their run. And what about the resiliency of this team not just tonight but this entire road trip every win has been a close one here you know this is the playoff atmosphere. It's tough to warn him Portland and the guys stay together. Again showing the discipline has shown that trust on the defense and officer then. You know it was a great team victory and now we you know we in this league turn of pace is very caregivers for Sacramento. Hey John could maybe Alter a few shots like you say they were on a layup drill all of a sudden. You know I thought John who he actually took good jumps up prior alert. Did they in the derby in the 5050 ball but you know I thought Jon did in there. Other jump played a great game for us overall not just late in the game but when he was and he was a factor. Wonder what about Doug Chris Duhon. We've talked about his closer role and he came in made a big buck. I'm stretch here authority again there are just our place our trust we're Chris having the ball the other says workplace. That he can make in the or make for someone else and so again he made some big shots are coming down the stretch for us on just frog into big shot. Again no we believe that we do know he's passes rookies. Skill level and again he made some big shots offensively and then also there are being able to stay home. To make look take a tough shot there at the end. There is Bucs head coach Jason Kidd who. L again but the guy that was under fire from a lot of fan base and now all of a sudden. All of those people ought to go and hiding because all of a sudden now this box basketball team with the chance to get all the way up to the five seed. In Eastern Conference play average somebody that nobody thought. I was going to be possible. And it is possible mouth and because of this run and the Bucs have gotten on this is a serious. Playoff run getting hot at the right time. Are to Milwaukee Bucks back to 535. And 3515. And nineteen. Away from the BY Irish press and I was a quick time out they'll come back and they'll do big shot of the game and a look ahead. Lot at this bucks schedule and doc kind of compare what Atlanta has coming up there the five seeds he would Indiana has coming up there this exceed. Must forgot you all subjective endeavor Debbie Estes he basketball and setter Gary woeful. Engage our Perkins restaurant bakeries MBB of the game that you need to know for chuck and when court. Well tomorrow morning I see later this morning here on the fan from between six and 10 AM. Defensive plays stood out Bears the laborers local 113 defensive play of the game. The laborers local 113 in Milwaukee feel the power bat hell are you and they want 13 dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks biggest save post game show. I must have a huge win tonight against the Portland trailblazers. You've just 9390. Now 535. And 3515 and nineteen away from the B Moyer is Bradley Center. There are now one game out of the six hole two games out of a 5 hole in the Eastern Conference playoff race chasing the Pacers. And the Hawks respectively they get the Hawks Friday night. It to be mourners browse senators say encouraged earlier buy tickets they are friends by the age from our spice things up so this thing out. Odd angles support does Bucs team in that try to give them a win. Well against the Atlanta Hawks and again later tonight I guess you would sale Wednesday night going into Thursday its box kings. While we'll have to want to bush figgins a post game shall follow that defensive play of the damp Anthony Mandela. What you get. Our defensive play here. Think. Yeah. All right self. A huge win there at the end of the game a huge defense to stop obviously. You all behind you win you move by 9390 highlight courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin past a I'm Marcus Johnson on the called there. I'm OK let's go over us schedules here a briefly here. Going forward the Pacers you trail by one game the hawk you trail by two which team you want to start with first Anthony. Pacers are the Hawks were scheduled you wanna look at first two with the Hawks are right let's go box schedule first two gays via an Atlanta Hawks we know that. The Milwaukee Bucks have a Hawks are coming up. On Friday and Mueller's browser like we said what is their schedule look like a starting tomorrow the next five or six games all right tomorrow night there in Washington again and Washington the team had there to there to Washington battling with Toronto for that three and four seam and I know they come here on Friday. Then there are back home in of Brooklyn in Phoenix. And then Philadelphia. Geez all three S games are games they can win not not a great. Not a great run there in the buck's favor Nelson the bucks are gonna have to continue to win obviously d.s Atlanta's schedule eases up a little bit after the next two basketball games. One above the Indiana Pacers that the team in the box or trailing by one game and all of the story lines focus on Paul George and trying to keep him happy this off season how's that. Well tomorrow night there and Boston that is a game that they could lose the right now the Hawks and Pacers both could lose tomorrow night. The monster couldn't win tomorrow night and all of a sudden you. A tied record obviously with the Indiana at that point in you would then would be one game behind Boston. The administration's. After tomorrow all right then what happens of the Indiana after that home against Denver home against Philly. Home against Minnesota. They have the ball end up with Philly okay so go ahead. Keep going on on the Indiana yet there on the road Memphis Toronto Cleveland. They read it open then back home against Toronto. Now okay got it all right okay well balances out of that works out into the box favor there I mean I got a couple games and there but for the most Bard. That's not an easy schedule for the Indiana Pacers. And this Milwaukee Bucks schedule again we start talking about what the Bucs are looking to try to do here. On before this whole thing is said and done. And they also. A pretty much in my opinion. Got there will Glock went right here this six game West Coast trip that everybody was fearing now and never going forward at Sacramento later tonight Wednesday night. Then home Friday against Atlanta. Sunday that game against Atlanta Friday night is on NB ATV by the way I Sunday home against the Bulls. Tuesday. Charlotte. Wednesday at Boston. And then you and the month. Next Friday night. Home against the Detroit Pistons that's how the month ends up so again looking at those games. A Sacramento winnable game the Bulls a winnable game Charlotte a winnable game. On Detroit a winnable games so. That's a besides 123. That's for winnable games and then the other three obviously are the other two that are winnable or they are winnable but. Odds are you're probably not going to win. Om and when it will be a tough match up up for the Milwaukee Bucks Boston will be itself matchup for the books. Those other games the rest of the month our games you should win you should beat those basketball teams are Lance got a better record Boston outside of that rest of these teams new should be. Mean I now all of a sudden. Again if you go. Award that'd be I would be. Four in to win your next six to and the month. All of a sudden you're sitting two games over 500 going into the last month of the basketball season. I'm if you look at April for the Bucs their season ends home against Dallas. Then a three game trip at Oklahoma City that's not going to be easy at Indiana back to determine seeding fate. I doubt point Philadelphia thank you very much calm. Hold against Charlotte and then app Boston. For the last game of the year but again as we've seen the NBA likes to rest their players. On if Brad Stevens has seeding locked up and they're the one of the juicy and they can't get any better base and again maybe Isaiah Thomas doesn't like maybe you know you'd Torres muddle I am completely opposing heat. What is going on right now on the India and all these star players resting I James Harden against and Chris Bosh is against and you have current players against him you have former players against that. And then the superstar players who are getting their rest their course are our fourth but you Bob Bucs get the win tonight not a nice when about they quicktime I'll come back we'll talk. But I don't yeses be basketball inside before we do that. Let's get the Perkins restaurant and bakeries every BB of the game that you need to know for chuck and wing Clarke tomorrow morning. Bucs fans let's get tonight's Perkins MV. Be the first to know tomorrow morning at 835 during chuckling learn to win free food from Perkins restaurant and bakeries. It all comes together Birkins. Right. Jon Hansen that's a me offensive. John Henson. Is your Bergen -- I'm bakeries and the B of the game nears its a lot of it too was consideration curse Milton was consideration. I got us really wasn't considered. For me on for Andy be in the game by. I using Hansen was big down stretch as basketball teams and John Henson ever addressed drug makers and the DB in the game know that particular tomorrow morning. Yourself some free food at Perkins did a Monday's. Monday night a Perkins. New order in entree right you give precise time and in a really. You know well every Monday night a Perkins you get any progress on occasion you're a free slice of pie which you're me on a Monday. I'll stick a needle yet so. It was just a Perkins and all soak soak it pilots think we cannot comment without Gary woeful Bucs get the win tonight. Time 9390 O report. No yeah. Insider Joey. You won the long pieces of this is the Milwaukee Bucks pick and save post game show. Bucs when and I 939. Being. Want you bucks for can say boat. Post game show right here. On the fan. Hearings on the great midwest bank hotline the BS SP high school high school basketball inside he can find his organs are seen journal times. Terrible thoughts on on and. Reveling in their big victories yeah I. Now I it was obviously huge win for the books. You know anybody that thought that they were going to be or have been in this road trip you know probably. A little. Oh that are mind deployed six. So I mean it's huge you know. They get from huge contributions from. Their bench incidents a lot of it's in particular so just just very it would put books. All I totally agree and I gotta say I was doubt it's you going into this on the ball teams they intend coming into the match up. Obviously the heat coming off a big win not against Miami on Sunday the box. Really got rocked the last time they were out I wasn't sure how they were gonna respond on jet any indication you know this you've been tracking this team obviously. There's Davone shown some resilience in moments like this throughout the season. Yeah they have in that had no you have to start opposite of him in the head but their defense is like two my date from what what what we don't want to they have to go and you know to. Play good defense at least they have a chance to be in games you know that that put some there they don't have an offensive. Power sort of power but they would IP obviously with Jabar he's you know Spiller so. If you can keep opponents you know around a hundred points or under you get into you know reasonably good chance to win. Absolutely this is beautiful thing hi Anthony Mandela doing and where you were. Commit felonies alert at some point how to do this stuff because eventually you know I may end up being again sick in a break or killing over a heart attack or something and second once more likely to keep your second one is more likely is that you pointed out I die hard attackers coming up until you bond on the show he can't he can't worry about me he didn't. East side military gets the first three minutes when he's out here. That's rush out to go I'll take it right now paycheck at the half they the -- wouldn't when you talk about. Where this team is right now. On it and they're two games behind the Hawks their one game behind the Pacers for the you know the five seed for the Hawks succeed for the Pacers Hawks come in there on Friday night. I just think right now as you look at the matchups a bot that. We had Ted Davis on earlier and we both agree we brother faced Boston. Entire time about the seventh seed possibly in. Used to get the best that you can get even though Washington beat just three times this year in Toronto's beaten you three times this year. Yeah exactly I mean you know it's so it's so foolish to speculate can you just don't know what's gonna happen I mean. Eagle I played Toronto but who lowered going to be a 100% OK it is not a 100% if I'm the Bucs I would love to play trot choke. I mean tonight the Bulls should be I mean that what you while flip game. Did hear about the fight for the light. I yell I didn't I didn't hear about it I saw the I saw a highlight video on a website about it. Yeah BL world to tallest boxers. Serge Ibaka and Robin Lopez won at it. Yeah but I mean that game was all Chicago solid fight happen and then the tide turned but. My point is you know I mean who knows how well while we could come back if he's going to be you don't. So lowly that we've seen in the last couple years or he's going to have. Problem you know recovered from that the intrigue. Where where the box set a Michael Beasley because sunny something tonight when you have no I was in no Middleton and they're sitting on the bench in the fourth and you're watching Wheeler comeback in a Portland started to make their run. This team needs Beasley is offense right now. Are no question that I mean we we talked Butler for a couple times recently. Especially when you put little sand in the Greek freak on the bench for next. Stemmed mom time. You know even Marcus Johnson brought it up side on the year you know like you've got a question what. Notes it was doing and you get a guy like Mike obviously you know certainly they'll be a major L. The other thing that goals along well with this it is you look at this bucks team you saw tonight fond got three minutes on tonight. If George acing Q do you continue to start spot in the playoffs. Now. Def played zone to end you know what they'll fare well for only three minutes but you know what a lot of things can happen in three veteran out hustle and really get you dig yourself into any of you know. Oh hole like they have on a couple of occasions. In the playoffs we might not get out of it you know. If wanting to do you have the regular season absolutely do in the playoffs would be just don't want to get off on the wrong foot so. That that when TB yes situation I was coach for sure. I got I think he's a play all the way out as a starter I just do a semi or not say it again he's gonna start all the way through now his minutes may not be very good it may be like to marry only gets three men yes the watch. But depending on the match up you may need a 6000 nothing else when it hits it is Toronto and you read deal that big setter in the middle. You may need his six files. Yeah I do so give but I mean for three minutes and what. What's the reasoning was the rationale in L. I will not for three minutes but it is you can get he had me L ten minutes a night to start each half any hits a couple threes guesses cabinets up gets a blocked shot gives us some energy. That is probably worth the to a certain degree because again I think it's a big picture move more than it's a move for now. On like everything else the. But I but again if you're in the playoffs well think it's big picture things you played for now. No I disagree not see we disagreed. Because you want these young guys as much playoff experience as you can as soon as they can. But that is saying yearly award balloons some. Not I don't know and I'm not playing time maker for 35 minutes your arm I'm playing for its time for five you're five there I I don't think that's the and it. And of did end of the and it the date type deal where I'll boy the Bucs lost the series to Toronto because times like ten minutes again right up right I don't think it went right today and that's why they lose. I mean again if I'm in the play outside I played I mean that'll beat anybody any good coaches. Gonna play in the rotations there and play their best players made some possible. In my mind there's some of their best players right now. You I want I want this more tomorrow night about rotations for the playoffs and going down the stretch run here as far as what happens when Beasley comes back into those advanced. We'll do that to Rondo we have Leon after box kings Garrett thanks so much for coming I'm. There is Gary -- on the great midwest thing cut line when you're ready to get into our back into the housing market look no further the great midwest bank is great midwest bank dot com take the next step towards your new home is Evan and now I'm Steve spar he by ever thanks for tuning in the Milwaukee Bucks pick it's a post game show tonight live in the tri city Hyundai studios. Twice haven't strict don't seem like guys over there they will treat you like. Good friend or family member you'll be very excited like everybody else does that goes there and tells me that it was such a great suggestion dying of never had one person yet. The time and we've been doing this. Come back to means avoid yet that you really screwed out and that that was and a good experience at all not one everybody ends up either buying a car or referring friends of rumors of a buy cars there. That's true and they'll sell 27 street. Right next to roll minds all right enjoy the rest of the night Bucs get the win sports plus coming up or anti Mandela. And and it's far out I'm a bad shot CBS Sports Radio talk to tomorrow at two on the Wendy's big Shell Tom.