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Woelfel: Teletovic can be an exceptional three point shooter

Mar 22, 2017|

03/22/17: Gery Woelfel Milwaukee Basketball Insider stops by to discuss the Bucks recent success and his thoughts on players resting.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's bringing Gary wall full now Gary do light hearted dreamer not. In our neighbor brought. Fifth at. Why you don't want to take it is they don't end up back candidates seat on good plate I'll tell you what I ate. I've I've become genuinely excited about bucks basketball again because not only of what they're doing right now. But what you're starting to see culminate in moved towards the future. Newhan and are. You know me and Jason Kidd we hang in there messing mentality area renowned and I'm a little bit more bar boast and he is though. Yeah there wasn't such a cut above mile and half ago order. How would you broke broken you know what coach split. The the last couple weeks where it seems to be more engaged more edited out and did. Well it's always doing your head coach wants to beat Darren we I think that's if your first and foremost a Scola what is so. What changed. Well I think first and foremost. Their defense suddenly when they went through that stretch where you want penalty leveled. At one point. I think here nine of those games would stand that you go and it took over point. In now on this sort of resurgent. It is very difficult were reported to give more of an odd points. That is without a doubt that your biggest improvement in a part of it seemed. Is that something where guys are buying in or is that something where guys. Our. Were Jason Kidd got through to him I mean what what is it. You know what given that propelled her mom thought you know I'm not really sugar. Part of it is scheme I think that are. That you humbling as much ebb and certainly you know complete it played. Just aren't geared three point shooting team overall last night Portland yeah. It is very good shooting three point team and they struggled. But I think it's obviously opening. Yeah. Their schemes and looked at it took some scenes or shouldn't yet three ball well. Now we got into this discussion earlier today and some people wanna say well they're a better team without your bird Parker we don't really know because it also coincided with the return of Chris Middleton who I thought his plate. Oh really well and starting Allen limited minutes and then certainly has worked himself into are into the shoes that everybody kind of expected him to be but. On it on when I ask you are they better off without Jabari Parker. Absolutely. And their next pool parties and Jabari Parker was a fringe all scholar candidate. You see your you know what I'm pretty decent record he probably would have been on the also ended up going with cardinal have been. And the Knicks had a worse record and can't look at when they took its reputation. Jabari over the Internet access for 21 year old son you know at that does say that's the recent that there's a point better. I don't think that's is that I think part of the reason that point veterans you know but Rose got more consistent. A lot of minutes in particular has been more consistent. He and even don't go that they they've been or consistent malaska. Don't do it yeah easily have been all season. Yeah I said he is doe doe has been playing better suited to leverage it has that experiment been good batter pretty much just an average experience so to speak in bringing him in. Can go below average. Typical or lower IV let let's say it and so we tourist aren't you or year. But you know what the last couple games he's hoping glimpses of being the quote Rich Hill and so on it. Means I'll call you what what what a great mood before him. Now because when he gets he has seen on took some exceptional three point shooter. The other road trip because sometimes road trips can really be the thorn your side and begin to sing and what isn't it about this road trip I mean there we go back he's just playing better defense in this team all of a sudden. His become fair you'd Wear their feeding its almost like they're feeding off of it. By energy wise is that correct. Yeah and they got a little later now they have they actually played literature you know. And so they've been what you believe in yourself you know. Needed that the you know it the funny thing about it analysts were scheme on the road trip was beaten him now as. And we got their opinions you don't Speights. And you go oh my goodness it's just going to be brutal road trip we rebounded nicely in the Clippers which. This product that it. Think of the Clippers got so much stuff going on but I'm intrigued that I just don't think there's going to be focused until playoffs and who goes toward. Folk but you know I think that would put the accountants blew some books and got to got to mom the other right there. As far as the teams ahead of an Indiana Atlanta and Toronto army Toronto obviously five games up you're not there to catch them but Indiana Lannan. How do you I know. I was gonna say yeah I mean. I can't bully we're talking about this but did it's it's a realistic outcome possibility is is Milwaukee obviously is winning ball games they're playing much much better basketball. But are we finding out of the box -- better team once they started to figure it out or is that wind today and and because eleven really three and seven in their last ten they've lost quarter pole I mean they didn't they're really. He beat me to the book punch in though it'll probably be five. Because the next game is against Washington at Washington yeah and that may come to Milwaukee. And it's clues just going to be a really critical game that the bucks when that bill they could be until plays. How about that you were but no one thing is the Bucs talk to play the Boston Celtics twice down the stretch and and we've talked about maybe them being the team that you know the Bucs should face. In the post season how did the Bucs match up against Boston not that I really wanna do these big deep in depth preview of the Boston back to backers coming up but nevertheless they still have to against boss. Well you know what I mean not a from a talent standpoint I think you know more till the Boston people might agree but I think. The bucks. More. More talent he and I think what's gonna happen with Boston comes scratched. They know that you get that number one seed. I've got a feeling Brad Stevens is it'll loosen up that you when he intimate he would say you know what we're gonna try to get ready to play out. You know that's the case that it certainly and have yet apart. Talk order wall for the receipt journal times in a Warhol's press box all the talk over the last about a week has been about the NBA and resting players going back to what you just said. Our team's more apt now still to rest players even though the commission's command said a you know you're not resting guys if you don't have to four. Just rest sake or is this something then they're gonna go okay he feels strongly about he's taking a stance but we're gonna go back into our own thing. Laughing it's gonna all all hinge on what we have standings and applicable local spider who moved down a spot to give a better position. Hill in the playoff earnings. I think that's going to dictate what they do with their playing time but. I'll tell you what a touchy subject you know that's going to be going forward. Not perfect yet and so it was just but it. Indians you know some of the players are you super outcome of last night. Hmmm I saw that he had said wide basically everybody picking on me. Yeah exactly yeah. I mean he can't do that stupid he's a very savvy businessmen. Yeah exactly I mean he should know that told isn't. He's afraid you know yeah ends if they lose or television market that we don't bet but I think. Union for him to come out clear Caldwell the cup for the. The I mean we've been talking about this when Popovich started this you know wholeheartedly years and years and years ago. Bomb now Popovich though I I he has taken the approach is say you know why did that this is a move that not only helps us during the season but it also prolongs careers. Then when you say okay do you have the info approve it he looks situated in that angry Ahmad better SOB the US as you disprove it screw you know. You don't know what to tell him what to do. But they'll work cubic it was an extremely good attitude to like they got some pretty secret you know right longevity of players. Instead try to called me the same thing last year yeah you know on its equipment down. So they can yeah wonder corners. It would seem to me you could get quite so what do. 39 years gold. Yeah you play close to forty. Yeah A and he wasn't playing 25. Minutes a game ATP Q reported well until that are right. We met met how. Karl Malone only played a couple years where he didn't play all 82 games plus post season. And Karl Malone played what nineteen years or something like that. Yeah on an advocate wanted to pick he would go back to Wilt Chamberlain. When he played every single game one year. And Natalie played every single game you averaged 48. Point four minute gave him. You know page did you judge how did you catch Tim Lechler by any chance in the four letter network today. Tim Tim flagler and this I found this amazing I didn't realize this. On teams up until like you know 1992. Or something like if they are even they were still flying commercially. Yeah he sent me it was it was bad they go and and you you'd be sitting there waiting just like everybody else sitting in the same terminal just like everybody else and not only did you not did you know that the comfort that the you have now or you can sleep on planes. What you had to get that you you know hopefully were flying first class but you had to then deal with fans asking for autographs and pictures in. And sooner or BS with a whole time you're called a jerk coming. He said look he it's not easy and don't wanna be one of those old guys back in my day type of thing. Any other aspect of this is not only do they fly privately now they have a little bit easier but also. These guys are playing the same style of basketball where I I thought his comment was. Were you drive the lane you get portion of fascia knocked to the ground and there's no flagrant there's no no replays or anything like that's basically a personal foul. Awful and there is no flagrant get out readjust your spine take your Al Johnson and had bagged on the floor. Guys are playing like today in today's game either. Totally concur I think today's NBA players know where to. How could they have but yeah no clue you know I mean they've been handed steps and there were great. Right and that's sort the problem you're you're absolutely right that was where he started again did Jerry a pleasure as always and only got to run but good stuff we'll talk again next week meant. I've articulated a younger woeful joining us on the Schneider or challenge shatter Harry drivers right now you work are they treat you fair eighty plus years of me getting it and call. 844 try to go to Schneider jobs downtown.