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BIG SHOW 2PM: Who would you give the Bucks a chance against in the playoffs?

Mar 22, 2017|

03/22/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2PM Hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Phifer in the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler Jeff for a lot the other side of the last of the really nice looking hat. And turned front runner along side. Helping him out we got a lot to get to review between now and 6 o'clock this afternoon. Coming up at three work to do street to Soledad district is that about like the guy. Love the gap of ahead and it's held to three straight he had at its battered I like it again elected yours is though a half. Because is not you know reason coach. Right you're just saying that because there's a gift from my girlfriend and you wanna offender as the only reason you're not gonna use that yeah. Jump balls and enjoy because at 335 the Wisconsin state journal does he think Wisconsin. Is an established basketball powerhouse in what ending their chances are against Florida and the sweet 16 and at 4 o'clock we'll get into some Brewers talked. How did things go right for this Milwaukee Brewers team this year but we start out this afternoon talking about how things are going right. When your Milwaukee Bucks what is it now Sparky eight of their last nine that they want. I want us it's ten of 1210 of their last twelve that the evidence to go I think that's what it is like if you're on the could be both I may have amid counted or it could be eight of nine and ten of twelve. But there's not and they knock off Portland last night 93 to ninety. And win there extended they're starting to create some space between them and other playoff contenders right now the both currently holding. The seventh seed. And half the game ahead of the Miami Heat grabbed the eight seed Pistons are on the outside looking in their net beginning Damon app on the box. That's not to them other players Torre says is that their game behind Indiana for six in two games yet and laughed for five as America's and I let him in Atlanta things I don't realize is that closer yeah Atlanta an Atlanta is in Milwaukee Friday nine B -- browser or go buy your tickets those aboard his Bucs team against the Hawks on Friday night they need your support. Now they lose the tiebreaker of the Atlanta already that's already in the books but again give a better record and then tiebreaker loves it don't matter so I'm glad has got to tuck game ten night. As does the Indiana Pacers and they exactly who those are the box obviously I have the Sacramento Kings tonight I don't want to bust exit post game show. Of pollen Allen tonight the Pacers are in Boston to take on the Celtics. The bases very well could lose a basketball game right we all agree on that ma and and the Atlanta Hawks are at the Washington Wizards also. Again which the Atlanta Hawks to lose a by the end of tonight. The Bucs could be sitting in the six hole a game behind Atlanta with Atlanta coming to Milwaukee and Fries. I mean. Again yeah you are you your mind has to be able to this point considering how bad they war two where they are right now and what they have an opportunity to get. But then you look at the standings giggled yourself OK well if you get the five you really wanna be yet we as right now five to two Toronto. Toronto was beaten you three times this year on a lot army has all in the box for a couple of years now the bus and have problems Ariza can have its early rough that's fine don't have to scares crap out of me Lowrie is coming back for Toronto basket mean issue and it's not Toronto. Then it's the Wizards their half game in front of Toronto Jeremy Wizards have been the bucks three times and. D.s all I seem to have common themes dynamic back courts. Ten to give the bucks pits they just do know last night they overcame Willard McCollum who were able to win a basketball game. The more times than not this sensitive problem soul wall in Biel Lowrie and DeRozan issues for me. It's Boston that's who I won I and I that I was negated as I get it by no more for us Al Horford on bother me Crowder done bother me. Isaiah Thomas is is tough no dark no doubt he is on believable. But I think they can be Bosnia face and wants a B a they lost in overtime to Boston I think the want on the face and I and I'm file that but at the same time. It's gonna go boy I hope for the 738 seed so we get the Celtics in the if you had a chance to go five or five a minute and just. Take out whoever you take out another this others are two games out of first in the east. There to wreck half up on the third seed and their three up on the Raptors in the four hole right. So more than likely unless they go out and have a skid Boston is going to be sitting in that one or two all before again seized. But the playoffs are looking like a real prost prost ability if not a likelihood at this point and Sparky just went through the scenarios with you. And it begs the question who would you give the bucks a chance against. In a playoff series 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. Backed out. None of those teams you just listed off released scare me sparking I'm not joking when I say that. Cleveland you have no shot against the although I do think. You give them some headaches in that game that series would go five or six games because of the length of the bus that seems to create fits. For LeBron James and the cavs but cavs would win that series. I agree with you I think Boston is the best match up from the other possible matchups that the Bucs could face. But the Wizards in the Raptors yeah they have dynamic bad courts and yet that's given the Bucs problems but I really think that. Where the bucks have lost games to those teams earlier in the season you'd and see their a game you'd NC membrane. What we saw last night against Portland what we've seen. Over the course of the last. Three weeks or so where they've won ten of their last twelve games or they've taken three out of five so far and a six game West Coast trip and out a chance to go foreign to. On this six game West Coast trip and I wouldn't I would think I would assume. That if you get to the playoffs were not in a seat. Bet lackluster lackadaisical Bucs team show up that we've seen because they tend to rise to the occasion when it pays good teams. And when the stage is big. Is when the Bucs have shown up. So I would think that come playoff time. Regardless of who you face you're gonna see that again when the stage gets bigger and any opponent gets better that the Bucs will step up. I don't know that they necessarily. At Washington and or put Atlanta or any of these other teams that you're talking about. In that category of OK this is a game that we have to step up for this is where we got to bring our a game but I think in the playoffs you're gonna see that for sure and for that reason LeRoy. And there is nobody in the eased except for Cleveland not not say I would predict the win. Irons than this goes back to my whole thing out and when we talked about 27 games left and I said nineteen of them are winnable Smart and I wasn't seeing that they'd win nineteen right last 47 as saying their winnable. We're talking about this West Coast trip. I said five of the six games. Were winnable not saying they would go five in one but saying they had a chance to win five out of those six games. Any series that the box will have in the playoffs outside of Cleveland. Is a winnable series in my eyes for the Milwaukee Bucks who do you think. The box would have a chance against and a playoff series 7991250. Or email us live at 1057 FM the fan Dhaka. I think Atlanta Indiana. Oh to have you got Chandra there's no way you little's. Cleveland Boston and washed and in Toronto U mass intro. To those guys got a legitimate scorers. And for some reason it's about stars when you get in the play out. You know to box open a lot of they were way out of their last ten that put a lot of energy in that. I just hope they don't run Baghdad's. Could deck and possibly happen. It would these teams you know 123 of four as is their bread now you have to move. You have to move up I mean you're really a no we talked about his earlier. You can go on out to a three game winners can you play Atlanta. This thinking geared really interest of what era of Toronto we its lack. Bad streak and Nate moved through reporter wrote just thinking get tough. So it fills me about the bugs allied to draw anybody. Know. I. I think it lineup probably at Cleveland and Boston everybody asked was going to be tough. But I would not want to pay to four pro sports teams but you gonna have to you have to face you're not getting up into opera and I have to. The army could do these these teams. They gave they got a lot of stars they got some scoring power and that's was going to be to probably not big a defended three and make these teams. Force him in that thing they don't want to do they didn't turnovers. Made a Bucs have a chance but as it looks friend now. They got a chance to take care of Atlanta in probably go out there Atlanta. So you don't want you don't think they ever shouted any of the teams that they realistically have a shot in the papers for now. That's when he's got a key when. You to connect you win a lot of people say today they just want to avoid. Cleveland. And Boston and Washington. But not scary. They look good but not scary and this goes back to something. I often talk about whenever me like it's swept aren't as you would where you were you look at any Disco man they're just too good. We don't stand a chance again and only clean really exactly be honest and this does goes back to something that I talk about every time the playoffs roll around Sparky and that's star power. In the NBA and then yeah are you in in the RCA playoffs r.'s star power gives you an advantage in it and in a seven game series. I don't see anybody on Washington. Don't see anybody on Boston a big John walls are all day. You know let me let me finish what they finish under par does anybody on Toronto that jumps off the page at me like he honest does. To me the bottles and John Wall have been an als or if I more than Yana says the Bucs have the biggest best superstar in those series. Well against Boston Washington and Toronto can promise you he does not get the same respect from the referees that Rosen will get another job while he is best you're not quite all right he hasn't established that yet I don't know if he gets the calls president Thomas are you either because of Isaiah Thomas's eyes yes he would get Cecil small. I'm just better at home I'd good luck if it gets again if it's me and on the box. I just play on all out and where rhino haven't goaded me what our Brazil albeit the opt out next week here. Coming in aren't they got left. Not mentally got five home games left about poker they are more road games and home games at this point. This was for Martina spark here is one main factor the games we lost its Wizards and Toronto we didn't have Middleton. Big difference. I'm the last and they play too riled they had Chris Middleton he had 24 points on the bucks won 101. 29 before that match a ballas the second wind of that six game winning streak odd that they had there on that run. I if you go back and look in these other games against Toronto and they lost 102. To 86. And I'll just bring that up quickly here want to 86 was the final. Calorie at 32. Points night in a basketball game now again we start talking about how this whole thing plays out. The main thing that I get a little bit concerned about here is we start talking about any rebound the ball I'm bouncing as a medium to control him inside. Obvious he's a big wide body that outside Greg Monroe you don't have a lot that's going to be able to deal with him inside. And then you also have to worry about that backcourt now in this game. In which they lost 10286. There was no DeMar DeRozan in that game. It was Kyle hour with 3219. From Norman Powell ten for Patrick Patterson. I and you still got hammered one of 286 in a game yet has had nineteen points Jabar 121 delve adult I had eleven. And you as a starter. I understand Chris Milton different I get it. Guys I'm just telling you I think sometimes certain teams have other team's number slow roller. On it and that's impressive list of Stevie does plays in the game that usually eat at peak of you and to them I agree that I just think sometimes seed teams have of the team's numbers too riled seemingly has had the ball under for the last two or three years and Nelson's been on the team the last two or three years ago so for me that's my concern now Florida's comeback. As strong as he was prior to the injury knock it may be able live events there. The Washington Wizards man they started off. Garbage laws they were oral begin here. As I watched the action Scott Brooks hasn't turned around and they are playing some pretty good basketball about coming down the stretch and they have former Milwaukee buck. And Jennings and a team who got into a scuffle just the other night in itself. It it would be entertaining I mean all these is getting back I think of that there's one team that I would feel more confident playing you will be Boston and. Or say one thing too I think. You have a look at the other way too. Chicago. Detroit. Charlotte. Did you know all these teams Miami. You have zero error and now you have to wing games to these two teams don't start to push. And eventually. It'll make you play better because you got to keep he's good these teams recognize your rear view merit but it's you know that little. When you look at had a one Marius say do objects it closer than they appear. I'm really you've got thrown only read editors. But. Yeah its boundaries. Bet you have to think about it tees in front of you any back you back in cause you some time to lose focus. But again. You have to have a coach who can get your guys. In your veterans to understand that and out everything picks up these last so you got eleven or twelve games or whatever. These games are going to be very important and it on tighten up a little bit. What a quick break and general askew. Which play at which team would you give the bucks a chance against in a playoff series 7991250. Or you can email us live and 1057. FM the fan dot com. I say anybody but Cleveland. Sparky likes Boston Roy says anybody who's not in the top after the play a preacher right now. So. Yeah against anybody out of the Wendy's big so be right back to the hole generally feel like. And it's against any playoff series that so we want to know on the Wendy's big show in the holds Chevrolet studios Dallas up at 79912. Pick here you can email us live. At 1057. FM the fan. Does come let's get right out your calls on cobbers street is Ron you're on the Wendy's big show hello rod. Hello Ron. Who they are gone you are you on radio about it we perfect so yeah I just think you'd. The B I think they're bad shot apt to be Toronto for the sole or you can be. Could be. Very like you're. At out of. Horry let me ask you miss your question to ask your question. Why is boss in a bad matchup from walking. Cute top to bottom they have such depth. Oh my god L or Purdue nobody isn't Al Horford is overrated is all hawk and older stayed on top and I'm not I dominant respect to tiger I'm not. What does Al or Purdue that's a great in the what does Edwards like sixteen in what 716 innate but he Everton this year. But urging six point eight rebounds six point eight come on man he's out with a minor pain him not even close agreement be able can't though he's averaging fourteen. Fourteen and six LeRoy. Yeah is a great passer you Rhode top floor. Everybody liked to play whether they got plays hard the guy plays hard he really doesn't again that's why teams pay you and let's be honest. Pretty cute and Greg enrollment averaged fourteen and six is a starter people would have killed the box for giving him the money really can't we want him more out of him of course. Sure it's won't agree or spurts and more. Forgive. For their system is a good player that's why did the two game and good is a great plan I don't disagree if you have parziale fits his system I'm just think overall I think that he's been overrated his whole career I don't know exits are nobody is all career I think once you want to but I got down so I. And wrestling that's. Sam up for a bad call spent we'll get to redneck in my bet it. It's okay that robbed commerce street it was called rookie Isaiah Thomas is averaging point right and I civil war and yeah he's hit about Corso probably you are not argument okay. Avery rallied averaging seventeen Al Horford fourteen Crowder thirteen markets mark ten. And it went out what I what everybody else I'm not. Kelly old Mac is averaging nine in full work. Close energy on brown the rookie I think he's into really good someday but he's not there yet he's averaging six points a game. Amir Johnson is averaging six points a game and Terry rosier five Gerald Green I it to -- three. Allard Zeller three minute maid in that deep and my bad round LeBron is back on that run shot salary apology at. There are no problem I understand but no other there's not the potboiler that they're best shot against Toronto because Levin had. Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan and that's being pampered court and I'm not on on that one injured happen. But spend a few weeks maybe month or so. And wants one and we don't want him to injured but want lotteries are Lowry once Laura comes back it gonna take a little bit of time that you stoke a little while rebuke. Are that affect the team out and help them win. What we're trying to figure out bachelor the post and in the block party know probably can win with Chris middle in honesty that don't don't keep should he does well. If the team plays the way it does indeed darting ought to win give them a little bit of an adage it's not a great shot but I think it still election and what about Washington. All get a job also go to viewed these scary when you well at the box I'd like John walk biggie because I do it. I don't want to deal technician. And this senator against the about forget isn't it. And Washington. That. You know candidates and Gordon. Or Mars seen gore tot. I think tiger and all the guards. I mean I would too yeah no question. I mean go without doubt the panel at mile a little bit better back at. It thanks to my pleasure Bruntlett. Was a Smart and a raw like ago LeBron looked like there and all that's real quick with all that you decide about that Boston's. Roster how could you give that more of a shot of beating the bucks in the other teams that we talked about it don't. Listen I do. I said I know us are yeah I'm reading it backwards Boston was a teaming him the best chance cracked my transaction. Aren't so outlets look my brain doesn't function right all the time that's OK I heard. So the Wizards 23 points a game for Biehl 22 point eight points a game for a job Walt. But dotted its is a problem he's been playing really well for them this year. On he's averaging fifteen points a game marquis Morse is averaging fourteen I'll Porter is averaging fourteen. And guard talked averaging eleven elevenths that is a more difficult match up by far for the box the boss and it's just it by far it's a more difficult match up. As it is to Ron how I. I think Toronto is it from a necessarily tell sampling or their more talented in the box. I think it's a bad matchup in the Boston just technically in most of the time as rodents -- be in the last time but there was notre Rose. So we'll see and what is about one you know when you Allard DeRozan back nugget or maverick played all last year so this is it like they've never played together in their trying to get the chemistry. You know figure out but it dig a little while for everybody get back on the same page. And often are speaking of Lowrie and DeRozan. And those records you see them fight last night in the Bulls Raptors game. Another Florida does a real fight with Robin Lopez did something like your it most sports. When you do what has always grounds into nothing has happened and that was a real fight that we saw last led those give those are two big dudes. Foreign some hay makers meant. That's going to be some big checks Aaliyah and suspensions yeah I think I think Lopez as suspension coming element throw pie and tapping. They gave Allison. At least one given. You that. Block me and it applies to usual Brook Lopez and about it now. They they said they told his brother through the first pudge is like he always does man he's lets up like that. It. No let's go to pick of others outside your other Wendy's big show its subject. He hasn't gone and amongst them. Looked they can beat just about anybody in this conference obviously or probably Cleveland. I think this week but that you want to aim towards that exceed. No matter who you'd be point in the first round because. If you're able to pull off the upset that means you don't play Cleveland in the back out. And at that point who knows maybe can not stay it's the cap and final if that would happen I mean yadda. Did he would be out there with Aaron Rodgers as far as how much this state where it should because. Many fans were ready for a winner and B you know they'd be miraculous run them and they come out of nowhere. And the other advantage did the boxes adding beside Paul Brown you have the bat number one in the entire conference. In the attic and arguably the best number two beside Cleveland. With Chris Middleton who's one of the most underrated players in the league got it played both ways since. Obviously he's been a catalyst for this little run that they've been on so you shouldn't fear anybody. He's you've seen this team they play up there capitation level. I think if you get that stadium and going with the fans going not. Who knows guys limits because. Appreciated it youngest in militant was the best number two. I think he's a is the most overlooked. They say the best outing he said the best number two camping that he. Camrys and the best cars that conference room and all that it's that the issue could investment in tomorrow I have a quick trigger tree it's an amateur were adamant. I really do and he brought up the same point that I brought up when when the Bucs faced top competition. And bring that a game they match up against just about. Anybody in the Eastern Conference outside LeBron James isn't any other way around and play lower competition to date you don't know they do they put that that is the that's been the problem for the Bucs this year and I think that's a problem with a lot of young team council. I mean again that's what filed Martinez minutes and I downsized season that's what you -- You do wanna hold when you're that 500 team kind of like in the National Football League when you're struggling to get to nine and seven at the end of the year and he got a win out. You just hope your playing your best football or basketball in this case at the end of the year belong in the playoffs. And can catch somebody sleep and at the wheel or maybe now plan to best ball at that time employee injuries that's which right or injuries that's what drove in the box can do right you're you're hoping you can stay out till the middle of April now mills they can. You're asking for my another three weeks here of playing at the level they're playing but if they can't they can carry that into the playoffs. May be mainly in crazier things have happened nobody thought they take the Bulls are they did and answers all the years ago so we'll see what happens. And are good at home to like twenty in sixteen and home. I mean so if they can. Obviously to go win a couple games at home in it yes steal one on the road best best secret. When they're home did they have five home games they are go for one of five and know to really. Offset was gonna happen when you Monroe who's got more roll very feisty yeah. So you don't you have no errors and also Friday night will be rocket against San I have my you'll. Oh it will be off man. You'll be out of control. I hope there's a lot of people there are bits of sellout crowd. Outbid guys supposed could this is. Really frogs the playoff games we it will take more of calls come up your I'll tell you what the remaining games on the line and you can tell me which you think the record will be all could have defense in the box. Home and away you to want me do an idea now. I'm. Doubt because they just go do the opposite of everything I've said that I could you say you're not and it does a good try to figure not I'll tell you what I think that they get anymore for Delgado he had more definitive things. It is when it comes to the Milwaukee Bucks that's all do I'll just be in a a a bystander and an analyst yeah and that's that's all I'll just watching on you know exciting sound solution and you know that I really don't but I think that to you because they don't want to Allen and they looked up Ronny south they've looked of mine a couple of times now. With DirecTV get the bundle package not in nine dollars a month to your Contra dominate your pay more than after bundle package currently. 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Give the bucks a chance against and a playoff series and I saw something in last night's game that makes me even more confident. About the Bucs chances in the playoff series I went that is next on the Wendy's big show Moulds Chevrolet studio. It's torn his big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios. Along with the packer hall of Famer inventor of the Lambeau leap LeRoy Butler in the one and only Steve Sparky Phifer I'm just running Mack well from grasping years. What team did you give the Bucs have a chance against an A playoff series 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan. Dot com let's go to the south side check in with ram ram your on the Wendy's big show. All the more and north side you're on the Wendy's big show up and and how much yeah yeah and leave it. Some people think different human. Atlas right. And pick Doug. They were our our medical what you did it where. We talk about how a sixteen NBA. It will be well well well and read some updated it. NBA team that figured out of the book not that in the corner there. You look at admitted and the Golden State and team they've got shooters go through the court at Olympic Prague and then second after a bit. Every middle and poor and and every NBA playoff game like. One and done in the apparently got. You know equipment half court game is going to be all. In this thing and if so I think. Boston. Erected and balk but man oh man and you got to guard pick and score in delivered passed the ball. If you haven't got oh that will be that we brought. We've got a good crack at the bank and looked and I would you marquis they needed experience you know he wouldn't back they are they had our regional. Matt. I'm really weak army. Robby got it is game I don't know Pete medical. That is probably got a good god I can't. Come out the world and there aren't many guys that are kept in your rhythm it. You know I don't go out raw around it could eat cock while. They've made and I'm that is out that the rental game and the Atlantic game. In Schroeder in our great. I mean wouldn't do it got into trouble late in Lexington and so. I don't know. I wouldn't you be where we wrote. Thanks and phone call didn't end as a good point about. Eddie's team haven't experienced and stuff like that but if you look at three and four and a half game between Toronto Washington. You mean those two teams are kind of flip flop forced ours. You know Atlanta Indiana. The blogs Miami Detroit's comedy beat in anonymity and I've played they've rewarded top four teams in. Fortieth and he had the best chance again. Our here's the schedule ranks gondola ride so tonight the Bucs are in Sacramento and and this was coaster 32 going into this game on the L West Coast trip. Road trip to Memphis Imus once he has but yeah arts or six game trip. I'm more Q what's figures are posting on showtime for that Friday night home against the Hawks on NB ATV. Sunday. Afternoon against the Bulls at the Bradley Center to thirty tipped that someone Tuesday at Charlotte. 6 o'clock. Tip. Wednesday at Boston. Friday home against the Pistons that's march 31 so and those six games how many of those games or they win. The reading. Ted I also formed in I get to April and you've got six more games winning for you and April before the play and home against the Mavericks. At Oklahoma City at the Pacers. The Sixers. Home against Charlotte new and the year at Boston. The reason. Three Mets sat out digger so I'll I'll say 32 so if you go 3333. That means your 500 basketball team in the seasons to 500 right. Yeah I wanna win would have went well would have put them out of that means I picked going to be L mountain. So it was the yield the Baylor loses tonight the Bucs win Bucs to be one game behind Atlanta going into that game Friday. Which then means you'd be tied but they lose the tiebreaker to Atlanta via the Hawks write them earlier in the year so they would technically be still. Not winning the tiebreaker there's so I had to get a game in firemen -- of with you know. Ten games to go in the season which is very possible obviously that point the crazy Bart's Mears is. Will they be in a situation where if you get a win. Now last game of the year in Boston they don't play Boston. But if they lose they then would play Boston. And if that's the case what do you do. You registered. Do you want Boston and say guys are gonna take tonight off and where I'm at trial in this basketball game. I could we want Boston in the play basket then I mean boss is not stupid about one bought me like you saw. No problem. It's generosity it's going to be fun status goes on stretch on twelve games left. You only got five home games left to get your tickets for bucks bounced right before what are those for me again quickly all just just real popular the solid out disagree about the army. Twelve minutes OK at Sacramento aha hold against Atlanta aha home against Chicago ha at Charlotte at Boston ha home against the Pistons ha. Against Dallas I don't look at at Oklahoma City at Indiana. Philly home against Charlotte at Boston all winnable. All twelve of their remaining games are winnable the toughest one I see I'm there is in Oklahoma City. What. Again I'm done with the prediction game our other prediction game or you do that I laboratories sixty Jordy I've had a Milwaukee Bucks. Let's say they're gonna win all twelve I don't know there all winnable winnable mean and you're sitting at 500 right now. Just sorted out there very well there's over 500. Alert on Alice plus I was about to throughout the regular. Yeah about it it will it will not yeah he was. Well all the bad guys aren't all that back I don't Barton out of wanna be the reason that they don't. It's a good shot he. As soon as they don't it'll go back to me about it all of our all Logan as they have all well and our when it. And I feel even better about say that after last night because did you did you notice the pat. Back in Jonas is that and they game against the Blazers and pesky talked about it during the game that. Jason Kidd had a talk with them and said we need to be more aggressive especially on the officers on the floor time obligates you dynamite again out of a timeout and then he scored what six points right away out of a time Arsenal that I think doubt this is about to get a second went wild soak as he needs on me this team needs to get one on one I. Ninety yet but it's just it's his first time really throwing a team on his back for a full season the royal. And that that burned out earlier that aware and nobody know I'd. And he did I noticed the letter I don't know it'll Wear down and in the honesty about think he's York is that that is I think a second wind is coming out of that constitutes a prediction or not but. I do think that there's a second wind coming for free honestly need to take all Asia. Is important to take him. Can't hurt right now the only mr. once you don't take is now and I says that. And who we all remember to wants he may. Threat I don't remember I don't ever met him miss in the shot but I know is gonna take it after the timeout. What teams do you give the bugs me a chance against in a playoff series 7:9 central figure you can email us live I think I don't finals at the net -- the fan back up his jump shot. I think there's a lot better than what people think it's getting there a thought on these. Ellis who are watching him sometimes a little to him as much as we do. I think is a better it's getting there effect outs I'll just say that it's get an open golf. The rest of the NBA all man. In. He will be the best player in the league if you figure that into Russia. I don't think he has to figure out a jump shot the rest are not Darius talk about them before. But if he does he's the best player in the league wants LeBron topic yet that up two to three more points per game if he can. And it just opens up everything else yeah because then you would have slop off of and don't let him and they had the jump shot if you decide to come up on him he's got the size and hoping to go right past you. Corey Bryant talked about that meant it when he said downwind. Yeah honest before they played the Lakers last year I need him to get the ball of nod to go to need to call a play and get it will take you called on this one more. Segment on the Wendy's big show Moulds several A studio. It's Wendy's big show live in the Holtz Chevrolet studios. Coming up at three Sparky thinks I'm in the minority but I'm one of those kids these days that we talked about yesterday. I think our kids is it not a role but I think mark the end of this chatter about to go the way of the diets are but we'll talk about that. Covered up lead through hello are you ready for that covers there's a horribly so you have to you have to do you have to read it if you have to be the referee other but anyway usually our rear on this show you my I don't demand other they have to listen to yesterday. We're talking about geno whereas it was barking and it was a good conversation it's mark attended educate oddly. That's coming up at 3 o'clock. I care way for that I think that's can be very fun. An interesting conversation Burrell dollar asking you what teams do you give the bucks a chance against. In an NBA playoff series 7991258. Or email us live at 1057 FM the fan back camp few minutes to get your calls. And tweets in on their starting with KJ in west Dallas here on the Wendy's big show it's okay Jeff. What guard Chilo not much KJ did not. Did you have the the schedule of the standings and Freddie did not ask us what would you do some of the makes. Yeah I think our earlier thank you know we were they are. Are you. Our first off what do you sloppy nominates who one of the Pioneers of sixties and seventies TV who passed away. The better we're gong show chart Paris. Passed away at 87 seconds on the passed away this week yeah. So in regards to the box and I would it would match up best whip in my opinion. I would have to say Atlanta. I think digit. About myself to Arctic boss being will be another terrible matchup for them. The some matchups that would be difficult for them would be Austin Toronto. Too difficult won't be Boston and Toronto woods. They can beat goes to. Yeah it'd be difficult. That'd be typical program would be but I think they can be. The first two teams that I mentioned obviously Cleveland is going to be a hard matchup I don't think they can beat them when about a lot about life. Washington it is going to be hard matchup because there are any of the back courts they have probably want it. Our athletic and can have a ball and go to the old up to three point line him problem. It's gotten a three point line so I think that the toughest matchup would be Washington. And to want to but I think that you give Boston and Atlanta are really do and obviously Cleveland would be the top is that your ball. Yet ended it happened that you can add to it became a combo in they knocked off the Seattle SuperSonics and what is agency. Back in the day. I don't want to use land on the floor yeah. Yeah it's yeah out of all. You know nobody expected that to happen you Q do you. In the playoffs anything can you know come true true you know a few police so. Thanks for the got a kid do it Christian that Kevin Garnett said anything is possible yeah that's true only screamed at. I don't know I don't blow out it's seekers the death another young man who say they can beat Boston. Why that's allotment of Boston's the matchup for me I don't. Is to know Mara and down taking notes and I don't like the Toronto matchup at all and the Washington match about not a fan of either Boston seems to be. Your best I obscenity when that series I'm just saying have a chance have a chance to win a couple games in the series and make things in reference to make among comfortable little bit I think Boston you could make Boston on call from a little bit and Brad Stevens is a hell the coach and that is the reason why they are the two seed more than anything else through you go over what they have talent wise. I'm sorry to ask us they dismiss it inward if that's not Brad Stevens is coaching that somebody else there's no way they're in the top four there's not change its event on nine and yeah yeah. Sounds to me and it is amazing as a coach scary one Morris Kendrick on the north side you're on the Wendy's big chill it's up Kendrick. What art McFarland you do a I would with the on the percentage and I got to think about you know out because in the playoff system bar it was here. I would like this series what a simple fact I think maybe I read Bradley they're neck and get away equate it and anyway. The playoffs and hey our little it will. Always. And basically I don't want to walk beginning at what they do you gotta start somewhere. In a couple. And I LeRoy would need not AP. Good article. I liked that the long where it takes or guys. Charles AP. Hanging around a better chance I get these guys cheaper cheaper. But wash it and are they that great defense team. I Nadal gets a lot of steals. Or they aren't you on Tallulah. You know but. They. If 1518. On a road out this most of these teams are good at home I get. You look at how these teams are on the road you got a chance to Boston is 21 to seventeen honor roll past and I'm. Their row records better than please. So they could come and it proved they can they figured it can come in and do some damage but act as they have Steve. One out put some pressure on his team maybe one in the first game whether it's home or away. That's enough pressure on Tony's team to fold up and you got to give match. Opponents of points per game given out of that tower and judge defense. Due to give up behind the box our tent in the NBA along a hundred in four point oh points again only two teams along and are pointing it only to. The entirely. Garrett tight where the NBA's Cleveland and who neat now exactly went Cleveland's behind the Bucs defense real significantly. Cleveland is nineteenth. I saw his number one in 96 point five San Antonio is two in 98 band defense okay. Nadia eight point six for San Antonio Memphis a hundred point three Dallas under point four. And Miami Detroit at a 102 Toronto hundred in 3.3 Chicago water and 3.3 and Charlotte won all four box moral four point three. Then Golden State in Atlanta at 104 point five. I'll Washington is 22 in Philadelphia good I was hired in six point he injured his right. He can't do it right but she's got a chance and I'm indoors ourselves and try any. The Bucs are scoring. Point two more than they're giving double hundred in four point five to get a Bonner four point three of Washington is giving modern six point eight but they're scoring a 108. Point eight so they're scored four more points a game in the Boston giving up two more they're digital players shoot out. Yeah and they've got the weapons you know. That says to me back to support the run this thing though while bet to. We know it that says to me those stats that you just read off about how. How many points team bigamy up in the NBA nowadays. You're almost assured. To get half off a large pizza that Papa John's all bending after every bucks game because when they scored ninety points or more aria the following day. It's 50% off all large regular menu price pizzas Ronnie I got to do is enter the promo code box dining that's boxed a number 90. At Papa Johns dot com to get up half a large after the large pizza comedy teams you think you're averaging under a hundred points scored in only averaging under I'll say three. Are the only team in Carlisle seemed averaging 988 points per game. That's the night what it was an eighty the other extreme on this okay. There are fourteens averaging a 110 or more. Cleveland averaging a hundred intent. Denver is averaging a hundred a lot and used and is averaging a 115. Point five. Well Golden State is averaging a 116. Points I don't know how Omar and its. Well you. Well our a lot of offense in the NBA right now I like it lot outlaw so that means that today and in all likelihood tomorrow you go to Poppins NASDAQ com enter the promo code bucks ninety and half off. A large pizza tonight you can talk about this Bucs game. With Steve Sparky Phifer right here on offense and is merits are another step for our board in a more divorced examples here showed an. Here's one field goal percentage LeRoy and us or do any NBA. Where do you think the Bucs are and juggle percentage I got on offense. Bucs offense Dougal percent they're going to be top half. Thought whoa. Why watch silly not her 15141210. Updated them on that not where you think the Bucs are total percentage in NB a right now. NBA field goal percentage up. But they score 77. And they're sacking. Outlaw foul Golden State is first. 49% from the field the Bucs are second at point 475 then San Antonio then Washington then the Clippers then Cleveland those are all really good basketball teams that aren't on this side most of. Of 50% of some nice days you want all 50% of woeful mean that's crazy do you think Monroe never misses it seemed as opposites and that's pretty good at managing good job there makes. But the idea defense together. Again Sparky as he Milwaukee Bucks picking same post game show after the bucks wrap up that West Coast trip tonight in Sacramento. And tomorrow go to pop Jazz act comment to bucks ninety get half off a large pizza actually went and today ways be Papa Papa John's. Really I don't think you ever try the wing straw man Yuba well I am behind I like she's bred a lot of the pizza and that sentiment thing they. When. Man when I used to work at Papa John's. As Laura bahama and he Mala yep although sentiment things they would even get to your house us posted delivered to your house they get there because I ate him. When a quick break on the other side. I'm one of those kids that you know Horry MO was talking about Harden. And Sparky had his Chad are about to go the way the data sort of all exports fifth putted about a FedEx the other way these big show the old Chevrolet student.