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Polzin: "Wisconsin still needs a National Championship to get to that next level."

Mar 22, 2017|

03/22/17: Jim Polzin on The Wendy's BIG SHOW.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us right now I'm a great midwest bank outlined by his work inside the Wisconsin state journal and at Madison dot com pleasure to welcome in Jim Paul zenger MO RE this afternoon. Do and well I. I I read your piece up at Madison dot com silly streak of four straight sweet sixteens. Longest in nation and it got me wondering and we asked the question yesterday here on the show Jim. Would you consider Wisconsin a legitimate college basketball powerhouse at this point with the recent run of success that they've had. And the way that I worded it to the till Roy spark in our listeners was. Does this seem to fit when eyes when I'd when I put this group a team together Kentucky Kansas North Carolina Duke. Wisconsin. No I would I think there's Noah about below those. Other fourteens and I'm glad viewed you know and how you treat that question out. Which I'm glad I thought beforehand that gave me a chance to six. Could and I came to let you know I think we got that run of success is amazing and I don't want to take anything away from it. But those other four programs have been doing it for longer and and certainly don't want saying calls programs have. Is national championship right and and that's just that's one hurled at Wisconsin has to get over. But there on that next parliament and their fans something compared to where this program was. You know 25 years ago and then when they didn't go to any any NCAA tournament and also I think that's one of success nineteen straight years. Certainly the force sweet sixteen. Appearances in a row and 67 years that is ridiculous accomplishment for. For this program and I don't want to getting away from that but I think you put like Wisconsin. Don't know. Don't know who else apartment had would be in that Michigan State and you know Michigan State the next group. And then that the really really good group and and Hogan era that's impressive but I don't think there blue blood. Level just yet. Let me ask you this how do they get to that next level hunter they get to the point where. They are talking about you know winning a national championship at Wisconsin and winning national championships is it as simple as. Recruiting better than I have in the past. Well if it's funny because you know I don't that was after the recruiting. Strategies and change much but it still it still. Look for kids that are on the right fit academically culturally. Socially them is they don't. You know they're not gonna go out and chase one and arms and frankly one of downs aren't gonna come lineup at the door knocking to get in. The Colts that are put the badgers either assists and just back and it happened suddenly when you compare geography in. Out others. Look at is that keep doing it the way they do it and that's. Get kids who are for the most part development can not going to allow you might. Get a sand actor who was you know. 45 star recruit prompting Cain it was a guy that was being recruited by North Carolina and Duke. Until you gonna get looked at every once in awhile and you need those guys if you go to a beatle Pete Sheen but for the most part you're gonna have to. You know strike gold like when frank Kaminsky you have a highly rated recruit but he developed into an all American. This quickly grabbed actually got coming in. Brett Davison and Nathan relievers from Minnesota and Kobe came across is probably their highest ranked. Clapton in a long time and and that's but the good side and then I think the next crap after that. Other heroes are committed so I mean there's some really good time but Greg guard is getting high level players and he's got to keep doing that you got to keep stacking. Really good classes and and but but again next I don't think you'd find guys that fit and and are not about themselves the kind of evolved into a team enough. A culture that's been built here over you know a lot to Beckett now. That's go to the Florida game these teams seem to be pretty evenly match no viral it averages. Fifteen points it looked like but should I Wisconsin has a veteran team they've been never wore. You know to me neither Hayes who hasn't had a great year spoke for some reason he plays well in big games. So I really have them go on past Florida in making it to the final four were to take chances if they can get past Florida. Well you know that the bottom half that region as South Carolina and Baylor and you know I think we all watched South Carolina just. Absolutely played a game of their lives and beat Duke and yelled up to our plays that well as anybody. It really have to be on Baylor has been a team that a tentative but you know maybe as good as anybody in the country and other times they struggled. They play his own and and Wisconsin typically get against the zone so I mean I am I haven't really dug in that match up because right now it and also played but. I mean not paper. I think that's an okay matchup for Wisconsin and and South Carolina because a pretty even match is what you go to this thing and I piece or teams that. Aren't that far part talent wise. Borbon was up and hasn't you mentioned the Roy is is experience you know nobody can match up and panic and and national Hayes in terms of experience they've won. Thirteen NCAA tournament games they played in sixteen. And just you know that's. You can't put up upright and that but it makes the difference in close games and close important games in the novel he has only continue to get more more important. Our dimples Enola sent state journal here on the Wendy's big shows have the pot and fresh on the fans. Jim what about this this Florida team and the problems that they present defensively. For those badger offense which has been known to go in droughts trying to score the basketball games. Yeah I mean I've got a piece on it essentially actually play that's called it a piece running tomorrow I talk to a Oklahoma Coach Lon Kruger and beat Tennessee associate head coach rob Lanier and they'll also teams like Wisconsin and slower so they were really. Good providing insight and kind of this match up and up north and it's at Duke defensively. That that that's where this game will be decided to beautiful you know as good as the scouts and defensively at the top ten team Florida's statistically is even better. So and they do it differently you know trapped more pack line defense put it gets out and get after the pressure is there expend do you. We'll try to create turnover than an introvert over the past itself. That that's on the watch of those got them a little shaky at times with the ball. And you can't waste possessions and certainly if you turn the ball over you can't let it turns two points on the other end so. But that's accuse game could Florida's sort of like to get their games started with. With tough defense and and they they're gonna send they're deep they're kind of kept nine guys. And they're gonna be in attack mode from the get go and has gotten better ready to that's what. What about the aspect of their have already played obviously a game like in new your terribly Florida has as well how much of an advantage is that for these teams. You know I don't know it's funny and I'd also the best start for today prop mechanic has played here three times and two of those games have been. So this poor shooting nights that in his career that he's two for. Thirteen against Rutgers earlier this year in two of twelve last year it's Georgetown so. You know it's it got some bad memories of those plays and he set you know he you know we have Savard he says it's it. Stopped but Reno's separate venue it's not a bad shooting placed. He thought nerves maybe where part of it's really not that that's been the good thing is now the nerves are away at least. In some respect and their hearts are in the building most of them in nerves. And in terms of the magnitude of the game so I think that the big thing too in those first ten minutes on. I'm that are huge. Gains can get lost in the first ten minutes if you. If you come out flat if you come out cheeky and and turn the ball over not the other team not perfectly so I think that's on certain to keep I have again after the and not let you know what happened when necessary but you know the fact they've been here and done that. I think is really important whereas the Florida guys you know the sad case you know this senior point guard and they haven't really battered a spot so it's going to be agency how to react. Jim left always lived to gig going and I don't understand it but for some reason Greg Carr does not give did. Did tent in the other coaches do it because sometimes and in turn meant the cameras are mostly on your star player in your head coach for whatever reason. In a lot people. Locally it was well. That's bull Ryan's kid is he's not toward him and he's did they had to hold its our time is his kids as well what do you think people give them. Allow our respect nationally but he will earn it lately. Yeah it it it is interesting because he you know. I think it's combative personality and great guy right guard is not you know he's records be. Saying things that show up and headlines he's not you know he's a he's a pretty simple guy I mean that as a compliment and he's. He is as down to earth now if he was. You know eighteen months ago or fourteen months ago he was hired. Yet in changes to kind of pick at a grew up in top Wisconsin. And is. A blue collar. I grew up working on a farm and and knows about apart market at a special that's coach's ballot if I think he doesn't. Doesn't get overly excited doesn't get you know he doesn't get it right roller coasters and it to heighten it too well. And and so you don't see him reacting very much on the on the sidelines and that bothered you understand they have so many emails. Alchemy isn't it more hotly ballot bowl that this teams that respondents as part because they have and I don't think. You can't be who you're not right and you can't when and and and Greg Garrett just kind of an insult them. I think you know I think they would all. Losing 56 games. I think him sticking to his what you believe and and and he had his own personality. Has been good for this team they haven't seen a coast has been up and down and and and therefore they've kind of been able to and that's something you're right I mean if if they keep winning but it's a final or. Yeah I. I think people are gonna start to realize you know who wrecked artists. That is Jim polls seem to find his work inside the Wisconsin state journal at Madison dot com follow him on Twitter Ed Jim polls mean. WSJ. And our guess the last few minutes here on the Wendy's big show Jim really appreciate it thanks a lot that's allowed him. And my pleasure that yet that's happening. Jim palsy and joins us on the great midwest bank outlined when you ready to get into our back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank. That's great mid West Bank that counts take the next step towards your new home.