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BIG SHOW 3PM: Do shows of emotions add or take away from sports?

Mar 22, 2017|

03/22/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3PM Hour

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Our on the Wendy's big show live from the holds Chevrolet studios with the watered only Steve Sparky Phifer in the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler I'm running back laughter for a Los the other side of the glass within turn front runner this hour we'll talk. With Jim Paul Xena the Wisconsin state journal he joins us at 335 to tell us of Wisconsin. Is a college basketball powerhouse again that's coming up at 335. Right now we won or no. He shows of emotion add or take away from sports for you 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. Jack come and really this is this goes back to the conversation that we had yesterday. About G Noory Amma. And the problem that he says we have with kids these days. And if you didn't catch that here's a little bit of the UConn women's basketball coach talking about what they looked. Four in recruits. Recruiting. Enthusiastic. Kids. Is harder than it's ever been. Because every kid watches TV. And they watched. The MBA relax Major League Baseball party watching NFL whatever sport they watch. WNB a it doesn't matter and what they see. Is people just being really cool. So they think that's how they're gonna act. And they haven't. Have you figured out which foot to use as a pitiful it and they don't act like they're really good players. You see it all the time. See it every few tournaments in every high school game so recruiting kids that are like really. Upbeat and love in life and love the game. Have this tremendous. Appreciation for when your teammates do something well. That's part that's hard it's really or so on our team. Who. We. Need my coaches there. We put up huge premium on bodies. And if your body language is bit you'll never get in the. Ever and most of what he talks about there goes back to. Showing emotion when you're playing a game whether it's good to and you're celebrating or is he puts it trying to look cool. Or if things are going bad. And you maybe do what some people including Sparky would call. Outing are showing your disappointment showing your frustration. And anger right there on the play field or on the corner on the sideline. I got no problem with it how about you does show of emotion. Ed too or take away from sports for you 7991250. Or email us live at 1057 FM the fan back up sparking. That's all you have I'll I'll get into it more I want she does all this you're you're the spark plug on June 10 in the NF. Iron up dude yeah I didn't it we we've had to sit out. Position nine times in the show Gary's not here. The Dana on his tee sens but I'm pretty sure he's with me on this one. I it just a mean everybody's got their own take out and if you like watching athletes pout and throw a temper tantrums. Then go ahead of that if you did you watch and then they got bless you if you like guys show boating showing up other players. Go at a about it now again. For baseball for instance you guys guys they're Philbin bats it was a Batiste let's say is one of those guys blue blue with the Blue Jays. Flipped his bat after home runs or whatever okay Carles Gomez who he's been a guy that's been kind of show bode over the course of time as well. As you've had numerous players in baseball beat dad showboat title player when you get to the NBA I think it's in old is different depending on. Of the situation against is the everybody seemingly screams and done now so that's this is the way in the NBA so Soviet that doesn't bother me is. Seemingly. Just continuously happen. But you know luck. Some other stuff. You know can get chip kind of mad you start due on that little Shimmy shake your whatever. Tight stuff for whatever and and honest mimicked it in the one game earlier this year when he did it after a basket. Some guys I get it died in. I'm I'm not a huge fan of all the stuff that goes along with that this then Stamkos cell thing. With the motioning at the hands saying you've got a big you know what onions yeah Isiah onions share on yes. A lot of deals in like that either. But again that's his way of expressing himself so be it does not a big fan of it now. I will contradict myself here I and say the NFL touchdown dances. Those QB highly entertaining to me to a certain degree. For example noggin out lately that lately because they've they've eliminate all but again it's CEO. Eating popcorn thing or whatever do I laughed I laughed at that stuff the cell phone I've jumping in our Salvation Army bucket Joseph all are and whatever else. I'm sure that that's that's something different arm could just I separate the two what is in my opinion. In the course of action whatever else we score a touchdown. Your kid everything stops and people are kind of watching you when you score the touch on the other teams not near you most of the time. There already walking off the field and in your do annual celebration dance with you and your teammates or whatever. Baseball for whatever the reason feels different to me basketball. Feels different to me. Do you think a parable to I guess would be maybe soccer a little bit. Because their to the action stops everybody watches the person run around and slot in the grass or whatever and gets mobbed and that's kind of different so maybe a little bit different there. With the NFL. I don't like guys standing over the top on guys after the make big plays in the NFL bad not a big fan of that don't like that hole. Asked me that drives me occur to me that's showing up an opponent actually literally stand over a guy and trash talk write and edit I've moved your leg and you get upset when they love it what do you do that crosses a line I don't quite happy right and I felt racing's McDyess and exactly how does understand what happened. And value and I have found some common ground on this and that crap happened between the Boston Celtics probably you're. The gulf where who was an evolving wasn't a Garnett and the Jennings a taunted on. Or they taunted her in my retirement and it Ayala ended up being a big robbery for two or three games and somebody listening has better memory than me. All rural college and it became a big thing between those two teams for a couple of games but anyways the that I have a stout makes it all the more. But now fun to watch I don't enjoy watching. Most of it but that special celebration that they used to do before they put a kibosh on it up the river dance the Chad Johnson now it's kind of funny I mean there's a lot of stuff. Other commune using with a touchdown celebration but the rest of it. Not really a fan the rest. And there's as I'm getting old. I think the league is the best numbers of course you make them run I think most people listening to you right now would agree with you about that. But I really I got no problem with almost any celebration. As Sparky had a lot of movement in there you should be happy that we filed some gray area I like that I don't like I don't like. Hey you're gray air I don't like guys. Just showing up or disrespecting their opponent and you go I like that I don't that's just an ego that's bad sportsmanship I like and I'm not for bad sportsmanship and that's not what I'm saying okay so did you lights yelled running to the cowboys' star. That's yes that's crossing a line that's showing up our team and an George. But. You you say you have no ball with touchdown celebrations you're literally. You're is the game has stopped. It's not Ed you're setters stage with an almost a literal spot. Like shoddy doubt about you as you dance and celebrate what you just hit and I got no problem with that I'm all for it I think it. It adds it adds entertainment value to the sport when you do that. And I'm about the Cesar but you'll hear lot of sports talk host say. It's just sports manner and it's just sports the playing at the end of the day it's entertainment. And you can you can only be offended by some thing. If you let it up Ben do you. You don't think Luke is an amendment the go ahead and never give yankees wouldn't don't remember yesterday you thought. Augusta appeased by the district tournament and then hit a good night and sleeps on the show to my short to practice. Do all the drills that coach wants you to do your job as a ran for her and if you and if you add add the rest of the team what a choreographed but dance and more or go to a track this drove had endured bad. It's entertainment. Make it more entertaining for me. I don't see how a bad toss. Is any more disrespectful Sparky then celebrating a touchdown. As a matter of fact it's more natural to me that's a natural reaction hit a home run your pumped up it also backs I like yeah I think the football team. You go dance in the middle of football teams are Ronnie you that you use or not I don't see what happens to you hit it because that's what you're doing when you do the whole run crap there's a good bet to hit the worst guy. But that all players' coach are you want your catcher is right there the pitchers. And everybody's on the thing but you know like so players are walking up the field backed her journey you do what about you what we're walking away with Sparky had seen guys they don't watch you do this round. Seeing guys I think that's it I've seen guys point a bat at a pitcher after after hitting balls running at czar or barking at them. Okay that's that's showing up your opponent. Or their who is a pitcher with a Clemens that do the pitch it on the bat in front of somebody will they were trying to run to first base but tell us Mike Piazza talk of them yeah. Costing him that are showing your joy or excitement. Is just that you're just showing your juror excitement for something that you just accomplished. And any celebration of any sort well not any celebration by any success. Of any sort in any team sport. Is at the expense of an opponent. Didn't see you can take it as me mocking you were showing you up if you watch ice is just me celebrating some I'd just did you happen to be the other guy. That I did it against proudest happy about something that I just did. And I'm showing that happiness I'm showing that excitement I'm expressing my joy it's got very little to do would you do it other than you're the one that just threw the pitch that I hit. We're about to the U and you could be anybody and I would celebrate doing that and and the flip side is if if a guy is is upset. How good do we hear people pissed off that so and so is laughing on the sideline because they have their while they're losing game. And why aren't you his angry as I am. And you know what I see the point when people point that out. I want guys who care I want guys that are pit stop that they're losing out watt guys that are pit stop that they just struck out. I don't mind seeing I don't need to see it every time because some people are just more reserved than others and this all comes back to one very simple thing. We're all human beings were all individuals we all express our emotions and very different ways. Why should that be any different in the world of sports that it isn't our day to day lives. What about the guy does that act like you've been there before with the defense. I don't know man. Maybe the last time I was there I threw my bat to bury. I have no one I've been there before and I did the same thing and I'm just is happy that I did at now is what I've been there before. Some of the tossed my bat. It's got nothing to do with Fuhrman dad you did it. I'm probably a bunch under notre but look at the World Baseball Classic. Always wanted I know I don't know I don't know I'm right I know what. Really watch did either well everybody our map and one have a nothing happened that's been a cooperative through this and that's the guy is ours celebrating almost dormant the World Baseball Classic I don't throwing each other's hands. Stupid. You'll see what is ever do you want to start a fight or try to physically harm somebody because they were happy they hit a home run. They should be happy they hit a home run whereby in the hip and Jewish Islamic glove down because you a home run. Putter and yeah if you care and you show emotion that you care one way or the other I'm all for it you don't have to show up your opponent while doing it I'm not saying I wanna see that but. Just showing emotion. Adds entertainment value to what at the end of the day is just entertainment because it's just sports on the take a poll would you phone call and I loads and you showed them a motion and add. Or take away from your game watching experience and your joy of sport 7991215. That you use social media library or you can even slot but what a 57 and then the fan back job. Wendy's big show earlier due next on sports Radio One oh I've never been the fan in the holds Chevrolet studios. Jim holes into the Wisconsin state journal during the Wendy's big show at 335 to tells of Wisconsin is a basketball powerhouse. Right now we're asking you. Few shows of emotion add or take away from sports both good and bad the celebrations. When they do something good the frustration anger when athletes do something bad do you like to see that. Does it frustrate you the way it does Steve's. Marquis Phifer and geno worry am a 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back counts something a Sparky computers in just got him very excited what just happened once a mock drafts geez. But it's hyper boy three point all three point oh chapter just waited it out a horrible hold by draft. Ever think you don't. Did what employers they phone all the way to Green Day or I'd be so what's. That would be Gehrig Roy Gary rather be excited to be a big Elton cook there on the right just as he's Florida State. Here is disease running back how does not delicate before the year a little right told me I need to do watch and I'd be sold our ones. Again its forty to one fast in the hole while world pick of the right now. Hey the raw milk I ever put up as mock draft three point oh you know I got. Excited about it yeah I don't group so the pack of when there are point nine plenty of whom he flip flop him them Ed McCaffrey cute. I'm pro football focus user you know I went on a comparison for McCaffrey. Who was. And that's awful. Another white ready maxed out and out oval it's crazy outside the Bucs. He's produced in Anke you come you guys don't do dead people result now down. Now now. Priest with him in a migraine for one forward to best to a knee. Priest Holmes or Marshall Faulk who the best fantasy running back ever home one of those even one of the two I don't know which one the one of those two guys the best bet is he ready maybe the best fantasy player ever. Yes yeah. I would agree for sure let's get out your calls and onto itself and give up already re re air the Wendy's big shot. Go and talk. And turner Blanco there and it's a clock ticking yeah you're less tells us or you're glad al-Qaeda got to leave you Blanco on a bit. You guys that ray actually. Ray I'll. On what's written off in that debate that they call the problem. There. In the discussion about in all the celebrations. And I'm. Like Eck and also wouldn't agree with you guys you know it to an extent. You know I corrected that played from Little League Baseball and he gets an attitude when he's not doing very well. And our goal amount come on down because you know there at Gardner field there aren't that. Order younger and they look up tool. Are you agree Bulls it's. Okay. Thanks for the for the cholera tweaked it a fan part one you can pro must be viewed very different due to many factors especially entertainment value vs developing correctly. Part two a motions are human nature and expected. I'm in team sports they are very contagious especially in Hughes. And I think as you handled the right way I think that's something that you have did you have to teach kids if you're gonna let if you let him express emotion. You have to let him know when you need to cut that off when I played when I played baseball grown up. Hated to strike out and went out strike out I'd. It's not throw it but I'd slam my bat in the ground and I were understand what he's I would walk I walked back to the dugout I'd sit the end of the bench and we want that guy what I did was asked I wouldn't talk to anybody all I like but. While I was doing that I was also getting my catcher's gear out. And I was making sure I'll get my mind right for when I did go back out onto the field so I didn't carried out there with me I was pissed off that I struck out so you with a temper tantrum kitten that not the kid was cry. We took the chance for your slander yeah eagle on San buyers out 'cause top tier guy that's tempered call it what you want all that well what is this got a what did you does finally stop never really did. Q did your mom yeah high school no. Hole like I played competitive baseball tells about the warning we should get somebody and I still did it we she gives every other play baseball you're nice and find out what your team it's not a new I'm yeah I'm now I'm a competitive my teammates me. We don't know that know their head I'm here to tell you right now I don't do that you do house parties know. Yeah. And it well. That's why they. Have stood Wheldon. Think it's there were flyers knew they weren't tickets are learning green I mean that's. I sold cups I was selling tickets yeah brighten even had a whole different level of considerable amount of scrutiny drinks are very good deal. That that's the benefit at the party guy you want to drink I know I did Sparky I never once had a run in with a teammate because because it was something that I did because I got upset that I struck out or anything like that. I'd I'd disagree is a teammates who seemed like they didn't care Newton. That I've that I had a probably isn't do what do you like it a home runners on the did you you have you oh yeah I would how many every don't start I know. Norman high school on how we. Really a bad toss cabinets and right up the box and as soon as I had a foot out the box out clapped and fist pump in and pitcher not not. The pitcher you look at it the veteran know. That doesn't know why I'm doing what I got to dom run around the bases and I'm fist pump and I'm glad it. I might even let out a scream. Depending on what it is what Jamal and tell you among never said anything to me about showing emotion except when act. I'll admit across the line I've goal umpires sometimes a little too hard. You. How about this hate you. Platitudes. They yeah it was. Well my little sort of get out of nowhere else on our talent and I. This little story to him a guaranteed you'll tell you guys are listening to the whole story but I'm sitting here admitting to you when I crossed the line yeah Rupert yeah demanded. My mom and my dad would be standing right behind those bid backstop telling me to stop it. As you were yeah. Aren't you my best and let me go to ground. He's got the goods sit down and a poor umpires stuck in between Bolden about it her and I got a break difference over him you unbeaten streak to our element. So I've I've shot. I did were brought it I wouldn't even to my kids are trying to corrected if my kids did that but as far as as far as celebrating that I did something good. Are being upset that I did I feel some think none of see anything wrong with that because when it was time to go back out and perform. I had my mind right outs in the right place I went out performed because I got it out of my system. What is your coaches do when you do my earlier tee I had hasegawa and that's one I had one coach had a problem with that and what he says. He benched me for an inning and oh you know he was ten Cavagnoud he's brother written it up that's pretty legitimate. Why a about a player in the pros I mean that's an idea of what it is brother all oh yeah PD's. And again now he did alleged he did we don't know how many Wimbledon PE NS and you say I for one inning and then you realize that was a good idea to put him back and perjury costs win wrecked. Soccer yeah. Certainly it's tough to run today yeah. We unravel like that it's mailing address it again let me take one more I know we gotta get Jibril who did real quick and we'll get back to is greatly straight Olympic related five TJ south side you're on the Wendy's big show what's up TJ. They're boys and we. I think there does have to be a difference between literally get in and make an upper Echelon of pro sports. All the baseball guy unload. I'd look what Patrice and just tall said that after reject that'll run but. You know what I think there's got to be a difference between baseball and football. I mean baseball he did that I have self it and it is really neat history to open at that already ought to mean but in football. I mean it'd be chaos if you're Otto receiver goal goal post also pulled out yet a lot of it due to dirty bird the other quarterback you know. Do whatever he does. Received movie ever seen a movie or you're seeing a movie replacements. It here that's what would be like right that's what it would be like territory. I've had those little you know mark guess no he made that thing out of it as why they are clear that. That's the reason that the fun bunch but there are jumping on my body which I never thought was a problem. Guess they'll sack dance was way over the top when you're with the Jets it was awesome way over the top and I was not. I'm into my father and that it is I could mean that is why this whole NFL came in with a hole. Monitoring celebrations was cut that gas nowlin a fun bunch that would start of this whole my question to you spark you know what you think about this between now tribe and greatly extra electrical and kind of learned that in our great respect. Austin. It should give about a simple. The morsels bark some more so around but. Who were you hurting. When you show emotion good or bad who were you hurting name on the back images. That's that's a very cliche thing to say I want to come up with a real answer retreat now in 5 o'clock cursing yourself where you really hurting yourself just like another cliche Damir relay answered I was gonna as the -- I send you the big topics discussed how to date a bigger show. And give you the final say with great laced drag away pick a lane coming up on the other side of a break is Wisconsin make college basketball powerhouse we'll talk about that. And the batters chances to move beyond the sweet sixteen with Jim palsy and of the Wisconsin state journal right after this on the Wendy's big shown in the hold Chevrolet studio. What is big show a lot of holes Chevrolet studios I'm running back off with Steve Sparky Phifer former Packard. Packer hall of Famer inventor of the Lambeau leap LeRoy Butler. Jeff for a loss the other side glass and joining us right now. I'm a great midwest bank hotline find his work inside the Wisconsin state journal and at Madison dot com pleasure to welcome in Jim Paul zenger MO RE this afternoon. Or you do and well I. I I read your piece up at Madison dot com silly streak of four straight sweet sixteens. Longest in nation and it got me wondering and we asked the question yesterday here on the show Jim. Would you consider Wisconsin a legitimate college basketball powerhouse at this point with the recent run of success that they've had. And the way that I worded it to till Roy a spark in our listeners was. Does this seem to fit when eyes when I'd when I put this to the team together and talk to eat Kansas North Carolina Duke. Wisconsin. No I would I think there's still a notch below those. Other four teams and I'm glad viewed in sight Patriot that question out. Which I'm glad it's not beforehand that gave me a chance to six. Christian I came to I mean. You know I think we got that run of success is amazing and I don't want to get away from it. But those other four programs have been doing it for longer and and certainly don't want saying almost programs have. Is national championship right and it and that's just that's one hurled at Wisconsin has to get over. But there on the next problem I think that means nothing compared to where this program was. You know 25 years ago and when they didn't go to any any NCAA tournament and also I think that's one of success nineteen straight years. Certainly the four sweet sixteen. Appearances in a row and 67 years that is ridiculous accomplishment for. For this program and and I don't want to getting away from that but I think you put like Wisconsin. Don't know. Don't know who else apartment had would be an at Michigan State and you know Michigan State the next group. And and that's a really really good group and and Hogan era that's impressive but I don't think there blue blood. Level just yet. Let me ask you this how do they get to that next level hunter they get to the point where. They are talking about you know winning a national championship at Wisconsin and when he national championships is it as simple as. Recruiting batter than I have in the past. Well it's it's funny because you know I don't that was after the recruiting. Strategies and change much though there's still it still. Look for kids that are on the right fit academically culturally. Socially amenities they don't you know they're not gonna go out and chase one and done and frankly one downs are gonna come light up the door backing to get him. The Colts that are put the badgers either assists and just back and it happened so I mean when you compared geography and not others. Look how does that keep doing it the way they do it and that's. Get kids who are for the most part development is not relent and allow you might. Get a sand actor who was you know. 45 star recruit prompting Cain it was a guy that was being recruited by North Carolina and Duke. Arms didn't get looked at every once in awhile and you need those guys if you go to beatle Pete Sheen but for the most part you're gonna have to. You know strike gold like with frank Kaminsky you have not had a very recruit but he developed into an all American. This grip regret actually act coming in. That they vicinity and Nate can reverse from Minnesota and Kobe came across is probably their highest ranked. Clapton in a long time and and that's that's a good sign and and I think the next crap after that. Have a heroes are committed so I mean there's some really good time but Greg guard is getting high level players and he's got to keep doing that you got to keep stacking. Really good classes and and but but again I stuff I don't think you'd find guys that fit and and are not about themselves the kind of evolved into a team and not. A culture that's been built here over you know almost two Beckett now. That's go to the Florida game these teams seem to be pretty evenly matched no viral it averages. Fifteen points and looks like but sure at Wisconsin has a veteran team they've been never wore. You know to me neither hazel hasn't had a great year up for some reason he plays well in big games. So I really have them go on past Florida and make it to the final four were to take chances if they can get past Florida. Well you know that the bottom half that region is South Carolina and Baylor and you know I think we all us South Carolina just. Absolutely play the game of their lives and beat Duke and go up to our plays that well as anybody. They're going to be tough to beat out Baylor has been a team that attack this year but you know maybe as good as anybody in the country and other times it struggles. They play his own and and Wisconsin typically get against the zone so I mean that's I'm I haven't really dug in that match up because right now it on and off the plate but. I mean not paper. I think that's okay matchup for Wisconsin and and South Carolina into the pretty even match is what you go to lifting and enact these sport teams that. Aren't that far part talent wise. Bluntly what happened happened you mentioned the Roy is is experience you know nobody can match about containing and an actual paid in terms of experience they've won. Thirteen NCA tournament games they've played in sixteen. At just you know that's. You can't put up upright and that but it makes a difference in close games and close important games and a double B I don't think any more more important. I dimples Enola sent state journal here on the Wendy's big show served a pot and fresh on the fan. Jim what about this this Florida team and the problems that they present defensively. For those badger offense which has been known ago when droughts trying to score the basketball games. Yeah I mean I've got a piece on it essentially actually play that's called it a piece running tomorrow I talk to a Oklahoma Coach Lon Kruger and beat Tennessee associate head coach rob Lanier brought both those tunes played Wisconsin and Florida so they were really. Good providing insight and kind of this match up and absorb and execute defensively. That's good that's where this game will be decided to do their votes you know as good as the scouts and defensively at the top ten team put that statistically is even better. So and they do it differently you know it's gotten more pack line defense put it gets out and get after the pressure is an extent do you. We'll try to create turnovers and and into ripples in the basket so. That that's on the watch and it was got bent a little bit shaky at times with the ball. And you can't waste possessions and certainly if you turn the ball over you can't let it turns two points on the other hand so. But that's accuse game could Florida's Florida likes to get their games started with. With tough defense and and they they're gonna said that they're deep they're banked at nine guys and they're gonna be in attack mode. From the get go and has gotten better ready to that well. What about the aspect of that have already played obviously a game in New York W Florida has as well how much of an advantage is that for these teams. I you know I don't know it's funny to an adult with a bad start for today prop mechanic has played here three times in two of those games have been. So this poor shooting nights in his career he's been he's two for thirteen against Rutgers earlier this year in two of twelve last year against Georgetown so. You know it's it got some bad memories of those plays and he set you know he you know we have Savard he says it's it. Stopped but Reno that circumvent your thought about shooting placed. He's not nerves maybe. Where part of it so you know that's that's been the good thing is northerners are on the way at least in some respect and as far as playing in the building most of the winners. And in terms of the magnitude games so I think that the big thing too in those first ten minutes. Party that are huge. Gains can get lost in the first ten minutes if you. If you come out flat if you come out shaky and and turned the ball over but the other teams of perfectly so I think that some certain to keep by and again after that. And not let you know got the win necessarily but you know the fact they've been here and done that. I think is really important whereas the Florida guys you know the sad case you know there's senior point guard and they haven't really been in this spot so it's it's going to be agency how to react. Jim left always let you gig going and I don't understand it but for some reason Greg Carr does not give his. The attention to other coaches did it because some doesn't turn meant to cameras are mostly on your star player in your head coach for whatever reason. In a lot people. Locally it was well. That's bull Ryan's key is he's not toward him and he's didn't have to hold its our time is his kids as well why don't you think people give them. A lot of respect nationally but he will earn a lately. Yeah it is it is interesting because he you know. I think it's combative personality and great guy right guard is not you know he's back and be. Saying things that show up and headlines he's not you know he's a he's a pretty simple guy I mean that as a compliment and he's. He is as down to earth knowledge he was. You know eighteen months ago or fourteen months ago he was hired. Yet and changing still kinda kinda grew up in top Wisconsin. And is. A blue collar. I grew up working on a farm and and knows about it artwork and after specials that coach's ballot and I think he doesn't. Doesn't get overly excited doesn't get you know he doesn't get it right roller coasters and it too hard at it too well. And and so you don't see him reacting very much on the on the sidelines and that bothered you understand they have so many emails. How cool isn't it more hotly dollar bowl that this teams that respondents as part of because they have and I don't think. You can't be who you're not right and you can't when and and and great characters cut about himself and I think you know I think there at all. Losing 56 games. I think him sticking to his what you believe and and and he had his own personality. Has been good for the team they haven't seen a coach that's been up and down and and and therefore they've kind of been able to and that's something you're right I mean if they keep winning but it's a final or. Yeah I think people are guys start to realize you know who wrecked artists. That is Jim polls mean you'll find his work inside the Wisconsin state journal at Madison dot com follow my Twitter Ed Jim Paul zine. WSJ. In our guess the last few minutes here on the Wendy's big show Jim really appreciate it thanks a lot that's allowed him. And my pleasure that yet that you haven't. Jim palsy and joins us on the great midwest bank outlined when you ready to get into our back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank. That's great mid West Bank that counts take the next step towards your new. Well and coming up next we talk about thus breaking news of logic and on the NFL changes to teen I was kind of suggests that very same thing gun salute houses looking at that Alison come back on next though him when you talk about it how great Wendy's is c'mon now seriously reels in here a minute when he's in a while you need you to. Arnold and take advantage the four for four dollar double stack Milan Wendy's is meant. Is adding a quarter bond doubles like as an option in the four for four dollars over a quarter pondered before Nuggets Fries and a drink got to give the good Jeanette innings but it is. Average at the betting locations for a limited time again for. For the four dollars double sac now part of that deal also don't forget Bucs fans when the Bucs win you win. Example last night they won so you went today at Wendy's after each Milwaukee Bucks went act fast as you have 24 hours to receive a free small chili. The purges of the medium soft drink from any participating Wisconsin Wendy's signal there you to double stacked. And take advantage of getting a free small chili to how cool is that now that's a win Bucs when you win. At Wendy's and just a very very a cool promotion when he says don't owned book. Not huge but not insignificant changes either possibly coming Syrian. To the NFL discuss that next on the Wendy's big show I'm old Chevrolet studio. Great great show live in the holds Chevrolet studios. Coming up at three how the Brewers can make things interesting miss here. A Roger Goodell NFL commissioner outlined a number of changes that will be made to the mechanics and rules of the game of football. They get into more detail with there with Judy Batista tomorrow and NFL networks up to the minute at. 4 o'clock central standard time but he outlined them to And here's. Some of the changes that they're gonna try to put in to improve the pace of the game. In the NFL because apparently that's moving too slow for some people to and here's some of the changes that they'll try to make clubs will vote on a change to centralize replay reviews. Instead of a fixed the sideline monitor. They'll bring a tablet to the ref -- who can review the play in consultation with our officiating headquarters in New York which has the final decision. He says this should improve consistency. And accuracy of decisions and helped speed up the process like that anything to make replay more accurate in faster. I'm off for a guy while. Always to the who'd have some guys that bring you have I have no problem. I think it's a good idea on violent OK the next change that he outlines is. Rewarding game time regarding game timing says we're going to institute a play clock following the extra point. When television does not take a break and we're considering instituting a play clock after a touchdown. I didn't know that they weren't doing that all ready to be honest with you know sometimes. As they can take as long as you want to line up and kicked it got to be ready to go for the commercial brought that going to be topic is on the referee's discretion it's a different story for every says he says. Bills instituted play clock following the extra point if there's not a when there isn't right that's would you would you miss what television does not take a right because you're changing television breaks and got a poignant I mean and tell me a conference but now explain why they're doing what. You're saying you're doing now is as they're going to standardize the starting the clock after a runner goes out of bounds and standardize halftime links and all games as a simply returned to the action as quickly as possible against something I assumed was all. Already happening halftime isn't standardized. Aren't taking longer and shorter half times depending on what stadium here at. I forgot league year look out they wars we would have played in the ninety's. Have towels like fifteen minutes they cut it ten. I think there's some idea is really quick other in the Super Bowl this almost always can be long. But to have to have more should get a drink it talk your coaches technical backed out. It used to play in the metrodome. Than a lot of south was all my good luck while we our current drive around and go back so. I think got mobile can do with the time. I think at that but coaches will not they like those timeouts. They really do too would they'd get a TV timeout when I use in there has to go love that about about the guys born out of bounds. Nickel what it is. Convinced of the border in this sport this let you know three or four minutes. And you try to keep the clock we're trying to get the ball back. That could be an issue but very about those rules I guess it windy. In addition Goodell told USA today's Tom posts aero. Said the play clock will be activated after extra points after touchdowns remains under discussion. Of commercial breaks during games the NFL's moving to eliminate. Some scheduled television commercial breaks per palace aero if implemented each break would be increase from one minute. Fifty seconds to two minutes forty seconds to accommodate the new format. Goodell told USA today the goal isn't to isn't to shorten games although he estimates the changes could reduce game length. By about five minutes quote we know how annoying it is when we come back from a commercial break kicked off and then cut to commercial again. I hate that to our goal is to eliminated that's something when I watch football that annoyed me more than anything give you an idea. What they're talking about here like Graham said the lengthy commercial breaks we get thirty seconds longer which isn't a big deal but this is the big deal so right now there's five. Five commercial breaks in the first quarter six commercial bringing. Then five commercial breaks five commercial breaks how'd sets up over the four quarters of grand. What they're talking about doing is you get for per quarter every quarter Oakland so you're really eliminating. I commercial breaks oddity NFL dance that's a lot. They are all in your only goal Lee increasing the commercial break by thirty seconds but he got jam all those commercials. Into the wall at a two minutes and twenty seconds that I don't see them losing money no he also is talking about. Had a fine here he's also talking about eliminating. Farm. The time and space and promotion with in the commercial breaks so if that happens. Then they're gonna just have to charge more money and have less advertisers in the commercial breaks right all it would be a good in order to make their money back Internet charge more money. I can't Los average. You know that's gonna me if this means they charge of Mumbai the eventually I hope it just going out to the fans. Look owners are gone through that could they want their money after they make their mark. That's all there money. That's the NFL's that's the broadcast networks money that's not the Packers mono decided to cancel CBS money that's EST ranked so it's up to that zealots Packers but they consolidate a material to make mine it's a big and give this event a big TV contract so alternately as kind of when wins that if I don't as long as that I think of the TV partner sign off on the owners go sounds good lies your dollars and we're gonna run. I loved I loved Italy eliminating that commercial break after kickoff. Nothing nothing you know if you borrowed I'll watch the game the lodging and give big boom three minutes of commercials they come back kick opposite dude meals on it. And then I got two more minutes of commercials I don't even dormant in your coach for to a premium brand of exactly welcoming the other thing they came up good del confirmed the Abdullah Ted's head begin hiring. Some of the seventeen full time professionals. Permitted under its labor deal. He also expect legally loosening up a celebration rules allow the players all the more experience are expression of their enthusiasm. Velvet got I don't know continues to study that is what about the kids well apparently they're gonna sad how some type of celebration video. Of what is okay and what's not okay or something a doubles line tax big lead to be that's literally taking the fun out of the fund that's what you have your regular US point Burnett I think I think LeRoy should do and I think LeRoy should narrate that they. I threw it out about celebrations are okay it'll be interesting to see if they make the Lambeau leap out of that being acceptable are they are not that they they grandfather Le Roy low rising again and threaten. Now they're gonna re do the rule the Roy's thing I thought it was Robert Brooks thing I'm kidding I'm kidding I know that you and I don't being this. I don't have bigger do you have Google because nobody has being LeRoy again nobody's done right by Atlanta being out. Do you view that they haven't apple if I'm from. Has ever asked was got stock in a muscle or. Active and that. Yeah rid of people of the this Oslo went to ready people laden and I got a year bed of what you've always been old you break it. Puck in the Burres makes things interstate we'll discuss that next up the way these big show on the holds Chevrolet studios or also thinks the world is flat will be your.