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BIG SHOW 4PM: What has to go right for the Brewers to not have a losing season?

Mar 22, 2017|

03/22/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4PM Hour

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

4 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big show along with the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler and Steve Sparky Phifer I'm Ronnie Mack lost. Coming up this hour how much of the future do you want to own and how much you wanna give up to own that future Bucs fans it's coming up. At 435 right now we wanted to what has to go right for amber is not to have a losing season 7991250. Where you can email us alive at 1057. FM the fan dot com. It's not. At all out of the realm of. Possibility that the Brewers don't have a losing season this year spark yet think they. I won't say shock the world but surprised a lot of people last year. Adam McKelvey are Milwaukee baseball insider talked about it when he joined us mean Gary that is out adverse spring training he had them losing. A hundred games last year and ended up winning what 17374. Games before all was said and done a and and even though you did lose some of your veteran players that that you traded away last year as the rebuild continued. Like Jonathan Lou Croix in and a couple other guys out of that bullpen. You come into this year with pretty much a set lineup on most days still a couple spots at they're trying to figure out and really not. Not a bad lied up in. If if the rotation shapes up in Willie pro than Jimmy Nelson can be what. A lot of people thought they could be before coming up to the major leagues and running into some and to some speed bumps. I think you could see a team that's close to 500 if not at 500 or better my crazy. And it's fossil and they gave me a 500 team this year yeah I do. You know what when you look at this baseball team. I think it really. Is a little bit different than it was last year I think last year when you look at this team you didn't see a lot of hole you saw Ryan brawn. I'm now a lot of question marks after that and I think right now. As a Brewers then you go winning OK while they've got VR sold that's a positive right yet got to be happy with that. You Keon Broxton. Showed some positive stuff in the second half of last year after he got called up like the fourth time. He broke got a little bit Q are cited for him this year. Brawl is able to stay healthy and had a good year last year you hope. That can happen again you hope Domingo Santana. Can stay healthy and give you some power in right field you Garcia for the whole year I'd shortstop to continue to develop. Those are all a lot of positives that maybe you didn't have nearly as much of going into last season a junior where what's the surprise last year he's are opening day starter now. Davies put together a full year and showed G that he belongs in this rotation going forward so they're the top two in his rotation. Really now I I think you look at it and it's Peralta and Jimmy Nelson having doubts word all starts and ends of why they're not this team. Can be a 500 team or a winning baseball team. This year who knows you guys put together. Seasons that are up so what we believe their talent level to be. Then this team is going to be a 500 or better baseball team this year I I truly believe that and a Deng is really just comes on to really those two players. Because this starting pitching rotation is going to make or break this team. Plants. I think there are some questions in the bullpen too as well like I said they'd they moved some prominent pieces. Out of that bullpen last year and I like what they did in the off season. But I'm not convinced that because the bullpen for for a while there was one of the strengths of this team before they start Macon some of those moves. Before the trade deadline in leading up to the trade deadline and then when they ran it to some real problems are spreading I think they lost something like seventeen out of twenty at some point. As as the season was running down a lot of that was because you're giving up leads. Or at least giving up a tie game late in games and I like what they did in the bullpen this off season and some of the guys that they act come and up. I'm not as convinced that it it can be as good as the bullpen was to start the year last year and that would worry me a little bit that your gonna give up some games that you are winning or at least have a chance of winning for me I don't. I don't worry about the back in the bullpen until you're gonna compete for something and I I think Stearns is probably on that same. Say I'm bored the same right now they don't they go on to give their Thai police this off season. Oh with a hole to flip him at the trade of ninety pitches well I mean that's not a long term answer. But if he bigger dweller gains his old form that he had a couple years back. That's a big guy give flip of the deadline and get some prospects for and he is going to be a closer I think going Ford for this team. Which obviously is a positive night you do and you lose Will Smith who just got hurt I'm severance sisco you lose talent form mercker goes to Boston self. Those are two big losses arguable but I still think there's enough back there that. Amir stars give you 67 innings on a consistent basis I'm Tania this is gonna score enough runs on two when you some baseball games this year. I think in the because it was going to be one guy at his data but I really want to Wednesday. Well I know old old as. Stearns. And Zach did both on the toil. It's RB Alex Hurst is older by a hair do we have burst into the zone these guys they've eligibility be in the league. David steroids is 31 bed opening day pitcher who had just gave junior going to dare they announced a couple days a yeah nice. Allison a 502. I think the if they have 500 in a way in there the fans have been excited come up for next year. I think fans will see this. And as sending team that can eventually get to where. To make a decision. Do we trade somebody's prospects. For a free age you know to go for it oh. Or do we lay back and lose. 8090. Games. So it depends if they get a hot start you never know. Idol I don't think and again I'm pretty picky volleys got prodigious power and outs do you it's gonna fail right prodigious power and have what do you do I mean do you boom. Know you're NASDAQ you're not good Nuggets this is our time what trim prospect riding. You know 2019 2001 navy's short timely process adapt when winter competing for a class by this group will be gotten. Most these guys who do you yeah yeah absolutely I think when you look at any baseball team right now our CO. Any of the arc and judicial he did last year BR the are probably as a spot on this roster. So those two for sure in the middle on and everybody else is up for grabs I don't mean Bronson nice on the need to post season. On key blocks in key could play himself into the future of this original team. I don't think Domingo Santana Cyrano there are some like to mingle I don't think he'll be here like him a big principle be in the outfield would Broxton on the somebody else off. Earlier today Kim on his Iraq Kordell. Are who they got in that trade last was it last year two years ago laws last year we brought. On whose room playing well on the outfield. They kind of mention in passing that he's got tries an infield. On Don a minor leagues on occasion I would he try to played third base previously. And this team needs future first and third baseman I think cursing is answer at third but again it's one guy. So you could use some more help at third base gold Ford in you have no first base and really other than a kid Gideon Ellis is his name. Those are the very low levels of the minor league just as so our last year. So what to wait and see but. Yeah Brett Phillips at AAA to I think Santana is not honest senior catcher now there's no answer catcher first base no. Third base obviously now we just tried Russell's second short. It's Satterfield. Probably are. Your future guys everybody else probably won't be here. I really like. The one through four in the lineup that date that Craig Counsell put in today in their spring training game that they have it was VR Broxton bronze Santana right. Yeah it they'd skater be Broxton BR BR Bronson on a councils to sign an idea but I wrote what I really did I really like that well it for cleanup number on Domingo Santana. Who if he can stay healthy gives on the top. Why can't stay healthy little I can't keep her around I is that helping Ortiz out you know you can. Yeah and I second hit for like 300. But he can hit home runs and Mimi didn't do 75 to eighty something like that hump in my right of an idea of the commuter. And that might be that might be the one guy spark in this is one of the reasons that I think this team at. Has a chance to be at or near 500. Is they're gonna have in large part Domingo Santana might be one guy that they look to move if he lives up to expectations because they have so many other guy's in the opulent coming up through their system who. Look like they might be even better than Domingo Santana but other than that. And may be Ryan Braun despite what David Stern's told Gary and I and our interview with them. You're gonna have consistency you're gonna have guys that are gonna be around further the whole year because. Those older veterans those pieces that your moving for prospects and they're gone there is there isn't a lot of that pared down left to do in the care down and rebuild process. For the Milwaukee Brewers here it was just start seeing the same faces. Day in and day out guys and get. A feel for each other and playing with each other and you're gonna have some consistency and I think that's gonna that's good chemist that's gonna lead to some some better baseball. But what do you think has to happen for the birds. Not to have a losing season this year 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back count talks and Brewers with the Wendy's big show on the holds Chevrolet studio's owner return. Arm for the team I think this is the continued growth and evolution of our young guys I think some of it is. You know guys like he and Jonathan VR. Hopefully junior Garros acting he's repeating what they it last year and the biggest challenges is doing it a second time around. On the Lee makes adjustments I reports are so detailed such a challenge in the so I think for those guys repeating what they did and then I think. For somebody young guys continue to take the next step forward I think our Orlando Garcia can continue to get better. You know I've liked what I've seen out of a lot of our young guys you know gosh hitter quite an opportunity at some point I still really believe it or Lopez. And there should just let so it would Jimmie and Willie crawl sizable holes as a great arms and great stuff so. Certainly there's opportunity there and then depending on what happens with you know those Branson Wright or Brett fellow officers there's a lot of guys who at some point we'll probably get an opportunity. And it'll be very telling to us to see how they've just the major leagues a figure out when we're going to be competitiveness. Does Ryan Braun you probably knew that Yeltsin prod you this is a Wendy's big shown that we're in the holes Chevrolet studios are asking you right now. What has to go right for the Milwaukee Byrd is not to have a losing season 79912. Victor you can email us live. At 1057 FM the fan die camels or bronze expectations. What are yours. Sparky do you believe David Stern's when he told Gary nine you can hear all the interviews Gary me and Tim did. Don adverse spring training at fan on demand 1057 FM the fan dot com presented by. John Paul's Buick GMC highway 100 in Greenfield when David Stern says that. He thinks Brian Brohm will be around here know when they get where they're trying to go in this process because that question factors into the question. That were asking in terms of your expectations for this team this year. If you trade Ryan brought at some point this season. That's a big bat that your removing from your lineup and you don't have anybody they have a lot of good prospects you don't have any Ryan bronze. In your system to replace that type of production. I can lead to more losses than what we're talking about right here in a 5500 season. I'm not matter how many of back nine get lead back. Mean who I getting back in this trade that we're getting up for Ryan brought obviously he's shooting for the moon now. Having said that when Byron towards David surges that you think he's going to be here when you all of the playoffs and why are you trying to move on. Or adrenaline nice Jerod Rossum there was two more minutes on the trade deadline Cuban go on to the Dodgers two more minutes he said. He is well aware that you were trying to trade him so Heilman next breath can you then say oh yeah he'll be here you're just trying to move on. It's a lot last year it. Mean that's about all that who buys the right brought I guarantee doesn't buy in and had idol by unit that rock you buy into that. Oh. Oh. Mean. Yeah if no if if the time line is what I'm saying it is Sparky. Which is competitive baseball next season at this upcoming season but next season the 2018 Milwaukee Burres. I don't think it's act crazy keep Brian brought around for that I don't think that's the time and I think the time lines nineteen but either way doesn't matter. They aren't gonna have him on this roster. Burke deliveries and once he's getting older you he's had breakdowns physically already in the past. And three as we get older we break down physically that's human genetics more more times than not right that's just how what happened so the body as you get older. For most people. And from that was Baghdad they want to get their kids here. Rob rob is not a part of a play and now he's doing I don't his job by the sounds of it out helping these younger guys out because he's younger as are all talking about like Brett Phillips. Had praising remarks for Ryan brought how much he's helped him on a spring training. So that's a wonderful eight plus Ryan brought for helping out the younger guys. Aunt and being all but you necessarily so but it like that that's very very very good. Object. Bowl ad buy an. Just know why I promise you Ron brought wants to go behind a team has a chance won a World Series ring before he this is also and a wanna be stuck on some baseball team with a bunch of young guys that are trying to figure out how to for five years. Boy if you wouldn't exactly just hit the ground and their team one to the NLCS the first year it took a while the put the team a well doubles guys in order to go oh. This Brewers baseball team even when Brent and gets up even when heater gets here and so forth is still they are going to be a ways away because Irsay. You have to believable feral 2019. End of 2018 and just our 2019 that your third baseman you don't have a first baseman allegedly markets things is the answer Britons in your outfield. We don't know about Broxton yet if Broxton works out then your outfield could very well be senate. Second and short of the art proved that last year wasn't a fluke you'd be all right there. And again that's aren't pitching. That is the big big question mark for me you don't have enough of it right now you is don't sell. You know can you get it now the big bugaboo with all think it'll I would Doug Melvin he got me letters that I get the right it. That a bunch of hitters and they have those guys are. What is it George signed just time it appeared near big free agent signings and play great trait to have your farm system to get is that key. Huard coming here yeah trade your top prospect Brett loury was being a jerk anyhow. With the way he protecting the arms as we trade him to get Marco you yourself and that situation you need guards that are in his step this year. But I know I Jimmy V Jimmy and l.'s if he steps up he's gone. Would you order rally. It doesn't pitches well the first half and yet he's go oh yes yeah he did well see. Yeah because he makes pretty good he's changed and on right there said yeah because you said earlier Rodney. That well there's not a lot left to rebuild or to tired now but I I'd disagree here's a couple passing and England Arsenal want to be moved Santana could be moved. Garza could be moved. And now start talking about once you get past those three. Any of the bullpen options at Boise just got as a closer and his deal this year he is lovers and he's gonna go to a team that's in need a closer he's good prospects back from the yards all the prospects yeah. Mean so that's four guys right there they don't great since you can. Prospects and I'll take this up further if you were just why. Newton he does seminal roster what sort of real you. Should this was a 3131 thing at me and and letting our bodies are trying to win us off our own outside and I'm running out of some 31 year old. For next four or five you want and. I'll when he went above started. What champ ship both teams will be that's the plan Daschle plan as a player I billion plan and then yup and about the same time. Rogers I'd be on the other and and if Rogers on the other however these other teams to kind of scary to stayed more relaxed vigor and artifacts as they never own the Dallas. I met Rogers and say he's played two days but rod is on the outside yellow on the downside is defense and get enough it will be this year. Mozilla. System information. No I agree with you got those guys I didn't make the major batter in pieces that were on this team that you could trade for a man from properly by those are all gone Els gone yup Bronson pretty big piece that you're right but again I would I wouldn't be surprised if David Stern's was telling us the truth when he said that Brian brawn. Could be around. I would be surprised if they traded to me Terry can go either way at this point. And it wouldn't surprise me Sparky if they plan on playing competitive baseball and 2018. Doesn't hurt to have Ryan brought on your out. The salaries then yeah. In and you know what about the Olympics however about everybody else has low when you look trust when you look at Brian Brian bronze production last year and it's all the question if you can stay allow me a couple guys I brought with you when you look at Ryan bras production last year in the price tag that he's that compared to as a bargain what's a mother. And BP contenders are making from the outfield position he's a bargain being he's a steel pitcher not compete. That's not right now will be. Here we're we're talking 23 years where I'll play well there are not though a button. Well do you think they're going next year. No I think yeah I think they Thabeet they can be fighting for a playoff spot and eighteen down to the wire in 2008 tapes out. I gagged a tweet from my agreement we data and the Brewers finish 500 of the season do you offer Alou cry contract in the offseason. And now. Why like you brought around mileage off from the crack contract because he moved a lot of pieces to get a couple of catching prospects. And you hope that those prospects pan out. Catching prospect sunset on Randy owls were those two. Yeah Nottingham who is a legitimate. Catching guy that I like their last name right and he's. Our guys so give mayor just opened that last name alone eating hit twenty homers or whatever and I think I don't think you add those types of veteran pieces those put you over the top ten pieces till you've shown. Ventured there that your on the precipice. When is that after you have at least one competitive season and what is so why just one. What does press is. On the verge LeRoy you know that inside it's on the horizon that caused gas third no. It's an event and we have very Smart people listening to us are entitled to it's got to be too small child into the bats as light of the Chansi pretty good look at now. A lot of Jesse pretty good all about the pitching. Jimmy middle of the pack or better like they were last year. No doubt I agree I think it really Al does just come down to pitching and starting pitching it in particular. I'm built our bowling tweets apple fan why get rid of Santana when he was a prospect himself right was that a flaw was. And I I've Johnny and I said before I'm just not going to be moved I'm not experienced that stars is necessarily. A huge. Santana and when he was used and begin what he was involved in the process to make that trade OK and they traded him for a reason they were fighting to hold on to Domingo Santana. They were fighting to hold on to bright Phillips that's got it in one like Elton. Sent out of it OK here you go. Because again he's injured. He strikes out a bunch guys on base percentage was come around nicely last year's that you started taking more walks in new starting improve out the plate and arm got a big arm can throw from the outfield all that stuff. Good length it's me again. And if if he has a nice first half and hiking at some prospects back I've got enough outfielders assists while he'd keep coming assent and you don't have to just keep them. Jackie go either way with Santana simply because of all the other outfield prospects that they have. Were you surprised blaze that what did that for assignment in minors. I think he will. Does one of the moves today residents are trying to get their release Chamberlain. And released but not surprised. Am a little and make this roster some guys some people like heroes make the roster. I can't wait for baseball Sturm and what ten days away. April 3 and de is from baseball when the Cubs are they started second that's on in advance well Sunday night baseball since you've taken on the Cardinals. Yeah buddy. The cars and very good this year. I saw some publication that had them at 76 wins in a moment and very that would shock me the Cardinals are alt cart. Even after that if you're a World Series the Cardinals put a little bit of his scared to be had on a little bit. I've just been conditioned that way in my whole life to figure the Cardinals that way and who who scares you on the roster. Dexter Fowler I don't. Just but they always find out I was assuming that things. They always five guys they always seem to five guys read that he's Alvin go to mounting he's not as ads and all of them. They have the talent they don't win on the talent to compete with the Cubs in that nobody does this division. Public and from what the season's over forty and starts for baseball fans incidents outside of it I take nothing for granted why I'm here to do not understand that's that's what it is huge war for the whole season and the rest these fools you know great place to watch all the numbers games although long damn near you have every Brewers game on one of their countless flat screens. Everyone every single over his chair. Well everyone that's televised right will be on one of the and probably. Many of the many many flat screens that they have it my favorite place in the whole wide world Dave and buster's. Wallet Josie you know all about the flat screens great food and drinks and Roy likes he shrimp and chicken Alfredo column I like that Nashville hot chicken. All my goodness and always adding drinks always ending drinks to make a great my Hedo. Over at Dave and busters think the best thing they haven't allowed it is this there. It's an. Outstanding and I've been there and their most busy of Taliban their during Connor Macgregor irons. And the food is coming out before I mean and done a map and ties or second Drake is out before the first streak is done being drunk. Third one is out before the second one being a fourth one is out before the third with. You see we're on goal at this right there's a lot of drinks being drug. At Dave and busters when I go there and they're coming out fast. And they're coming out furious. And with a smile because Dave and buster's offers a great game watching experience especially in that DMB sports odds that some like any game on this forum are a lot of for what. All this mean the tourney on. When I'm actually I didn't get to that yet march college hoops tourney action is which is a longer tomorrow and Dave and buster's is definitely your college hoops tournament watching headquarters he can even set up a private viewing party. If you want to watch the badgers. In the round of sixteen but of course there's a million dollar midway featuring the latest and greatest arcade games nearest to the midway Walking Dead. And zombie stature outstanding it's also the best place to have your company's special event. Party for groups of any size Anke can even do a Dave and buster's take over and own the whole place and Roy was talking yesterday about their own a graduation party up. For a young man that you Mench or right yep. And you putting out there all parties at Dave and buster's. They got another wrong to you cope they'll get more people and it's good not LeRoy Butler you know it's good enough for you. You know when to have great food great atmosphere. In this great babysitting two with the cardinal email I'll kids' birthday party graduation celebrations after prob parties you name it. They do believe all the planning and details to Dave and buster's so while you apt to do. Is have fun with your guests called ban at 4144540100. To set up your customized special event. That's bad in that number once again for 540100. Drake played watch it Dave and buster's Wallach Sosa highway 100. Just south. Of north avenue other side of this quick break how much of the future do you want to own Bucs fans. And how much you wanna pay to own it it's the Wendy's big show where in the holds Chevrolet studious and are back right after this. It's us. Tesla a little Susie. We heard that when they won throwback Thursday which was sort of threw one that was a terrible they're back they're little Susie that's awful. Just the name of the song with no there's no meaning. That's just the songs of outer but I don't know if she's an actual person off. Another off a throwback Thursday coming Lawrence tomorrow Al that plus they have experience and growth Skid Row computer way awesome for an event Thursday present minister it is and that's tomorrow on the Wendy's fiction are a little it was Burton and how convenient LeRoy yeah. Convenient that you won't be here for that. Would you trade for a top three pick for the Bucs in what would you offer to get that done 7991250. Or you can email us live. At 1057. FM the fan that counts are Asia we don't have a lot of swear words of this growth of icy want those songs and AFLAC were intact. In the title and a half. You know has is that I think that disqualifies them I'm not sure I think that does well but that I've ever heard of that side and again I don't give a crap about Skid Row. The Sparky got a interest seeing email the other day proposing an interesting trade for the bucks to get into. Tough thing she's mark yeah I got email here and the guy says okay you'll think I'm crazy but we should trade Parker are first round pick or Vaughn or outscored only build up. For the draft pick one through three. Parker is probably damaged goods and Nolan will take him but if they would I trade as fast I could this is a strong draft and any of the top three picks. Will be great. Now. Again. Free. Okay. I struggled trade Jabari Parker folks I just do I fire myself defending Jabari Parker more than I ever have in my life until this point. Now I want to point out that prior bad rap that night when we were Q call was counts and now the McDuff that it felt like after being horribly sick on. Do remember that night dad's Irish all the guys mention it on but I said that night I'm my theory is how Jabbar in yardage play together. I'm going forward with Chris Milton does Milton a new constitute Jabar yards how does that all codes. Armed and now there are people now starting to come around the idea maybe Jabbar is better off coming off the bench vs starting. The problem is he's a flat out score you're not hitting a flat out score and necessarily put him on the bench for me I just don't see how that happens now. Next year in the second ever next year when he comes back okay may be reason Maine coming off the bench. Maybe. The Dan going into a new arena he's he has he back in the starting line. Do who do you like at the top of the drought while the ball obviously the guy that everybody likes right that's that's that the guy but you get his dad to unfortunately. Arms yet you get him is a weekly guest on Sosa home in the car ball. Know him in a year ago. It'll make it radio only what we get quotes all over the nation every day when he comes on Alley cat to death rather than show new. Wanna go we have subtitles normalcy. He's a dozen radio here and you know you have to have be doing here. Aram. I don't mind. Giving up draft picks. I don't even mind giving up Rashad Vaughn I don't mind shooter right out okay would that arm. I don't know all five you'll be able funded jas as you. No. Matt not to launch the ball narrowed. Now not for me no. I don't be so for you Troy then. Who are your guys you will not trade eagle there to get laughable. William yacht is obviously doesn't care how awful a little bit and I tell you my answer yesterday afternoon's. Yeah. You see I give and I were talking to this Europe this is the rich past etc. should we did the topic was because the U I'm. And yeah there are the Cubs are no well no reason I had. Now we're doing this topic I've changed your. Which doctor last out lap. If the from a guys fail I'm not given up on. In that will be me given how good do you think lobbed a volley as he's not a budget like Cardinals do not understand you are LeBron is going used. Yeah tired I just left scores. I don't think he's Bennett and Jabar part I just don't does. And I don't think you can if you can get to warrant that's the argument the kid in high school and a screw mark helpful tip with. At that point arc Washington allowed the ball at all and one drive right so white shape or form right and that's another. Gaddis is pretty good game later but. Parker man has scored when it was fault not his that you can't find out better. So I'm glad to keep. Notes how quick and we get in my. Why you want here in Milton for 'cause I need to make room. Partners or more. You have them on you as it is and Monroe. Austin and Brock then get down three you don't kill errors the more love this year whoever you want Middleton beloved art baker you all. I'm gonna pull a whole lot of Latin Lauren. New layout that holed straight for me again there are okay Brackins and okay. Middleton Middleton. And moves. And you have first pick but you can't straighten those because he's ago while less outs and lack you to train a you know we don't create your doctor that's assuming you're welcome rod didn't middle didn't lose and a first round Taylor dropped to get a solid top three and not you may get ball. That would net day that would do it because of its Boston want to that would do yeah get a minute edit and Boston at one boss and does the idea get all those guys that Boston has ideal heartbeat. Straight yet do you take contract from back in arming it all worked out you get to wanted to to input with Jabari young. On the ball to point. Home we've played I think he's 66. They play and they want. And it's now stays at the two I guess they got Keisel had a because he's my defense Alonso ball Tony snell. Yeah honest Jabari in Tucson adult class that is starting five at a fast and it needs time like jellies and negate Easley back and achieved. When Hanson has gold in tennis. They got trade what it's gonna take to move into the top three from run in this he was just scenario and I do it all alone is the thing about this first season and Brodney. When you are need because you have on the got on the and middle season and moves if he ops I'm aware of it and a first round pick don't be late. Middle let's aids Middleton Brock did in a one Boston will do that in a heartbeat. Lakers I don't think war would because it's lob the ball UCLA Lakers I don't think they'd and they I don't really wanted to and Boston would do I think he does it yeah and buried a Boston I think would do it. And you don't deal of Chris Milton Ogden in the playoffs every year. Anime Boston load. Or put a future you will be well again. It. LeBron James will be gone by it and these key as vehement. And it'll start to re written rule creeks I get on flow kimono Howell and cook all over cut it hey Anthony entered double bagged the rule. That trades that happening in this great and I continue to try to round and I were in downtown Edgar it's gonna be dark before you get halfway done with the straight rod can. And that is why. Spoke. To Doug everybody about it doesn't work because I believe I've stick it was. I doubt it's a British that was doubted Erdogan of them guys that got out there are we left him about a bit of little brother I don't know I think it was yeah that is. The Braves nor downtown man. The two best players out there or the summer for us groundswell that suit. On that okay you do not call PI. Would do that rate route and I wouldn't do that trade neither one. Meanwhile would you trade into the top three in what would you trade to get there the Droid yeah is willing to give up. Brock didn't and Middleton Monroe and I and a one. To get into the top one. I think I'd give up what it takes to get into that top three I'll tell you why next from the Wendy's big to returns in the holds Chevrolet studios. It is great show live in the holds Chevrolet studios with the packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler in the modern only Steve Sparky Phifer out Rami Mac off you wanted to get in on some here it is talking about earlier on the big show your chance coming up at five. When we reset the big topics discussed on today's big show. Give you the final say out of with Great Lakes dragway pick a lane right now we're asking would you trade into the top three of this year's NBA draft. And how much you be willing to give up to get there are 7992. Outfit here you can email us live at what else I'm seven FM band that cannot. Told you not to massacres Milton man these people are serious about their Chris Milton. I met with bars are probably 36 just golf is potential GM credibility out of the window. In Miller OG with a guy crying he's loving so are they still be a fan a little beacon of it it might need owner tweed video because I got high and then mandalit there's just as I got high dreaded L well I like this good OK as sweet to defend Bryant and Middleton mineral. And avert together doppler in this year's draft. I might after blocking Le Roy. He's laughing. Tom. Trying to get up to get ball make c'mon you gotta give us. A hole and everything. These guys all quarters or just ordered him 3535. Quit letting me 36 Starbucks reading Milton for the slightly above average draft as moronic with all the respect they found 35 you're wrong this is a much better than average I am hearing from a lot of people saying that this is a really good they're really aggressive regardless of us really addressed I think. They're talent if I should re analyze his assessment of the draft and I really doesn't have being. Many I don't know. But but but again what he does so that's good bet I just I don't think you can Drake first Middleton and right now only because of clearly what he needs his basketball team has used him what are you all of you wanna go that far. Yes I told tiger yes they it will would have to have Louisville one of them would have to go or thought. He's untouchable meaning there was broad and sign Vaughn. And a firsts. I'm you know that's I mean enough. Calm because again I don't know again. Brought down on Vaughn and only one home I don't think that's enough and just six. And off the betting I'm. Brutal what the team as his actual Lakers I don't think they're trading how could they want I like I'm Jerry had on Brad boss in the hole. If you if they could get a legitimate. Player back like Middleton they do it. I don't think he meant to throw more wanted to give you said Middleton Ammon role would be like on the last year of his deal. They might do it as. And I didn't Ritalin thirty million dollars in salary and win is well yeah 31 million dollars salary what is. The future again you don't take somebody back that's how would know where I don't know what is the future would make history now you may heading up all of it costs yeah sick. When you're open you've already you've already old into the future. Edges you have and how what you read how. How did you on the future you've got the new stadium you've got the job is you got Jabbar you got Malcolm Brock then you have the odd maker the future is all that I just as coming in now possible on something that you don't have you you know what I'm saying man who's done you've all that's okay were okay rest of the time about 7-Eleven OK let me let me rephrase it then Sparky. Did you because you don't. Ball right as you've you've already put a hefty best. You've already put a hefty investment into the future and every time you make a trade Mike we're talking about here today you pushing the. Future back another year I. I don't visit I thought I president now I disagree lob the ball right to play now oh yeah lots of fun coming to play now this is only this isn't a young they're still not Smart to wait three years there are still going to be growing pains no matter who you are and there's still going to be chemistry that needs to be developed rob me. This kid's gonna comments made by passes yes he's in comments Corrado box from it he can hit the three he constructed he's got great court vision does do is legit. And that's. They're gonna very well also ball to Milwaukee into and tell his dad that you're you're the number two at bats to young artists that is the problem. Baghdad that's Abreu probably got you his father that is the but you know outlying problem enough and I promise you know what scheme they had these I think it's unfair. 22. To make Alonso ball an outcast because of his father's actions or to push him that are to push him down draft board that's not what I'm saying hello or to a young I don't they aren't I don't think this is the place for a lot of the ball and had to. Nuts and up with trying to move up in the draft enough tanking. Enough training I don't know all of that you have the young is here now you develop that you and what you can't to it through the draft with the picks that you already ever if you wanna move up a few spots OK but you you you go with what you got and try to develop bit. And the pieces to it that you need companionship you should be a contender. Within two or three years. Who do not want Boston to and out would Fultz or ball. That would be hey scared that would be a big problem for the Milwaukee Bucks he's out Dilma their second legitimate player. Besides wanting Parker can score Tawny Yassin scored once and got three point point scores the and Atlanta are now Atlanta Boston would have to if Jerry Fultz or lob the ball because right now they only one. So maybe you can get to. Yeah I don't want lob the ball on a conference or Fultz I wanna bowl out of account to quote Terry Ellis this year jokers are killing me not let Phoenix take on. I'm followed that Lakers the Minnesota can have one of all my sweater given up to get into the top three that has filed Ming. I don't huge party has endeared I I don't think I would do it. And on the guy when they think I think I would stand pat thank you I do not and the only way I would do it. On the vase force into it was Ive put stock in the package and I make that deal mean back Campbell Melton right now he just. You didn't trust me I wasn't a big Chris Middleton is a Big Three guy either. But it's clear as day what he needs his basketball team right now and you can't argue it anymore he is. The quote glue guy. This past. Able to you would do the draft Parker was planned out what he would be to go grab Parker was sure would be no we were the deep into the hole when he got. Yeah Parker was not there enough that. The defense what god because you Bart would have been I think it may be different wood three got time to death trying to get shots out of the issue original detentions and it absolutely fell apart. Yeah so summed somebody got to come off the bench or they got to figure that part out this menace on the out of I'll move militant this madness needs to stay I would would you like to go would have you believe in our. Boutter I know you had the kind of power momentum and a greater opened were well listen the reason to meet mountain I'm good right here. Bush who is in Austin where would you trade beat Iowa Minneapolis now Minneapolis. Wasn't pleased that I managers aim at Iowa please not Iowa. It's not a I would yeah this team on bent over to get to sit I have Sammy and I've grown up man and he plays but I. Is the most boring plays that made it and I've ever been to in my life. Love Dubuque Iowa the minute and years I love going to do and when you don't know if I isn't Dubuque or casino. They've got late in Dubuque Iowa it's cool like downtown area. And I swear to god I've never seen ending like it. Does the neighborhoods and stuff around downtown. It is the steepest streets and declines in clients in usual like your driving straight up in clubs because there's so much. I loved to be you know I thought I was were added in a long time I was where I bold my thirteenth. No you'd into the bowl the thirteen in the right is that this before dog really bowl thirteen I mean I'm terrible at nose try. Outs trying. I was really trying and a bowl the thirteen to put all you've got to just. Like it. He got it up and bumper of the government bumpers. Seed that look at Jets face report. The company pitchers did you know our bigs and this was luck before Iowa's of legal age to drink a tricky one for you were illegally salaries are out of the south that is say it even well before I actually started drinking. Out for like thirteen on our colleagues hope that doesn't count. Okay now a Buick so it still hurts you when you're like twenty spot you can go out and ask cabinet during cabinet battered team. If you house parties when he was at school. Did you yeah did it cost there's a 67. Yeah maybe fifteen that's Gino was down about him. Help them. He needs what geno. I I isn't optimal Brad. Oddity that it they were Roberts a few minutes. Robert did you talk to look at the bat well in the top it would take you know Paul led to get tabbed as a youngster to you know get it twisted the mad that I Barnes continues if you like would know and is that. 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And Robert specialty meats Waukesha dot com for more info money saving coupons and for the best and meets shop Robert specialty meats. Your home town butcher re setting the big topics discussed on today's big show. Giving you the final say autumn with Great Lakes dragway pickle lay next on the Wendy's big show in the holds Chevrolet studio.