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BIG SHOW 5PM: Pick a Lane

Mar 22, 2017|

03/22/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5 p.m. Hour - Pick a Lane. Who would you give the Bucks a chance against in the playoffs? Do shows of emotions add or take away from sports? What has to go right for the Brewers to not have a losing season?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the guys still resent the big topics from today's big snow. And late do you pick a league. Take away and brought you by the legendary Great Lakes drag way in the union grow. Go to great lace dragway dot com for some great holiday gift ideas like twice seventeen season passes and ticket discounts. That's Great Lakes drag away dot com. It is that time here on the Wendy's big show in the Holtz Chevrolet studios with the what are only steam Sparky Phifer and inventor of the Lambeau leap LeRoy Butler I'm Ronnie Mac Lofton here is what you have to pick from. In this evening's Great Lakes drag away pick a lane right lane. Would you give the bucks a chance against in the playoffs center lane you shows of emotion add or take away from sports and the return of mind. What has to go right for the Brewers to not have. A losing season 7991250. Or you can email us live. And 1057. FM the fan dot com Bucs knocked off the Blazers last night 93 to ninety. And improves their record to 35 and 35 back to the 500 mark. And almost. I was a securing the getting pretty close to solidifying themselves in the playoff picture the Pistons are game and a half. Out from the Milwaukee Bucks securely have the seven seed with twelve games left so Sparky playoffs looking like a real possibility. Who would be a real possibility for the bucks to knock off in the first round of said playoffs rich Voss and they just made aren't the most talented team in the whole wide world they are are where they obviously coach and coaching staff Brad Stevens has a great job there but Isaiah Thomas is a special basketball player. No question there after that to a crowd and worry me Al Horford in already most of his career. Was yet in fourteen series. Nobody on this team that can defend him and you move Runnels. Who. Or averages fourteen point tonight Laura I'm not worried none out he'd do what you want in a bad down there lot of talent numbering and we'll see how it doesn't I'm just saying I'm not worried about necessarily loud so Horford does sitting out to people used field product to handle so Horford Isiah Thomas a grounder and after that nothing. No ran a bad boy and ever browse all right yeah fine he's not grab him fool. Wish I don't think. That they are more talented team necessarily in the Milwaukee Bucks are I think the Bausch and volley more talented team than them I think the Bucs can beat them now again. Great coaches great coach. But it just seems like the other playing lately I think they can give Boston a fight Nate Allen a series William flight. That's Rondell Washington had a box number this year they beat their trial last time they had loaded in a DeRozan. So it'll be interesting to see a hub itself by Zogby is a box or two games behind. The car and Atlanta and get Atlanta the brown eyes and a fried and I please go buy tickets and try and emphasis on support is obviously. And also you are one game behind Indiana now Indiana has a tough matchup tonight. Not as does Boston so. We will see not Indiana and Boston media plays in Boston tonight Atlanta plays in Washington Bucs are in Sacramento tonight all the want to boasting its a post game show like that. If you're we always down here that he had bombed in India if Washington loses. And Indiana are in Atlanta and if it landed Indiana both lose you all of a sudden are sitting there one game out revival tonight. Might we won by time tonight's Dunn Brad and a big right that a bit playoff. And let as a tiebreaker and you would still UN Friday your even up with Atlanta and technically they would have the advantage of the tiebreaker blight. Also you have ten basketball game a lot and you arson and they are controlling your own destiny the hot seat. Nobody was all that coming all the some ago. I think the box and give the cavs some trouble. Just because of their length in and who. Energy level I just think Cleveland what they beat Cleveland this year I don't know I just think we don't why they didn't take him at least five maybe six games. But that LeBron days after that LeRoy Boston Washington Toronto they're out there as Birmingham they don't scare grab out give the bucks a chance to win a series against any of those teams age because of of the superstar that yeah honest has become in. Most of the time I'll take the biggest superstar in a series. And that player's team to win that series and also we see in the box raise their level of play when the competition is I had when the stage is big. And that will be the case come the play us I think they could take. Any one of those three teams Boston Washington or Toronto you don't get much chance against those teams aren't. No they did top fourteen they don't beat them so they got to get up to five. And they can do it. I think it's you for though yeah so. That's your best chance hopefully they'll Washington dropped it of four and maybe you have a chance that top four. Cleveland Boston washed in Toronto that group are other player washed. MA do you have a chance. So that's the right lane who would you give the bucks a chance against and a playoff series 7991250. Or you can email us live and 1057. FM the fan dot com yesterday we played the U a piece of geno or Yemen talking at the press conference. At of the women's final four. And the UConn women's basketball coach says there's a problem with kids these days and here's what he says that problem it. Is harder than it's ever been. Because every kid watches TV listen over and they watched. Now did he MBA relax Major League Baseball or want to NFL whatever sport they wives tell him you know WNBA it doesn't matter. And what they see. Is people are just being really cool. So they think that's how they're gonna act. And they haven't. Have you figured out which foot to uses it to a foot and they're gonna act like they're really good players. You see it all the time. See it every day you tournaments in every high school game so recruiting kids that are like really. Upbeat and love in life and love the game. Have this tremendous. Appreciation for when their teammates do something well. That's part that's hard it's really York sonar team. Who. We. Need my coach is there. We put up huge premium on by. And if your body language is bit you'll never get in the ever. And what he's talking about there is emotion both good and bad. Celebrating when you hit a big shot or hit a home run or score a touchdown now when he was talking about there was. If you're acting like a fool who planned the referees pounding and I'm just really get into that era that's the flip side of it but that's oriental aside about or ever and ever brought out already after a big mast like says trying to look cool. Trying to look cool right right might not doing what you're supposed to be doing fundamentally. That's what he talked about about not knowing which one is your pivot foot not knowing which way to turn went doubles brought you would of the case may be just to clarify BC game. We is when you say cool he then went out to about they don't even all the fundamentals but the guys I don't look cool about it is saying you're trying to look cool before you even know how to play the game. Right daddy you're not focusing on the fundamentals but you're trying to look cool out there your friends Simon and we've we just searching to. Yeah we have different interpretations of it but to me is talking about eight trying to look cool and all this. In ever across every sport there is quote unquote trying to look cool and rightly doing that when your happy near expressing that you're happy and celebrating a moment. That you just accomplished along with your teammates me talks about. Bad body language that's a player reacting to your disappointment frustration anger when things don't go your way. And I'd as long as log is you're not letting it affect your play as long as you're not hurting yourself first showing up your opponent. As Hogue is you're not taking it out on your teammates. I don't see what you are hurting. By showing some emotion good or bad. In the course of a playing the sport is at the end of the day it's just sports. In sports or entertainment if you can add some entertainment value to my sports. Have added an hour of see what it hurts Sparky what's it. Hurt us on radio show emotion like I settle for you. Goal but your life with your life lessons I can't believe make people batter and I'll go about my leg and as I do better or worse and saying it doesn't exist were more entertaining we talked about earlier those that missed it Ronnie was this kid that there was bad I want to get a bad guy slam Atlanta middle ground what okay sorry senator restaurant actors that's dangerous he can hurt so right he was on an argument with umpire Ted Hendry has class and I was wrong I cross the line with that but why you do all this there is on the lot and always on the radio all these years later and you're defending your actions. In today and to me that's why you believe that you were OK with that other than argue with the umpire that you sit your parents elegy for the rest they like to do. For many out of yelled at you for Ronaldo accretion crappy said he did not what I had I wanna went off it you don't know if you to market they've been grounded for fourteen years. Maybe twelfth but even more as a matter. I respect due to snap everybody has you tell me what it hurts everybody has their difference of opinion on. How you want your kids to be when baker lobbed you do you want to be sore losers do you want to treat the game with a respect. Or do you want to just let them be who I respect does not churchmen and it's a game and that's why you you treated the way you want. Gary Richard what you want and Alter the way I want to get China answering my question right what does it hurt. Is embarrassed as your name and it vs the team and it's only white for only embarrassing like a two year old or eighteen years only embarrassing if you think it's embarrassing. And I hit a majority adults that they are watching you act like a five year old when you're sixteen probably thought it was embarrassing for you pitted against you thought it was cool to throw I. I think it was cool I was just reacting the way I felt because Emmitt humid a bit and that's financial humans have been showing emotion as as a coach as a human opposites on the back I'll get somebody else to catch and under and candidate and you bats after what and you said your coach dead yet realized he couldn't win without you yes and decided you know vehicle to major leagues we needed to win and so only put you back into the game. Let's find our coaches like that I'm. You and your way I can sit and argue about it. But we've always disagreed about this we do for limit we always always disagree about this Duke the Roy what does it hurt his mark he's not gonna answer the question. He doesn't think it hurts the name on the back managers. That's the exact injured how. That's and that and I show my and elbowed by out I'll see how. How does showing that your human with emotions and expressing those emotions you know in some ways shame the name on the back your Jersey or on the front of your Jersey or your teammate. Star of the people or not playing that you represent them. They can't do what you do so they're living through you it affects them your mom a day that's out there reason to be like. In that they did the coach by got a problem where. The nay more prone managers and reps and your teammate when you hit that home run. Initiated name go around those bases you represent Japan's. Other pairs are probably looking at your parents at Ole miss he was should. Miss you that you. Terry Kidd is out of control no question and happ and did the team isn't a joke around we need to. So I've never won embarrassed my parents although it has happened in store. But as my mom told me where have you mess up best illegals what are you gonna hit so. In sports I tell all these kids. I know you like the name of a prime minister but the name on the back meters means something when you're trying to talk about. And it to the way you play the game sportsmanship and things of that nature. I think that's what depends backed by yo mama day care to talks are. Our emotions a bad thing. Think it's a bad okay that's a liar loan so wire emotions a bad thing when it comes to sports act of update this boards sometimes you can take it all the board. You've probably earned a right to do some of these things as a pro but the kids will watch in they haven't. So what kind of a bad example if you do want some of this show boating. Why you do what's up you supposed to act like you've done it before. Don't think that I ever changed but I think we should teach to key is to beat. You out I want to kids who have the best on the team. You're always but I don't want. My other teammates on the basketball team number 101112. At the like you know I. I don't play very much anyway I get no attention and it was until I mean saying they just one or two guys who columns late. They play ought to Thompson on the miss games I'm David days Witten and all the plays. The gods only know the play did you shoot shoot shoot. Next thing you know the following year you only have five guys plant about a got to take off and play somewhere secretly. To me there is there's three things you don't do when you get emotional don't show up or embarrass your opponent. As bad sportsmanship. And not every celebration is showing up for embarrassing your opponent all grew that it can just be celebrating argued that. Don't take it out on your teammates please don't and get your head right when he needs to be right if you strike doubtful if he nods at three. I said three things Adam. But yeah I didn't hear don't disrespect to show your team adding it to him don't take it out earn your opponent I mean don't take it out on your teammates but. And get your head right when it's time to get your head right if you strike out and you're upset about it you go back to the dugout and be upset about it now. Be right when you come back out on old don't go to notes coach. If you're a coach thought they -- I've been declared an electrical would go out if they're doing exactly if you're if you're doing those three things. You're not curtain anybody. Go head being human and have fun that's all you're doing is being a human and showing that you giving your emotions like any other human in any other situation. And it's and sports are nothing sacred it's not church it's a game it's entertainment. Relax but that's the Sunderland do shows of emotions that are taken away or for a from sports yes 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back Tom and in the return lane Sparky how can numbers not having losing season. I just comes out of starting pitching Jimmy Nelson liberal I think give they picked up to their talent level and put together. Two consistent years at the same time this team we've 500 or better this year and didn't have enough offense to score via. Runs this year I don't think that'll be the issue of the bully us steal a lot of bases making it right the bullpen and you relying heavily. I'm police to be your closer and hopefully doubt works out. In the wrestles guys out I think will be all right I just more concerned about the starting rotation junior boy era Davies in the front I'm not sold in query yet we'll see what happens this year. On Davies I'm sold on I wasn't going into last year I am now. Out the now three through five that's Peralta and Nelson and Garza more than likely garden work and some new pitches Stevie looks good and we'll see now. If they can put it together and that's where all comes out to I think Nelson overall to can they be consistent and pitch up to their talent level to many people think. The talent they have is a good start when two of just I don't think Greg Ellis will for all that said one good. Consistency easily when one of the minors and Jimmy Nelson hasn't had a single consistent season at the Major League level you know big German. Guy he had mortem offense is a power pitchers I think it's a make or break year for both. We've reset the big topics discussed on today's big show now you get the final say on him right lane would you give them why who would you give the bucks a chance against in the playoffs setter lane. He shows of emotion Ater take away from sports and the return land. What has to go right for the birds to not have a losing season 799 full fifty email live in 1057 FM the fan back comp. And have the final say on the big topics discussed on today's big show when we return in the Holtz Chevrolet studio. It's right is big show live McDonald's Chevrolet studio the Steve Sparky five for LeRoy Butler and me running back off three setting the big topics discussed on today's big show and giving you the final say out of with Great Lakes dragway picked a lane here's what you have to pick from right lane. Who would you give the bucks a chance against in the playoffs setter land. Does he motion add or take away from watching sports as a fence setter land what has to go right for the Brewers to not have a losing season 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com let's go out to Madison Mississippi and get in Mike you're on the Wendy's big show what's up Mike. Do you have bad it was my program was going on my. On not much mr. but I want to ask your question they are all. Allowed to you would prevail in a row from Mississippi to Madison was gods and and now you're at Madison Mississippi. And yeah. I've always been a Madison Mississippi at thing. I not just alternate now do they got it wrong yesterday when you are a I'll ask well let me say what they missed all talk about emotions are always Butler. About the same at Lambeau late your kindness or lane. Man that is something and that the best celebration a volatile when you scored test valujet but to your fans. Arms as a thank you provide these crappy seats goes as the night. Wouldn't. What if I mean no deterrent and how do you don't hit third law. I had an idea what you might at Lambeau leap at the way at bay and emotional it and not absolutely. And yes I'm more optimal separate that they right. Yet very I believe it right to be able to but I'm an emotional person back. I go I don't you know on the big mystic states are and I every Camelot the bulldogs' bracket emotionally it like up elect about it with the players human and make a good flight. It might look. You wanna play for tried to reflect that meaning went to their name on the back injure it respect Zack you're more apt. Respect pretty apparently respecting your state respect for years you know it or show about. I got up and act grabbing. They don't have a running that the book a bit. And but they're planning on just about I'm I'm just an emotional person miss late role. And you've got out there I I wouldn't get down I won't bet else I. Earlier the old old old I think you greens are we are just about this crawfish vastly you guys have an April. I homeland who you know I can drop out I knew me gearing them value I'd. Well Manuel I bend a few on what let me tell you did some down there. Lot of times there at Mississippi State and out and they out go to Maine out Byron Africa all the left field line I don't job America and it. Oh. Palmeiro hit it to be O'Neal bucket literally come to a baseball game Mississippi State all right. Let them know that crawl there's bulb out meant like park go pick up trucks. Out and the fans and grill and watch ball games. I don't think I don't they may Enron making go to that sounds like you want to go through that yeah I never met a contract and a lot of ardent gentlemen appreciate it thanks about my. Miss it man just a pretty cool site I went on and on Google them to find out. Iraq out I don't more mongo when there's a lot of I think from like 25000. People and ranks him right now places the model and meals in southern cooking and barbecue. Strawberry can't fade weak way market. The Tom Livingston told restaurant I start I'm never had grounded and being down a little you I don't hit I've never had that for punishment as well. Does he compare bolts any thing is there's shelf and it isn't like. The leveler Shura or low. Similar to a loose front and a Little League you bite out they had that did youth and Hewitt he. Which rookie tons. Alia now that's what I hear they are on got some Greg packer news on her field Yates the Packers have signed a running back. Games are history nobody is using his her job the egg hunt history TO play or to sell Seahawks okay for an. And agreement backers estimate matter. There you go you're right back bag your backfield is once again Ty Montgomery Chris in my Google for somebody yesterday just two days ago. Yeah I think Sparky sent that message to the union as warn us it has and you don't I city need to upgrade. And they say yeah actress in my you can't come back with that as your back feels all right yet so they still can get a draft again. Your Packers fan I think you're open they do yeah I mean it kind is that firm data sighing. Mean free agent. Yes you play for packer now yeah. He's on your team last year he does resigning. As a free agent they signed Jamaal Charles that would be considered a Sunday in fact I love being you yapping. Artists that are aping Jamaal Charles inhabiting. It now they'll they'll play some arm and Canada Dick colored balls against Nadal I don't know what color finisher Barca. Jay Cutler cap and eight and both those top backs have a job before the draft for league minimum before the draft yeah. Not let him leave them to your details those guys deserve to you'd. If they wanna warn you did take a project tomorrow. Because it's a at least get a warning if I mean I'll deal. So they ones that they can get at all day three million it would be guaranteed. Saying he and Charles has been dangerously decent protection so what they would do who you're deals and and you don't have no. Munich times from ESPN the magazine Leland tying yes she's covering the World Baseball Classic Oka and choose talking with Ian Kinsler plays for team USA their second baseman apparent and he had a quote that goes right along with what we're talking about the Sunderland what is your shows emotion add or take away from sports guest on the if you agree with these comments. For me in Kinsler. Does I hope kids watching the WBZ can watch the way we team USA. Play the game and appreciate the way we play the game as opposed to the way Puerto Rico plays or the Dominican players on this again that's not taking anything away from them. That just wasn't the way we were raised they were raised differently and to show emotion and passion when you play we do show emotion. We do show passion we just do it in a different way. That's. The you college show bode act called emotional. Whatever mom made us what it is right I mean you talk about guys like towels Gomez and who was getting are brought on T stuff from Toronto the bat. I'm. Good byes hall and the MS Carlos Gomez went up on this whole rant wasn't last year. Talk about he plays as you would say with the motion is only grew applying. Luck and I understand that you're gonna play the way you raced one way or the other any of if that's how they want to play that's bottom line what do what you gotta do at this point but it definitely is two different styles of baseball and whether or not that's excepted by baseball bought bad baseball fans I have noise. I can't say this Carlos Gomez enjoys life on the field and off the field does not matter. That dude is always enjoy in life. Civil fullest so. But again pals go as a guy. He had hate around baseball quickly for his crap if for all acting in fights all that's done people don't take likely the way he. Placing available but he said before is that he's not change he has hooey isn't solving do you lack barometer it was great you don't like it. What that aren't gonna group both teams got some beautiful women. While. We don't look blows by abide. Is that would people talk about it is it's especially in baseball. Well specifically in baseball with the example there are mud to give your favorite team. Tell people my favorite sport people will talk about. That quote unquote show boating or the show of emotion. And how it's disrespectful to the game and what is this teaching kids know. And in the next breath say somebody should thorough baseball that do. So what is what is being emotional and expressing emotion. Teaching our kids. Well let's be violent because somebody. Treated. This sacred game of baseball and I'm saying that with air quotes in a quote unquote disrespectful way what's worse lesson for kids. The dollars and give based on you that being emotional Rodney saint don't police here's none of this is what I'm saying what's the worst lesson for kids. That being emotional is disrespectful. That violence solves problems less promising and defend yourself. Trevor defenders up against what everything it does for every action there there's there's any real opposite reaction yeah Maria and talking to the net for. Actually I forgot it's just keep document questions what's the worst lesson for kids I just don't answer no you didn't then what. You know I gave you two options what's the worst lets him you know a lot of feedback on what's happened what's the rest of you that's the lesson for the kid what's the worst lesson for kids are just you know you're not answering the question do you listen regularly answer specifically what I want and now I'm giving you two options. Okay whats a worse lesson for kids. That being emotional. Is disrespectful. Of that violence solves problems. But so Boris why so Boris you're not answering the question. I don't Torre said you wanted to sit and think if you're setting it up to get the answer that you this reality I could do. That's the real world reality if you right now probably are plastic Hamas. Yeah but if you go to Q could I if you go up to somebody's face and disrespect them yes there might be repercussions for that. We you you wish you product meet there may be repercussions for that he's not. Show boating blue Rondo. Anybody who throws a bat. Anybody who celebrates that they did something just based on you just happened to be the opponent what they shuttle I don't care do you have. Every player in Major League Baseball why they're doing I don't care who you are if I had all rademan a tossed my bat because I'm happy you know I happen to be the guy and you don't run again I'm not disrespecting my you know pictured the ball may get from me next I'm the. Out. And the fact that yeah. Lord answered my question just shows that you know I'm right used a one admitted. So we're going to continue to just like a factor and understand how you and there's nothing more five year old. Then retaliating with violence I got because you would if you didn't give you and you can't like him for. That's what the so that's got nothing to do with the press because water reaction to you act like it's what little brat when you're on the baseball field you think it should be a well. But guess what you'll know how the game his plight. Everybody does Carles goal that I'm not everybody does and he's you wanna show boat and a pitcher get this topic -- I want to throw at you you know coming in and when you set a Major League Baseball. Talk been done for overnight you could say well that doesn't make it right Marky you're right it doesn't make a right. Now flat out wrong and it's exactly what we don't -- total budget how far back does that sticks and stones saying go no question original I'll go ahead and talk all you lot trying to disrespect me all you want turn attitude I'm not gonna get violent with -- misused unless I think you're gonna get violent with me the only way you'll fix this thing does that tell adults handle problems or put Rolen and just can't all this crap does matter at all to say there's no more amazingly and in Major League Baseball at some point but the current commissioner has said he's got no issue. So won't be done or the commissioner can happen under but. But rob Manfred is already said he's filed black flipping and doing your celebrations he's got no reason around me you yet here for the wrong so this'll just continue to do go on the way it is. And people are gonna continue negated by baseball's. Skid in Jason in Waukesha your and then he's an excellent sub Jason. They were still on yeah is well there I'm a big fan or you're thank you guys actually. Huge Florida State for and it's. Jim Gallagher favorite player though some of our our way and yeah. IRA. The main reason I wanted to call win as. Just in my time play and play in sports it it seemed like at some point it time. Is that everyone decided I'd rather look good in lose. Look bad and win the bats this saying fielding and I think that's kinda what he was trying to get ahead a little of that. The you know I'm just as guilty probably have some people I'd I'd rather feel good that I played good. And if we lose or my getting outplayed by about but when I played crap B and we win and I feel like gutting couldn't tribute to the scheme and I'm not a excited. I think that as somebody who it's. I dig that now it's right on the line up but just the model or anything. It's right on the money I've seen before where you have again our time money to youth level and at the youth level right you have a team that wins right. Any kid that went oh for three. And struck out three times isn't celebrating with his teammates after they get the win and he still over on the bench of set that he was zero for three in a baseball game but their match ends up. Why are teams are Brady's by himself over on the back. Mean silk. I've seen back to from again you slalom talking Q yeah right not even high school kids before that. Where that happens and that's where it's difficult because we're going to coach you have to to break back you go out. We understand you did what we want comes celebrate with us making it T think desolate bribery they have those teams notion duties if he had more emotion he would. But that's probably he has all the emotion duties wrapped up in it and you can't get him a lot. At a place they want and that's important element that's memories as a very nice and green maybe get to hear I don't and don't urgent and don't be a bad teammate. Okay but probably you know when you with or toss about whatever you go storming adults about your teammates what do you mean. Ball and you know my teammates so called one guy does mean not sitting next few on the bench make me a better team and make me a worse team it why don't you Saddam actually got the match because I'm I'm I'm doubt at the end of the bat while I blow of being in the middle there aren't putting your catching I'm blowing off some steam. And I'm going and I am going through the at bat in my head to see where it went wrong I don't want anybody talking to me I don't want to buy distract me I don't want anybody patting me on the back and tell me it's going to be OK if it's not going to be okay no it is I just need to get this out. I need to get this out so I can go back on the field and do what I need to do a good. When you need to do golfer. Like come all they help you. Out. Okay Casey understands you talked and I. Did come talk and ever and ever got snapped that hammers and leave me alone buddies I just I just sat there. I just sat there and it blew off some steam that's all. Wasn't hurting anybody it was in yelling at anybody I wasn't there was stuff around the dugout. I just want to blow off some steam and go through the at bat again in my head see where it went wrong and the number to go out on the field clear headed and ready to play again. That's all out and see what's wrong with that. And get neither do you answer my question so what Steve ass and knowing I know he danced around danced around elect Floyd Mayweather never answered the but again that disrupted the Kansas one of that I'm. Deaf and undermanned at 1057 FM the fan back on this brought you by John Paul's Buick GMC. I weigh 100 in Greenfield. On the alien to it when mark. State Jack and Waterford near on the way usually subject. It'll gentlemen I'll argue. But well you know if you are back in the World Series in the first but Hartnell. They're it'll let the pitcher named wac team and you are absolutely any. And struck out in the Indian here at Indian on this total fool moon moment six shooters shot yet and now. And get it stopped up way to the dugout he has never that it appears that span turnaround started and back after getting them. I think every driver and wanted to see you know author how to set people with a total school move in a classy event like the World Series. And they sell it happened around cut its here I don't think he would have been so cordial about thing I'll just you know playing. That is my game. Probably I don't ago. Adams in a World Series I still don't think you resort to violence. It's a game just tank it loss at Ottawa in continued its games here if you if the only reason there is to resort to violence is a violence is imminent. Being insulted having your feelings hurt. That's no reason to try and physically hurt somebody else in sports or anywhere else I agree with that yet people will teach the lesson. That it's okay in sports because you've been disrespected. Does your feelings were hurt. Sticks and stones. It's the oldest saying in the book and is the first one we teach our kids till it comes to sports because that's so sacred. Because it's I guess it's it's religion. It's entertainment people get over it I think it our yourself saarc is six is that right you reported that I'm 7080%. Row I didn't doubt and definitely not 100. As usual on the way he's been on the holes Chevrolet studios. About it for us on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan like a lay up and out like the line. 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A are not counts and quickly get in Scott west Al's got your on the Wendy's big show which yeah. Figure it's gay guys mannered. Couple that can fare really agree with some of the spark you spoke and I respect that LeRoy so there you just locked. Out there aren't fat month I wanted to ask him you know like did you ever have a guy on the field and even from. Technical to approached your Burnett retired or. We're talking trash you that told you look. You were going to do something they can that you ended up doing. Like LeRoy get Mets Eckerd and receptionists at like that you know some like. Throw shocked at backfired. What trash talk that's backfired. Right what you're saying it got a trash talks you and then it backfires on the. Right about it and bad Blake a huge emotional for a bag guy like Salem road in that regard to our treasure and liked and then he is just like at that moment Guzman Ritter. That hit him in the playoffs women are held buried in negative to you I get a fair. You know talking about yeah will we get to eat we got a bucket historic base and is negative to certain they had learned you know plot. Any you're right about banning it is like the guy you know all that I have nothing wrong where but I do have conflicts that apparently prep class field. Respect. Might be cool about it plate you know respect the other guy Hebert like you don't remember to be had do you bearing you know late. You can you can kind of dark stretch or wherever in a classy layered I agree to a ball you got tired or. You know it's just there's certain instance whoever words or less or more appropriately. Got today's for the call I got it we'd hear from Greg. Says sports today is way entitled so short emotion only fuels into that entitlement behavior and like I said yesterday. Said every generation about the following generation when are we unit stop this and just realize that. Younger people or does different than you they're not batter they're not words. They're just different sparking your kids are gonna have different ideas. About what is. Disrespectful. Or respectful or what is respecting the game are disrespecting the game and it doesn't make them batter doesn't make them worse doesn't make you better and it doesn't make you worse our hope that you'll I don't know how we haven't noticed this trend yet. That every generation. Thinks the following generation. Is disrespectful and entitled and yet somehow we continued to carry on as a human race because. It seems like we're getting worse and worse from a parenting Stan because every but what's happening to kids are getting more and more freedom to do what they want time and time again and it's getting more more out of control his parents are not a real the kids that's what every generation except and it's simply not true but it has been witness it it. Society today vs where it wasn't about. Up and how seriously and what. And yeah it's you know what do you want to go and everything going on in this country right now compared to where we've been in the past most of the problems they have in this country are from people past generations were still vague about the power. And that's a home. You double because. It's the golden boy how people are better we all people are still holding out of things in the past but again look at what's going on a lot of schools and around the country it's just I don't know. Jimmy. And again you're right on that old guy I'm forty going to be 41 to me when I was growing up. Some didn't seem to be nearly saw the controls it seems to be right now. I think you're just a paying closer attention to it and be there are more eyes on it and see now you have the perspective of the older guys. Probably before you were the younger guy and people are looking at you and say you're disrespectful and way too entitled to write. And I refuse to be that guy. I refuse to be that Garrett thanks to Jim palsy and of the Wisconsin state journal for joining us. If you miss that or anything on today's show check out fan on demand. At 1057 FM the fan back count spark is back tonight and let the air about 113012. After the bucks taking on the kings. With Millar anybody slower to pick and say post game show will talk to tomorrow at two. And our our.