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Woelfel: Bucks are on a serious roll

Mar 23, 2017|

03/22/17: Gery Woelfel joins The Milwaukee Bucks Pick N Save Post Game Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No bucks yeah. You by the law offices of this is the Milwaukee Bucks big saves post game show. Plus get the win tonight. Over the Sacramento Kings 169 DA GA and outlets from kiss asked that those nights I'm shift over there gets on the nine he comes over here and he's opera West Coast game big basketball guy playing college joining us now Gary willful from the Racine journal times on the great mid West Bank hotline. Gary your thoughts on need bud kicking the Bucs gave the Kingston. Well it was hardly a surprise I mean that the kings are one of the book. Deplorable. Intimately reopened for got goes along. Me and yeah it could be it was a comedy points of the gonna come where you know right or one of those kids what. Yeah it be you know they they went about them that they jumped out early in. You know if it were were pretty much in control the whole game so now what. Now look at down to crunch I'd get epic games coming up. It seemed like you the last two games Janice's taken not a whole new level of aggression and he's had may read since the all star break. Yeah he seems to be more focused. More intent I mean I don't gonna one point died early but he will point guards Corey. Drove to the breakout could gone couldn't. That he did do so macho man. I could put the ball. Well that was the and one play yacht that was the and one play where he started screaming because. I get that one because there's been so many times last year and this year where he gets there he's right there or gets filed and the ball rolls off the rim rolls off the back. Any can't muscle it out to finish the shot any finally was able to do. Well. Absolutely I mean you know it's pretty crazy that went of these scored 42 years old. You know his bit ranges perimeter shot skill our work in progress. What he's got good form good technique can. You know it has you know 23 years from college could be you know that was pretty where are we got Michael Beasley. You know what I mean from the time that they announce that you can be out. 43 game that he was going to be court reevaluated. That didn't sound cute they're that I mean where it would you put the old. Term reevaluated at the end of it that it means. Is accurate Beckett and soon in. From what I've near use that towards anytime soon. They could really use him for the playoffs man they could yeah since scoring off the bench in the worst way. BA you know what in it in and I tend to agree with you what he kind of like that go what sort you can a lot of offense. What you can police he he's put up. But that's the same thing they say about Jabari but. Mike didn't Bob I think to that is scary is simple. You need somebody. Some sometimes to give you that it's an offense off the bench right now because when he decides he's gonna arrest Middleton and yachts at the same time. And a playoff game. Then it all falls amen rolled to score and if he doesn't score you're screwed. Yeah no I had no real moment from what you know. But the biggest difference between the books that were not welcome books that are riding high right now who's been their defense yup. In their rotations in. Beasley with the big part of that and be playing you know at times we 25 minutes and you know lob that throwing everything Michael Beasley played by any stretch but you know there's certainly factor. He is Gary woeful on the Racine journal times a joining us here on the Milwaukee Bucks figured say post game show. I guess when you look at not in this game on Friday night against the Hawks the bucks now sit in the sixth seed after the Pacers lose nine the Bucs win. Now there a game behind Atlanta land does on the tiebreaker though but still only a game back can be evened up after Friday night the Hawks lose again tonight there was out. Millsap there with out Bay's more. Not at this point blocks. The bus coming off the west authors wrote about six games normally means. That there is a let down that first game back gobble up awful lie I blew prolonged road trip in the NBA best Norman what history tells us. Are you concerned about that being a factor knowing that it's an alliance and the seeding is at stake. That never really. This team captain discussed. In they'd know what what's at stake the end. You aren't I think where they're gonna end up is going to be determined over the next four games. He got to Atlanta which I don't think at Charlotte. And they got Boston. In the end they could win all four. Make it was three you know. Or not to me this food city most important stretch. Yet it's no question about it Garrett thanks so much for coming on my friend Joseph rusher not. Thankfully there is Gary will flooded midwest bank hotline when your ready to get in two or backed into the housing market. Look no further than great midwest bank visit great midwest bank dot com. Take the next step towards your new halt.