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Bucks Post: Bucks now the 6th seed

Mar 23, 2017|

03/22/17: The Milwaukee Bucks Pick N Save Post Game Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Plus gave his own. Here for the players Jones was great tonight. We need that for the whole season but you know you. Off the charts behave. We've got to start off return we got to play our angles. This is the Milwaukee. And show now. Oh from. From the might tune those tri city home base studios here's Steve Sparky flight Furyk won one go like seven NFL moved. The fans. Well the Sox bats fox days. Nice nice nice win tonight against the Sacramento Kings widened sixth game. 29811698. So file. 84 and two road to the bucks now game over 500 bucks now. City and had six all as the Pacers lose tonight the Hawks lose tonight's there gain out of the five hole and only lose the tiebreaker the Hawks. I'm very very successful road trip a very very successful night. There's lots of celebrating about tonight. Then lots to celebrate about. As much basketball team could. Have had a let down and Sacramento tonight they got us. After a big win against Portland guaranteeing Devils five on the road trip they could've fallen on their face night. It didn't but they couldn't. This box seat I was given up for dead by most people. All of a sudden now. Has a chance to be a five seed. In the NBA play out. You sit now eleven games left to go in the season. With and land awaiting. To put you in Milwaukee on Friday night hawks' skating horrible it. Watched first car they'll I was his game and tonight was a ski off flat off an elephant. And the uniforms look like the jams and double. But they end up finding a way to win beating and land as in let. Continues to skating game Paul Millsap out base more out bull part. I Atlanta is in a major funk and hopefully the major funk continues. Are through this Bucs game on Friday night but 1169. The big bucks get the win. Yeah oddest tonight was a man outing mission from the word go 22 and nine in the first half tonight. For John as he finishes with 32 points thirteen rebound six assist two steal a block. Oh the stat I love the most. No turnovers in forty minutes. Zero for a guy that handles the ball pretty much the entire game when he was out there twelve or 22 from the floor for him what it's you from 37 of ten. Are from the free throw line for yeah honest he was in the only one in double figures five other Milwaukee Bucks basketball players. Ended up in double figures tonight as well sixteen. Of 35 from three point range for the bucks tonight that. Is an impressive stat as well free throw line Bucs get fourteen and nineteen in line six of ten. For Sacramento bucks shoot 53%. From the floor you're listening earlier today and the big show. I told everybody if case you don't follow the stats really closely the box. Had the second best field goal percentage in the NBA second best the only team batter. Is the gold say Warriors. Line day continue to play a pretty good basketball here. I'm if you look at where the big deciding quarter was it was the second quarter box score sacramental 44 to 26. Darren the second quarter and that was enough not to pull away and a really Sacramento close within twelve I think a couple of times there in the fourth quarter but. Never really to Dunn get back over the hump. In the box for into on the road trip 36. And 35. On the season overall. I and sixteen and nineteen now away from being more Harris Bradley Center again five home games. Remaining eat you haven't seen a game yet shame on you get your tickets get out there support them. You get two opportunities this week in Friday against the Hawks. A game again on NB ATV or Sunday. Afternoon against the Bulls on another opportunity. To see your Milwaukee Bucks. Are in action also. The game coming up against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Has now been moved to ESPN. Prime time game. Later on in the season that was announced today in the box Twitter count Sola. Make sure to mark that one down to this is going to be fun here last eleven games. Every game means something now for this boxing not only does that are gaining something for this bucks team but every game handsomely for the Hawks every game means something for the Pacers. Opt for the Pistons the Bulls Charlotte all these teams in the east all jumbled up together. Are playing for something each and every night in now all. Here at the end of the season you're gonna see of this box young bucks team is figured out how to bring every night they have brought it every night for what the last. 1213. Games now. Consecutively they've they've been playing hard every night so we'll see. All they continue to do that going for let's celebrate together ten night for in two and his West Coast trip four in two. And now 36 and 35 tied with Indiana in that six hole a game behind in my after the five hole. 414799125414. 7991252. Lead us out 1057 at and the fan Stevie DG's dictate on the north side you leave things out tonight on the found says dvd. Look those brickyard so happy. They really are a little makes outs via baker let Barry be brought into elected. Immigrant group. Think he's he's certain at home. Meehan you know defense pretty good. 0100 Ian. And probably be a big hump reported that back middle it's. Tenants when he six. It's weren't there at. The buck sixteen of 35 at Sacramento came in as the hottest three point shooting team since the all star break in the week. Yeah it would mean it was one lit bit in that a little bit below. Scenes with Tillman with reporters. In when you putt well on the big so to date. We beat their matchup better we're the only reason why our eight works its news. You. They weren't ready Boston questions read what works in is a bad bet that for the book. Because decent you don't make adjustments or hold a three point strapped into the neglect the guy a bit war or would be so. It seems the older people hole record at three in beat speaks in regard to being in the quarter reporters. Like that get the book the big advocate debate Rick said get me with that they brocade critique it in he all watches me go to the quarter O main. And it they can they compete west. There's only been big east they'll come from playing good gets worst. Go I'm openly bacon goal though we beat ordered pats beat teams won here or are adequate even. Inappropriately privately talked briefly to get it they are they they can figure the first rarer with their. Well I and that's just it and and for me. Duels and they show earlier I still think it's Boston I and I. It paid off what they would overcome it took one big game when he played. Yeah I mean you look if you go to Washington I've got like five or six guys in double figures on that team are all capable scorer and Greg boss didn't. But Boston yet you have to where have Isiah Thomas he's again he has. But that does that. Ever brown he's a nice player more over defendant and his Dolphins a player but he's a nice player five Jae Crowder player that mark yet and nothing special the right normal Bob there. Eight and Al Horford is averaging fourteen sex I just for me at least I look at their boss and all my dot they don't have a chance I think his boss and eight. They could take that series quite far away I know there were able to definitely take it always in the series. Yeah bacon bacon they can be bought late but he played a lot of teen old. Before it was both games right now they're not panic elect when they get down middle. Here when they get here when they get there oh. Yet they. We didn't panic. They came back in the pretty good he's certainly get lead back in the court it was ruled that week turned a normal match and now you're militant. If they are women that so now they learned. We can win these games is pretty good care but are they car. Stick with the player we do whale in the air. Yeah they out there there's there's no question about it they have and we need to are what is bar seem going forward it's going to be the composure. Going down the stretch here that last game of the year they plate in Boston. Mean that could be a make or break seeding game for the botch any might be a makers breaks inning game for the Celtics who are trying to catch Cleveland for the one thanks for the call. That could be a crazy game it really could. Where you're you're talk in big time strategy here NFL like strategy. Not maybe net last game of the year against the Celtics because good loss against night. If Boston won if that game means Utley for Boston. And the Bucs are looking at a going OK. Who do we want to play that might have an opportunity of well. If we play you know he got his 3540. Minutes in this game and we go Ford and we win we get team eighth. If we don't go Fordham play yacht is twenty minutes or wherever the case may be if we went so be it. Then we get team beat. Did arrest into the yeah. Right now Boston is one game behind Cleveland in the Eastern Conference folks one game behind Cleveland and that is all. Cleveland resting their guys and all that hocus pocus Boston and donating that crap. And they're they're now one game behind him self. We'll see. And the box 36 and 35. And they are in front of the Indiana Pacers now they sit in the six seed. It went up a game and try to Bob bought and I has a tiebreaker she miles a game and have to be technical. And they get Atlanta Friday night Dee Myers Bradley Center make sure to get your take its make sure try to make this Acela. No the American Idol did you going to be there at American Idol on the bachelor dude is going to be there. And I think a designed as a illness are two things the same guy. So he'll be there on Friday night in all of the first 5000 women attendance get something from the pig it's a floral department. That's a pretty cool deal for you're girl two under your girl to the game but just. Put butts in seats Friday night manned bucks are gonna need need some help on Friday night is thrower the first game after a road trip that usually has that. That object leg feel to it where it's hard for that team returning home after a long road trip to kinda get back up again even though there's a day off in between it's still. Tends to be a factor. All right Mike in Sosa your accent sports Radio One 57 FM the fan what you lustig is a post game show up to the box. Go for it to a West Coast trip after they take care sector mountainous. Kurt first or being a road trips in the eighties I think. At least so. There are good management I don't know I don't know what apt to watch an incident happened to road trip that. Road trips are road trips are tough whether it be baseball or the NBA Amanda especially. You're darn about winning four games on the road trip that meets Russia rest to be at least four games. And this is a six game road trip having to do what you said the last and they do as the you're the Bradley several. And since it. Taken at two all star break from this point on I don't think any of the truly saw this calming. This albeit in thirteen games structure to it then. And watch everybody seems did you know her act together and that it should. Now we don't know told. I just go back to beat you heard about what happens via adults and and ankles while people were still skeptical. In the picture as to. Read error in the top tick route to while idol. I don't know Irvin yeah that players have been some news I think you still so list but not. In certain moments but he just seems to have that Mac team. Being sick he usually reverse curtain in the church and I'm still I don't think you signed a player like. I mean. That same ankle were your. Schedule right. You can you can see you know or two guard and worry want it to. So evidently McKean and we need deterrence or it's just. He's got a mismatch field it's something to eat and then on its side. Problems on one of your thoughts well I get an honest it out of him and then. Jameel at my opponent pretty sure I agree with possibly. All understand what at it and I look younger personnel. The personnel. To it -- council. Taggart yet now Mike thanks for the cup on it I don't think you can move belts and right now it's. Clear as day. That he is the glue. For this team. Not always the glue he's the backbone to producer and a great. They need Chris Middleton. I I am. I have been the leader of the doubting Chris Milton. That wagon of whether or not he can really be a true member of the Big Three to win a championship I'm no longer a part of that. Does not mean it it he may not believe score every night that his Bucs in it I may be honest he may not be a leading rebounder and leading assist. Guy or Philip a box score. But what he brings to this team. Can't be matched. Campy. I just I don't think you can train him I really don't I entitled to your entry Jabari Parker either. That's why I said earlier on the show I I don't that you really tangle up in the top critical Alonso ball. Or whoever is a jury watt unless your willing to throw in a sign abroad and and a one or something crazy like that and an act I still little if that's enough because if it's Boston up there. That Brooklyn take it they end up with a one. They're going to want a veteran player. If they're gonna trade that pick I gotta believe best at what Danny Ainge is gonna walk. Com and if he doesn't get it it probably is gonna sit there and take whichever of the two players the top he wants take. If it's not him this the Lakers. Doesn't that may be intriguing to the Lakers. And if it's like say two and they know Alonzo ball's going want and I think that's who they want. Obviously UCLA kid playing LA for the Lakers then maybe they do it because now you're offering a mop. Flopped on picks in the first round and you're offering a mob rookie of the year candidate mother any wins Donald the navy rookie of the year Malcolm writing. And a potential star player in fond. Easier Lakers you probably have to be ideal if you know you can't get mom's a ball you're sitting at two or three or whatever the case may be. But again I'd I don't think the botching in. Even contemplating trading on on at this point I don't think that's a possibility at all Troy Green Bay your next on the fan. Talked to marquis they're so spark. They paint where you man you know where. You know one of the big differences now with the books. You know a game like this in the past in opera Peyton and the night next night against Lu game we kind of let out stand by that big different now with the book I'm stock. That ought park where you start every game with the best player on the court you have very good chance to win games like yeah it came out tonight at that it was star players you. He made here that became known first quarter hey I'm about where here. That well tonight when L. So you know it's it's so exciting when that it you know obviously this season we want to see how are we go and Q what happened over the future. The knowing that you have an off our player on Saturday you can do little legitimately stay in the top ten caliber player in NBA. That's exciting because you know you you know you can start every game with a good chance to win if you come play for and he's only gonna get better so that number one. Number two. Fumbles though that more valuable commodity in India is second round. Why because now you can if you need to UW worked out well you records are ham and you go out there and find out it's like Malcolm Brock in the second row. You got that guy plan for a less than a million dollars. Or couple years you can fill out your roster. Well in May be overpay a few other players if you do your job well and have a few nugget contributed maybe to we'd be it starters. By. You know that's what it in the books giveaways second round picks. But he gave ray I'm on Patrick caught the Warriors that the sec topic he plans for them I mean. I hate when he does give away sec or optic like the only matter. Mean you can get sicker optic they can contribute. And you make it no money that's fantastic so I want to say I hope we continue to. Always tell our whole level. Out before you hang out I got a feeling your buy dot I I just want to point some young Q. At some point. I don't know what that point is maybe up when already has come for the bucks but at some point you have to have guys on the bench and know how to play. And I think that's why the box probably get away going McCaw who I know a lot of people like. Because. They didn't want another young guy to try to have to teach a defense to TG Dolphins two or have to send to the and goals through all that I just don't think they had any interest in that whatsoever. Because of how. Many of their core pieces are young already. You can fine. Contributors. Lol yeah cool you know could be your fourteenth fifteenth and make it no money no club really you know help you. Survive when you have to pay. You know a little bit over. You know for a out a little bit shorter sold out fellow would bill will wherever you can afford to do that if you. You do your outlook I'll my last thing is based out does my comment Spencer Hawes I mean he's got to be the best third center and MBA. As far as that the dude I don't play for two weeks and then he can do come off and does its production. I mean and that's a bit different now. Is that I haven't jail will be you know Johnny O'Bryant or somebody like that. It ended a bit young do they don't know how to played. Being in English so whoever. If you haven't dialect Spencer Hawes and know that late season threat he understand was born on. He can come in after two weeks and be productive I mean that's why the book are are better you know I mean that that's why. So you know I'm again you know no disrespect to them about the people they've had but you know they they just have a good mix of young guys old guys. Through statement here is you know people that we're gonna do whatever they may need to do in our probable. And so now I can certainly we can let you honest flourished I would bet the environment and it is still. That is just a good atmosphere so no I've never seen it I never seen it's only need to beat these other night in Portland. Yeah amen to that or and it would like stick to do off the bench that ran all you know you got to mold what I mean that net has never happen. In Milwaukee Elmer and knowledge on what might be that leg Amway. The park and walk into our hope diamond we got to get him up off the floor and then secondly it's the camaraderie that you deal that young who then everybody get a lot. So I got the sky's the limit hopefully if he rolled it well rejecting kids don't don't tinker too much weight it. Hope we beat we come back and we just let it roll where. Our you'll find out thanks for the com or go over buck's second round picks. Coming over to the top of the hour here I think it's interesting thing to bring and I don't think. They a lot of people realize. Just how good the bucks a day. And taking. Guys and say around that they really have been. Pretty darn good this over the course of this organization's history will do that coming up next the first guy gets a sport slash. But the. Call it tonight's game. Let's go inside the box score and brought you by ABC audio video and all entertainment and commercial audio video simply done right and ABC audio video dot com. This is the Milwaukee Bucks Beckett saved post game show. I gotta go outside the box door as the Bucs had to win 116. To Nadia got special guests in cereal get to him momentarily. Thought maker twelve minutes tonight two of three from the floor 01 from three point range four points three boards I thought he played pretty well tonight early on in that game for the bucks. I got his forty minutes 1222 from the 41 or two from three point range seven of ten from the free throw line. 32 points at thirteen rebounds six assists two steals one block shot for him. Tony snell 24 minutes one of three from the field one of three from three point range you had three points one board to assist. And one turnover Malcolm Brock did 29 minutes out of eight from the floor to a four from three point range he had twelve points four assists one board one steal. And a couple of turnovers 31 minutes for Chris Middleton 511 from the floor three of six from three point range thirteen points. Three assists two rebounds two steals one block shot. And two turnovers off the bench tonight. I'm playing 22 minutes Jason Terry was booed every time touched the ball signaling sacramental tonight three of five from the 43 of five from three point range. And he was really. And W digital airplane saying that he was due on the the hall kogan thing to the crowd wanted to boom some more after his second three he was into it nine points four boards four assists. And two steals with one turnover for the Jack. Forty minutes for it's a lot of it's five and ten from the floor three of eight from three point range thirteen points four boards to assist one turnover. When you have Greg Monroe twenty minute. Five a six from the floor five of six from the free throw line fifteen points five boards one assists. Three turnovers for him Spenser Oz got some playing time John Henson out sprained thumb eighteen minutes three of four from the field two of three from three point range. Two of three from the free throw line. Ten points three boards too we says. To block shots for Spencer Hawes. Ninety minutes rather delve a double one of six from the floor one of two from three point range three points three assists two boards one steal. For delve a dull but trashed I'm Terrence Jones got to play missed his shot did have a steel and were shot vaught got to play trash after two minutes one of two from the floor. On this the three point shot hand in assists to go along with his two points but shoot 53% from the field. 48 point 8% for Sacramento sixteen of 35 from three point range for the bucks. Territory six for Sacramento free throws six of ten from the kings fourteen of nineteen for the bucks. Rebounds Bucs won that battle 38 to 37 turnovers twelfth. For Sacramento Kings only ten. For the box. Bucs now after the win went sixteen in 980236. And 35 a game over 516. In nineteen away from the B mourners Bradley Center. They know all the 6 seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race as they are evened up. The Indiana Pacers Pacers faults and I despite Paul George over thirty points. They lose tonight a to Boston 109 to 100. The Hawks and they lose to the Wizards 104 to 100 they continued to skate without Millsap and based more is they're both hurt. And now all the bucks one game behind the Hawks for the five seed. In the Eastern Conference playoff race however they lose a tiebreaker to Atlanta so they will have to have a better record than Atlanta in order to hold that five seat in light to. Com Cindy Myers Bradley Center yes technically I can say tomorrow now Friday. Night and buy your tickets get there. On support this Bucs in Italy five home games left. I'm for the playoffs get started and this team is rolling right now for in two and Al West Coast trip after the win. And I like to bring over guys and kiss FM over the course of time doing this post game show. Not everybody gets to come over his under but he is a sports fan that works and kiss FM and especially not related night but it was a haven't send. Getting DJ DGA and that and I house here matter what. Are you here or Chicago that right yes yes are so cat's out of their net but haven't said that you're it's. Huge NBA fan. Yeah. And I thought somebody. I've been here for years now been here for at least and you don't solve a mingle with against into the game animals. Fan of the box right and at a bucks tonight and a and to actually watched them where they came to they they are now is like. I mean he can't help but. Via and a as for me it's fun because you play you play college ball so I'm and you you you have a real nice insight into what these guys are doing and you get frustrated times watching some of the stuff that I did frustrated I wanna do we talk we come and airtalk Riley. I just can't believe it or sometimes I understand what they're going to have sometimes and I won I would they do while with the run this'll. We kind of both I can see then remlinger and I don't know line that would heck. Why if for instance you talk above his defense alone got quarters three of that happens from time to time that everybody gets kind of frustrated with but. It's a system that they play to a certain degree were everybody's running the cover everybody else when you're doubling on guys strap it on guys. I'm trying to take the best player from the other team out and trying to make sure nobody gets the rim untouched if you don't have any shot bloggers outside and it's. And that's the best other thing about like especially with the rotating the physical. In a space and that everybody in the NBA plays defense outplayed have a did know how to play defense period so. This guy likes to lose in the NBA in the you've got to do when they start doing the switching asked why I do great players you see that corner three they get their Clinton become that looked at were kind of a double team and the somebody wide open every time every time. Readily get to double team us while on the stand by you know the Carmelo Anthony's or whenever you get double team to our sting should think about is if there's one of the weak side is open. You know you have to look you probably the guy on the weak side is wide open like kennel and it is gonna happen if you double team that's why they elect to double team. You know the other thing too about this with his bucks basketball team right now is you you side Tina wasn't sold much of of Murton for so long. On and then literally one practices what they're all saying this comes down to the practice after they. Had probably the worst game of the year against the Denver not as Renault we decided they wanted to play that night. And Jason Kidd puts him throughout help practice or whatever you want to call it in since then they go on a huge run and what a six game winning streak eagle four and two and a West Coast trip. That may include myself I was new death knell of this team. Back when they were in their funk coming on after that it's all done you said talking but the lottery I two to six game winning streak coming necessarily either at that point. And now this is a completely different team is one practice flip. Well is that it wasn't the one practice and it wasn't it wasn't even LA JQ but it wasn't codes a cute it was the play. The players got a like if you watch the games now and somebody was saying now watching games like they look like they're just more Heath of the more. When you gotta go do some things and so teammates in you've got to get on the same hates a year ago by to get off buster gonna be a manager and we got inaudible when it comes out to wants you you've gel as a team. I don't short to I think you try to have them do think. But you do know practice with the players were like. But we can do this were to do it over to all the players that came together I mean help practiced a little bit helped it a bit helped and now but don't the player. Because he something happened something click because the light switch was flipped it and Davey came at a much different bass bulletin and they were before before it was. Odds Jason Kidd saying well we ember in the energy too well. The coaching well yeah we try to play defense in the second half when we will have a chance mean that's ever sub now has stopped because this team is giving effort night. In and night out and and that's when people say they buy into a system or some light that. Maybe that's what happened because usually when you when you've got your biggest loss when you get a bad loss you got a look at it today. Like is to you you you guys of the team you look at each and lightly. Between humans and now we can do better than this and asked what happens like I'll be accountable for what I do. I think there were from a Jason Terry's that you got to bring it. He's right at me and him being of their probably helped him do that to nobody that he is a chip you know he's a veteran he's you know he's been there he knows. The and you got to be professional or by some obvious especially got to bring in a G every night. And I think we talk about that because sometimes you might need on a would Bucs team we gonna get right you know but they've they've been. Consistently. Consistent with you know did you think in your mind they Chris Milton would be such a huge factor this team comeback that that. I thought it was we'll take longer to get back into the groove and he's in his he's like he's Chris militant already. I can't believe how fast it was. Hamstring completely tore all gone yeah I'm kind of like. I'm off topic is it's gonna take at least in the playoffs now throughout their two iron or take law and he's he's out he is out there like and I like to dynamic because he's more than mid range. Indian Janice is this. The pressure yeah goddesses like thumb danys is like Scottie Pippen to the tenth power. I would group with delay today the heat and he he's a slashing not reliably this last you block the shot and out and on open floor even stop. You know the other thing too about this bucks team. On. I mean arrested in knowing how are they being received in the community. As far as our people starting to buy into this bucks team. There until August time you go on the community they don't have box games on anywhere. Now this box bar network they have a lot of these places obviously have had vehemently someone TV every game. On that they played throughout the season that's on TV which was a brilliant idea I plotted the bucks for doing it if these bars actually live up to what they're supposed to be doing guys write lies that you take its a giveaway and all the so most of the Cubs long being a part of our networks Travis Lee helps. But for me. You are out you're there you're DJ in a club and you're seeing a lot more stuff and ops and DJ in a bucks game energy doing a bucks game and you circle times and that's it. A you're not our guy. For me really well I wanna know from Yu Li has how are they being received in the community I mean is there started. Winning always as they've been with the guy and it's M Bian has been an all star game I have people calling emails on all it is Janice do you buy from East Coast the West Coast. In a me it isn't the Bucs are definitely buzz and right now especially at like us after all star game. There it really helped it it really helped. Double women changes in Ireland all I was when you start went in all of of the year regular hottest ticket in town. Isn't that wide that again. And that is why again is Dan beginning in the playoffs here is a big deal he is now all of a sudden you're in the playoffs two of the last three years. That's a lot gardens and women in the playoffs and in the last three years and to be don't want to have Tennessee you know possibly all. Right but but but this this is where we go to from there Lee is. Who you want to face we died about that today on the big show riot because right now it's Toronto Washington if you end up five or six. If you end of seven rate it's Boston clearly Boston is one game behind Cleveland right now for the top seed in the Eastern Conference cleaver a loss I Boston want so it's a one game difference. Of everybody that drop four out lob Boston. I am they've lost three Cassel Washington they've lost three times in Toronto in Toronto is owned them for like the last three or four years that's always been a problem child now. Well ours they're not hurt the Rosen was out hurt the last and the Bucs play to Ronald Lowrie was healthy. Right so they're gonna finally get to play together while restarted dribble a basketball so so he's getting closer come on back. So they're going to be a little play to gather in the playoffs. I still don't like their chances against Toronto and Washington each duly deep with guys who can score the basketball. And and their their playing pretty well right now they are so docks yeah I yeah I haven't seen them and leave and everything right and it. It's nice cal like pick your poison but but. He isn't things crazy to say I'd rather face the one or possible to see him boss and but I'd rather face and threw the foresee William B and would suit yeah because of the history but you know. My thing too is. If you look at that. Nothing go do well against the the playoffs or play play I think you know I think everybody 00 and I think the way the Bucs are playing right now. I'm not too scared of going up against anybody. At seven game series and won games through different things and I we both know may Cleveland the Clinton. Outlook steadily analysts weekly look at it as okay all right so just for the united are if you don't walk we will don't know you don't want to be the AC look at you look at got a good stint at. Let what can't be I there's like ten to twelve games left dribbled these same I think they match up better with more often they do the Bucs do it and the bus rides a barrel Boston than anybody in front all night I hate. I'll I'll take out take Boston. Along with the LeBron and LeBron and them. Doing the playoffs yet not the first round of the they're gonna have their they're all gonna be doubt. No question 11698. Bucks over the case sacred time I'll come back we'll hear from Bucs head coach Jason Kidd. And I'm also and go over the second round picks. I was brought up Bob and our guy Troy Green Bay before the break as far as you know is in the boxing just did another second round pick to work out to go with the first round pick next year. That can really add to depth of this basketball team going forward as you can see what Malcolm bride is on this year's second round pick. So what bag I brought up the Bucs history of picks will go all the way back to Michael Redd and work our way up in the draft just second round next. And you'll be amazed by the quality of the NBA players that have been taken by the marquis Bucs and sectoral do that coming up next Bucs win once sixteen idea is Monty most of it's a post game show. A fan. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick and save post game show let's hear from the Bucs head coach. Cool she's cornered sponsored by Schneider for over eighty years they've been offering great careers with a great benefits and more home time. This is Schneider jobs dot com. Or call 1844. Pro. This is the only station boasts fans need. 1057. SA. Part of the way and I won six Shane Battier over the Sacramento Kings. Goddess super aggressive from the get tonight 32 points thirteen boards sixes two steals one block shot. Twelve point two shooting seven of ten from the why did it reporter hot as well watched sport to on the West Coast for a 36 and 35. 1619 north would be large crowds that are now sit in the sixth seed. 'cause they own the tiebreaker of the Pacers. They are one game you how. I'm Atlanta for the five C position more than exile Reynolds tiebreaker in the box but they play the Hawks. Coming up on Friday night to be Myers president Dick your tickets get out there support this team's going to be a heck of a basketball game. The Hawks are sliding because there without Millsap and days more horrible heart they lost again tonight. On this time to Wizards. So we'll see what happens but get out their present all of a sudden the records are the same. Bush is needed have about a record and that's all means again today and if your even know what ten games ago. Yeah let's who happens let's see what happens here's what Bucs head coach and Jason Kidd had to say after the game that's courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. Coach it to game four there was a come out start fast and and get a lead and keep the lead you guys did that to perfection we're down a set the tone just talk about the the game plan and how you guys very tech's Q. Well I thought we talked about you know to carry over from my last night our defense and you know we we talk about our defense be our offense and I thought we. Honestly love your room leaders set the tone. We've got to stop so we got out. Then we are easy baskets. And then once I start to happen I thought guys stars here in the ball. We sorry you guys making threes loses cost us for our defense and potent group Broussard to game. Plus also really just started the guys come up the businesses continue to carry that same energy and effort. Offensively you guys were making the extra pass all nice six players in double figures to the contributions are getting right now and has to. Makes you feel really good here I think when we share the ball handle the ball source in the paint and we were working inside out even if we weren't in the layup we were given multiple passes from the it was finding the open guy news on the launch an for a player has to be fun to play in that type of game. Without John Henson the bench was still able to give you some good contributions they saw the ball moves again he was burnt the American perfect tonight from the floor. You know you look your duality you look at jet. I thought mayors of the game. You know missed a couple of shots early by the you know you start to knock him down. But I thought again our bench is something that we've counted on all year and has stepped up again tonight with a that are starters tonight were the ones who got off to a good start and we kept going. Road trip is over now you have four out of six on this road true. How good is that to come out here and be able to accomplish then what things stars in our maturity our growth and discipline not being that would executed trip didn't start well. But we go to LA we find a way to win two games. We don't you know we've we had a tough one of the girls stayed with the guys stay together as a team effort. And I would go to Portland last either find a way to win and they win the trip this season we don't overlook this game. Sometimes they called a trap game on T think. You know we've been on a role for Tony La. Days and we all wanna get home but I'm now the next road games arsonists don't Friday against a little bit on the ropes for a long time. Understand we have the experience of seeing that with Portland they come off the road and they were low flat so we got to understand that we got to be ready on Friday insulin. The scoreboard right now you're do we aware in the end than Indiana. Of them play on these closely do you see the scores so for us I think to start this trip in ninth or maybe and they've been the but see in this trip than six to shows we're playing pretty good basketball right now the right time. Yes you are playing right the right basketball the right time Jason Kidd though that's what he had to say lets see eight. What yeah this had to say after the game on fox sports Wisconsin. This is the Milwaukee Bucks ticket sales post game show we're heading into the Bucs locker room. To hear what the play your soul on the court sponsored by team Tim frost as Reuters local. Consider a rewarding career and check other pressure program that again so leaders tonight. This is the only station Bucs fans. 157 has now. After he had a game earlier tonight on fox sports Wisconsin. Job as we know let down tonight effort big win in Portland last night was that the game plan to come in here and jump on McCain's early definitely double down and is being. I did the last game of their own treatment few goofy 02 strong. You know four wins out of six. Think everybody lit higher than we wanted to get over it tonight so we did feel momentum wound forward. Sons that you guys talked about badly for the trip even started in leagues warning to get four out of these six. To be able to accomplish that goal it has to be a huge thing for the same the Jews you know we talked about it we say we got him. And it's a lethal means. Nothing less than we did it but we got on got to be quote was you gotta move forward now. And I could think game basketball. We've played together playing cards. They. And every every game is different you know so puzzled us run them there is this team's confidence at a all time or all season high right now. Definitely definitely thank you lizards I'm not. They got you all the other thing and GA saying all of us from our kiss FM next story does that nights I'm kiss FM. On the other thing is this too and we talk about playoff experience for his boxer in the us right you guys have to. Mean you you are aware enough to make sure he's happy and and satisfied with the direction your going and so forth I mean. You don't want to get in a situation. Where you're breaking her voice RNC blog is not us down lying those two we don't win up man Allen wondering somewhere we just don't do enough here. In that is something you want to avoid at all costs and it's early in the process of solid he cried at that point now. But again the more times he is in the post season he's on national TV he's in the all star game they respect the fact he takes his team the playoffs every year. Back to do nothing but help everything everybody of baldness sound. Well I think it went with the way the NBA is now Tuesday people can see was going on in Milwaukee wanna come play. Without a new arena the new track our facility all of that should help yeah that there are you stunned and amazed are they separate the men aren't here right now they're an undergrad they will be the new practice facility until next fall. It's think it's gonna open up in the summertime so we're still at the cousin senator Dodd Saint Francis Redknapp it. The market is right for the Milwaukee Bucks starter. To be elect a winning franchise like Sidney read all of us know what they're doing I think we're just talking about and assume I first got here. You see anything about the book since he got downtown by the out our policy books that dumb idea. They give. Absolutely they gated they -- I definitely unit and I and they understand the marketing aspect of it who who Vick again. Now sometimes they do stuff and people wool kind of like not serious you do what are you doing. But that they're doing as they were the bachelor did rights and Brian B yeah Friday night out but but but this is the thing. So you've got the bachelor guy right run that could be just a promotion by itself in Jets Colombia agreed bachelor. Instead they roll pick and save they would their floral department the first 5000 when he gets on the for the basic floral apartment. Nugget that's thinking right old bachelor thing the Rose added added I hope I sponsor and it's view. How big banks people why not I'll get in Tibet riot. People who. Gary Ellis and they should gives as the bachelor recap every week so. Do you try to get the bachelor on the big show on Friday so Gary conduct basher but. I think to d.s on Dancing With The Stars not too I think but the other thing is this. Why I think it's very cool is. They're not just settling for guys. Right and work in the women angle to be trying to get them loves to come out trying to get the girlfriends to want to come out and try to get dad don't wanna buy into. The Brewers have done an outstanding job. As far as being able to get the win meant to want to come to game right. Because of my watch the cup I thought I always come. Ahead not putting resistance you may not be going. And the line he'd a month ago we can't cry you know watch it on TV as much as Mahay to say of the wide you don't wanna go you today guys in the live losses they Hahn you know but you know I did today what race adult. And she gets out. Now also you couple game easier if you put the best that they have to like you said there there there are Smart with their marketing it's like you want to make Alice black heels like. Go 20 Bucs game she matches it should be in a bit. That is how we should be a bit on us that the in the duel Milwaukee got to go to a Bucs game he got bass would aware Milwaukee we got to go to bug me. That's how you want it to be oh that's how you want to beat. Not and I think that the try to change will they are changing that. You go to the bugs and Angola so when I first got here was elected opening its in the. And now you're getting that point. I before we get to our sports flash got to take care lol little piece a business. Bay Bucs fans let's get tonight's Chile's MV. Be the first to know tomorrow morning at 835 during chuck doing color to win free food from chili's chili's precious it is now. Yeah Asian chicken. Obviously Haitian chicken cross that you can get it every time enough for you one of those guys are when you go somewhere you always get the same thing death if you're one of those guys shoot yeah. What took a while really judge got Tressel to never man I got so I feel bad I was in the same thing. But man I love the occasion Jay Haas and I love like the Garland for whoever comes with the last like two or three extra piece if I do. I'm not give you judge or not very good dude its like the best girlfriend in the world. I'm more bright whatever it is toast. They're not athletic about electing anything you went on holes like your from does that bum that's long gone Johnson tries on the right yeah a bit of a Martina. And you'll I screwed up in handyman and he went out like when I'm home. Exactly right yeah absolutely I joys and BB of the game and to me that's not brain surgery here. Yeah and aside chilies and BB needs no tomorrow morning for chuck and wing clerk. And yeah obvious tonight 32 points thirteen boards six assists two steals a block shot twelve of 22 shooting seven of ten. I'm from the free throw line for Jonas tonight GA and Elvis from cassette that Bob natural second with general for. It is due basketball is that of Racine journal times and waffles press box dot com bat this straight ahead and oh yeah. Insider Joey. You by the law offices of. This is the Milwaukee Bucks pick and save post game show. Plus get the win tonight. Over the Sacramento Kings 116 idea aging and outlets from kiss asked that those nights I'm shipped over there gets on the money comes over here and he's out for a West Coast game big basketball guy playing college joining us now Garrett willful from the Racine journal times on the great mid West Bank hotline. Gary your thoughts on me bud kicking the Bucs gave the kings tonight. Well it was partly a surprise them in that the kings are one of the book. Deplorable. Recently reopened for got goes along. It and yeah it could be it was a comedy points of the gonna cover where you know right or one of those kids what. Yeah it bit you know they they went about them that they jumped out early in. You know it it will we're pretty much in control the whole game so now what now it's down to crunch get epic games coming out. It seemed like you the last two games Janice's taken on a whole new level of aggression and he's had may lead since the all star break. Yeah he seems to be more focused. More intent I mean I don't got a one point by eight early when you point guards Corey. Drove to the breakout could gone couldn't. But he did do so macho man. A complex. But more well that was the and one play yeah that was the and one play where he started screaming because. I did that one because there's been so many times last year and this year were he gets there he's right they are gets filed in the ball rolls off the rim rolls off the back. Any can't muscle it out to finish the shot and he finally was able to do. Well. Absolutely I mean you know it's pretty crazy that when Feliz or point two years older. You know his bit ranges from leadership skill our work in progress. But he's got good form good technique can. You know it has yet to creatures and how it's gonna be you know that was pretty where are we got Michael Beasley. You know what I mean from the time that they announced that you can be out. 43 game that he was going to be court reevaluated. That in Southgate did it I mean where when you called the old. Term reevaluated at the end of it that means. Is that correct decade and soon in. From what I've hear he's suckered anytime soon. They could really use him for the playoffs man they could once is scoring off the bench in the worst way. You know what in it in and I tend to agree with the input incredible like that go what or you feel lot of walk them. But defensively he easily could of. But that's the same thing they say about Jabari but. Mike didn't Bob I think to that is scary is simple. You need somebody. Some sometimes to give you that it's an offense off the bench right now because when he decides he's get arrest Middleton and yachts at the same time. In a playoff game then it all falls on and rolled to score and if he doesn't score you're screwed. Yeah no I had no real moment from what you know. But the biggest difference between the books that were not welcome books that are riding high right now go to their teacher yup. In their rotations and Beasley with the big part of that and he plane you know at times we 25 minutes. You know my bat throwing everything Michael B would wait by any stretch but you know it certainly factor. He is Gary woeful on the Racine journal times a joining us here on the Milwaukee Bucks big it's a post game show. I guess when you look at not in this game on Friday night against the Hawks the box now sit in the six seed after the Pacers lose nine the Bucs win. Now other game behind Atlanta land does on the tiebreaker adult but still only a game back can be evened up after Friday night the Hawks lose again tonight there was out. Millsap there with out days more. At this point blots. The bus coming out west authors wrote about six games normally means. That there is a let down that first game back gobble up awful lie I blew prolonged road trip in the NBA that's normally what history tells us. Are you concerned about that being a factor knowing that it's in lengths and the seeding is at stake. That never really. This team's captains discussed. You know and they'd know what what's at stake you know and yet I think where they're gonna end up is going to be determined over the next four games. He got to Atlanta with I don't know Charlotte. And they got Boston. In the end they could win all four. And they could lose three you know. For to me this food city most important stretch. The edits no question about it Garrett thanks so much for coming on my friend Joseph rusher not. They've there is Gary will flooded midwest bank hotline when your ready to get in two or backed into the housing market. Look no further than great midwest bank visit great mid West Bank dot com. Take the next step towards your new halt. GA telling this. You looked at this bucks team right now right yep they are playing. On most nights. Tend acts. Pretty good action. That's a big rotation at his rotation. So terrorists over again about twenty minutes Delgado was in the same area men Rosen same variants a lot of it. So that's nine and then Henson only gets in their for his fifteen or whatever case may be you gonna tightening up in the playoff are at right now a last second out. That's Rondell. Who not I'll play. You viewed your gonna tighten his rotation up makers gonna start yadda snell Brock did Middleton that's just aren't spot. Now after that the guys are playing right off the bench Terry delve adult woman wrote a lot of its been Henson. So you're gonna say that's who go to saint eight dies. Who are the other three guys are gonna play vs the two that are going to set. And that's a good question because as you know Delgado was gonna play for rog and some. That's for sure you can be history or of them because you got I think Terry don't play did so Delgado over Terry Ammon rolled them so then Hanson it's a lot of its main outlet they may not. Just to think you're going to play ten deep in the playoffs is you don't see that very. I'll I'll you know they play is 88 sometimes eight sometimes sometimes the Sixers in right the most I've seen is he in this kind of a lot. Eat they usually stick when. What they're starters are gonna goal not play a lot of minutes aren't see what happens yeah it add a rotation he's gonna timing of policy is. And you a couple of big it has to be if you really think about it seasonal play at all in the evening you've got to do it I think in well ten you know when you. He could indicate he may rotate between Hawes and Hanson who plays and get it right on it. I'm telling you I think the minutes are gonna go now he's not getting it he's not giving up until out of it obviously he's still running him out there. McGraw has supplied delve adult I have to play because again for whatever reason they are knock on Broderick play ton of minutes. Odds adult adult was you know play and JT's and Jack he's the bat that's why he's here right big game situations and so forth. Can you know what he could he could still keep his rotation was shorten it by you and your minutes is going to be cut. Because you got to keep those are playing twine that's been dead at twelve to fifteen yeah I think that he can hit it because through it could work like that. The army you've got to meet you what of people out there is indeed a best chance OK is the playoffs you got you I'm not gonna risk it. What then that's right OK so let's see here where we're gonna go here let's go to. Defense of play of the game. Defensive plays stood out Bears still laborers local 113 defensive play of the game. The laborers local 113 in Milwaukee feel the power bat hell are you at 8113. Dot org. This is the Milwaukee Bucks biggest save post game show. I defensive play of the game Jeff or laughs you producer of the show tonight Joseph was this where your defense of play of the game highly courtesy of fox sports Wisconsin. Right back gets you with a great defense of Leo Mazzone this. That is the one thing and that's passed in Marcus Johnson on the call. You are talking off the air in you're you're asking okay what do they need to go when Jim Jim simpler right right and we talked about Don. Being dad died at five ERS I have five block shots rebound his threes. That's kind of what we're looking at and I hope he'll do more than that the bear ball does or Cheaney. The other part of this is you need all playing guard that can defend the opposing point on the other team right he's got to be. Quick enough to defend the other guy I don't know if I know delve adult isn't I don't think frog in his either I just don't know if either one ovals you guys are good enough defensively. To defend that that penetration. On into the lane. And especially if you don't have a shot blocker back there that becomes an issue because. About this team normally struggles against guys with really good backcourt and that is Washington and Toronto Lari DeRozan walled be. In the is exceptional court right to Tony snell is gonna get one album and then the other two guys got to figure out the other want and Zach yeah and and now this draft is field would young point guards bright. Yes. You know what's right and I've never thought about that because the back court when you look at. Milwaukee's backwards OK with these but he start though and on names like Bill Lynn you've. Little Odom a column in Portland I yeah I hate you you want an athlete you need athletic you need the water on you and he's long anyone athletically he knew. In the issue here is to is. Jabari comes back eventually right right no single back to being that too then. And I said from the get I don't think he's into the light note he's got to go back he's not the play to again. Jabari does at three yeah I was before flip flop Murray won a look at what everyone said. But you're still looking at that point guard position going still on the you have a guy that is capable of being quick in of the defending opposing point guard and that's might think rides a Smart basketball player he's heady basketball player definitely saw Andre Miller compares in works. Andre Miller wasn't all that athletic and it's our time a defending opposing point guards. Ma and you know what it's funny curriculum thinking about it now a you don't really have them on. Mike quick a little right you don't have that don't have their hats on and I think like I got to figure out. I wanna say they'll look at Dolan and a Brockton are kind of like the same when I mean Brockton is more athletic and ask can shoot better of light but there kind of like they have been Alec athletic two more athletic when guard known not know you can easily just at least one though. I think that that somebody else in there and figure out as they go forward all right Bucs get the win tonight will come back hideous shot of the game order headed to Atlanta Hawks game. As well coming up on Friday night here unlucky most tickets April's game shall live far from the tri city Sunday studios Bucs get the win tonight yes they do. Won sixteen in 98 eagle four and two on the road trip. Oh this is the Milwaukee Bucks big saves post game show let's get tonight's Dave and busters who shot of the rosters why would Sosa the only place to eat drink played better watch sports this is the only station. 057. I've always had the win tonight. Over the Sacramento Kings was a nice woman back. What 1698 Dallas goes the way a 32 Ford's thirteen boards sixes couple steals a blocked shot shot he gave no I would pick one highlight. And Stewart you want him 32 points whatever you want the alum played big gamble for all mentioned earlier we're probably beat out one where he's just flexing his muscles and screaming and and I want like. But again 32 points there where we want offer your shot of the game their box to win 116 to 98 quickly here second round picks I seventies and has before. Going back to say Michael Redd right. So that was 2000. 2001. There sector up it was Andre Hudson he'd in my much in the NBA we played overseas. 2000 in two. I'm Dan Gadzuric to as a second round pick you out are right out of three what he was most notable one 2000 in three Keith Bogans as a second round pick he played in the NBA for quite awhile. Keith Bogans did 2005. Ersan Ilyasova was the second round today. 2006. Does do is complete bust his only pick and your team David a wealth from North Carolina lot of criticism into much. 2007. Vermont said. Should still playing in the league they as a point guard 2008. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute 2009. Jodie Meeks. 2010 I was a busted up year Darington Hobson was the only guy. That had a chance and he was hurt and now he's still trying to. Get back into the league while playing in the and he ended up not panning out either being a Jon Leuer second round pick he's got paid nice salary this last offseason so he's still in the league in starting. Drawn lamb he's done I believe on the he's in league anymore he was second round pick in 2012. Ricky Leino got traded for Nate Walters. 2013. While Jesus here for a cup of coffee Leino never made it. On 2014. Johnny O'Bryant. I was here for brief time in his had a huge year in dealing this year gaining in glaze that never worked out he was hurt. And then 2015. Norman Powell. And they never end up keeping that take either and they move that. In 2016. All Doran Powell's move for a grieves Vasquez and a wanna bully. And 2016. In our Powell so plainly. 2016. Patrick McCaw they had. And they move Patrick so. There are your second round picks I got about a minute or so left here. GA what kind of crowd if they were gonna get their Friday night game against Atlanta. Our big is going to be up and are gonna come out because we know they knows opens they know what's the state well. What they're playing for its going to be like a playoff like atlas. That's what I want I back it and law and I want yes. I want a playoff like atmosphere I don't want to or don't buy into it like what do you think they gonna get the feeling nobody thing. Why didn't they got a chance to infancy Jackson lands again as plain horrible and there's only. After Friday night at ten games. If you look at the ten games they got a big out of books he got to be able Friday you have to no questions about it this is this is a must have game pretty much every game now. Going forward on here trying to win you look at this team you know as you gotta do you know. I've seen. We'll see but one of them tangle for the lottery multi goal he's ever so bad and now a summertime I'll possible five seed. So crazy he is GA catch him with guys aren't just miles and it's seven of midnight what's your Twitter handle. DJG double B underscore a I'm so confused. I see Bobby how I heard that you whether I sit here tonight everybody around on a bench coming up next. Continued long. But got home late in the middle of the night.