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Sparky: I would like to see the Bucks play Boston in playoffs

Mar 23, 2017|

03/23/17: Steve 'Sparky' Fifer, Host of the Bucks Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee, discusses the Bucks incredible 4-2 road trip. Is there a pressing need to win a playoff series this year?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the pick and say Bucs post game in Milwaukee on the spanned. A my colleague and great friend Steve Sparky I've firm what's up dude. Well ma'am. Third they're gonna get though that look at everybody got cut on again not this year. What happened to the box here you did turn the clock back a couple months. And there there in there are some tough situation there to beat up a little bit they give the of them Parker news on top of not playing well they're. Really sloppy at the and the games people are debating whether there even in a squeak into the playoffs and all of a sudden they've rattled off fourteen of nineteen to fourteen and five their last nineteen. Up four and two West Coast trip. And they've won four of their last 510 of their last twelve Sparky what happen. Well the practice from hell happened apparently were date yet an ankle after they got. They're by the nugget. You back and he let them have it in and he made him do a lot of run my first up at practice. Whenever I have a knack about the what let you know coming back obviously helped the defense that the well. Noted by everybody. And personal political situations that helped who would they call me better present. Either hit that shot about it it got everybody on the same page. And called games and that that's helped a lot and. Yeah and that the trend that that I didn't like. For a while there was really sloppy basketball and of the final it is say 34 minutes of the game lots of turnovers just some just some bad passes some. Ill advised shots. And I would Mets announced. What I've seen here correct me if I'm wrong that has improved right. I yeah it at look ordinary murderer. Similar situations where you're gonna you know shake your card once again that makes mistake or forces the shocker open Corey. At the end of the game but yeah all are a lot and I want that you sure. Now men I just. So now their a game out of the five seed. The ease. But I can't they are all bunched up down there are 567 A gram and their door where you want to. Well I I would like on the boardwalk and but at the Saints aren't huge. He. He can't look at it they were you weren't you know tried in the lottery and could get our governor eat at an open god will blow it out altogether right now often. In the game on want to eat very well could take over Cleveland they could be likely attributed to do so. While bought since at least in my opinion and people to play really well right now. Audience you're better matchup with them on their talents very good you're not real stop him obviously. What you get past him represented up here now all they got a great coach no question. In Brett he's a heck of a basketball coach. Mike he'll get better matchup Washington would be neater kinds of your model had been need three times this year. While leaving Lowry back. To go along the road than they haven't really played all of us together this year editors the ball guys. So that's going to be a cup matchup for the boxes hazard like the last three years Arnold and Washington just souls. I will I would Gaza and you'll grow up fifteen points on a given night. That's right near you and make Margarita Cotto got Brooks so for me I would like to be Boston but the same time. I figure they'll be pretty excited that they're not being at five feet. Are sixteen wonderful thing different are considering most most people thought in the playoffs on an up and a lottery or what you would perhaps not about a month ago. Yeah indeed there is no question so of that a few years ago it was that again I'd I hated the tank and a whole tank thing in that that's up to us somebody's opinion but. So few years goes to tank think now who were past that with a box though are we. Yeah we are you know a month ago that you get out much. And checked in lottery because. But you'll walk or get up at eight seed play at slot in the wake pervert I can't or I can get a better player along with the team in the future. What won't I won't look at happen. It will play out all you want to watch it you will be more what Dave Warner. We are well not only probable. A lot you know opening the bowl. Or look at it they got a cup will be conducting a certain beautiful public record doubled that theory. Here I think it won't record the ball so it on the watch her and it'll be at the moment and point toward that arena bowl playoff fever coming April. Well and that's the timing of this so the timeline of the box you know build if you will to an NBA title then. Is is probably right on track and at some point I think you're right that you have to look aside from you know it's. Getting squeezed out of the playoffs your chances are minimized to get a top pay act. And you have to take the experience of a playoff. Series or two and I think. I think at this point is pretty important that they get to a first series don't you. I yeah I feel I don't not sealing all. It'd have to eat fish years old at that capped the World Series I don't think that's not UK now how do you. Really liked it when we hear after all jacked up already you have to buy Parker. The ended at bat yeah at least learn from more questions don't forward as far as. Okay but luckily there are honorable and you get sure February middle and virtually all star break an out of market divorce Parker right apply well. How long do you think your body back on the same page again especially if you're gonna put a court back into the starting lineup and then whoever guarded at that point ballot lever. Are to the bench. Even next year I think it in the top flight but while they were a playoff series next year. But I will say that they. There's something in the playoff 201819. At first you're in the arena that capped Italy to play out there. And really that your I think people are going to be looking for them to be about forty feet at first your the arena probably. For sure note no doubt about it joining us on the Snyder once hotline here on the bill Michaels Shell Steve Sparky Phifer from the fan. In Milwaukee handles so the pick and save bucks post game show. You me you mentioned Jabari Parker there. How how is he gonna recover here now what are we expect out of him let's say that. We expected a nine on attendees who's going to be hell of a basketball player. With the two injuries and the youth I think he's got some promised several what are we expect moving forward and in the grand scheme. Don't like the other like some respect what I expected before and that it almost like a minute come back from the injury. At some point in the next year or two maybe it will be next year recovered half that entered probably the second mile and probably for Ankiel. I'll let you come back and can't do what he did this year average wanting to 25 point tonight. And get our rebound tonight. Why do that would Utley I don't expect a whole bunch that don't mean. I think improved this year what he was to treat each year. I don't think we'll ever be a great individual while one defender I think he got Jabari Parker scored basketball act like he's there. Chris Milton and about flocking to score to a certain degree either better presents kind of be a leader for young group of guys. Are not that the got a expected Karen branch. And all of doubles triples three players and they just all have to fall and the role on this team should be five and then. And you start are what winning NBA championships. Eight put pressure on it at its first here but club record that guy right now that you look at and go out if he turns into. Whatever rate he could turn into which is you know kind of like that stretch five other India shot blocker like we hit the three that can rebound. At a pretty decent level. Got a went championship and they won championships. All right I'll make double like a lot of people I can back it got unbelievable work ethic like on a soap lead you to believe that he probably will develop into what people think he could be. It's a little nugget of gold right there final thing what's he doing grab another piecing goals a year. We we do this thing on the Michael show you're well aware this the of by herself. Again that would just give you quick buyer sell here. Yeah honest will be the bass player in the lead. At some point in his career. Yeah I'd sure at some point meaning he could be about partly for a year can work something like that. Yeah yeah I I spot that night. There there is a definite possibility but again in order to get that level. Like we talked about two years now three years and I don't perhaps he continued you worked on an improved and I know he trot about coaching staff and he trusts the people that you work out with all that it doesn't wanna walk side and we get help. I'll but I'm sorry if the torture they came out want to go that Dirk Nowitzki shooting coach talked our. Our guys want to work out of the off season you you have to send him to that I don't. But for me that premiere on the block it we love you but we want you to work out him. Up for the summer hit that shot up pointed it out sag at some point he's going to be on top. It is going to be a probable because he you have to respect that three irrespective midrange jumper come upon a you hear about by anybody you put it. The uphill attack the hoop and fly an idea he had not no question I do dial looking forward to. Talk and some Brewers baseball a week from Mo what Monday Howard fire this thing up. Buy or sell that Jimmy Nelson and we dropped the bowl. Win. What we're Morgan's. It's Al that. Odds are that have no idea if you ask me wanna bomb that I'm probably bias but did it two chances of twelfth loss now I don't know about them. We're not really much rubber. I don't I don't know. I have got to hang on a letter I'd see you later but it it is she's Rocky five for talk and some bucks basketball. I hear on the bill Michaels show he joined us on the Schneider orange house. Nighter hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard the treat you fair for eighty plus years having it and done call them 844 pride. Or go to Schneider job stacked longtime friend and our broadcast partner for over a decade on that Brewers post game in Milwaukee.