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Wagner: Brewers want to be competitive soon

Mar 23, 2017|

03/23/17: Former MLB Pitcher Paul Wagner discusses cuts to this Brewers team as Spring Training nears an end. How does he see the roster shaping out? Plus, what does he think of the WBC?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The stocks of Brewers baseball and get his thoughts also on a World Baseball Classic. Used to pitch for the Brewers among several other teams she's our good friend Paul Wagner as he joins us on the Snyder wants hotline Pauley how aria. I'm doing all right Timmy you sound pretty good you gotta admit it and then. We try to look on a third big talking to me that's what I look like from a pinnacle right so much slope in a heartbeat rebellion typical. That a little ban pregnant I guess the only thing that went wrong was the cat got steady guy he's an indoor cats are you just took off for awhile and I just woke up at though won a down set my alarm for 1 AM gotta go look for the cat again and you went awry he just it was cold out last night. Right there at the door Arie was organ and trained well all right World Baseball Classic for you Paul. I know it's not the front line guys in in not MLB that play for USA. However they did win the title here. Are you win to wait your thoughts in the World Baseball Classic now threw for four times of this. I'm like I really do I like it because of the fact it is not. It's not all the time that it is it's not Henri curry but it's something to look forward to it and again I I really. I really gravitated to it because of my relationship with Jimmy Leland arm the time that I spent with him parts of his coaching staff and and what it means there might mean he's probably coach and millions early seventies right now and and and you're being just just a wonderful man a great guy being you know just just awesome and obviously inside the dugout in the club house he flips the switch and become. Scooters bikes you know it's just great for him to see that. And to see the success of USA. Our country. Jimmy lead and running it with the help of Major League Baseball. And you're seeing in seeing things progress and hopefully some of the bigger stars will Clark I've already heard our pitchers from the New York Mets fitting that the beginning of spring training there's not a chance in hell they would come and play because. You know what my obligation is to New York Mets they're the ones who pay my paychecks. That's where my knee answer my income comes from. And then all of a sudden people are starting to revert back can see the excitement it's baseball competition. And you have USA and the front just. Yeah that's that's what Jonathan Luke Roy had said for a few years there that it's it's some pride gone on there aren't. You know especially for the guys I mean if Paul and again I don't wanna I don't want to mansard the the salaries in baseball wise I think it's a little unfair because we're not now world we're not I'm not the world -- makes nineteen million dollars each year. Arm. Once you have the nest egg don't you think you would want to. You know gold Herndon and play USA based. Mean you win it probably 99% of our what your listeners absolutely I mean. You know you're we knew we meant the World Baseball Classic the BBC that you Olympics yeah. There were things that. I don't you know maybe maybe we're just upper burdens Barca. Absolutely that would be one of the things. I couldn't you would look forward to almost something that you cherish it wanna be a part of yes your bank until large yes. You're you know you're paychecks have lots and you know that the and a bit yes you've got everything but this is something else this is something a little bit more this is a while you're. You know your parents and grandparents your relatives on your answer not what was and everything and everybody can relate to this is about US and it isn't about you personally I would think everybody would would. You know want want to do you want to do. That maybe we just think differently. Paul Wagner on the bill Michael show you spitz for the Brewers among other teams don't Paul let's let's get to some Brewers baseball here and I love. Having a conversation with your really do because. I can ask you things is a former big leaguer that other guys who would just in look at look down their nose at means they have to hell you're asking me about but I'll. Let me ask you this weren't that that time of spring training where you start eyeball in the roster nominee gasp Paul. That you been caught a few times that's just that's just want to gaffes. The team. That. And law. An event Ron I'd. I'd put. I don't locally and 00 and you've got to spring training McDonough but it didn't slip midway through the season when we don't cold. But. I mean it like Michael blaze sick who has had some success in the bigs he was optioned to triple A Joba Chamberlain a guy yet non roster guy they they brought in the Brewers he gets he gets added that the acts as well I mean. Take us inside that how does that feel now. Our guard or reasonably music that know those guys the guys that we've we've had touches and tastes and feels and we try to get to know. Those are the hard ones those are when guys take it hard you know when all of a sudden. They feel they're part of an organization or you feel you're part of something that's building and moving in the right direction and then you become one ghost. Pieces that it's moved out as mostly insurance policy. So he's different than Joba Chamberlain or are. Or another veteran that we bring it coming alone for instance was when Tommy will make the team and our lefty but. But those Tarver guys come in on Joba knew it when they come out and sit Craig counsel David. The coaching staff we'll sit down with Joba and say here's the situation we're just not the about where we thought you were going to be so when your contract when veterans command. You have a march 25 deadline or march 23 down letter march 27 whatever it may be that way. These individuals know they're not making the big league team in Milwaukee now Joba can go out and find a new job. He's been scouted you know cactus league great complete they're all scouted heavily. Now somebody may like Joba may know him they wanna give him another chance you get time to chulk. Come back and possibly give two or three appearances with a new club and maybe break camp with that. If possible so those are 22 similar situations as we look at it in a public guy but two totally different as far as the players concerned. New you dream of of play in the big leagues and you made it this far in camp and and not necessarily plays you can and Chamberlain but just in in general some of these younger guys. You make it all this way your dream and all the sudden the day. Skip wants to see you and analyze and a putt but you know what. There's a pecking order in baseball life as well Paulie is you know man and that if it motivates him I Burress baseball week from Monday they're gonna open up. The 2017. Championship season Joseph and I or wondering earlier in the show. Whether or not the Cassel brewer fan across the state could name more than 45 or six Milwaukee brewer. Brokers players there's certainly has been some turnover Paul. Oh absolutely absolutely and and that we were just talking about earlier you know it probably looks and those corners haven't agreed. Pretty good hasn't been great no power numbers would scooters have a pretty good spring training which is a movable piece Korea where I just don't think he necessarily at 2.5 or comport they would every Macon. That's who exits and and he's one of those people that people can attract to work and you know associated with everybody knows screwed urgent that we all was no bubble had amen and pretty so the time's gonna come you know when when unfortunate -- and part ways of Ryan Barnes and and you know that almost on the Willie problems of those is is a circle. And there's ball roles down the hill. Massive massive change of the Milwaukee Brewers are getting to a point where they want to be competitive they want to be the Chicago Cubs in three or four years and we're doing that. It's an unfortunate role because would have ball rolls there's there's pieces fly in off left and right and you may be attracted you made by a wonders tomorrow. You buy another Jersey the next week because and his ball roles you value leaders are finding the people. That are going to make this team is 25 guys in four years 25 guys they put together is gonna win a championship and unfortunately it it's hard who. Our fan base right now to understand that. To grasp that to realize that the players you see today may not be here tomorrow but in four years maybe you have a stall and don't know but the beer while. We no question Paul Wagner former big leaguer and Brewers pitcher joining us on the Schneider orange hotline here on the bill Michael shelf. Always looking at some of the outlets that throw these numbers out there. In terms of win totals the highest I've seen which was somewhat impressive. Somebody's got on credible source I don't know if there was bull bottle whoever wants. 78 wins and an N again 78 we should never be accepting of that however. Starting to get the first feel. Of respect to your Milwaukee 78 that's that's an eyelash away from a 500 seasons and a possible. I mean that's that's pretty that's a pretty bold prediction me personally I think will be similar to where you know we were last year I think we're still mixing and matching and trying to find the right pieces in and on the right formula I could you last year before and the year that we as they want and we sit and sometimes took one step forward two steps back to try to figure out what you're doing what we've got a young third baseman. I mean I played with a dad I mean he's a great kid he's going to be good. What's he gonna do polish you know translate to the big league level whole time. Get a taste of Boston got pieces of the Pablo we don't have probable looking over shall overall Boston so you never really knew where he was going to be army at all and then when you come the first base and we have a a great guy a great kid who had an option era a period of time and Major League Baseball it didn't work. Went overseas for a few years and came back in and could be an answer but he he may have to take time to work into that answer so it deeply to project. Numbers number nine which also got to look at look at your roster you know there is going to be our opening day starter if you could have this in turn figures at last actually a breakout year. Snagged it just all the yes absolutely. What will poker double and ultimately gonna get. Is that how it progresses it's going to be able close struggle a little bit in the sport and we brought him and we put him impediment to closer. You know it is telling Malone did a good clean up a little stuff that it is not a great field of governor you know lefties gonna pull what is turning left now. Lot of things are seniors and shortstop to them you're just an all glove guy you know back. You know we got a lot I was gonna move around herta I mean we got guys are catching situation. Lotta bull old habits and I'm 78 wins. Pelham clap and when I'm here I'm jumping up and down from all that to me you know me global work probably worked and the like played many other cities habitable look at my whole life but. I just don't want people to be upset in an inning role that we've got to realize the plant and David Starr that it management sent out. In the very beginning don't lose track but I always go back to the Tommy John surgery I Tommy John surgery. Doctor says doctor Andrews told me all ten to twelve months. Know what every single person gets about eight months mark in the sink their Superman and think they're better than the next guy. Body doesn't lie and it takes twelve months. Get help from Tommy John surgery nobody's super nobody's good nobody's going to be done in eight months would be pitching competitively. Many people think this is a long term goal for the Milwaukee Brewers and I think I think it's a work I really do. Amber fans throughout the state of Wisconsin on the bill Michaels shall right now. I I sympathize with with your thoughts. And Pauly says be patient and and I'll I'd just have been transparent with all this handling the post game in Milwaukee that. Don't have any pace I just I wanna win that I. If you don't want to win now so it's it's okay there's there's others out there just like me poly. Sticks academy had a nice conversation with Marcus handle down in Arizona last week any of some nice things to say about six academy. Going into the drink obviously we know Cruz for kids mark this is kid and I've known forever matter sent me and market got drafted together back in 1989. And Marcus Martin been up there are still academy Dawson the new facility Shaw and Smith put it together with Tommy Celtic and those guys they're whole group of people on tour at this facility yours absolutely top notch its ideal it's awesome. You just walking into just a beautiful beautiful place where. They're not necessarily just baseball to me this won't solve what we have across kid coming out of marine did not disclose commanded play lacrosse. Scott who. Call rugby there's a lot of different things that are going I would facility rental agent are available folk healed urban thirteen rentals are allowable. What is the knights opened up to softball we have now and the senior softball on Wednesdays from wonder so many comments. 210 a week or 220 feet down the left field line center field about 216 so. Good softball we can put you nine you'd care and you eleven. The young kids to play to be at that you awesome facility you got to get over there. Sticks academy dot com right. That's it's it's academy dot com and questions become the number and talked to Sharks went directly shot the ball answering your questions all Wagner we will. Talk again throughout the 2017. Championship season right. Absolutely can it be good Jordan talk. Always a pleasure Pauley is. There feels Paul Wagner former big league M Brewers pitcher. He joined us on the Schneider own child Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they may get it done. Call them 844. Brighter go to Schneider jobs act out.