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New food & beverage experience coming to Miller Park!

Mar 23, 2017|

03/23/17: Rick Schlesinger, Milwaukee Brewers Chief Operating Officer, reveals the new features and promotions that you will find at Brewers games this season!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome in from the Milwaukee Brewers CEO Rex lessing air wreck how are you man. It's been good to see again it was fun spending time with you were in Phoenix and is could have tucked it here. Yet you know what Rick I got I gotta say and I want to thank you and and Doug Melvin are also and I've conveyed this. This story on the air time or two since that occurred that that the relaxed form of watching baseball with sue. Of the higher ups in the brewers' organization was just really a treat for me wreck IAI gotta say it was wrong one of my favorite parts of any trip to Arizona it was really cool. Well appreciate that you know it's lost but he I would darkened in you know given you know what is it 303540. Years in the game. And just you know he's he's that he sees things he observes things he notices things that. Is that even the heart what our corporate and doesn't you learn a lot just by spitting pure luck in the game with a minutes it's what has been dominant in YouTube and it's. It's don't play so short I mean you've got some great insights into this game and it's fun it's fun to deal with it and talking it and can here and warm weather and a Russian baseball integrity in any better. Yeah note no kid nine a week from Monday the opener or enough. Flip the lid on this season here Rick and and I know was one of the things a Markota now CEO's always done here over the years is make sure the fan experiences there and and I think that's pretty important. And you guys have really are unveiled a new food and beverage department then die you gotta be pretty pleased with that. Yeah it's it's you're up there rite of and I think are are sort of bunker here are secure the fans in the one of the ways which are the fans is to keep Miller Park City or you know we we know. Fans have paid for this ballpark and it's our job as custodians of the ballpark to maintain it at the highest possible level and this offseason was our most ambitious project. That the team is undertaken is ballpark opened visit to complete transformation of the beverage experience. You know not just the physical plants. And all the equipment all the visual identity but for wrong idea the food quality of the food. All these new specialty bars. In new consistency and more points of sale make transactions quicker. Minimize the Lions provide more righty and better quality its its sort of really big deal to us and it's been a labor love it's been a full court press and did literally you know other just two and the dusting. Right now and in the produce and you know next week over excited it is to the election's going to be. Leanne idea noticed the that the draft that was there unleashing the Beers that would be available in. I think that we've we've been past the days of you know. Dear being so evil activate your team me as the Brewers. The bargain quiet as Miller Park you know. Righted optional let me read we are obviously very proper association know scorers it and you know what there's there's no question that we take seriously fancy the and that's it behavior in. You know and maybe this this sounds like in preacher in. Pretend requirement you know 99.9. Percent of our fans for the come here they're responsible. There're there reading teaching good behavior. If they have some Beers there doing it responsibly. There's no question we worry about that point 1% of fans who maybe don't act responsibly and we try to deal with that but. Again it's it's it's it's there are great partner were really glad that they Parker with this in the in this experience in the holy. Increase in the number of Miller you're. Pointed sale but also the craft Beers and again it's is part of you know. Get to the fans what they want and they want Friday they want equality. And they want speed in the servicing of the concessions were needing to deliver all of that and they pulled level. Interesting conversation I had with a Craig Counsell a few years ago and Ian conveyed a story that. Doug Melvin had approached him and the team and it's sad in a in a full team meeting that. That the fans are. Vital in a market this size the fans are vital in Milwaukee here and I fully agree with that night and I completely understand certainly during a rebuild wrecked that. Yeah we're not we're not as much as I would like to. Like to do a ninety mile south of us a lot to be hoisting the World Series. Championship flag at Miller Park looser and then I would make my job very. Easy because I would literally could put up signs saying game today and you you know 40000 people show up. But the reality is our fan base is incredibly past incredibly supportive I won't tell you that don't every year. Markets and out due addresses the club at the beginning of spring training. And every year. He brings to the club that notion that our fans are really important to us that Milwaukee is special place that we have a tradition here. Dye her support. The players have to respect that they have to be proud of it and they have to honor it. And it's a privilege to play baseball of the facility like Miller Park and it's a privilege for these players play in front of such a meeting fans and he'd make that clear. And the players get it in Craig Counsell. Local boy. Played here for many years grow up here reinforces that message as well also the players I do think having special bond with the fans here because I think the honesty and the importance of the fan support here not only to making your replaced the plate but also obviously. As a great source of revenue for us that we can use to turn guilty of these qualities. Rick slicing your seal all of the Brewers are guest here on the Schneider on chalk outline of the bill Michaels show. About Rick little insight in my off season here emitted a project to a go through all of my eight and sorry I'm dating myself here. All of my cassette tapes in in. You are dating yourself oh man yeah I didn't. I think it's track. Speak a little better I have a few of those Riddick the worst garage. This juror so having been in this business since 88. This to go through and one of the things that I found I I found it quite fascinating in all my eyes to what goes on with a baseball organization. Off the field was an interview that I I'd listen to this few weeks ago Jim pol when he interviewed Wendy Selig pre. And when when they had the accident at Miller Park they actually had to do a farewell year twice. For mil thrower county stadium. I just found it in I can't air it here because I grabbed it off the flagship for whatever but. You know I would love Q and and maybe sometime in the post game show all transcribe that thing but. It was really fascinating that they had to do that twice in the challenge was there. In winner rebuild is going on the challenge is there for you guys too it's just Matt huge happy at the top your game racked. Yeah you know I'm I would want to equate wood went the been in this organization to go through was you know with the. And it certainly not sure that blitzers are. Eddie you know different different seasons was different challenges enough probably that. I look you know I'm excited for we've got here and and I relish the challenge and is it harder to sell tickets when you're rebuilding absolutely is harder to convince sponsors to come on board would certainly absolutely but. Our staff has really been incredible. And they have really pushed it full court press to not be distracted. By the challenges but look at them as opportunities themselves with like a shade properly that we we are really energized and it helps that they you know we've got a young. Group of players. Who have incredible enthusiasm. And we have a great crop of young prospects or is it shouldn't. I'm migrate from Biloxi. And Colorado Springs and played Milwaukee and in that enthusiasm is it is you know strategic us. And it's you know with the yellow explained he witty young manager with the hunt general manager and his energy his enthusiasm there's purpose. There's sophistication there's incredible internal intelligence it's it's funded it's permeating everything sort excited about 4070 despite challenges. And I'd Sparky and I of talked about the several times over the years Rick and we've we firmly believe it's it's a winner. And that is you'd be love your Bobble heads right. Okay. What are we in her face some of the record companies into promoting a little button you push on Micah Tim McGraw Bobble night so the first 5000. Subsidized. By the record company they get the bottle has and it promotes his new CD. It's a winner. We do. Well you know now that I used to you suggested that Utley on the Airways I feel like this is public domain and I can secure. Monetize it take credit for and not to you're royalty. We didn't flatter me you know what I'd be flattered if if I had an impact like that we had an impact like that I would need a I'm on that stuff but it. I would give you the credit I would take some of but it gets you so you know it's interesting these rated because we have in the past. We've had some cards and it's a little Bobble heads and obviously. You know we did things about you car alarm clock which which obviously had does Davis get up get up get out of bed. In in there's no question that. You know the audio card does add a dimension. To a Bobble head it does at any nice cost. So we've got to figure out 10 lead but it's not a bad idea actually but he is one of the things candidly you know though because gaullist. You know you have a player with a paper walk ups on and unity you have a little in the you know hospitals those snippets from his walk ups on as part of his problem that. Challenging courses you gotta get the musical rights and you know which you do that. But no disrespect to be three it was in the show but you know the attorneys. Attorney I can agree that if they they cause issues but it's it's an interesting can't. Idea he had his given some thought so we we can't way reckless and anything you need for me out ought. Open door policy on the post and show aren't. I appreciate that and I again I want you to keep. Either publicly Ers privately keeps getting ideas I'll probably come out they close the credit for my won't be up but you'll be enhancing the fan experts in the apart and that's one of your job. Can't wait Monday a week from Monday opening day and it's another season. And the build continues Rex last singer is the a C all all of the Milwaukee brewers' Rick are preceded the time great seeing in Arizona we'll see of this week or next week. They keep him and look forward to spending a lot of time if you discover. Not right take it easy to areas Rick's lessing are joining us in the Schneider orange hotline Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years that we get it done. Call them 844. Kreider additional jobs that I cannot wait me and it's just like we beat them people say and I apologize for the close Avis like Christmas morning for me. As you can understand. Doing brewer talk show for now away into twelve years. Dream come true cannot wait huge brewer fan for since I've been born. Well bruised and exist back down but 1972. My first Brewers game I attended. And it's been just. I've been love with the team ever sense now than in blow set have so absolutely not World Series please wants. And that will try for number two more the bill Michael show next.