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Has your perception of the Bucks changed since the All-Star Break? Their play sure has!

Mar 23, 2017|

03/23/17: Wendy's BIG SHOW 2PM Hour - Ramie and Sparky asking you if your perception of this Bucks team has changed in the last month! Also a little sandwich talk on the BIG SHOW!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Shot eight throwback Thursday our running back awful long way this team's marquee fight for in the holds Chevrolet studios. They'll maybe top Schmidt other side of the glass empty backfield no interns this afternoon David cash on solo they're flying solo back here so you can handle the job I have fans and if we have a lot Kevin your way. Between now and 6 o'clock Mike McCarthy joins us at 248 at that when now it's the Bucs chief operating up use. We want peace and say what on because he wanted to see me freak out why did you say Mike McCarthy to forty -- figured out on their when he comes onto forty that in the back of my mother and him on oversell than have people certain oversell his say it's maturity got their radios that 248 day zoo and that's not your fault I guess aren't from for the rest of the sour that all tees -- that was our casino party rule and out you know the audience is always roll no idea that's true always changing. Every fifteen minutes he ever knew audience according to some people. Jerry ball for Milwaukee basketball in Saturday he'll join us at 335 to talk about Joseph red hot boxed. Maria talk about them in just a second and John MacNamara. 48 talk about this matter is run and how deep. It can go and a four star linebacker and got yesterday although that's well put in the probably got more star linebacker yesterday that's what I'll talk to bat flew past my radars marked ought to be up I depend on you from my recruiting news I'll be out at you don't know why do I did but I just wait for you to tell me because otherwise that's if you're if you're excited about it -- -- appear to be excited about I'm anxious easy what do you sensible find out about -- given up at 448. Right now we wanna know ahead your perception and expectations. Of the Milwaukee Bucks changed. Since the all star break 79920 pick deep. Or you can email us live at what 057 FM the fan dot com what did you just see and your computer screen a major pitcher facing your hands on December prospect chemical and Tommy John surgery DeVon Williams. Burress is confirmed as well get out of the way now that's. To get it. They don't need him for another two or three years and has got her just get out of the way it out you know both gather get indeed that is aboard their career especially if you're hard thrower so just get it out of the way. That's whole other topic for an on the show they're Tom of that during the World Baseball Classic about. Kids at play. In states where they can play a year round baseball first kids are playing cold weather states like new York and they were relating it to Marcus Coleman last night who had a no hitter through six. On a World Baseball Classic and how he is from New York so he didn't. Played year round and how that's less Wear and tear on ER. Because he wasn't able to play year round like kids from Florida or California or Texas and how it actually benefits. Dole's athletes not playing year round some crazy which and out of a form of sea feel fortunate in Milwaukee baseball player. Argue the Bucs win again last night and got a lot of help along the way the Hawks the Pacers and the heat all lost. It's not a bucks with a full game between them in the heat who have eight seed. They're tied for the six seed with the Indiana Pacers and just a game out from the Atlanta Hawks for the fifth seed may play the Hawks tomorrow. At the B martyrs Bradley Center spark he's on afterwards at the Milwaukee Bucks pick and say post game show. I gotta say. Another a lot of people out there who were still. Part of that waiting for the other shoe to drop. Crowd when it comes to the Milwaukee but I've been followed person you're talking about it regardless of broke our dollars in oh. I'm gonna tell you I I don't post game shows are his boss weekly I haven't really had any negativity. Tweets phones otherwise emails. Say oddest won't last it'll never last I haven't file now I'm to argue not I have not had a single person. Saying that this is they're gonna collapse noble screw this up not want isles get the sense that when things are going good for the bucks people just feel like okay this is high when does the low come dying right now I had a mean maybe those few more out there and I just you know don't call a react I wanna hear from you people just are we haven't had a 206 the first few people of Russia seven died died twelve pick here you can email us live. And what 057 FM the fan. Dot com my perception out. Sort of one of those people because it's been such a roller coaster ride for me this year's Sparky it comes to the bucks. Every tab I start to believe in them they go the other way which is why stop making predictions right and proclamations about the Stephen I've just sitting back. And enjoying the ride. Before the all star break. We're talking about before the all star break. What I said about it people wanting to tank I want the latter I wanted to tanked when I said yes no no you didn't about the tank which surprised me it was like ms. RO big show and it worked out and it didn't work out. But I've gotten firm room wanting to tank to yesterday we talked about. What teams you think the Bucs have a chance against a playoff series said all of them except for the cavs all the ones that you. Could potentially throttled Washington Boston I'd give a chance in the series against any one of those teams on a matter of what three weeks. Is that how long it's been since the all star break I've gone from wanting this team to take. To thinking this team can win. A playoff series and advance to the second round and even give the cavs run for their money in there and take that series to five or six games some might. My perception and expectations of the Bucs have changed dramatically. Since the all star break. Have you had your swing been that great or no. Now. But again I react a little malls far I think I've been pretty calm cool and collected this year and post game job only had one major freak out. Com war I was pretty much done and everything involved said they're past yeah major change one way or the other whether it's coaching staff or gutting out this roster outside your core players the trade deadline on this was before the trade deadline. And they obviously did he do that. I and this thing turned around with Milton coming back to a one supposedly super tough practice after the Nuggets game arm and everything's worked out and they pretty much play hard. Every single game since that practiced on a six game winning streak. And you on the West Coast trip or a road trip has meant as I was is Moscow sent about. You gonna six game road trip you go foreign to where. Most people thought 33 wood and Angels and is all on the bill Michael shows that he would have an out route to a four before the road trip started so. To go 33 on the road trip we've been good for into was unheard of and that's exactly what they pulled off after one against the kings last only Riley pointed out. I think now you look at this bucks basketball team you say yourself. Nara. Not now ledger here I think the fear of as Ronnie would call it the other shoe dropping of damn going back to where they work you know month month and a half ago. But that's all dissipated I don't think anybody's thinking that's going to happen now. Vick we've all Gaza OK this is who we are now the rest and what well how with a roller goes on it a long enough stretch of time now Rami. You'd like you said two or three weeks where. I think you have to believe this is what they are now the rest of the year. But how it the roller. Deride that this season has been with the highs so high in the lows so low. Ten bucks fans this season snap out of that mentality I just can't see that 111. Name Chris Middleton. I it. S before I didn't have Jabbar are high that's nice I didn't buy into. The Chris Milton member of the Big Three necessarily long term. Office bucks team week we're talking a big three's the beginning the year session Bargnani is maybe middle to end maybe on May never get somebody else who knows how this whole thing works out. But now after a Kolb this is all played out he has to be. He just has to be he is the glue guy on this basketball team he is. The guy that that stirs the drink a straw that stirs the during yeah or he stirs your drink for you whatever. But it ain't got a thing goes about this. Is the back that late game situations. Either he hits the shot. Or he's got a body on the same page of what they're supposed to be doing. And the course of the year party in getting here it was just a train wreck in the last formats a basketball game that was close for the bucks an absolute train wreck. The other night they're up what fifteen. And they give up the lead to Portland I'll go rolled. That team earlier this year what do got beat by fifteen or about thirty points owing anybody got absolutely embarrassed in the second half Durbin horrible. This team gives up read. It's themselves many whole fight out and still went a basketball game at a night and day difference. From where this team wasn't say December and January huge deference and. Or me. You have to give. Got quite a bit credit and this whole thing to Chris Middleton and the other part of it as a go to obviously the players are picking themselves up off the ground. I'm bringing it every night and and that coaching staff for hanging in there arm and losing their cool in the media. Like I was doing. That's that's that's around that so your perception hasn't changed because you're never really I never whined and attacker never wanted them to do any of that stuff you never jumped ship. Newton in fact want Lister head about me they were never give back to 500 again. 5600. Or better out there and I said or they're going to go back to 500. Armed and they did get back to 500 there over 500 now so. I never read necessarily wavered about what but it was getting harder and harder for me to defend what was going on and that's what letter of the law multiple scheme. Has your perception and expectations of the Bucs changed since the all star break at how much have they changed is I went from wanting to tanked. To thinking this team. Can be very likely win a playoff series against anybody that they have a chance of facing except for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back out and Sparky thinks that the gloom and doom people are are no longer that you ball. You've all change your ways that you all now believe in this bucks team I think you're still out there and I wanna hear. From you people 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot time he knows the best thing about the Bucs this year Sparky. One half up pizzas meant. Almost every game that they play the following day you get half off to a large regular menu price pizza. At Papa John's because when they score ninety points or more. You get just that half off a large beats all you gotta do is go to Papa Johns dot com into the promo code bucks ninety that's box. The numbers nine and zero in you get half off the large pizza maybe Tosh takes advantage of it every time. Patrick. Dishing from managers and other food topic you know it. So we go went to the mall to the fu Gordon to get to get something to eat yet. And then mall over here by us. As article vacancies in the food court rather's one laughed and dollars a sign of saying what's going there right. It's explain to me why. In all these malls around here for a field square Mayfair. This one south ridge and I'd. Think they shortfalls and in this is well. Why have their eyes why isn't there a single hot beef Italian beef placing any of these who courts. Not one. For the life of me I do not understand you would make a killing if you have an Italian he's right B if Italian beef play yet in a food court and I'm all. I've gone under Ernie mills they don't have what is there. Draw a line. Match auto mall just think about it in you we got me email me or call me and tell me what the ball you find out as an Italian beef place. They don't like what it where the ball over here they got to you place ballots outrage there isn't a rest rats and that's cells are specializes in Italian beefs it's something that's offered on Emanuel a lot of like Chicago style restaurants about what. Portillo as that's one that's just one as the match went marries that they're known San die or 100 they're Italians are you like the whole match near the hot dogs the beef the the the hole on aid is as one of your life that doesn't challenge you well adjusted to I'd be Kevin Cash got a hot dog whatever else. But it's dirt isn't out there isn't a mall. That that I've been to that has a restaurant that features a time beef. Not one food court has that I've dived in to. There are quite a few opening up report shows like five minutes from the station in 84 than Lleyton and had what hole you know what I got out male or whatever it is I signed up for like a sneak peek. Aka free sneak peak at port it doesn't re going to get your meal you know it's like a soft opening make out to make sure that their staff is right. They literally. Sent me a golden ticket to golden tickets in the mail like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory well did you don't worry about it. I think like got here one day a week he got it could he's a host of the Wendy's. Big show. That's why I. It's the Wendy's. Big shelf right. That is what it's all I've got to port today it's pretty much a hot topic until why wouldn't you try to buy all boasts of the Wendy's. Big show to drag you to come over there OK we all know we all live at Wendy's anyhow I was just that Wendy's last night. A joke Grammy for before that doubles that man when they're for the first time last week first time ever ever what's you know it's. Want to first time ever Wendy's turn off as Michael. Yes somewhere else this is rutz the other day I series rusty last night. Because the Bucs do their deal with Wendy's where you get it wouldn't where you can get a free chili. What soft repurchase or whatever it is yeah over a wet but when you win over Wendy Wright yet free slots are parts of me and softer and they after Bucs went. Okay so that would be today because they won last night but having said all that it was brought up to me why don't they do Frost's. Instead of Julie third goal for the Chile what is has really good job. We talked about that I fought powers that be more than IMF but sort of it's because it's like wintertime. I wonder like a frosty sales go down in the winner and then spike up in the summer Odyssey site frosty is all year round in. Doesn't matter now I scream doesn't change you've beaten. Twenty degrees below zero you're gonna go to semis probably even less ice cream in the winter than during the summer beschloss and but no but trustees'. Doesn't matter now I'm if I go to Wendy's there's elected seven need to 80% chance onion prostate doubting. Year round yet in the Summers that's probably spikes like an eighty to 90% chance right. And I'm getting a frosting and nobody's by and me off from I'm loyal to Wendy's and I was just there last night. People continue to try running. While healthy and they're gonna continue to try and don't you fall soccer that you just give those golden ticket somebody else. And I'll get three Portillo does but my body why did you try to talk or their editors Mike Mecca and you know. They're grown Manuel and you know when he's once in your life or the that's a problem Mike double stack before like he needs to sit over there reflect on his life to this point you should should ever did double stacked before last night. I was shocked. I felt sad for a friend a white tees unless he's just never got travels that whenever I saw her weird for peanut butter and jelly sandwich ideal so that doesn't surprise me. Warned Marmol aid in all it was a little weird crash you want to put on it she said that. They make peanut butter that has trailed makes in it yeah I saw that yeah I've never seen that in a storm it. I've given room. In I don't want orange Marmol and on my penis and generally that's that's now occasionally strawberry but emigrate got to meet him. But I digress. Have your expectations and perception changed of the Milwaukee but I'll break. And how are Simon Dawson. Seven that natural picked here you can email us live at what 057 FM the fan back out. Talk about food if nobody wants to talk about this and Wendy's big serve returns in the holds Chevrolet studio. Apparently Skid Row ought to go back Thursday presented by masters he is. Running back awful long way Steve Sparky Phifer baby tout other side of the glass asking you have your reception and expectations of the Bucs changed since the all star break and how much. If they have 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan and I kinda got. I'm update I got an update here on the when he frosty smooth Greg two deficit and Amaral to frost is after four goals are scored at home maybe they needed to do something different. OK with about anyone diversified funds write them that would make sense to jab great things for a tweeting and he's a big admirals fan I know. Charles we don't the fan Chris Middleton reminds me able pour man's col Y Leonard. And saying quote pour man's. Might be disrespectful. That is Charles. Honey like that comparison Middleton a pour man's RY Leonard. On the offensive side of the court I can see that although quite lettered as a little bit better at creating his own shot and getting to the wrecked. I'm on the defense aside Snyder close. Why Leonard is a defense a player of the year candidate you're in and year out Chris Middleton. Is I know I know that. He's he's a vital in terms of setting the defense and telling everybody where they need to beat. But his one on one defense. And I'm being generous leaves a lot to be desired. And it's nowhere near acquire Leonard's one on one defense right. And Milton again but we tell what individual defenders at least Milton now's the trying to position and he should be defending incidents haven't guards to position which is what he was having to do last year. So the least we're going in the right direction. From that standpoint. If you don't the other thing too about where this bucks team is right now going forward. Now all. I just wonder if you start looking at seeding. Now if you're the box. I wonder if it's knowledge the point out is in baseball right Ronnie and we got about scoreboard watching and Tim Allen for the Brewers will SARS scoreboard watching in April. As far as what the Cubs are Duma the Karlsruhe where the Brewers are in and literally in April boom he scoreboard watching joined other teams are done. As you should a lot of other fans those aren't even bothered to watch scoreboard watching until after the all star break and that of the Brewers are and then they'll start caring ball everybody else is doing at that point. Baseball players in general normally we'll tell you that they really don't scoreboard watch at all until like the last week or so. All of the season weaker too of the season. The interesting thing elvis'. If I was reading that the Hawks apparently were doing just that. That they were kind oh. Let not the Hawks the Celtics were kind of looking at. What Cleveland was doing what Toronto was doing well Washington was doing and they got themselves into a funk and and they came together as a enough was enough quick. We're in it are seeing quit worrying over going to be one in the east busload of play basketball and may quit paying attention everybody else and then they got hot again and now. As Isiah Thomas or any other play about as high level levels are gonna play probably. I'm at this point so it took away from the Celtics according Isiah Thomas when they started getting into the scoreboard watching couple weeks ago it really put into a Faulk. You're the bucks. You're a game. Got Atlanta you're tired and yeah for six would you god tiebreaker so you sit six right now. Are you at that point now after you play Atlanta. Of watching to see what Atlanta and Indiana are doing now for the last ten games of the season after a Friday nights I don't know how you'd I don't know how you don't wanna say eyes on the prize tickets and I remarks about watching and yet I haven't. Are your body to baseball. And very rarely you know that guy I don't know rarely any NFL. Will you hear somebody say we seventeen yelled this this this and that's play out. Then okay maybe there Petit watch it is a term that year associated north baseball than any other sport you don't you're with him that's because I think that's only because. Baseball's the only sport where they put the entire out of town scoreboard. Up on the score board somewhere in the park and in the outfield some Bulldog out since right you don't see that in basketball but I got imagine. That when these guys go back to the locker minute pick up their phones or whatever the case may be in they start. Do and going through social media Bucs have yet the rotating NBA scores of one of those smaller Jumbotron thump in the corner Russia cobble them. Up in the corners but you got to sit there and really look at it a while during for your sort of come during games know and honestly I don't want out of mom baseball players. Paying too much attention to that score board while the game is going out an eye on the prize do you take care of the task at hand. And let everything else fall remain beat but was to get back to the locker room these guys. Know what's going on in the standings the Bucs know. I'm talking about the players they know the help that they got last night. With Miami. Atlanta at Indiana and Detroit all losing games on the same night that they want again yeah I don't quite and they know that they have a chance to even things up with the Hawks when they when they take a month tomorrow night at the Bradley Center again they don't have Gregor of the Hawks but even dubbed as good needs Doug -- better record than Atlanta played resemble so you're you'd be even with Atlanta at ten games left on your schedule. For a five seed. Think that lead in the week. Am tweet that a fan great to look at sitting but they're just as close at sea as the art of being out of. Not gonna do it. I'm very strong feelings on the bucks chances to make the playoffs. As July I'm not in this I'm not gonna save them here on the year that it don't want to jinx Solomon angles batted people write you yeah you're adorable shirts I am wearing a buster starting Impreza big trip band yeah another huge trip that Davis went four and two are no question nobody thought that they can do that no. Every get a little bit more into how impressive that is coming up and the 4 o'clock hour compared to another impressive feat. In the world of basketball here in the state of Wisconsin that's coming up at four but yeah I'm up at the sponsor today because I'm happy for the Milwaukee Bucks parking. Try not to get too carried a wake has whenever I do. It seems to think what you but I am with. I'm excited about this basketball team and I think like I said yesterday. They have a chance of winning a playoff series something I haven't seen since I start since I came here and started covering in following this team. And really started to like this team try to be quite honest with you I haven't seen it happened. And my time as as a quote on quote Bucs fan. How did it give you the fear the deer here who remember even feared interior. John Salmons got I've played like fumbles and Michael Jordan during coming carnation or Michael Jordan's again here in all kinds of shot ten game winning shots carrying a box on their eye on his back. They get into the playoffs are all over the national media for the sole fear the deer thing that they started doing in games. I'm a Dallas because of the sport center anchor that they kinda point at I think it was a Scotty Anderson John and John Anderson. I he's on a kind of point the whole thing and got it going in to this day passes Bucs fans still use it. That was a pretty crazy atmosphere going in need that one. I don't think you have that same type of momentum as you didn't fear the dear your right now even as far as around town around the city as far as people getting jacked up. I and you. A prime example where were inning last night Jeff for a lost it was produced in the post inch and and we were talking off the air. About the Boston Friday night and I've been hammering please buy your tickets for a box game Friday night the bashers gonna be in town. They're doing pick and save our probable for the for the women are coming for half our defense to join us on the big show tomorrow caressing up. Figured stabilizing. They were there Floral Park into the first 5000 women that show up. I as well I have a chance skit meeting greets all that fun stuff and they're to big game for the blessing a talent so I was promoted that last that I'm here trying to get people to go buy tickets. Don't lost in a break us. Dude. What are you thinking man you know what tomorrow night against and the let's Mona. That there's magic sixty ain't. Jeff what's have a big event like 9 o'clock going right. The Bucs are seven and you'll be done like quarter after not one after not walk yourself to a bar water street or whatever gold watch a badger game. He's like Nam and I'll tell you it's gonna hurt their tennis did you wonder why goat of the game and missed the badgers like they're not miss the badgers are gonna miss now maybe he had to be perfectly tentativeness in its the first game gets done on time and they're no good push back on the second game. Now factor. Right now you can do ball not it's what I think it was badgers at seven box and seventh and I you had to make a choice. Okay then maybe I'd say David Beckham affect the box but should not affect the box and if you're reasoning for not want to go the bus in a brown eyes as the badgers play at 9 o'clock your Corey. It's put me out for your praise our lines up perfectly housing at the schedule out yeah there's going to be a great night of basketball don't box and and a waste. Yup and hopefully they both win and move on and be good. Can we get back on the subject of food for a second real quick. Now wasn't supposed to be a subject at all no I know but we talked about it the first saint Mary and I was eating lunch during the break Tim Allen put in the such men ever realized that before. Does a sandwich taste better when somebody else makes a four year. And a final to match I've ever thought about it to meld sorted it out while we're on our trip to Arizona. And my girlfriend has bacon sandwiches Fred that week. And he throws at this so bad set when stayed so much better. Would somebody else makes him for you and I thought I'd made a good sandwich and she's been making less enriches Evers is their baby Tauscher at the better when someone makes it for your. Is my might back out yes I can back god yeah it's pretty decent. Thirst give Santa I only got one I don't know what I don't know what the issue cameras get sandwiches for launch every day. Missouri maybe Josh and he was down a steep. She's got two of their day I've this week instead riches for Tibi. Not jealous I've this week exam riches for Tibi. It's everyone loves Tim. I walking in a slight Kuwait. We ideal this guy you know I'm in the rest of your career or wants and I got mine and and that's all works nights a week on the franchise. That's true not that are bigger I gotta say coined the lead blocker so that was. I that week there is what is the most I've ever spent with baby touch heavily hug I've only seen him mostly Edward can come to a couple of my open mics or whatever but I've. We were closer than we were before I just thought we bonded a lot baby Taj and a our relationship is different now than it ever was. It's a funder to hang out with a leg maybe touch more than I did before that trip and I liked him just fine before but. I like him even more now good dude get the chip have you you've hung out with maybe touch. Yeah I'm already asked you know report comes from a Little League games the main you know with the sponsored yeah funded well like anybody out there. Its this it. How big smile on my face real depressed when you guys talking about watching basketball there are the ball last 6 o'clock am aggregate to watch any of its last six. OK he'll run nude works out well I'm actually going back to I was and I was gonna get slam form an update now not thirty so just so just praise just praise for eBay because of I had a good time out there. Especially at the strip club. Toot my mom is. What you guys don't remember tennis when you should not a further conversational Zomorodi it will I got the whole recap when I'm later that night whole house is ready doubts yeah about your girlfriends. Mean what your girlfriend. Yeah conversely it came having conversation like yesterday when I showed the picture and Rami and I just old bats were that was thrown. Its budget it's. The is cigarette if you're listening to me is cigarette paid for this gentleman's club that we widger and abusing gentlemen very loosely in this kissed. That it the head of a better but doing dancing with the Uzi like is like a who's he would joie golf Lockett that's that's an eyelid open lock clock it was going to be as I later found out to somebody in Photoshop my head onto walker flock is body with. That baby its options over my shoulder smiling. It's a great picture of our bacon by Twitter profile picked reds keep forgetting. The good times good times and Arizona baby touch I'm glad you came along we'll get a quick break on the other side of the bar ball might have met his match in terms of people who say crazy things and Sam very loudly. It's the Wendy's big show or in the holds Chevrolet studios will be right back. You know this song right. Never this thought I had a good song I would bet that I won't know one song that we play that sent. You never listening to classic rock this isn't classic grass this and this is eighties era. That this is classic rock is Led Zeppelin The Beatles Jimi Hendrix seventy truck series a year I don't know you're an old guy. No let's go over the past does not just for you bonus because I had this conversation the other programs only says this is a class crowd totals are. I had this conversation in the other programs analyst. He said that the old least change. Because as you advance. The old he's now are the eight east. That's that's the only is now are the ease because your. Twenty years removed 25 years removed from one I was actually bled to what are years removed from the one it was played. Now our parents are parents say the oldies are the sixties right that's all these this eighties that's not all these. Right but it is based on how far away a lot as that is now classic rock I hate the rickety old guy. But that now and week but that number by trying to beat that now it's kind of that classic stuff yeah he lives up what is still classic rock and all that but. That falls to a went into what years out from something and I don't think skid rolled endings DeRozan twenty years out. Arm now they are there from the eighties aren't that. I think so yeah so I think they eighties early ninety's yes older they're probably not in that that John right now at this point I'm I'm and I get I don't. Was in a lot of class rock stations but I'm guessing that would fit into what they're probably playing now so might turn out a classic rock station. Their playing the Skid Row wouldn't and Hanlon in Palin. Really it. Obviously and so again I I I thought there I don't I shouldn't I thought there is a distinction between classic rock stuck classic rock was like the the early days the innovators of rock and roll like some of those bands and that is named off a through from your parents' day. But now we're getting to our parents' age so now it's changing. That's the difference yes it that's what it what Ferguson's why got a radio I'm not saying that it's it's that is classic and a lot of people that led to stop that there is a distinction between classic rock which is sixties and seventies rock. And then eighties hair band rocked. You figures he's here Barack Forman and his country I know there is on the Sirius Satellite Radio I'm talking about right arm strength Brett OK go head. Now bows I was done at a stop that there is I thought classic rock was literally what. The early days of rock and roll was classic rock guys rock and roll hasn't been around that long to start right probably like the fifties as we know what today. I thought that was like the first two or three decades of rock and roll was considered classic rocked. And then 80s90s was a different category and if a distinction between the two you know what why started in radio I worked we have programmers and I was building I was in at I was it. Intern for Tim Allen half back when we work every position commotion they were a classic rock station so wasn't tunnel led zap land and all that stuff for sure. But that would it is 1994. Of them so that was a long time ago that was over twenty years ago so obviously. That's initial blow plays up one itself could they do but now you start adding some more of these bands probably from the eighties. Into you know what year played list is on a day to day basis and again I'm not a programmer for classic rock and I don't have pre -- classic rock a my radio but it just makes sense going along with. What are programmer but only station told me of they're playing any music now for a least because it's twenty plus years or. I've got hold their can Greenfield who says Sparky is right but before you tell me why Sparky is right where your credentials to tell me Sparky is right Derek and Greenfield. Well aren't sixteen years old. And he's right art class and we are out any. Music. Were classic rock before that was set went for the Hendricks Powell. They're considered all be. In the eighties metal metal bands are considered classic rock. A you know. Thank you very much and Purdue who's. With all due respect to his Derek agreed to hear from a program guessing he listens to a classic rock station I don't need a programmer a call in all he needed to do is listen to classic rock stations in this town. Or anywhere. And tell me of their playing ski at Roland summit he's eighty air bans I'm guessing they all and I say this a losing record that's and so point otherwise your. You're Democrat he's gonna die off that I thought it was called classic rock because it was the early days of rock and roll I thought that's right got the term classic rock yet. But in what were oldies. All these is like is from the same era but more of deep pop. But yeah article easy listening to music like it. The Beatles well yes that's not that I don't think their play much Beatles anymore on the oldies format necessarily that's now. Performance called golden ring or soft and she got Bosnia some normal science so happy the building we're NASCAR is a US advanced. Span sport I don't think anybody listening really cares one way or the other. Does it take cigarette it's a great radio PT whatever conversations all semantics that it really doesn't matter light just like which is like let's go or other or quickly with our nominees for a throwback Thursday. Jeff for a loss Q is on the other side of the glass last week was the one who unfortunately nominated Skid Row some baby Tosh. Gets to first nominee this week would you like to hear baby town green gays and classic rock owned stereos and hit it Zach classic Roddick. Green Bay classic crowd not the pomp and tonight he's is a classic Vrabel are another park he's into the classic yet I don't get I don't view diamond rocked their pump music. I don't know that's a classic home format currently should be helped our spring festival at Carol they just announced rollback jams it's he ninety's steam yeah. Does that make you feel me as a result that's exactly what it's if it's twenty years or older it's throw back right yet. I agree yeah but that turned a total prize you're running you when with green every day Argo Kenny Rogers Kenny Rogers for a spark Ari got mine for next week. For next week yeah out. Okay give me a time of year it is. I do. No I don't. Went last night we can finish off the are best friends guys now not. What what would you have what would you go back or it Jimmy Ellis and we got to get to Mike McCarthy Ellis didn't say actually I change I'm sure the math and it would be right didn't. WW the team's all for Italy I only had a wrestle mania this weekend are what 65 year old guys rust and this year. Undertaker Maggie and under Jaeger back again he's wrestling Roman Raines number ticked about it I know I'm gonna make a prediction right now and it's not a nice one else I know I know he's got seasonal series ahead of the count to three together what. Let's just out I'm gonna predict what you're gonna say we'll both say that one out and all of that okay all right 123. Somebody joined now. It rained yelled out summons and dine and all the guys get a diagram and a heart attack in their rink if he sold and tell you that's where this is that you keep bringing back all these old jokers trying to. I doubt he's right I happened this there was a report today that Shawn Michaels was offered a match very well. Glad he's not actually have a shot after Byrd what whatever title Goldberg and Britt are treated sticking about a comeback. If you listen to Rick player you can barely likes his own name I know that he wants to wrestle spark is right semis gonna die dude. That's that's work your six. Oh yeah. You're not funny man. I was watching that favored you and all of our guys. And download man that was the worst okay well that was that was the way they district athletic Atlanta but Jersey Vince should have canceled at Shell. And you read yet they kept going out they were crying to walking out one wrestler after another they were bawling their I doubt crying. Then medical Russell match convinced they want to give money back to people. That was one a single dumbest things that I received its been ambles and. Your nominees for a throwback Thursday WWE thieves Kenny Rogers Alice in Chains go if one of those or erode. Preacher artist at 1057 FM the fan but the hash tag big throw back 25 delegates ticket. Two masters he's on the line in batter is geared. Has arrived in masters he's they have a jerseys clearance sale going on right now and really any thing that you want with the Wisconsin Badgers logo on it they got it like backed bar stools. Back list bar stools. Three shade billiard lambs Tiffany billiards Lance anything you need. For your man came with the batters logo on it they got it over and masters he's check out their two locations Waukesha and Glendale. And find out more about a at masters he's dot com Mike McCarthy joins the Wendy's big show mad and holds Chevrolet studios announced sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Yeah this is actually the name of the song. No I think this song is quicksand. Get outside set quicksand gain that's spot I'd say quit saying do you know quicksand he's yet percentages that's really the name of the song that. I wish I kind of I don't really but I kind of wish I had time to listen to the words and find out what that. Hell they're talking about what are they putting weeks in jeans and you say quicksand he's and then follow that up with a hell reference what Hal has that's. It's quick is this particularly quick slant to QB talk in quicksand Jesus was says it's a quick said Jesus. Most Tucson if I don't get real fan. Yeah Mike McCarthy already had was decked out there aren't you know there is other great midwest bank not lad he's the chief operating officer. Of the bill lock he Bucs and tomorrow night. You can spent a night with nick vile the bachelor at the B more cares Bradley setter. I'm a Milwaukee Bucks as the Milwaukee Bucks take on the Hawks at 7 o'clock the first 5000 women through the door. Getty floral gift courtesy of pick and save and a limited number of VIP packages including a ticket an exclusive meet and greet. With the bachelor are available for just twenty dollars Mike what's the connection between the box and the bachelor I did this all come about. Well. To be honest with you Tuesday young lady in my office works with us a lot of projects they Jets line. And we. We were gotten getting to talk and he's big fan of the show. And one thing led to another we realize how close to home he was walker show to be precise Schmid calls. He's come in tomorrow night and we're celebrating our. The bachelor show with him in attendance and his fiance and you mentioned every. Woman or anybody that wants Rose is gonna get on well into the arena on the national public and not on the court Epstein. Is special meet greet package. I quit for a very modest price of twenty dollar you can get a yeah. And after an opportunity to do a meet greet with him and think people are gonna have a lot of fun and hopefully we'll have. Some folks that are not typically attending bucks games. Coming to see our playing young club that certainly an exciting playoff run as you guys know. Yes there and folks can purchase their tickets or the exclusive me angry with the bachelor nick mile for just forty bucks and it bucks dot com slash. Nick and spend Friday night with the bucks and Knicks bile the bachelor thought he joined Dancing With The Stars to write my. Here is UT's sheet he should be talking to Jeff Klein about that more than me but yet he is in the stars and our. He's apparently pretty good at that too so we're looking forward to spending some time with him and then chatting him up couldn't front of the audience about his various interests. Well this is what we need to do. You got 24 hours I have faith that you can get this done we need to get William Shatner. It to Milwaukee into a bucks game as well. Yet because he's got a campaign to make sure nobody votes for neck for Dancing With The Stars I don't know what his deal but is there but he's all about trying to get him not voted. Forward were dancing with the SARS and really get Shatner on one side to be Myers Bradley Center. Nick and the other I'd like to see what happens. There is that there is a Milwaukee connection Shatner right he appears on one ability yes. Some should be named assured us now he does don't we can get to ya I think that would be eager I'd like to see what he would say the next face to face I think that would be a lot of fun more reality TV what's the reaction been like to this or talking with Mike McCarthy -- chief operating officer since you guys announced. First semis I was just a couple of nights ago did did you guys announce it before that Mike and what's the reaction been to since. Not that the of the deal was actually made with nick on Sunday. And so we didn't announce it until then you you caught the first the announcement and I would say it's not over very well there's a lot of young ladies that are shorter interest seeing him and being around him that had not necessarily gotten themselves out of the box game yet and that that was our goal. And that that's not to say there aren't smattering folks think it's a little strategy be going which. Roses and falling in love at a desk all game but you know what. Something for every format for everybody and we we'd like to what we'd like to get our exciting young club in front of this many nutritious pops absolute. This last pretty active waited as liver last night and want to box out tickets or post game show I I was talking about this promotion. I'm in the job that you guys I have done full marketing perspective. Arm and what's going on and I got a tweet here while we are actually just about ready to start the big show. And from Mike which we did at the fan as Gregory had just finished must post game. Podcast by far marketing is 100 times better. Austin's I was in Milwaukee from 2011. To 2013. We had. I'd DJ GA from kiss FM on nighttime ship he was kind of cozy with me last night and he died about when he moved here. I you really didn't see any bucks billboards Bucs anything between a driver males corners to where he lets in downtown Milwaukee and since you guys came in. Now he sees buck stuff everywhere. I guess for me. It's the big deal about this is what you said just trying to figure out how to get as many people as possible to a game and then let them experience it and figure out if they wanna come back a second time. But he really is what everybody go to at least one game. At some point here. That's exactly right and once we get him in were pretty convinced that they'll want to see more because. It it's not it's not the team from 2000 and and this is just team that's very hard to not expect good things from open short term and in the long. And if the hook is bringing new the stark television show you watch or. Or one or the other you know. Promotion that we come up with we've been pretty clever this year about it we had the home winning game streak won we had big time rap shows. And we've squeezed on the some pretty clever things with that this wanna wanna oh yeah I think once they come they'll come back because this is a very compelling product on the court. No question and this this product is competing for a five seed right now against and Atlanta Hawks team that's struggling with the injuries Paul Millsap in ten days more. Are they lose last night until the Wizards this bucks team I gave the I net five you know give the Hawks have the tiebreaker but still. You win tomorrow you're even know what at five record with ten games to go and sitting pretty considering where everything was a month ago this is amazing. Pretty good spot. Never say never and it's. You know the team and a lot of work ahead of it but it's certainly on the upswing in the act of a road trip that we just came back from a lot of nice things to see there and now quit writing nine. All their hard work continues to pay off. Condensed to go to a game so the data and you know little Jimmy ended a little Jenny or whatever that why go to busting my mom never really dead you wanna get her there don't you get her there. Yeah odds of getting a failing to come back again or is probably even batter the admirals to a promotion. On that I think is brewing and I think they do it once a year they do like at 103011 o'clock in the morning Damon a Boston thousands of kids. From all these different schools on field trips ought to check out their product. Has there ever been any conversation about doing summing along Dole's lines for game during a buck season. Yeah there has been I wouldn't be surprised if we see something very similar to that next year we've got a lot of clever. Out of the box types think this year and there isn't anything we won't try it would be surprised she used to something very similar to that next year. That is Mike McCarthy outs are like every night here on October. On April 2 so who going to be honoring. Those who serve the country so shall honorably and we're proud to do that wouldn't anymore stretch or April 2 to be seen the right around our celebration our military has lost by got a lot of cool things happen. That is Mike McCarthy chief operating officer of your Milwaukee Bucks are guess for the last few minutes here on the Wendy's big show again. Spent a night with nick while the bachelorette the Bradley Center tomorrow in the Bucs take on the hawks' first 5000 women through the dork at a floral gift courtesy of pick and save. And a limited number of VIP packages including a meet and greet with nick vile are available for just twenty bucks get your tickets or those mean great passes. At bucks dot com slash nick and spent Friday night with a box. And nick bile the bachelor Mike McCarthy greatly appreciate it sir thank you so much for your time. Thank you Richard you too Mike McCarthy joins us on the great midwest bank shot I'm when you'll get ready to get into or back into the housing market. Look no further than great mid West Bank is a great mid West Bank dot com to take the next step. Towards your new probe and Pete treated out during the interview you said you got. Declare pie which Mike McCarthy ideal lead up because I thought it was agreed bay coach going to be juiced so worked you -- is what happened there that's why he's so thanks realistic we now I just don't assume now you never know what you were talking about your lap Phyllis and you may miss the real one we always know we're talking about when you talk about Napa and the know how Steve Sparky Phifer gesture seven area repair shops and not and the Milwaukee area and not. And Milwaukee area and Napa auto care association is exactly where you wanna going to do is go to M I LWC. A Michigan history do you not block area Napa auto care association. And up all you have to do. If you are mingle with a website to get a chance to in free oil changes for a year is the simply sign up for their email club it's not all that difficult it's pretty easy out. To get done not to mention the fact regal and MI LWC a of the area seven repair shops is closest to you all where the closest know how it is. Chair okay where articles is now holly is a TU jagr wanted a M I LWC. A area Napa auto care association. I check not MI LWC. A if not what would you change about it it's Wendy's big show where in the holds several lay studios back great after this a sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.