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Mike McCarthy! COO of the Milwaukee Bucks on the BIG SHOW!

Mar 23, 2017|

03/23/17: Wendy's BIG SHOW - Chief Operating Officer of the Bucks Mike McCarthy joins the BIG SHOW to talk about Bachelor night at the BMOBC!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike McCarthy era it was yes Cabrera and there is out the great midwest bank not lad he's the chief operating officer. Of the Milwaukee Bucks and tomorrow night. You can spent a night with nick bile the bachelor at the beam O'Hair is Bradley setter. On a Milwaukee Bucks as the Milwaukee Bucks take on the Hawks at 7 o'clock the first 5000 women through the dork. Getty floral gift courtesy of pick and save and a limited number of VIP packages including a ticket and exclusive meet and greet. With the bachelor are available for just twenty dollars Mike what's the connection between the box and the bachelor I did this all come about. Well. To be honest with you that was young lady in my office works with us a lot of projects they Jets Klein. And we. We were gotten getting to talk and she's a big fan of the show. And one thing led to another we realize how close to home he was smoke show ought to be precise Schmid calls. He's come and tomorrow night and we're celebrating. The bachelor show with him in attendance and his fiance and you mentioned every. Woman or anybody that wants Rose is gonna get one went into the arena on the national public and not on the court perhaps time. Is special meet greet package. Where for a very modest price of twenty dollars you can. Getting out. And after an opportunity to do a meet greet with him and think people are gonna have a lot of fun and hopefully we'll have. Some folks that are not typically attending bucks games. Coming to see our playing young club that certainly an exciting playoff run and you guys know. Yes there and folks can purchase their tickets or the exclusive me angry with the bachelor nick bile for just forty bucks and it bucks dot com slash. Nick and spend Friday night with the bucks and nick vile the bachelor spot he's sewing Dancing With The Stars to write my. He is UT's sheet he should be talking to Jeff Klein about that more than me but yet it is in their stars and I. He's apparently pretty good at that too so we're looking forward to spending some time with him and then chatting him up there two in front of the audience about his various interests. Well this is what we need to do. You got 24 hours I have faith that you can get this done we need to get William Shatner. It to Milwaukee in to a bucks team as well. Yet because he's got a campaign to make sure nobody votes for neck for Dancing With The Stars I don't know what his deal for best there but he's all about trying to get him not voted. Forward would answer this are some really good Shatner on one side to be Myers Bradley Center. Nick and the other I'd like to see what happens. There is that there is a Milwaukee connection and he appears on one ability or yes. Some should be named cheered us no yellows don't we can get 20 yeah I think that would be eager to like to see what he would say the next face to face I think that would be a lot of fun more reality TV what's the reaction. Been like to this were talking with Mike McCarthy bikes chief operating officer since you guys announced. First semis I was just a couple of nights ago did did you guys announce it before that Mike and what's the reaction been to since. Mount the of the deal was actually made with nick. On Sunday. And so we didn't announce it until then you you caught the first the announcement and I would say it's not over very well there's a lot of young ladies that are shown an interest seeing him being around and that had not necessarily gotten themselves component of our game yet and that that was our goal. And that that's not to say there are smattering folks think it's a little strategy Beagle which. Roses and falling in love at a desk all game but you know what. Something for everything from our for everybody and we we'd like to well we'd like to get our exciting young club in front of his many nutritious our absolute. This last pretty active waited at sliver last night and want to box out Pickens or post game show I I was talking about this promotion. Odd jobs that you guys I have done for marketing perspective. Arm and what's going on and I got a tweet here while we are actually just about ready to start the big show. On and from Mike which we did at the fan as Gregory had just finished must post game. Podcast by far marketing is 100 times better Austin's I was in Milwaukee from 2011. To 2013. And we had. I'd DJ GA from kiss FM on nighttime ship he was kind of cozy with me last night and he died about when he moved here. I you really didn't see any bucks billboards Bucs anything between the driver males corners to where he lets in downtown Milwaukee and since you guys came and now he sees buck stuff. Everywhere. I I guess for me. It's the big deal about this is what you said just trying to figure out how to get as many people as possible to a game and then let them experience it and figure out if they wanna come back a second time. But he really has won everybody go to at least one game. At some point here. That's exactly right and once we get him into a pretty convinced that they'll wanna see more pictures. It it's not it's not the team from 2000 and and this is Justine that's very hard to not expect good things from open short term and in the long. And it's been hook is bringing new the start a television show you watch or. Or one of the other you know. Promotion that we come up with we've been pretty clever this year about it we got the home winning game streak won we had big time rapture o's. And we've squeezed on some pretty clever things that that this wanna wanna holes where I think once they come they'll come back because this is a very compelling product on the court. No question and this this product is competing for a five seed right now against and Atlanta Hawks team that's struggling with the injuries Paul Millsap in ten days more. Are they lose last night to the Wizards this bucks team a game behind that fighting again the Hawks have the tiebreaker but still. You win tomorrow you're even know what at five record with ten games to go and sitting pretty considering where everything was a month ago this is amazing. Pretty good spot. Never say never and it's. You know the team and a lot of work ahead of it but it's certainly on the upswing in a heck of a road trip that we just came back from a lot of nice things to see there and now plea Friday night. All that hard work continues to pale. Convinced to go to a game so the data and you know little Jimmy and me a little Jenny or whatever that why go to bust in the mom never really dead you wanna get her there though once you get her there. Yeah odds of getting a failing to come back again or is probably even batter the admirals to a promotion. Odd that I think is brilliant I think they do it once a year they do like at 103011 o'clock in the morning Damon a Boston thousands of kids. From all these different schools on field trips ought to check out their product has there ever been any conversation about doing something along Dole's lines for a game during a buck season. Yeah there has been I wouldn't be surprised if we see something very similar actually we've got a lot of clever. Out of the box types think this year and if there isn't anything won't try it would be surprised she is something very similar to that next year. That is Mike McCarthy outlets are Michael every night here in October. On April 2 so who going to be honoring. Blows to serve the country so shall honorably and were proud to do that many more stretch or April 2 going to be it seemed the right around our celebration our military has lost by got a lot of cool things happen. That is Mike McCarthy chief operating officer of your Milwaukee Bucks are guess for the last few minutes here on the Wendy's big show again. Spent a night with nick vile the bachelorette the Bradley Center tomorrow in the Bucs take on the hawks' first 5000 women through the door. Get a floral gift courtesy of pick and save. And a limited number of VIP packages including a meet and greet with nick vile are available for just forty bucks get your tickets or those mean greet passes. At box dot com slash nick and spent Friday night with the bucks. And nick bile the bachelor Mike McCarthy greatly appreciate it sir thank you so much for your time. Thank you retro future of Mike McCarthy joins us on the great midwest bank how I'm when you're get ready to get into or back into the housing market. Look no further than great midwest bank is a great mid West Bank dot com. The take the next step. Towards your new probe and Pete treated out during the interview he says he gestured to clarify which Mike McCarthy got your lead up because I thought it was agreed bay coach guy didn't do us so worked you weren't is what happened there.