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BIG SHOW 2PM: The Badgers Will Win If...? and What's Your Ideal Vacation?

Mar 24, 2017|

03/24/17: The Wendy's Big Show 2PM Hour - Ramie, Sparky and Gery discuss what the Badgers must do to advance and whats a better vacation: staying at home

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh. Big show on a Friday out running back off along with Steve Sparky Phifer look who's back everybody is the former packer and badger running back and Jerry Ellison Mike Clemens. Other side of the glass along with in turn fifth slots to get to if you between now and 6 o'clock including at a McKelvey our Milwaukee baseball insider. He'll visit us at 348. Get used to hearing Adam on Friday as he'll do that throughout the season. Right here on the Wendy's big show every Friday we'll look ahead to the badgers match up with Florida tonight. In the sweet sixteen for Madison Square Garden with Jeff Parnell. Big Ten insider for campus insiders dot com he joins us at 435 and we start off this show by asking you. To finish this sentence the batters will win AF. 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan die count G rate ago. Preston fired up reading that now rest no radio not rested you know. It is the beer talking we're going to that we all go on vacation right. But. I noticed for you I do go through your. When you go all of it is actually a vacation. If you're relaxed and do nothing you recharge your batter aren't. Vick is high bar where you have. List of things that you have gone because at least you. Rush a lightness and a talk about. I do not a big Rami is in the minority to 35. 235 to three putt on. We can do that jerk as you are just coming back from vacation right I'm just about to leave for a vacation yeah it. Does that work antibodies three hours six minutes it Agassi Nadal anywhere I know. Yeah I'm sorry not know you trot and some are old with a guard out of coaching you're leaving for an advocate notion of his about parents are just not the case yet. Yes there. Can be outstanding and did you and a whole lot enough that. Finish this set of risk arm the badgers will wind AF am and try beef ribs for the first time. 7991250. Or you can leave Ellis live at 1057 FM the fan back come Sparky. The batters will win a F. Nigel a's Ethan happ. And retaining. All play well offensively tonight I think all three guys got to be somewhere in the area of fifteen points or more. Tonight for them have a chance and they can't turn over the ball mandate they have got sent. You know not be denied him down with field first tasks done and got ten turnovers a re your eight turnovers. You just can't get into that deal and I realize Florida's a really good defensively and I understand and that's kind of a calling card. But you can't turn over the basketball. And if you get past this game and south Carolina's way for you. It'll be just as a board and in that game. Later this weekend if you have to play South Carolina. This is a game where you talk about seniors. And guys on this team that have had experience of being in the tournament and so forth. I think that obviously does help Wisconsin play in Madison Square Garden that helps you Marty bend their floor Denard have been their two they'll so it's not that much of an a managed. But. In this game on again I think you threw scores out score. And I think you you can't have turnovers and if that happens you're finding Nigel has comes out. And is four for twenty you're. I just don't think you can overcome that that there's loss that sent Murton. Does that open up for happ. I don't think now I'm skipped I would I would do which is what everybody does. It's me and is gonna run. Two people Adam and seed Nigel is an honor not. And of Nigel lasers and I and I'm just gonna keep double and happened to some beacon proved to me the Samuelson a team could score. That's how I'm running it and that's why we're doing about any basketball team right now on a stop gap and not delays gets Gordon then I'll adjust my defense. Appropriately but for me to start the game I'm gonna make sure even hat does not. You know all beat me inside that's how libel after they are athletic. And are gonna get after this team they're going to be physical too with the badgers. Finish this sentence the badgers win if 7991250. Gary Ellis and there is all about night. It all comes back tonight deserves year old was there. Is. And his what's been happening you know. Scooter. And like and we've had that on video and that's what it was like a Mickey Mouse face arm and look like death threat. Get discouraged as those that like moved his lips are all making his ledger of G did yeah that's it. And was it trying to valid and I used I was trying to Royals need that weren't trying to make somebody just as he wins a B Reggie I don't know how does though the you know and yeah. Knew there does appear. I just lost an intern work that you did that twinkle and try to make me disappear what was that. Fit tree Don Fitch. Yeah yeah. It's around our. It is about Nigel plays and if you look at his team fouls in this measles and have it at that. Are. It is about Nigel Utley in the stars in the organizers say there's no reason why the Bears I think is being on his wrong. Is because of Nigel plays I don't know if you noticed lately go back goalies box scores that's for five games. What is the headers were Steve edges. They're being shut down mean now. You can have had been and a mean teams now go into a double happ. And then they'll try to make your body as being. Amid the Browns can get a shot off from outside its report. Or came being Nigel would do with it and Nigel has been Nigel. These last well I would say within this last month or so in the last three weeks and that's what his team that's Canada. Nigel has been and denied jolt that we thought he could be. And that and admitted being brought from Wright gave arguably its credit. And there is robbing that into each and every night is what it is good for him. Nigel has been in the Nigel of old. Mean that he would start now in the post. Or whenever the jump shot is available he takes it he's not force. Bo wasn't happening is. Now I just restart not a Nepal's first okay and big kick and our assistant and everybody else involved. That is the difference in his team then when it was we first saw him earlier in the year. Nigel. Has gotten back to and Nigel I think Nigel to mean probably try to. Impress some NBA scouts that he can shoot a jump shot and that's not his game. 90. In his to read out right and soul of this to you don't look to events is going to be about knowledge of doing his thing ago. Agreeing the scouting report for Florida this morning and it kinda scares me the arm has two of the things that they do very well. Are two of the weaknesses that were glaring when the badgers struggled for long stretches of time. They're causing almost four forcing almost fourteen Turk arms arms are almost fifteen turnovers per game from fourteen point nine turnovers forget it through to me and we saw when Wisconsin went through some tough times there were a little bit sloppy with the ball returning it over. And I are facing a team that forces almost fifteen turnovers per game. And the other thing that the badgers struggled with when they went through rough stretches was they can shoot the three. Florida's tenth in the nation in three point defense about 30%. Of their opponents reporters actually fall. This is. Just match up was. This is not a good match up for the badgers. So big need to do those two things in my opinion to win beat be careful what the ball don't turn it over. And hit the three. But the Florida Gators make both those things very difficult on their opponents. I don't feel great about this game tonight after reading that scouting report. Listen it's by Tweety and out yesterday and Steve most of its something. With the last two days ago Yuri called the Villanova winners. Have been thing consistently run. And giving you credit but it is from the get to. And so some guy tweet is sorrow. If there's always that earlier begun an ally as summit parties I have allies and that's the big. Because if you are a mil this of the show just you and I've been to go from a fifteen. Years or you have to rebuild his dress or fifteen years. You just don't know how many of us that when the Bears little. Of one of Greg who win. More than any other team. That we talk about on the show right you seem to have a handle on the batters basketball like in terms of making predictions right yeah. If you say that that means that you haven't listened to wasn't freaking years that's why Steve. Can't say that is he has information. That backs that are. Review volatile and you you're just in diapers after two years Gordon you probably. You know prior would listen to a warmer doing all this or that I've sought after event that Steve Harris. On there. Are what they denied our what you Rami. To me. Your play what I house money right now and this is normally where it Iranians for the bad. Know a lot of people saw them final four this year. But normally you future holds all up now you know you get your hopes are high. They won their big game to beat Villanova they were rotten enough water and I do out I don't see you go home. Beating floor bloody of their order before it is your question. You have to be Obama value. Gary says about Matt lays Sparky says it's about the Big Three. I say yet to be careful with the basketball and hit those three pointers. Finish this sentence the badgers will win AF. 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back com win lose or draw spark you're gonna have a good time. DQ callable Wisconsin tonight just stay their for the watch the badgers. Are arms I watch the box and stick around watch the batters have some fish fry have some drinks a place he's whose ball penalties and all the games on all the game or shark you can't always got to replace sketch all your favorite march tournament action sixteen pool tables shuffle board three tornados whose ball tables. Like tonic dart ping pong and more into other award winning fish fry on Wednesday's and Friday's. That's today today is Friday or different styles of fish piled up how. I. I don't. Like. Gonna collapse all days like Friday at our due from 10 PM till 1 AM tonight. Get march tournament action on and fun yourself your club is a fun place those private parties. You know personal VIPs who lectured pool table personal tale access to food bowl and being pod. Youkilis about about 200 people in there. Which for a larger group to global what's got to 454. North grand view boulevard in that locker shop miles on the mine any forward you go there. You'll continue to want to go there because it's its own place check them out Q club OWI dot com Q club of WI dot com also. Found out and confirmed that we'll begin aren't rational next month. Big shall be out there getting. Down there would import of that and that sun of Thursday April 22 in a way to. Wisconsin Q club of W buy dot com or this. Saddam a place I don't know if you heard it yesterday air we did little some different with the piled high yesterday Sparky baby Taj and bottle start over gory we did some harmony we did some real high determining how. Our. It. I was like go through these prisoners and where Toronto. Guns for north. The badgers always have to seven died died 1250 your email as live. Eduardo but it's evident that the fan back up can you wiggle your bills late that a good form EG. The only teams that are left for an hour once in a really good so he I think he's done a really good job maximizing what they're good at and what is individuals. Are really good at he's put them in position is any good coach would do to have success and try to maximize their abilities which that definitely taken advantage of of the position he's tournament. That was badgers head coach Greg Gard talking about the Florida coach in the job that he's done. With this team so far this year this is the Wendy's big show by Gary's knows all by Gary's knows. We're asking you to finish this sentence the batters will win tonight if 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan. Back comes get right up to the phones and right at the cut and eight talk with Steve Steve you're on the Wendy's big show finish that sentence. I guys that aren't age old just a quick thing. Third straight seemed I think the badgers. Should do and they can win is. They have to make their free throw shrewd. Free throw attempts. And they can not let them get easy turnovers by means to our people and hang out trying to jewel ball war. Or he's trying to do little ball and of Gary in all confused in professional sport. Anybody know that what athletes. Though more thing that's frustrating for Ben is I have to work on defense just bought them. What a number of court and you know just full plate plate Gholston don't didn't do easy shot that make these guys work. Are and deeper in the met Pauly gets my game late to teach. Little Hooper leader and all that and make people were going to be paired with frustrated for the offensive minded players stole all take my comment up there and not. Great shot I'd. Appreciate. I think if you are this badger program. Every team you play from here or not more than likely Gary is giving more athletic in York. Going into right. Yeah I work with things so mean whether you did Baylor whether you get South Carolina Welker arm there. The urge your slug back I think they have to Dublin are right. So from that standpoint it if you know you're going up against us and this is normal Scott to stuff right I mean every year. This is how goes in fact it was the anniversary it was the same day they beat Villanova off of one SS on Twitter. That day however many years earlier when Dick Bennett was a coach for the badgers went into the final four they knocked off worn woods and Arizona. And I think it was miles Simon 1980 Davey. On they knocked up Bears don't announce another similar situation where Arizona had all these NBA players lottery picks at Vermont to slow white dudes are couldn't keep up. Ought and they out did it it in so when you get into this situation. When you play down. I know the badgers you know. They're more up and down obviously than they have been in the past and I get that. But in this situation here as far as the badgers I think keeping Florida and a half court is something else to do have to focus on you don't want to let them get up and run on. Awful turnovers like Ronnie was saying earlier because giving them easy baskets it's not something you want to do if you're Wisconsin you wanna make them work for on the defensive side of the floor. We're don't you feel like floor can play in either series. Mean this is guy. This is not the floor routine work from Joakim Noah Corey Brewer all of us I mean those guys back to back champs yet though they're not those guys are mean the these guys. I think they can play slowdown Arabic employer Freres. And and I think they're culpable in in in both you know in Campbell's little spot driving when you look at floor up. They're not this floor team has let Robert Donald floor me they're not that team that they used to be. Speaking of the spenders program though here you read off the stat to me this morning that I didn't realize I don't know how much it even means. They're one of two programs to winning New Year's big six ball and go to the sweet sixteen. After you to bring that that stat up that says to be that that that means something to you I'm not really sure what it means as far as Wisconsin athletics. Phenomenal. Phenomenal you know. That's a big were injured and not just me like it's a big like a lot of letters I mean that's that word carries a lot of weight and I don't know if people here. I mean I don't. I don't know if it resonates like cute she hood. Listen. Badger just program as a whole. Across the board they have to a lot of neat things. I mean I mean the volleyball the girls' volleyball program is really goes. By the girls hockey program I think your loss and that subject was last night yeah they shouldn't of laws. They would favor Goran in. Means hockey program has beens steadily strong. Course basketball football to track program. Mean very very error. Across but no championships where no championships. In the majors sport in the major sports football or basketball. Final four couple problem. In basketball but no championship. In full ball and I don't know of that means anything to. Badges. I don't I didn't I'd get a huge kick out for me ramming them. Going to go electors are no way the program is all about. And it will always go bonkers. And I'd take a lot of pride in his going today at last badger home game. Then it's and its lyrics right. And the boards jog auditory I don't ever want those things are graduating. To me that means. I've said this before and then again I know that we've vertigo and go ahead to the most listeners are ever around before. Out out I want everybody who who wants an education to get an education and I wish you the best in your endeavors. When but when I'm watching sports I don't care about them that it's never occurred to me Gary Wallace in there watching cal to bask bark out football game. And how many of these jokers in graduate that never that no everywhere cry were right where I just you know what you're Roger run coming to score minimum yeah. It's your roster my bully in the why along with that you do that yet communities you're gonna play crystal ball. Yeah runs throughout my push across that does I'm watching it I just because. That guy. That doesn't graduated and during evening. And I'm being. Way outlandish you progressed a guy that breaks into your house bid they're monitored. You know I'll stop raising your. You know still he leaves your office duty to not let himself. Hold up to do what life after sports and we. There are here are here on. There are some things that have been out there were guys. I play it would a lot of guys in college did have got shot in keel as voted on label bought two robs. I at least for my teammate. More yes they got shot Ed kill yes. For. Four home. Now we're not a year yes more guys you know that played college football where did me graduate Johnson yeah I went and got shot shot Hilton field. For their people let you know you talk skins format that I don't know for guys they got shot and killed blues you're talking four out of what Jimmy keys. Hundred probably center and it talking in four out of my four years this would not not all these guys were the same class. You know what I mean yeah our guys have fallen on hard times Brett Moss could be not try to. It could be an owner Norman Baylor had a remarks could be that story that you looking for that being you know bit. Bet they got it Tuesday works so well after he got doubly. The local stories out there. Lotto and that's terrible this journey is I know did I not say that Jeremy or put paper because I do I take great pride in that last day. All those guys come and they have but here degree that victory for. I'd I don't want to see anybody turned to a life of crime and get shot and killed not anybody. I don't that's why should go on but I but I don't real I don't not because not everybody can play pro sport I don't feel any more strongly about it when it comes to college athletes and I do. Average Joseph walking down the street. Which the best for every one man like I said everyone who wants an education should have the opportunity to get one and I wish them the best in doing it. But when I watch sports I'm watching for sports. And if I'm rooting for a team I want them now have a chance at winning a championship in bad as basketball's given me that. Your batters football I've never foul and it's more the system. That they play in than it is the team itself I think but that is football's never given me real hope. Added at a national championship so does but when you have a better chance now at it with the new playoffs and agreed you have that you realize how you do now. More so many did before main. Basketball or give 68 teams in. A chance to match and really mean not every team has a chance. But you're in the tournament. Of her chance to go to the championship before there was no tournament there was no playoff for college football you were one of the top two teams and you were playing. Which was fine with because it was a team that should be playing for it. But now you expand this thing before there are people I want it continue to expand the playoffs so allow more and more football teams NN. Any time you get into a playoff you know everybody else a light things possible they get hot at the right and given time injuries occurred other teams. Anything can happen in a post season a situation like that but it definitely is in more ball basketball. And their post season success than it's been about. Football for sure the sweet sixteens and getting to the final 42 years in row making it to the championship game against all odds against that Kentucky team. I'm really really impressed with that what what Paul Crist was able to do in his first couple years as the badgers head coach working with another guy's players. And what a lot of people thought wasn't a whole lot of talent. Impressive but I watt. I wanna I wanna championship shot for the batters football program line is winning winning winning in New Year's big six bowl whatever they call it. Doesn't do a whole lot for me and it's an exhibition game peers on the positive Bagger stat for you who just gets waited out with Scott that is the only school. Whereby all basketball made the sweet sixteen the same four straight seasons lot of balls weren't correct you. It's more straight sweet sixteen basketball and volatile a Korean pretend to care about women's volleyball now some are things that are only happening out with Scott and I and I don't. In that weird though I mean against him his rights over your. But see you view those were all the great beings that I have been a university. And Barry Alvarez is doing a great job I thought that's stick around me that's when it comes back to cancel you know what I. To what did you figure out there as the losing Andrea when you fear. Outside of Ohio State. It just feel like the big chain of the conference. It is well round. And all that across the board all the airports I would agree. I think it's sold short a lot. In like your view. If you were a woman or girl you could goal. To one he schools and have a successful college career. If you wore a guy you want to go play let's say soccer. He could go to one he's program and have a successful career. I needed this or we're trying to do. Don't take this call real pleasure Lewis who ram ram on the north side you're on the Wendy's big show it's a Brandt. They look all around you hear it hear you right. How did in baton. ID want it. And I wouldn't look at where you vote. I haven't been here ever Kendall can't Sutton will float. Environment the deck and he had hired he did look I'm and he got an apartment and I didn't determine what or. They know how to do it. Why did no I mean I've been in and you call the local and let the let they didn't know anything you'd walk and hang. Yeah in and be out of it though. Now he what I better do your own. Was but it is nice and yeah I agree department at play there third level don't want Luke. A lot of let a repair get up and Robin. Troy yeah yeah oh yeah. Was worse and low lows around Johnson's on sun. There. I'll really I didn't know that is why did you not know them and Ali tiger won Wesley Matthews was jeered nonstop. I don't recall that Thomas Edwards yes. Thanks for the call rim Guerrero yet. And he. Used and ideas that. No rhyme is going as. It's. Setting itchy trigger and do what purpose that is think they're done with third spot and we need to keep the Schobel not time right now if we ought to get to try to say yeah yeah and there's another new sports whatsoever and as looking a Twitter here our guy goober going the seriousness DNA right where he's got current temperatures over enough balls drop 54 Milwaukee right now and a half. 10 what is in Kenosha what. 75. Yeah missiles structure what it's 75. In Kenosha and 54 Milwaukee. 75 in Janesville to. Mean by 6 o'clock tonight it's post to be in the thirties. Thirties eat your shorts today man yeah that's what goes why do you and we don't know and then of course asleep market shorts and I just laughed as if but in my parents tell me no. Ignored it is in Chicago what eighty. He shot up you add to the south as warm. But there you got to have any minority are there things what I can I ponder or. She. Trees. As little to couple days went on be really. We Gary you've got to have all your gear ready from lack you join us for this leatherman. You have got to have your spring Wear red in the morning and you gotta have your Wear underwear ready in the evening and you shouldn't tissues ready and sickness you bought tickets after that issue. But now Weathers and watch some of the securities America for elected George got to come there is and a Gary's got it all on the front got at all yeah. I. This time a year I've seen disease stroke red candy bid it is usual role as Laura's got a tonton Rosenthal is everything. Rose's. Yes there would step back dog he's very well Gary as a selected catcher drove it a walk in closet back there for my you have scary yeah. Butler. All of a guerrilla Missouri's run dogs so because it's so much edited this is golf season. You've got to be yeah it is baseball season. Irving Brock gets going next week in Arab league for baseball so this time a year you never know what you're gonna get outdoors. So. That's the dominant low impact when a year. Summer years bring your regular all at Lackey and Jones in right now just yesterday. I was over electing George were my mom. And I got my moment eyes beautiful coat. My knees needs something she got I got hurry Patagonia. Coat from over there jacket. And Alabama is our best organized little Vance in to know here that I that I needed and shortlist of will go. In about the McCarty got a parent ratepayers from all over. That ingrained paying a guy that really put a brain paints well. The perfect her brave Atlanta this wanted to baseball games when you gorge is your ready. Everything they water resistant that's our spark you had any rain pants. Neither Manuel I don't know it's not pants either though those who are and it's nothing I've never even heard Adrian Utley and stuff. Genes that are wearing that way that there work man. All of from lacking joy. It normally boats. I doubt must know. Emanuel what I'll take endorsement from me in and I give me a hole. And after I'm done after I'm done Roddick you dig endorsement he did it all said a lot Matt yeah yeah well I'm sure a lot of the stories you know loading. I'm sure if you let the guy. Every season might your tree is over Lackey and George they got to cover guys tortured him up Lackey enjoys on blue mound road in Brookfield. Out there. Starts here starts year. Gary is just coming back from vacation I'm about to leave for vacation yeah they are two very different vacations are you more Gary are you more Robby we'll find out next in the Wendy's big show returns in the holds Chevrolet studios. It's the Wendy's big show in the holds Chevrolet studios I'm Ronnie Mac laugh along with Steve Sparky Phifer. Former packer and badger running back Gary Allison packer hall Ferrell Roy about little leap into the holds Chevrolet studios right around 3 o'clock. According to the text he just sent me just in time to get in on the conversation of just what stopped the Packers from bringing in Adrian Peterson for a visit you'll find out coming up at 3 o'clock right now we wanna know how do you vacation 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. Dot com Gary Ellis and just got. Back from a vacation. Here it Arizona covering spring training and then we were we were third and you can hear all our interviews happening aren't lengthy conversation with David Stern fan on demand right and 1057 FM the fan back count right resentment jump albeit GMC right I would 100 Greenfield. So we're out there then you stick around for a little for a little extra time a little golf and relaxation and like. You know so we know we get up in the morning and and you go out sodden. You catch some sun right. Well we'll make some eggs. The three so yeah make some injuries or next row written. And then maybe I'll go to gym and work out and then come back in and you could Stevie on the phone and do little show me news show. Had to the park -- park pick ups and Starbucks. Yup yup and then out of there we come back home Murton. Pitching will do little grill and yeah I've had little nip net mail out. Oh. That's my plan a vacation. There's Joe's relaxed yeah we are working right yet. You know we were all of you love him no get it lasted just my current job will work India yet accurate arm Hussein. And these people. Own vacation. There has to now. Every being. I said support me against basically you gotta you gotta schedule I'd rather yeah itinerary. Yeah every bit yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Right. Those guys roaming. Where I like to flop Odyssey in my opening. I don't like or I don't know why you need or rudeness. Of yours you know your tried to see. Trim the are huge for me and and spirits reviewed doing golf. Gotta have a golf tee time. Chair yet that has to be playing I must say I play commentator and I am I could start oh. Adam. Jules and Lama nephew and a plays. It's probably agrees courses. In really well. Unbelievable. We did Vietnam. The Camelback Mountain but we did our beyond take course. There's a golf course on Cahill back mountain several yes several. So about the hiking men a we've played out one. Really really tough course. Robert Germany's is very naral. In the in the in these greens are super small. And now what about you breaking the windows I don't I read. Jewelry do note you put it on Twitter we talked about on the show and and that Osama toward that I do. We'll get as soon as you did it. To listen to Gary on Friday on the big show explainer what he did but other than the golf. Does that was and another minute of your vacation after I left yes planned out tiger did you want to you know you gotta work Ortiz okay. What would you do most of like their run you get tired and spent a whole day at a pool. Is that all planned out what I really that Rolf. You were at the hotel pool at the scared and I was told well like all day well what else Sunday no Richards. V carries. No because golf. Don't sell one to you to spend the day at the point owning gulf know they was Sundays well. Well I had some gore in our locker rooms and do I know is I called him every day do we know golf Sunday GO the year. I don't think you seed Jelena. Oh he might eluded my album title big he is on but he laughter if the day. I don't think so. I know some holes like jump out at a resort like and a yard right right till we had a plan we had something going on obviously. I like a day where you use wake up and do not a day. I get a week of that meant. I mean is nothing I don't do nothing. But I do think that my own leisure on my own schedule I wake there's no alarm clock I wake up when I want. I eat when I want I go to the gym. When I want and then most of and you know I'll go for some walks with my dog may be a hike a make some Barbeque. And the rest of my time all is dedicated to sitting on the couch and recharging my batteries so I can come back here and be all that I can be Garrett. Be arguably be all that I could be there are always there. But I gadget that. Vacation is to get be ready to come back to work argued that not to come back more tired and I left right yeah see. Our local Dario. Would die. Unrelated but your die almost dying you cultural tiger. I really that. Joseph here we golf Sunday. Which way you're every that would over there again aren't on. No we were at the pulled insulin gentleman's. Earlier to get out of there and I got it Saturday that's when I rented the club because I wired. Yes we did we've played a Gila. Gila deal but when you off yet assessed value. It's very try to Bart is forced him to double lettered. More than double triple. What it was better than the 300 of course you guys wanted to play there. So do we we're accurately. Yeah yeah we slot then and then we went to the pool we were a couple all day is a non golf. At a two and one day of rest here. Then when did you go by the one relatives' house or whatever of the resort like backyard that it seemed to strenuous to me that you'll remember you're on girls. Sunday. Seated a pool and then won a hot on some huge house with a great backyard. Yeah Monday when I'm about to relax right against India there when you're on day we went golfing Monday and Tuesday outstretched outlaws. What. Right here jealously but oh he told media he said he their confidence away. I know bad. Elbow. Or cajoled by UNESCO. You know tiger that you are tired loud you know but yeah. I was OK with that note part of I mean oh. With all night. Before that record losses clubs bright days at 8 o'clock hang gentlemen. How do you vacation and a half ago. Do you take the tab to recharge and come back to work refresh IQ are you run run run run run on the go. 7:9 now central figure you can email us live at what 057 FM the fan dot com. I am feeling hearing how Sparky vacations gonna make me tired next other Wendy's big show on the whole Chevrolet studios. Stories big show live in the holds Chevrolet studios let's stop Adrian Peterson from coming to Green Bay and would have stopped you from bringing Adrian Peterson to Green Bay we'll get to that coming up at 3 o'clock right now I don't know. How do you vacation given agenda an itinerary. Are you laid back and relax he can recharge battery and give back to work 7991250. Are you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan dot com Gary's more tired. Coming back from Arizona that he was when he left for Arizona. I got a week off coming up and I can guarantee you this battery will be recharged have a whole lot of nothing planned. How much you 799 trophy after you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan doc how loud tweets here. Coming in about it ot Kyle tweets at the fan relaxing I do enough running around. Eric tweaked it a fan and like I got together we did stuff after one Tyler staying home for vacation a relaxing all of our vacations are now at home seed so they've changed their opinion and more and more people are coming around in my way think. Cart nick response rest rest during his vacation and I still tweaked at the fan with three kids work is more indication event at. Again. Ahead filter media world by seven FM the fan itself. I got another one here this one is from Benjamin. Who says my tradition generally just wing it. I'm lasting capital letters I'm going to Disney that I need to have everything to DT. When speaking of doing a Disney to K unions and all lined up. Good okay ask suites and I relax and pay particular attention to the amazing court weeding grass pollen report. That's good player works do that's good yeah on Daschle coming up and initiate Huard is there. Before every Brewers game or most brilliant. For me I guess when. Like he said Benjamin said go to Disney. You playing more to it too because there's just so much more trap or connect goals in two as far as getting stuff put together. You go in there and wing Disney A you're not gonna have nearly as much fines and united all set up in advance for a first. Com so for sure that. Anything else. I think we. As a family kind of plan out what we want to do. For sure when we're there right so if you're going to Nashville we know we want to hear it this this and that. And an outside of that does kind of end up going wherever we go. From now perspective. Any other time a vacation and it's just mean the girl. Going like door Conor whatever nothing planned out we just old flaunting their rapids from dated and where you're staying right you know the area you know he wanna go to Egg Harbor -- creek in what gay go doesn't really matter what time to go generally matter get up when I read an up and just gonna go I guess at it all really depends but. Having kids for sure. You in my opinion at least you do have a plan out a little bit more. Then you do it fits just UN somebody else and there are no kids involved in eagle at Japan is it just got to get the kids got to get them ready to make sure they eat when they're supposed to eat all that other settled let's be winded in eat. So there's there's a lot more than goals with the defeat at Q it's not healing Ronnie. And it's just Jimenez girl in that then you could go to Denver. I'm just do whatever for three or four days why we're riding angled a Rockies game or scalp tickets and get in but it's a lot harder to scalp in for four or five people and it is for two people let's say. You wanna go to when Nuggets game were a Broncos game. You just kind of wing it and do it every one but if you're going with the family. Then you got a plan not all of the more if you wanna go to a nice restaurant in Michigan to reservations and you don't wanna go sit there and wait when an hour from what five kids you can't just go sit at a bar we have kids with the. So spring training. Vickers. I met. This guy wrote me the other day. The game in umps over and a corner order have a cigar. Clearly that mirrors them. This guy Jennings ran. Hippie Kara. Through. Cameron a year in and and my from a birdies coming in from California. He's geared to like seven. It. And giggle. You marijuana you leaking key in him and his. Judah going to be Friday every gay and meaner. More and getting it gonna hit our student. 80 baseball parks. I Billy nature part it is in Waco which was a week week in and go to our partners can give Friday of. That the academy includes annual care. That sounds. Right there's always noises you don't want to park do. We get we months through it VP. And learn. They got a gimme that has to be ready for work if if he had the job at winning right side there were. Yeah I'd be ready and it's every part yup and I wanted to take this guy's soul. Like yeah. That's what's great habit I don't go to. This is what you should do. I. Can you guys to get he has just try once vacationing the way I've occasion I've done it I hate it now. No we haven't done isn't he very essence you've had somebody to spend that vacation when you were a week ago he did it would your buyers at Pratt could go anywhere to go to dork how many do the well. On the tee I just told drew let's just say no limits fights on the Jets could I don't think you really fully realize the gravity of the situation. Why hate staying home. All day. Six hour day I think in general hated select a weekend when we have like nothing going on yet there's no way we're staying home for two days. And I'm I go for a high eight kept my goal to just just go for oh for a walk by the late kept. I'm gonna go I'm gonna leave the house and BMI go to them all my goal runner Robert specialty meats and pick up some stuff to barbecued. Or barbecuing that's an all day affair I mean I am home but it's a barbecuing is an all day affair as most good bargains Daunte at least four to six hours if not more in order I mean on the smoker. So it for the your smoker and all of them. Yeah but I can't just leave the house while it's while it's working. I mean somebody should be around to watch TV while sign of ethics are yeah pretty much stuff but there's you know the robbing in the marinating in Brett and all that draft but. No I'm not saying stay home all day and but don't. Just don't have anything necessarily planned and don't go anywhere does take take a few days and just stay home and wake up whenever you watney have meals whatever you want to go to do what ever you want when everyone go catch a movie illegal hits couple movies during my vacation next week we're going to door Connie. The NC a line in early August. And I can Donnelly. So excited it's in an Alley Craig in Watertown you're on the Wendy's big show it's a critic. It came up to but no what the proper who have been through a war Disney World seventeen times. And now that we're secure than a recurring. We keep going back. And it's just. One day after another after we have I'm sure you know ward and that you're. And we goal when acute there off in the summer. Well your soul hot and humid. Arm to have Larry. Oh please kill me now and there last summer he was pure. The alarm gold. So long to catch. The trouble for the power. Parent I am just like. After the second day. My wife and books let me I'm like preventive thing. How old are your kids. Are what are you. Are you're better off doing well we've realized we're gonna do it and I told them we elected is generally figure this out last in. You're better off gone of those parks around 4 o'clock in the afternoon because by the time 6:7 o'clock rolls around. Most parks are emptying out my time you get sick 8830. And those people learn it starting to see that night show or going again their seats and everything else anomalies and I chills are going I'm you can walk kind of pretty much any ride you want about a weight. It's better off going a night avoiding all that heat especially for going to someone's a hundred degrees outside Disney. That's the way to do Disney be as again going in the morning everybody thinks they're beating it by going early in the morning in you're not. Everybody else is there are totally disagree with that hole lead through holy do and I thought you do it voters agree with it you know where you're going. Now my mortally magic kingdom and yeah motorists on his 27. 25 weeks ago Joseph dirt joked earlier you know. He has to be done but you wait a bit you know drew would find out how to use that is meant we'd go in the morning and we're words there run away from the dorsal. And we're done so park opens at nine. We have we have. We have been on every route that we want to be on and we're back home ala. As a hurting you know that done but that's where we do. Now if you don't like you do and yet these two here Tuesday as masses. There's a certain time or whatever. When met her opens will and where if it. When we have gotten on the hot probably that would give universal yeah yeah we don't. But at what has now get I don't not many universal yeah. We did go magic kingdom and a lot of you stand outside your pact and likes our Deans of these other people out watching the opening little shall they do before he opened the gates and then you go and and then it's just ask you first ride right away yeah but how do you go about how these blogs are built and up all. Before has a long coming off just listen to his credit for the W away. Do you it's we waited no longer in those lies no longer than forty minutes. See this time we go back since we went last year they've been on everything last year I was in a hurry trying to get on everything anybody know when we go back again I don't normal mag after this time this was unexpected. So now we're gonna go as we go we'll get the fast passes and then whatever we get to we get to not gonna sit here and hustle bustle and run around. Trying to get Al he's rational you seem parliament say this and a future there weren't here Wednesday this trying to report. So we go. 2 o'clock ha. There we get own jaws we're in jaws there were Irving jaw dropped his V dads are had a asthma attack on the rise. Hole this Newton old Monty to the not so good in the Roy this the Gerald colds god the novel bunny will rely more coming in particular and into the door. You can. Not doing the job of the got another was due to. Bring premieres in their. On all she didn't sit. Well. I don't know why and if I this is eleven to LeRoy is livid but no today that I haven't put it idea. There's would be. Both auditors are you do stuff you can do it. You know you can do it any kind of way before rough it has always worked off ros and it and we go now to ventured. You know you're you're you're there you're done weed them. If you if you got alarmed on option on vacation. That's true too though he always did his room yet and we're trying to do the more than it is. To go to certain part instance I didn't belong in your not on vacation. Now like yeah by the I know Janet yeah. It real for parks costs. Cock. Lastly and this ice rink of stuff I mean there really had in The Who rides a mean not a lot of educational stuff yeah yeah but you want to believe that they blew the country political and night guard. You'll ought to Beers bigger. Yeah doubtless they out right lat magic kingdom right wrist or whatever and Utley. Those years first locals. But we learned here is what we often learn on the when he's patient that's more people should be like chronicle the rise here is just run time off. Offers a Packers thought I was not Adrian Peterson from coming to Green Bay and would have had stopped you from bringing Adrian Peterson to Green Bay will discuss next live in the old Chevrolet studios and on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan's.