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McCalvy: How is the Brewers roster shaking out?

Mar 27, 2017|

Adam McCalvy, our Milwaukee Baseball Insider, joins Chuck and Winkler to talk about the Brewers with Opening Day one week away! How are the Brewers finishing out Spring Training?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get the latest on the crew from insider had. Calvin. Brought you by the law offices of Thomas Motorola. Overall a lot dot net or call 414327. This is the only station Brewers fans neither sports Radio One 057 FM. Jaffe Milwaukee Brewers have lost five straight games. Down in Arizona but I think what they care about is that. They've only got two more before they can come back here yet I cactus league title slip away a long time now let's talk about never winning championships in the state my god it's starting all over him. Our base all insider Adam McKelvey will be in the warm forty degree conditions of with scouts and soon enough. At a McKelvey Brewers that count hello Adam are you. Hello there's nothing better than that blast of cold air when you get off. The field so no. Is that. I'll tell you a title but I think it was Trent are and remember him but yeah. Australian mutually I think it was him who. They've managed to convince that if you want but yeah I thought as the title get a free he could but I'd expect TV at all in the joke. And it. Late in making this story like this spring training legend but I I heard the story out on that actually. Won the title when you're got a good go into about five in my. Yeah. All that's what I ask them like crazy all I think that's a great story a few odd double check that a true story or at all either way it's a good story such robbery. Some of the best stories are true. Illinois derby hats I'll stick it right again no is Matt Garza gonna make this roster. Yeah I I think so I mean I tattooed dude it's 25 crop of protection I'd. At first in the the Serbs were training and left of the disclaimer. You know this is surely wrong absolutely been happen. Such and his all of this makes it relevant but. God I don't feel really good about it that's one week away I. If there's so they're my good player in the Matt I think that the team has. Sort of right now expected. And I think that includes. On the stretch. Last year and next on the map in the box you know. And that was a deal that mark up opulent very much all of our. I don't salt lose. I don't see them just punting on that that matters. Not that means five starters in the world you can even though that sort of carried out to the next week. I think they're gonna want as many of those guys are in your position on the team as possible and I think all of that. Had a McKelvey our Milwaukee baseball insider here on the fan. I'm sure there are scouts at every game especially with you know spring training but the report of a Rangers scout. Looking at Willie Perreault has got a lot of brewer fans buzzing. Yeah and the Rangers are good one because. Like it permanent Rangers Brewers rumor so like. 34 years now yeah they were on Donald and record Corey really really want. Before that trade happen. And there are definitely a team that started coaching or some other team that some sort of it's. And look at not only contenders and does Cincinnati Reds that their rotation. Gridlock. Meaning. Reds starters. Remain the red opening day starter. I just did a fantasy draft yesterday were I was deep into this and I can't remember seeing Don gullet. Check them. Mario Soto got so. I'll sell them former Al Marty self. You know knocked out of that and go anywhere they're looking for certain number. Oh. They do have a surplus of guys and they've got. Players coming from the minor league so we'll see whoever David certain it will block trade. That's certainly a possibility and there are you know they when you're gonna get word rotation Tuesday. It and you know right now to look at the way that lines up behind here. As well. Guards and help them. The order which they they are right now and that and Malone are loading on the sort of they've been pitching out of these days so they got to figure out you know whether. Or bullpen whether Malone is someone that they cut loose. That's a decision that I don't know how that would. But but right now looks like multiple. Mark Mowlds gonna make the team because they need a lefty coming out of the end because sooner. Bruce Sutter got the receiver and Brent Souter a hawk and world the difference other than nurse names are spelled differently there and a Brett Sydor was optioned to the minor league camp. Yeah Bert Sugar doesn't have Lucas litter groups loose. No. Yeah you know. I don't go to the needle asking Mozart you know they've shown in in recent years as a driver accused. You'd rather have a right hander that he likes really likes them much better to have a lesson. I was left the pinnacle of the pen that Tony fosse is tight. And you know we've had. They have not had a lot left handers on the team they certainly haven't had any let's and the starters. It up from lefty relievers every Neal Cotts stopped at the outage around rather than the subject of the day. I'm surprised that it remembered you know pop it's not much did that on appearances. Will but before that men are out. But I don't know I'm not I'm not certain number gonna keep a lefty just want. And I'm also not certain that Tommy Malone is that guys who need to get out Joel Otto. Or at your result team. You know he's not a specialist like guys I could come out of the depth on the last news news starting pitcher so. I don't know I I could see them not I mean in the production I have I don't have a left. I've got Pilar crave the whom they love what he's done since moving to release. I got crazy kind of in that last open spot in and maybe they don't they did it start without left. At a McKelvey on Twitter at adamant cal be confined his work it per Zach town MLB dot camber is make a minor move. Tyler let's go trying to man comes over from. Houston he's a catcher this catching situation obviously was impacted with the injury to Andrew seuss act. And sale probably have been Indian Pena's there to start and then blew the concern is. They don't know whether catcher of the future is. The concern is that the roster keeps churning at that position. And what does that do to the pitching staff or they've got a couple of these guys that could be here for awhile but they've got to keep learning new catchers all the time that's gonna hurt. The pitching staff. Agree that having. He. Continuity that they did with lucrative. What the big loose. Four say what you know would call. As they came up it's very rare to have gotten a hand the first out that our backs and you've seen. You know sometimes we're guys play in the minor league does not vital and still being in the when you sign up. Oddly the goat about the Dick about it I was pregnant Tripoli and so are they pushing Milan was young double a last year they're very committed to them. Abbott caps are still despite all of these you know the observers saying gonna move positions but he really say you know he's going to be. Perfectly. So it seemed like there are pushing him a little bit challenging them at some higher levels opportunity in the minor leagues and perhaps he's that guy. The future catcher and Jeff and he is not a in the projects like the jet and he. Of the union build you know that where he looks like I mean the guy who could step forward as a guy who's at catcher toward. A number of years it's going to be a split that you. Craig Counsell. Something. You know the planet that you'll be able to say you know I that would above that is quote unquote but catcher and he's been used vote and so you depend on those. Playing well and hot bat and also. How they're working with our engines up and what they are the speed determines who gets back yeah. If it Kenya and opening up on the interest in one of my friends. Event as well journalists that it would be dispersed. All Venezuelan batteries in the National League. So there was Felix Hernandez Montero and Seattle years ago. Because of the the first time in the nationally Soviet like little that history our program as well there but you know. Adam when I see that Taylor young men it's competing for a ball and spot he's not one of the guys. Contending for a starter spot that disappoints me I would say heads beat Duke has this guy was that a first round pick a few years ago. 66. Big tightly you'd like it rotation. Will we ever see him turn a corner or do we have to do some one him being a met that's what is -- gonna turn out to be a middle reliever. Well that's pretty competing for a bit club because they have a lot of starters or if some of those have been created traded I'm you know you'd be probably next on the list of the guys who would join us. So I'm not ready to totally write off in starting and adjustments that. Well you know he's got that complicated delivery that cross body delivery there's just a lot of different moving our. In his delivery compared to other pitchers must get up a black hole and get out of whack. And I think when you're 66 with a lot easier so that happened harder to sit. And he was not able to in the big leagues at least get sick she did make some just in the minor leagues that helped him so. You know I couldn't seeing him start for the team that you've because again. You're not gonna use five guys guard in his I think last year was buying got started for the Brewers so. If it was ninth starting pitchers again this year and keep applicants scenario. Particular Yemen is one of those pitches the problem program is if he doesn't mean it's open. And they send them out somewhere maybe to start. You know it's at Colorado Springs in the same problem last year was he did not execute the guys who did not have success there. Opting he conquer it the second time around that the really big challenge for. The Brewers which isn't for the organization as a whole implement some guys its you know but they're. Just showing that we want them just go get compliment. Yeah ready for a call to do me a torn this and violent than all the other questions about how do you read their numbers are it's about players. And it's a big challenge and that's one of the reasons that trying to figure out about a long terms. And on the next and we tied movie opening day. We were outside team I don't know. Yeah I'm looking forward to it it'll be they'll be another really huge. I don't think they're gonna win the division but I do think that. There's opportunities for break out like last year and that the other side of it than if the birds are successful in this regional. Is getting very close I'll. I have got a nice time. I would. They won't be purple and Oprah I once wore out. Red eye opening and it that much about their lineup Eric. I got crushed so no purple. Dog and actually bud. Adamant county an agreement West Bank hotline when you're ready to get into are back in and housing market look no further than great US bank. As agreement West Bank that town take the next step toward your new home.