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Woelfel: Not having Jabari Parker really hurts the Bucks

Mar 28, 2017|

Gery Woelfel, our Milwaukee Basketball Insider, joins Chuck and Winkler to talk about the Bucks. Can the Bucks get back to their winning ways?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This guys on the inside. It's time to hear from milk. Basketball insider Delhi won't fool on T go by the law offices but how was full. Only on sports Radio One 057. Secondly learn as John Freeman I'm borrowing blurb. Many road trip here. In Charlotte tonight and then Boston tomorrow are. Fastball in center here woeful joins us on the great north Spain hotline. Both caveat to you today show Gary trucks trying to not be checked things that he's the victim of ageism. That he comes off signing older than he is so few references any thing prior to 1992. We've put a shock collar on him and I have to Shaq in so. Whether you want your friend chuck to be shocked or not that's how you should lead this conversation. And as I figure of the of the two of you guys get together. And it's references back to the seventies left our. It is you know Gary what were in our world that we become where. Like when we're younger we looked up the note older guys who were in the broadcast business you know in the newspaper business but now all. That were that age a guess or a little older. Alms it's almost brought upon that your older statesmen in the media industry. Out or around. Sox are its Sox I can't reference anything for 1992 today otherwise a good shot so that. We bothers me that you know he he week eats you can't say 82 Brewers and nobody most promising audience has no idea. Yes I really feel. Debt anything before 1992 I really feel this is past everybody's. Knowledge of flow of reference wondering. He again it is. The word is was well if they want to get on board you know. Hamanaka referenced the eighty box celebrity box looks. 56 and or not and as I said I'm not going to OK I was saying your reference is like the north and OK so let's start talking to both the one. The other night. Against the Bulls within a plays so well. America put too much document it fifteen point loss to Bulls do that I. Really but it's got to be of concern me whether it turned around we beat them. Ian you know prior that would mean a loss chemical lavender sequence will have truly abysmal. And then when they won on this roll here at the defense is an exceptional. On the other end of the spectrum but against the ball. You know that seems to have been in the parks. Did exactly the ball ball was exactly that they get guys that could be a grounder shuts. The output defense and probably is mentioning double lane. With a wanna give up pretty easily dealt with. It's their point percentage basketball. And Mirotic. Europeans that even averaging nine points. Ended up with 48. And there was the sequence in which he had three wide open shot. From beyond the and yeah obviously took simply too slow and get them out there you acknowledge trying to help all which he has gone you know pretty well here. Well against teams that if you're suitors. You know you gotta get out and couple. Jerry willful or Milwaukee basketball insider here on the fan he could find his work or seen journal times while Bulls press box. Dot com. Chris middle today and Bulls shaking out his best over the weekend is there any concern that maybe he could it. What's the word I'm looking for it if they he could sort it was a when I look at yeah you're from woo them now or. What I look into one of the China there are a sort of strike about his sack count on what they Wear down I guess I guess I'm thinking of Wear down. Because you miss so much time with the hamstring injury comes back plays so well. Could he Wear down a little bit as the season gets more strenuous for him. Not really. You know I think Chris who all you know from my prediction good so that's all well. Number one number two TDs force in a lot of shots in. Especially to a yeah obviously you know all the war so I don't know that you feel compelled. You know become that score that he feels necessary with a book you know keep when. By him shooting but the last three games he has been you know very slow are from the field. In that's one that's when we can local all the old. I don't know and they played who what could you wore. Actually from the plate before particularly in the. Lee ducks try to yeah and pleasant hawk yeah you're you're in the the coaches the Hawks coach is always for the game that. There theory was that they sit down middle and they could be the box. In they'd be a conscientious effort to shut him down in the court. Good post defender so lol sure armed. I'm Middleton okay. So lately but he you know fourteen to try to shut down the middle of the they'll toward. Has Jason Terry done a better fit for this team than we thought because initially when he signed number like what are they doing. Adding a 39 year old piece by he's had a few things this team has a mean. Yeah Shaq Allen and the Bucs locker room. You probably are. Does he he's five L staffers in order and you know and he dominated do other holes in it yes. Dirk. Is Dirk is Dirk no. Has Terry played on the 97 Arizona Wildcats national team I wanna say the out. And temperature team. Two hunger about Parker. No I'm not out the government had our we have manner no Ginobili. Ginobili had there's a line yeah I wish you retired we age and only Irish. Who's the other one and corporate Corey what was the other one. Marty Rodriguez Juwan Howard still only. One that's like he never retired but I just kept on playing and playing implying. Yet connect with what he's via their goals yet channel web front of your you know what you can. Do that. None at all I couldn't put the hurdle. 02010. Oh. I don't know now part looked at out of it when your correct. Vince Carter. Vince Carter Vinny very hard hitters are good. It was good night so playing at old you don't Carolina press box call on my game bored kid is Andre Miller still league. Now because he would then another one. He played for a long time. Well you don't reality. Kevin Garnett recently retired Gary all Fuller seen journal times. And I got a question why did the Bucs signed Terrence Jones. That's good question that at that you really really know this year that. Yeah well when they're very you don't went down looked it would air on putting there that at least decent. Barring something now perceive no he's not going to be playing. Very much you know if at all it and out of mentioned you know by the you can do it and you'll be released. You know I I've I guess won them the Bucs signed him we thought he'd get into more playing time that he. Has been given but I mean that's just the books have just turned to storms amazed at they've turned this around on an hour plane as balls there since the Jabari injury. Because I think would Jabari went down we all said that it all bets are off that this team was probably not gonna make the playoffs or even sniffed the 500 mark. Well you instances he brought that up talk to a world which struggled all porter's. I have to be in them that. If this is what what would want to bring different size Mirotic you know bobbled away from the outside. And he goes about every Jabari Parker really hurt some but some growing gap that he was pretty. Matchup nightmare for them he could because because quite small quarter to put big forward in. You know they just didn't have anybody grip so I was capable of him or. And how do you explain that they have a better record low Jabari. What a good number factors and this team maturing. The chemistry is better. That he's gone on you've got to remember there there reported a passionate guys you know goal but go look only snell. Makers or seemingly don't play much. But they get several guys that you know have used the time. To learn most of it especially on the defense and I think that we're most current that you that time to figure it out. I'd think that and now I mean Middleton the answer him and Parker got six minutes together that night. Were Parker goes down Middleton comes back so it is easy for some to question well Jabari goes certain novice on the Bucs turnaround. Well yeah it's a credit Milton went down more than you would ever blamed Parker. You have it you got to remember early season when Parker that played they were what were they took a lot of put recall. Yeah they are all right well they bit dated yet they were very while the stock bought all the hall are legal standing. We have you know the you have Chris Middleton and they did quite well so. I think it's a little. Little. There'll cited the cigarette you know the reason is because we have constable of the goal to Corey Parker. Gary how do the Bucs at this point they're 37 and 36. Two and a half out of the nine C which would be the Bulls. How to do how does this team not make the play council would have to happen won't have to go wrong. If they wouldn't you. Up while he you know which is the we've seen enough of this team at the spot all you know I'm not not likely but possible. And you know the other thing about the ball 719 left right yeah. They could win eight of and that immediately played some really bit he wrote away. The only of their ninth you'd go to put two teams go 500. In boy I would bet the absolutely incredible. But the Bulls you don't let you know 81 or whatever and bit. I be surprised I just think their teams doomed to I don't make the playoffs in some changes in the offseason. I don't let me and that for so it was yet it. Until I looked at the schedule last night you know they beat box yeah I think they're going good you don't put themselves. In the leader of the more. All resolved kissel you know the teams that are wrote that he for a playoff spot. Gary nice job keeping check off the shock collar or gonna put it on you next week if you. As another trivia question you don't know the answer tip it's been a restaurant or. Yeah the flyers general second incidents a year or Gary you'll find his organs were seen journal times locals press back stack comment as well he joins us. On the great midwest bank hotline we are ready to get into or back into the housing market look no further than great mid West Bank. Is a great mid West Bank dot com. Take.