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Huber: Who should the Packers get in the NFL draft?

Mar 28, 2017|

Bill Huber, from the Packer Report, joins Chuck and Winkler to talk about the Packers and what they still have to do this offseason.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten times sixth we've heard from this man twice. In a month. We haven't heard moxie and say much that we didn't know but. Always good to hear his voice the same applies for bill Huber from the packer report he joins us on the great midwest bank hotline. Phil good morning how are you doing. I'm great I love the I I am not sponsor like that that are. This segment that we have all corporate. Know that my bills might update but. Well I don't doubt god go I thought but they'll promote but it. You were sponsored by millions at the end and think yeah. 44. Seed forty floor and in another old guy that's a nice guy young guy and it's juniper Lotta light up. It's amazing how like all the media got a truce trekked down to take Phoenix attention put Ted Thompson who gives. We're expecting Ted Thompson to say because there's nothing really he said yesterday give us any light on anything that except that he needs more guys on this team. Yeah obviously it is body yet I I would like to Arizona to. They've ordered some of the first public among. But out desperate not to married at Augusta percentage point that you need to running back and think well to get point we've only got three in Iraq after he needed when he gets beat trying to sell. The other there was there was really nothing. Up and back what does. Typical that right he's gonna. Be easy got a I'll be he's not going to be an inning or anything ever. And that held true yesterday as we tacked to bill Huber from packer report. One of the things check and I were talking about just a few minutes ago was with the holes that remain on this team. Obviously on defense the running back position I had guard checks the most worry about defense and finding playmakers. I'm concerned that they don't have an adequate fill in for TJ Lang and they're not gonna find wind where's the biggest hole that they still need to address right now. Yeah I'd say I couldn't cut it over called on I thought I got to guard the why don't they walked and talked with Scott about losing that he said that the probable with things sit now it didn't turn out the politically in the spine problem losing that. The Packers do well fighters. I kind of thought he'd like that he's stepped up in the pocket in the league out of the pocket. Of your cart yet. Protect the middle pocket quarterback at the room to step up syndicate step up and eat it out into the room but. He walked up I think it was spot. You've Eddie competency and spree that got Barkley doing a sixteen game. Don't sing now Kyle Murphy at the Harlem Murphy cannot come in and start on his Auburn's of line. I don't think so I'll be I don't know like yup often. I mean I'd solve it pretty camp and then but that they want but once training camp resulted in Detroit getting substance during practice. And lets a guy like there is no yeah water. Looks awful in a pre season. Yeah it looked awful but you know he's a guy who missed stop they'll keep that up because we use the old school and all that's on me but we figured it would open except. I think he got that you got a big garden the first couple rounds and every like people say what opposite except not for profit which is very true. But that Morton off the plug in place starter me separate happier. He daylight get a couple years there's no guarantee. If you get a got a four point that you pretty typical white that you need a guy critical right now. I out the defense. I don't think they fix the defense to set the help that along a little bit by getting house bank here is that that big video. Yeah I think so all you heard about it and it got top. I think so like I look at that point if he would get the ball when he was third in the league in an athlete got. On I think you can play like today they put coordinators is put schemes. New scheme that are going to dispel ATP press coverage quarterback and the jiggle globally Matt Light IP get healthy adult. Well they're going to be a lot of focus on the draft obviously Internet at all like you to have your butt. In the hole it seemed as what purpose it rattled quick problem already better I don't think it would have any idea they are not if those guys are good. Didn't dignity but we pretty technical guys aren't bad at it looked at times last year. After the capital bottled up by quite a split but that I was back. Bill Huber packer report joining us here on a great mid West Bank hot line items that does seem like. They do have a lot of cap from laughs I mean that they've they've got a lot and I don't know where they're going to use it. You have to think that this is some sort of strategy by them again this is more hoping. That this is going to be for guys like maybe divide they Adams to restructure Aaron Rodgers. Are they thinking ahead do you think or did they just. Seeing guys and they let him go and they didn't want to pay him and it has ended up with the scamper more is there could there be a method in his madness. Not appreciative about that dom I I still don't understand losing Lang have liked to get people when he should have but yet it didn't make sense but. Certainly I'll always had ended when Pete whenever people complain about a three and Sergio would say eight is looking he's. He's looking at Aggies looking that this isn't this isn't that it was not a whole like the second is about that. It worked it is a vote next year as well. And Clinton fixes is coming up really you can do option view on him. He kicked it out over the docket and a couple more money sort Cortland look at the Vikings but Adam Bjorn. It one year wonder player. For three years and 27 million dollar night knowing in the air the body Adam you don't want your wonder where. So bad and it won't work and I ability you're I would pick pocket and despite what title in here. DT Trevor was courtly back up by the athlete here for a court little footwork. So those two guys that are against Atlanta for big pay days and at some point yet but that coming up but obviously yes because quarterback at some point too so all that all that money. I was there I was W does that mean that people complain about the money just happier but buddy and his at this thing he gently spent most. Okay sorry Martellus Bennett was in his plan all while. Yet he saw. I would say he'll. Thank you that was the plan or that was. Don't be doing it would really care what the player art alteration. Like I have no idea why a certain what. Did it did ya I think that he want took first and he realized he couldn't do it sort. He went Alison OK Marty Bennis my guy if I can't get cocked. Has just stepping I want looked in all the excellent area. My my my sense is cook agent called later and working eighteen at the quarterback wanna put back for one. And to. See you that prompted never find Frazier what with them and that it could agent played are altered and bought. You can keep it helped him for everything. There because of what the quarterback want to put back in title I don't sign somebody quite figure she played our bought gonna get. But also the contract and Shell at the old Margaret thought because pop and actually get a free agent. But I write it I would look to note that was always in contention are gonna want aura outlook. I'm not that I've had an up and I'm gonna gold glove side but it WL II just wonder. It is what was that would you know I would I would it would be extradited to. You're for an attacker a forty to thumb on Twitter at packer report joins us here on chicken wing cooler on the fan. The running back position as was talked about you know others there's still. Probably need for another body there. It's not fit to me bowl wide and I still just get the feeling that may 29. The Packers are gonna sign Adrian Peterson. They'll be so bad bulk. Well yes circus like you know you try to be circuit birdie or two with all the off the field. Got any help would meet. I don't know if you have these I mean it could be could you be releasing. The ball where they dom for backup running back. What you're right because Michael back he's either asleep or open it up but it I can't pick like it kept. When your quarterback at their odd. Which shocks me because I didn't think that was why the eagle. I didn't I was shot shot what are their direction. He's a living everything body to that point 5000 dollar signing bonus so it doesn't pan out then your point Democrat who cares. On the I wanna Peterson got a lot he's thirty who'll be average is one of the net yard a carry last year ever let the Vikings that while applied issues. And you know they stacked the box against them but and I don't help. Arm if you don't they get things ready either. Yeah I know I don't know I did it giving either have to come to get eight million dollar think it is that it can report that's really true. Good look at that what are your have you got the Florida site. Backcourt. Need to get other people in here three million a year maybe epic. You know it's I just find it hard to believe that we're denying you dream Peterson chance and I did it but I've I'm in the offensive line was the issuing them. Minnesota last year. After that you're you're right all line but that that he's going to want a possible and that we'll look at that issue. Would get that here I didn't think. At this point aren't you better off going into the draft. Because if it Peterson gonna cost you. We're familiar Italy. If you even get formally here are you better off getting. A trap that was gonna get a million a year or a lot. And as what to adult you're kind of what you what can carry out but it's obviously all all you got don't look at what the hell out. Incredible Peters got both me. Mildly for the rapidly get a guy to like them great. He got you want isn't there at an accurate president but I. I don't like people reasonable make a move out if I would perk that would rather but a whole lot less money at a guy with no adult series. Which means in the lineup all bumps and bruises. Though he over with packer report here on the fan at working on the draft stuff for packer report do you. We're used where you want the Packers it on the first priority think their logo. And I I would see it it just from what I've done the research I've done. I would go guard right away it. Excerpt well there are three or four cart that had the public and that's really get the good fight right away. Bill or what you corners and are even more depth structures so that just beat it on number of prospects into the light and and we're thing. Now there's not many guards I don't think. There's a lot of quarters and a whole lot that structures so that that you might act in order to my old at there's not practiced gonna do that. On board educational thing than anything it's I don't think guard. Corner. All by Atlantic was that I I could do that sort of value. So the Marquez get the Packers who want McCaffery oh Stanford the running back. Yeah I did a story on that yesterday. Work to get it up. It doesn't make any sense for one but. It doesn't make sense can you imagine he but the coordinator in Green Bay truck got that full well that feel that populate the use. He's got a cult it Montgomery to make every argument so what that. You people are going to be deep and then that is about what local guys not a receiver and particularly. Only in that formation to run the ball on April. Political lot of lot of possibilities are I don't think mcgetrick point nine epic is it's probably too good. But all around player he's healed intangibles are all there I think he's public arts but if he's there. It awfully hard at puppet he'd get. There's so much cemented the bit between acceptable to let it really know that like it got him that sort of political what you that you could between the tackles potter. He's ready and order boxes he's got a political skill set that that I wasn't dock where were they. I'd like the full house set Montgomery EP. And ripper Brack there. That's. A yes well for him. That is true but yet if you can split on government get those receivers that really just quirky but is that we're very very important stuff around. Lotta Lotta hospital it took effort. Well here over packer report at tech report on Twitter we look for deer coverage you'll check in down the road bell. Want bill Huber joining us on the great midwest bank outlined when you're ready to get into are back into the housing market look no further than green the rest bank. As agree in the rest think that can't take the next step toward your new home.