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Madden: What is the best matchup for Bucks in the playoffs?

Mar 29, 2017|

Frank Madden, founder of Brew Hoop and from the Locked on Bucks Podcast, joins Chuck and Winkler to talk about the Bucks. How well has Tony Snell played for the Bucks?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the agreement West Bank outline. You are not Tony's now now you're saying are now do you remember Jack. It was night and Tony spell out and I was lukewarm on the deal then I thought the blocks here the reason why I mean the books here. Meet Tony snell solid Dirk and Scottie Pippen Bulls. I know talk about a fifty year old James and that it's awesome yeah I mean Hewitt thought the the box aptly pulled off heist it missed was that so much and getting Tony Stewart get the Michael Carter Williams who seemed to fall out of favor with. With Jason Kidd but. Snow has been a pretty good player. I'll forestall what he's a nice piece and he's a nice piece of the puzzle and he could be here for a while frank Matta joins us an agreement us bank outline from brood deck on the line down box podcast. Frank thinks for a couple minutes are a man. If frank do it. For this Tony Snow is that the the pucks made a big deal bought I think more or less that you like his defense. And that's what Jason can really liked and you know made some leadership on this team as well but they immediately talked. They talked him up big when they got the deal and he has he actually has been pretty good for this year. Gavel in at the time for Middleton had just gotten hurt and they were staring at the prospects of of having Ryan Rashad on and Jason cherry of that you're shooting guards are etched in tired seasons so. That element to a pretty good about having Tony now I train your team I guess since. You know it is contributions without Littleton where we're big in terms stabilizing. The team they don't vote that is providing that adapt well you kind of knew what you're gonna get in and look I mean he wasn't the type but got a lot years and Chicago he'd always. Not battled injuries and you know he's very defensive versatility but surgeries then taking it to the next level and you know I think on laughter he shot you know eventually ready to plaster you under 40% this series over at 6%. And choose and if hitting crack 40% from three and you know we've seen in descending. Russell Westbrook and the promise that I mean they they're not afraid could have on you voting james' best guard in. A conditioning thing is you know Jabari Parker getting hurt. You know of course welcome back and that they'll pick playing the three and Torre's belt so starting at the Q so with with Jabar he's sort of you know next. Happy and full season are along in doubt. You know there's there's obviously so very fickle Tony would forward it certainly it appear parity this summer. We saw a guy like Myles calmly play and it decently for a stretch the Bucs gave them. Four years forty million you don't want to make the same mistake like miles calmly Jon Solomon's kind of thing but. I would think that Tony cells played well enough to deserve. At least those negotiations. You also don't want to get frank. Priced out of Tony's now because he is playing so well I have to think that the rest of the league is taking notice. Yeah I'll be really continue to restricted free agent so again usually both players there are not guys that. You know are getting. Priority on on dale and free agency just because teams have to wait until. The moratorium and sit to sign them to an offer sheet that gene has. Yesterday's or resign them or make a decision and let up on earth and I felt. You know the boxer in the driver's seat on that but absolutely I mean you market value you know there's a market which yeah I think it's an overused term in the NBA given it really takes one team. To Wrigley candidate by the market for a player he's certainly he deterrent ads and you know the profiled a period you know you should treat it quite defense. You know he knows his role in there's never been a better time to be that kind of player and letting it be really ancient geno does. That he become a guy that you maybe in the day one priority for shortchanged by you know there are pure and cap space this summer. Some or whatever keep it cap space. But fifteen you know Brooklyn are the obvious one can be signed to restrict free agent to big deal last summer el crab Tyler Johnson. You know they strike out with better players. To be looked to a guy like Tony Allen and kind of get our chief to match maybe they got this year. Maybe teams will be a little bit more hesitant to throw those kind of big Patrick they are teams that summer. Well maybe having a bit of regret that they went after world players and you know given fifteen million dollars a year so I don't think Tony and get actual money but certainly at this point I would beachfront at all he. Was in Florida Scotland argue arranger and you know that number of buck kept we can make a decision about whether they want to make that kind of commitment. Whether they think is just contract you're talking now or whether they think this is the real forward. Frank epic that was great win for the team last night they just come off Plano in a dollar game against the Bulls on Sunday. About the prospect two nights later and they completely dominate Charlotte on the road. It it tells me that this team is certain come along a little bit and we've seen signs of it but. It has been twice now two weeks ago against Memphis they got beat at map as they came out a couple of points later and won at Los Angeles against Clippers beat the Lakers. And then you know last night and I just think this team is starting the showed strides maybe maybe steps towards. The old all the future. The whole term ball that wouldn't talk about that for years you're seeing some signs now. Yeah I mean I think it's finishing looking at sort of their numbers short pre and put all star break in. You know grant that they had they've had a few bags that they played since he'll serve him well. In Denver games. Game they had against orders which the Warriors and of course people's. You know Austrian looking missionary and out by you know overall it did finishing could mean the defense was. That we below average for the all star break to it now slugging above average and to be I'll serve break and it on thirteen and six. The optical about the same actually which maybe surprises and people. They're playing have a lot slower pace which probably makes sense given that you brought Jabari Atticus middle and then in regular option also have a a more half court guys they're playing a much slower brand of basketball. We're forcing more turnovers they're competing sure threes but the defense actually isn't. Hadn't been great since since that and that and that and slightly above average but you know again after Saudi both average about opposite defense you know you're gonna get a chance looks like that. I think the steadiness and you know you guys are alluding to with you know finally winning. Winning games and ended it showing some character you know this game against Charlotte I think the actually it really impressed that a draw like luggage at Chicago to bounce back and you know really kind of go wire to wire neck and so my I think they're they're maturing but you know also a little luck and mean. Winning close games in the NBA it is not a science there aren't are reluctant to start of the year five and nine in games decided by charter pure point. Defiant on those games you know since then so. They're starting to kind of played better in the clutch which you know against the look surety but it was also a bit of luck and so you know being at a certain break but where a little bit it. He give them credit and I think you know in January looked like this is a team that might quit entirely. And they have turned it around and and not a given themselves a chance not sleep well but it means and the chance to sit which certainly a whole lot of violence that great. Craig Matt and on Twitter at ass mad and NBA friend we've had this conversation on the station the last couple weeks. And will continue to have it go when you look at the box who could be either be the fifth the sixth in the seventh try right around in there. Assuming nothing terrible happens. You probably have the top four it's Boston Cleveland the Wizards in the Raptors and so we asked which team would re rather face and we can say the Celtics for this reason or the Wizards for that reason. I just I don't think that any of on right now I don't think the box can take them in a series. Any of these teams I would think they would lose the first round. Is there a team that there they could beat out of those four they would have it an easier time beating them than the other ones. You know I I still eluded being I would not want to beat Cleveland in the first structures as is I just. Don't want to see the product teacher can't let up taking down the product for sharp here you just play the middle and lower then against the league's other team even if you know Cleveland defense have been about this year in. They've obviously disappointed relative to expectations but they're still the champs and in each is still in that when healthy and they've they've got out it but now they're going to be tough so. You know to those of the two keenly. Often in the local pastors in the rescued and so you know make you do their due or credit personal lacking. That that experience on the field engine they're gonna get a few games yergin a couple of games against them that close the season. I don't know if Brett Stephens and Jason Kidd getting a couple of looks for you know Rasheed not probably better for the Celtics in the box. A a virtual spread even to take batted ball more than the box but. Oh well Woolsey kind of how it works out of mean that the bigger task tonight how they fare against a bit of company. Washington and had a really hot streak and then they kind of dropped off the bed and that's still looking at lacking in depth. You know Scottie brooks' new coach them that job there but. You know still fundamentally it is a jungle red deal story. You know are they scary adult I would Taylor scary. And I think you'd have a chance it will Bucs have not played the serve well against them this year. Although it came about Chris Middleton. And I think Toronto benching to the Kyle Lowry is not consult becomes. I think that the team that that is certain about what carried him and they would even with how our LP. And east Oakland Morris injuries so. So I think it's sort of maybe Washington in the war if arias hurt those two teams that got that idea urged then and you know that the record forget about troubles you or a lot could be years but. So what you that I think are Arian you know the fact that Bucs just don't have a better for guys opinion poll up from twenty to compete and during three days but without him out a game. You know they just become a lot more beatable even though they've made some nice addition to Yasser pick as well so. Yeah oh boy LeBron. You know Lowrie list Rackers I would I would maybe feel better about that and other light of the Washington as a team that that's you know they don't purity but I've tiger topic. Be Sabres certainly. Frank appreciated and will make sure to check in down the road. Frank Manning joining us on the great midwest bank hot line when you're ready to getting two or back into the housing market look no further. Then great midwest banged his agreement was being done count take the next step toward. Your new home.