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Nagler: With the depth in the draft, the Packers could drop down!

Mar 29, 2017|

Aaron Nagler, from, joins Chuck and Winkler to talk about the Packers and their offseason moves. Do the Packers have too many holes to fill this offseason?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chuck and white collar Sports Radio on all 57 FM the fan I'm borrowing glare that is chuck free men we're joined on the agreement was Minkow line by. Aaron Nagel or Packers There and how you doing man. Aaron I'm dual while our guys don't carry a lot of questions rated you know we do. You know we'll be good archive. What's up. But that remind. Lawyer important I at a debate the Packers Q have the Packers get better or worse so far in the offseason. Oh which is that. It's a good question I think they're in the process of getting better. You know it that's the thing people. I've said that the other day on Twitter. People are always kind of anxious to get out letter grade that talk about moves made who wins the off these trouble we all do well. The move you make in March on you know are only part of the plan of putting together a team. I think. I'm a little bit surprised that I'm the number of guys walk. I think most observers probably are and I think even that hump and it will be a number dads and walked out the door offseason. But at the same time you look at what they're doing on the off by the addition of the tide had. You know they gonna give a lot of flexibility you know McCarty would stop there. Are on defense obviously the plan that a political process and yet but think okay they're probably looking toward the draft but. I don't know there's there's a lot a lot to. Done yet on that side of the ball I think as we heard Aaron Rodgers Q. Earlier this policy and so. And I it's always you know a plan the team profits go to get better or straight out yeah I would say they're getting better. But. It remains to be acting. I think what concerns me would this off season. I said they got worse what concerns me is our season is that. There's more holes that are being created in a time of talent acquisition. And the biggest one for me is on offensive line work they lose TJ Lang. And either you replace an in house buy some sort of move man taking guys out of their natural position or suddenly expect. Kyle Murphy did do for you wide Blaine Taylor dead which I think is a huge ask. Or even down Barclay or you draft a guy and expect him to start and the Packers they have these draft picks they've got so many other needs. And I don't walk on on the mission be using a pick early on an offensive linemen so. Aron my biggest concern right now is offensive line to replace TJ line. Yeah and that the one spot I will admit where I. The Balkan leading up to free agency that I would signed he'd get right back even though you know that that would be funny. I would absolutely assigned him back simply because you do have the franchise. That. Why take apart like like you yourself. Problems up front which is what they've essentially don't. Now. You talk about having to draft alignment and I'm with you met Mike McCarthy. Out. I'd. Rate. The plate goal you know at bat. They want either you know someone in house or. Perhaps one. And you don't have to use an early pick I mean I know a lot or lamp and let's think would be. Excellent addition but I don't see them drafting art in the first round. But look at the rental lot outside of Bryan Bulaga those are all guys up there. You know obviously day. The big that the big if if the plan is were gonna go get a guy in the third they'd plug him right guard starts sixteen games and our MVP quarterback. Maybe at that you know that incompetence but that's something we've seen from the front ultimately. They they have the utmost. Competence and their ability to earth he. Now that the one con of going right if you're talking about. Marc you make it four. Somebody in house that jump with Taylor you at least at a couple starts. From the year before we could go back and you look and you could say. The offense really operated just fine with Wayne Taylor and epic were good to go forward. If you make that move now with any of these get on the squad. You don't have any technical on other than what you saw. And what you've seen him practice and in practice you barely allowed. You'd not had that. So it's a real projection that you've got a plan now again we don't know but that's the plan at the big league. While what are plan is for come Murphy are scary it was all American tackle at USC. And drafted by the Packers. Only attribute guard. I wonder what their thought process is on him and how they feel a bought him. I'd I'd there's a chance though he'll get some run errands short. I know they don't want them break but I think for the most part they want their guys to be. You know oppositional kind of valuable but it'll play all awful so I'm Kuroda they'll they'll look at him there. He ran a little bit last year so. I don't think they're gonna close them off and he calls himself up any possibilities. But it's yours sounds like. We bribe locked inside that now. Aaron Nagel or Packers news that come here on the great midwest bank allying chuck and we clerk. On the fan. The men and make you play Ted Thompson who would you draft what position what position would you draft in the first round. And what position do you think. Ted will draft in the first round. Very good well you know the caveat that it always depends on out or. Real of caller I'm I'd. I definitely think it's it's the kinda director who want to look at at rupture. Early and often although it's also an. Other a lot of talent at this and an epic kind of a group this year. I would you know I know you've been getting a lot of run lately DJ why I think it's a big time need them. He's very similar I think Beagle does as well. Either one of those guys will be intriguing. We're confident. You know I'm getting the feeling. And obviously it does you know I I'll say that and then you know the -- company that ops of what happened but I keep beating Hewitt because of the yet. Available at all the positions for the Packers had needs whether it is at quarterback. Com I keep talking to guys in but we need to produce reliving scouting these players and they keep telling me I keep hearing how deep the strapped how. You know 87075. Players seat in regards to you know guys would first round grade. And if I don't think it's a hole from one of these teams look and it jumped back up into the first round and possibly you know get a quarterback because they. At first round at that it's your option automatically. So teams covet those spots down there at the bottom of that first round. In that confidence that year after year that he gets call amid the Packers are all sitting. You know always there in the mid twenties. And he's that he's gotten calls and just turn people down four with a debt. At you know in this whole draft class and the number of kind of hold me you have facilities and all I wonder. You know he's sitting there when united hits a call from Cleveland work or Arizona or somebody with you know quarterback. That too you know on the last year's abused term deals last career may be Ted Thompson looked at. Dropping back getting a few more picks and taking a few more you know swings at the plate so to speak. Because let's face debate they needed injection of talent it's faster on the defense side of the ball and this is the year that. We would be remiss if we can ask you about the secret Peterson and if if the Packers got down to the epic bring enemy and well which save off that. I they'll upping that I'd I'd be shocked. Because. I'm I'm of the opinion and I have spoke no you know enough people don't think it. I will be absolutely shocked if that happens I know there are reports out there that the Packers have had interest in past there are reports out there that say the Packers. All are waiting until after the draft to maybe bring him in except throughout. I'm here to tell you right here and walk year waves but it's not gonna happ. The Packers are not going to be bringing and the ancient running back at the end of his career who sits there are often in no way shape works or. I mean what is he good you could've running out of you know deep power formations and the Packers have very little use for. I'm he's not good in pass protection you can't catch the ball he's basically useless on third down mode all the things you need. As a running back in Mike McCarthy's off. You're basically watching this team to sign in many rather than it. So so whom I mean better than that if if you only keep me if they need to put dating back up running Bechtel. And I'll be Chris the Michael's going to be answer machine think so too I don't think so. Found out I mean directly go to help out Montgomery. I think Montgomery to good you know kind of will be you'd have to of their back you know you'll I highly doubt you paid when he touched. You know like game tech guy. I'm but we'll work with that. And I think I have no doubt the Ted Thompson said the other day. They definitely need bodies. They they know they they need a few more guys. But if you look at the history. Ted and running back the lead at the position he never. You never used big time capitalized. That unit only two times he's taken a but running back in the draft on the second day. I've been Branden Jackson and that you race outside of that it's all been late in the draft undrafted free agents guys off the scrap heap. As far as like made on the waiver wire except. It's it's not a position ever. And I have and I can't blame them you look at cart is often will be they're so multiple we do so many different things you need guys that are you know have. The ability to do a lot of different things and Adrian Peterson he just you know one trick pony now used to be really good at that one trick. But those days sure seemed like they are neither partner. Arron make their Packers news that Tom. You can't say. But if as long as they have Aaron Rodgers because we make fun of that so you can't say that in the answer but that rut. Are there Packers a top three team in the league right now. All ask that question top three. I think there's three teams opened up obviously but the Patriots. Calm. After that man battle there in the mix I would I would say yes. After after the Patriots I mean there's good and any other teams there's good of the Falcons Raiders have to play them in Lambeau. You know not get blown off in the don't matter. I've they've beat Seattle last time it let them. I think they would give the Steelers are on their money and I think. Mean to a Denver I think media as a defense to do a debate on the offense I mean. I think that the Packers are right there now you can make your arguments about how you want to see whoever but it. I mean I think about it and a good shot at beating anybody on any field so that's it and peppered. Or more stupid on for a on has Brady wants to play till he's 46 or 47 and aren't right right so would you do it okay. You'd get if you take Rodgers you have to stardom every game there's no backing out would you know right now lock in Aaron Rodgers until he's 47. Or move on. Right now. Thought move move our educated me there's no way a there is no way Brady is playing those sports. And beat the nowhere Rodgers has 80% of our listeners said they would take until he's parties them and that's been grant. When Brady hit the wall comment everyone gonna go all right other time of undefeated begin the year in. I know we're all like in the glow of Brady going to championship and you talk about playing to his 75 and it's great. But let me tell you what went that all is common we saw it you know everybody has tried to play late order. It's 4041 years old brother was Warren Moon winners Brett are. Everybody hits it. And it's Cummins Brady. -- appreciate the time is always a little check in on the road. Apple it opera yet Aaron turner joining us again from Packers NASDAQ com make sure to follow him at air and it. Nagle are on Twitter and check on torrid they do there as well.