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McCalvy: Can't read into Brewers' offensive surge in Spring Training

Mar 29, 2017|

03/29/17: Adam McCalvy of discusses what the Opening Day Roster could look like for the Brew Crew. What will the Brewers do with the Starting Rotation. Plus, why did the Crew cut Scooter Gennett?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Even now a guy that's probably should get back to Milwaukee except for you know the weather. And that is adamant cal we have LB dot com and respect them joining us on the Schneider orange hotline hello out of how you doing. That way I am about to have my final breakfast this spring training. Or at least of the Arizona spring training and then I'd love bet that blast of cold air when you get off the plane went in or if summit. Source six weeks studio shows early they're okay it'd mean Israel baseball Nomar line chips number thirteen to twelve like yesterday. I'm ready. It'll be a blast of cooler air I think it's supposed to be in the fifties. This coming weekend so be terrible but there are no less it's going to be like colder than what it's been there. What while the big news yesterday scooter Jeanette is no more did you do with whether we find out he was on waivers. Are literally when I was supposed to be on the Eric you know yesterday that's what I. I got a text from are a big guy who covers the red they've found out about it before we did. And yeah I mean I'm not surprised he's not on the opening the roster I am surprised that there was no trade to be made. I am David Stern said he tried. You know. He tried over the winter and then particularly if they got toward the end it can happen. Scooter Jeanette did everything right in terms of having a good attitude about playing these different positions he was capable of all the different positions. It was a matter of performance it was just a matter of it was but it never ever bumper and is a better player. I think he's a better more versatile player and that's kind of what it comes down to him for batteries in the burst in and collection that was good sit on this roster. And they know they tried to move and couldn't about please use some low salary because it was significant for a bench player. And now the reds are willing to itself. I I just explanation which I completely understood. Is if you can't find a partner to dance with you know he really doesn't have a future at least they did the right thing by comic cutting him loose a living latch on with another team. They out executed it you know they could've also option in the AAA. Huskers did have one option but but then you have to. And you know that is. The -- trying to stash money for. Their farm system there's doubting your international they ramp up their scouting him in international waters. Looking at the future with hero those back up so. You know that two million dollars in somewhat insignificant the grand scheme and got it in the players they want more. But it was a consideration then and notes trade bait if he's not gonna play. They didn't want opting into and out million bucks to kind of sit on the bench and they thought they were players and maybe could have a bigger impact on the scene this year. Anything surprising you is the Brewers he read become north. Well it's a privately that we don't know pitching rotation as camp breaks that kind of a new one to me. It's very clear the way their line up that lined up Gareth Davies and a couple of committed to those guys first. Then it goes per altered our the Nelson and it's been lined up on those days for. A couple weeks now. But they're not willing to commit to that of the rotation. Which is interesting and it concerns said pretty clearly yesterday it's because there's stopped on there is talk. Whether that internal about what they wanna do it maybe it's doing something creative with Jason Anderson an extra guy you know starting as well our forwards training. And they're talking trades you know the rule the Raiders about isn't it great publicly quick to it COLT for example. Teams have called on Jr. scare I think your concerns links from our first year. Teams set their own opening their rosters in the the chance betrayed and they don't want to. Tell us something publicly what they're gonna do the rotation before it's a done deal and roster won't be seventh so I think Saturday evenings I have to set. Because as a Major League team on Sunday and you don't go all the way down the wire like that I I don't know it. They're leaving open the door to move and remember the Carlos tourist thing was. Proof last year that was I think less than 48 hours before the first pitch or about 48 hours before the first pitch. That they picked up curls toward the end up playing a huge part of all of them so. Late spring loser always a possibility and it sounds like that's even more true this. The I wanted to ask you about the rest the national eccentric had a chance to see a few of the teams obviously the Chicago Cubs down there. A lot of talk about the Cubs ability to repeat we ever had a repeat World Series championship in 95 years. And there's a lot of speculation about teams that can knock them off some of the teams that you see the Dodgers the Giants. Obviously the nationals are in Florida but some of these teams there that are being highly talked about like those teams are they capable of knocking off the Cubs in your mind. I have no idea based on stretching because I I looked every year we. I come down here and I say don't make any opinions based on spring training. Every year. You know you do because you watch the games and see who looks good which were couldn't. You know the result sense it's really good down and scored a lot of runs and yes twenty former Monday against the Mariners. But just that body of work their offices in order does that mean they're going to be off. Nationally offense in the regular season probably not. But you know we we we we kind of draw these conclusions. And out attempted. Yeah about further example it is that you are is. Let's see if he can break the mold of the spring training superstar. Who then fizzles early in the regular season. You have all the characteristics of some of the other players that we know we've seen in the past we and oracle win a job. It's offered a winner ball guard I played a lot of baseball in the winner's you know lot pitching in the winter comes into spring training basically. No ready to faced. 95. Calm and hit a bunch of home runs he played really good and he. Give him out on a credit he worked his butt off. In the spring to get to that point he was yesterday winning a job on the team. Now if you're not playing every day can continue to be productive and I think we fall into the every year in spring training where a player to kind of lights up our side. Are and we'll album and then it doesn't necessarily mean in the regular seat so that's a long way of bill. I ever really hard time making art and drawing conclusions about teams based on watching you know half of their players play affable game. Twice in spring training so the Cubs are gonna be really good the starters literally to National Guard I think the Mets pitching. Is only if it stays healthy. Those are you know those are the teams that I think. If I had to pick one I I'd pick one of those fortune. The gone back to the first base position. Things is he struggled early terribly started out the ball tapered off a little bit. But how his two how is his progress been in the sense of getting a re acclimated to Major League pitcher. Well it processes the right word because. It's not just acclimated to pitching it's it's the acclamation in account our club has a little yesterday I think he's going to be a story on my right to they would a couple of com back tight players Willie pro open means to me or are you stretched the definition of comeback player of the year a little bit with Spain's. Because it Bartlett a guy physically coming back. Are both current council talked about the justice schedule of the Danes and the schedule this year and an adjustment trip that there's a lot more on field stuff in Major League Baseball and there's more games a week it makes. And one of the things he dealt with this spring is just general sort. Just getting used to the grind of this league. That's going to be an adjustment for and on top of that basic going to be facing a new pitcher every night. It even though he was away for three years of Thomas changed and it's a lot of young. Power pitching in Major League Baseball right now that are going to be new to Eric fame so well some of the brewers' other players a guy like. Now Santana Broxton ER they're not exactly does that. They've at least gone through this division wants last year they sort of know there're going to be days they have they know what they're opera. For Eric thing is going to be something new every day and that's going to be a grind as well mental attitude of dry so I I think that it's it's. Again and I I don't want to draw a conclusion based on his spring training batting average are I think he would say there was progress in the spring went along in terms of squaring up baseball's. And that is a positive thing. But it is definitely going to be an adjustment for him and they are definitely going to get cases that you are in their part to try to extend this crazy hot streak. That he had in spring training so if you're gonna play a little bit and that will allow on the other hand thing but since you kind of eased back to major. Hum oh by the way we have David Stern's coming up on Friday so I think Theo let you know that he ship union town listening on that particular day so he's he's gonna join us. So what do David Stern's and is he didn't he is he giving you kind of the I don't want to say the State of the Union Address pre season wise yet but I guess. Where is his optimism right now for what this season holds and then what they need to do moving forward. Well I'd I think you're gonna hear a lot of those same things that you heard from him and in China it's just the bell. This idea you know in the line acquired development or change young trial. That really they are trying to. David course in that area. Palm hand. You know I think they feel good about that development that they had last season. I Craig counsel and I think there's a balance jumping up about a set and but there were a lot of things that they thought that about. At the end of last year and that it was kind of individual development some of their young players. I think that's what this season is going to be about as well and then. You know there are candidates I'd get along sore about Orlando Garcia he's a really important player for this organization. In terms Ekene take a step this year based on you know with strict he gains fifty top ends bad. That offensive showing Perillo last late last year. Is that gonna help but be better this year to make a Santana coming back from the injury thinking yeah blocks and coming back from the charred in chance to play every day at third base about Randall and overs shall work. What are these catchers in the get a chance to gain a foothold in the big leagues it is they're not. They don't have. Jacob Nottingham breeding down and act quite. So they're gonna Italy so there's all over the diamond on the it and there's opportunity. For guys to cement their position in this rebuilt. Took to being there when this team gets good again. And I think that is. What they concerns is really looking at which occurred out of me and I'll just try to win game. So little different but David Stern that the in the longer view about this idea of developing in the between good players deep are the catcher. I'm not very and you know that's just. How it is in baseball not many teams are the Brewers were very rare to have that. Five. Solid years. Well like they did that probably helped I'm. Get to do good things they did you know their pitching over that time. And this is a not insignificant change in they really spoke about that with the catching group early in spring about you know we're gonna put a lot on you because you're really important. Tune to what happens in this organization. Arms so they're they're not be. I think they like Jack band in. I think they like many picking out a lot and he's not he's not a spring chicken but. You know has his teams in developing it seems to be developing. And he did some things offensively late last season but we're pretty good and a lot of really get in spring training. So that's the end of the start and I think it's going to be a pretty even split. Robert Craig Counsell is just gonna it's one guy steps forward you can apply. And there's opportunity there but you know suits Jack's hurt with not really a great and insight. They picked up this in my early catcher from the Astros it's kind of a triple A guy. Nottingham probably double and I would think try to you know he had a top offensive last year it it'd push in the AAA. He's Nottingham of the guy that has chance and they even our everybody else says you can and a the first pictures of myself so I'm talking about the baseball America. It'll be pipeline peoples and to you know he's gonna move. The Brewers keep saying you're going to play catcher and they knew so that kind of your that's your prospect at that position. Just I was always man and now we will see when you get back here this week and then obviously on Monday okay. Yet some bills are down artillery and I'm accountable reject common MLB dot count joining us for a couple of minutes to be the breakdown as the the Brewers are getting ready. To break camp com north and they got a couple exhibition games over the weekend and then at all it's going for real on Monday don't forget we have a live broadcast from help their field out in front of Miller Park again this year. As we bring you all the opening day fund frivolity and pageantry and tailgate in everything that goes along with that were really really looking forward to it and we hope to see out there.