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Everett: Every game counts in baseball no matter what.

Mar 29, 2017|

03/29/17: Our National Baseball Insider Seth Everett takes a look at which teams are pretenders and contenders heading into the 2017 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the national side of things our own Seth Everett. The national baseball insider says I don't body. We're a good argument Brendan you tell you where you Wear it while it kept. Over a that's a good good where you know and I got along great. And thank you to all the people who follow me on Twitter appreciate it. Yeah I was it was good I have a lot of good feedback from and now here's the question as we get ready for our opening day that is. You know we were talking earlier the Cubs in 95 years it's been a long time since we've had creepy World Series champions in such. Is there somebody out there that is truly capable of knocking the Cubs off other advantages say. Dodgers. Mets Mets gonna get better pitching and obviously got to give a little bit more pop but he is it somebody else or is it strictly the Cubs to lose. Well I mean going in you know I I look at it from a division airport you know the play opposite gripe in I don't think there's everything. You know that. That you can predicting martz you know that that leads you to to looking at you know the five game division series. What I can't tell you it they are the class of the division. No secret about that and they should win. Barring colossal injuries they have depth so they can handle a couple of injuries and I think there are pretty good Derek condition. You know the key program is. You know there's still young and the nucleus is still there that's not good exit forever. They're not gonna all be lifelong Cubs though it longer they have it do you think he's the moment and you know that's where go to managing it and and they have a great manager in. Are you know I'm a big believer in in their system. Do you think that. Just. I don't know how to put this but I went a couple of the Cardinals are listening to Cardinals radio today coming at writing out to Madison because I wanted to find out with a cardinal sin and all this. And obviously they believe that there rite of passage is to get to the baseball's post season every year without a doubt up but do they have enough pitching to get over the top. He I don't know you know the one thing about the Cardinals they era. Three years I picked against them and goes wrong and they won a couple World Series because of that but I'm not fond of that trap again. But they aren't they are definitely a team that they have buried there I think there in the comfort space in. The team that I'm looking at and I could be wrong on that Pittsburgh. I could think Pittsburgh cut in the air act to grind and they have pitching and you know I think I think the Pirates are. But in the back out I want a circle and we are great finish dictate where I think. Milwaukee finish it because if it bottomed out for Pittsburgh and they have to break it down is an opportunity there. And but. The Pirates could also be talking about while cart in enemy though it if it either way the Pirates in the Marlins are two teams that I do have circled that I wanna believe and and I want them to show me that I. The the on the American League side. Is Cleveland in the fight for their lives or can they repeat. Noted that they're kind of being. Again it's that division you know I think if you're going to be much in Peru. If we kind of into but. And you know that they they couldn't overcome a couple of key losses and and you know all that the injury. I think that the Royals are very it in team and our. The White Sox think they got better I don't know how you are Palin and are the better they don't have quality content and they never they've never treated him. We'll have to wait the you know just what the White Sox put together but. The royal tactic or the team that you have to kind of circle. Cleveland kind of and that no secret they're gonna get their pitchers back you know other than the pictures that were hurt at the end of last here they are all back and they have here for cone and Andy in all of big believer. Tests there's the Yankees. Scare anybody. Not really. You know the Yankees are are are putting things together. You know typical New York conversation you know they paid make those trades at the end of last year and they. Picked up the shortstop to laboratory is scared and you know Eric talking about you grow up there you go out there. Goal probably a group a group there's a process to all of this you know and you're I think David Stern will be that the person who tells you that. This speed in which a player adapt to that next level. Is not dictate what kind of talent they have it how fast they make adjustments than. You're I think there's there's that debate I'd still prepare a pitching. You know Boston is that is the class that division. Baltimore's gonna be heard from throughout the going to be heard from I don't think those two teams are allowed to prepare and those who threw those weight and peak and it seems secure. You know there's talent on the roster Baltimore is a very interesting story because they have a a bunch of guys including which Otto and Chris Tillman they're they're number one starter. Who they are not gonna re sign. So they have this short window you know ever talked about the nationals Bryce Harper would be the Orioles are in the same position nobody's talking about an extension now program. And you know they kind of have a short window of their commitment and after that it cricket expensive to maintain the Orioles haven't won. I mean I know it at the playoffs but theory collecting eight a little higher so. It's been very interesting time but now are not a big believer in the eighties and I know out. And I don't know if you saw other prepared baseball just ruled. Wallet on all the actually baseball ruled on terrorists familiar. Gillick get fifteen games for domestic violence which is. It's gonna be controversial but that that I think you'd different from the thirty here and everybody to the pre. Yeah and they have been saying all along that they're going to be coming down fervor on on guys like that so. Well the problem at the charges were dropped and and it would lose it situation where. That woman. Corey and his wife claims that it was it's a big misunderstanding. You know look we were a pair we we we don't know that it wasn't domestic violence they'll familiar put himself in a position where there had to be some discipline. So it's it's slippery slope in I'm not judging I also want to be fully known terrorists some areas Fred in my and so. You know I'm not. I'm not excusing any of his behavior. But I'm just saying that there are always two sides to every story and and you know the charges were dropped with a rolled captaincy that there with a gun and and you know that doesn't there's a difference. He doesn't deny having gotten to poke. It's it's an awkward being backed that that makes a huge difference in the east because having another. You know two weeks of a closer makes a big difference when you're you know tennis and we. Games remember of the fifth event in. Three of the most years election with Arabic parent you're Perry. But most years. There were at least three divisions are decided by four games or less. Don't think games are valuable and act like you know that it's that the Joker have with a mallet and you know that the talk about the first week the first games count in the standings the same. Same amount as August and September but the one call like you hate. The one thing I hear you on Twitter at only eight. Though writing count I've always that it. So mad at me all the armed that would make a big deal about a lock to make. And it can be when you're looking at a team that is trying to contend you're going to need those game. I I've always said I'm and we saw it happen to the Brewers time and again late this season you're about 345 games now when you you peed away. The month of April or the month of May Day. And some of those games would have mattered and you're right in the thick of things actually rooting for something on a stretch rather than saying OK after two more weeks ago that we all packer back to go home because there is no hope so. I completely agree I think. Right the counter to that beat the counterargument is if you take it that seriously you'll burn out. Because you need to have an even keel and that's what I'm very I'm not. I'm I'm I'm trying to say doping at the late date fare as people say they are and doping so intense that you treat everything like it's game seven of the World Series. I kept prepared that happy medium it's sports and staying the course and being even keel is something that is so underrated in based. I was Seth Everett our national baseball insider a lot of people in the area also talking about the twins the twins his molester 59 wins there's a lot of optimism issue that this team can be more like the team from. Take 20152014. When there winning 7585. Games. It or more and that they're gonna have this bounce back season do you see that. I mean they'll improve bit mackerel is a hundred games but you know that there would be a massive improvement at air about this. I wanna I wanna make their point last year the Brewers had a five game and group. In the last 39 games they have the best ERA for starting its. I think they can have another five game improvement and I think he can be a key I think there's a target right that the front Friday of 81 way. I do not think that that win. Are anywhere. It if they have less than ninety losses this is a huge step. For the tour that the only thing that would only team in baseball at a hundred off. Correct. Crack because that team that had like the next closest was was that the Padres in the in the reds were tied wouldn't what ninety. Yeah it's been like 94 so we're going to they would drop up back from that standpoint that's good for competitive balance. But I just thought the divisions were decided. We knew who division winners were going in the Cameron that's not a good thing because what baseball felt better than anybody else's drama. And if it you know I have circled game Islamic calendar. That I will I I'd never give BS I. I I would say that yet tight to me is up big name your big game tonight. Gotta go and when in reality it if it doesn't matter if you win or lose I just don't deny that. And to play valuable games and the number I think there's no marketing there's no Internet there's no anything that could overshadow the work that. Our -- report let you go when you look at the at Texas Rangers do they get over the harper Seattle's time finally coming or all this that you know hype that we speaking of hype. We bought into regarding Houston in their rebuild do they finally get over the hump. Great question and I think Seattle better and I think you'd better I think technically the fight on their hands it's a really interest in division. It's one of those times where I love the fact that they play in a divisional game. You know I don't love it for Milwaukee employ but I do love it from both Seattle and and I think Oakland going to be improved I think that division is very interesting you'd then. Kind of read their own heights and you know you can talk about six weeks. To get over how they lost the Royals revelatory fifteen play all right and that that collapse that doesn't get a lot of publicity. But in reality. I thought it was it took awhile for them to Duke to overcome something like that. How they do it from going forward in credit dictate whether or not that franchise back on the right. He's been good Seattle good. Well. You know if I had to pick a winner it's still picked tech that but I like those. Ballclub I went to the Angels were all the money they spent when they ever see any. Efforts of any that I mean it's it's just been all the doors thrown money. Well the problem is that you know government wants from the trade Mike Trout and not. Been dull after that on Friday I thought he was trumped. I think that ultimately. He's their only act that so there's nothing they can do other than. To keep him going forward and and I think that it's important. Four for the Angels to recognize that you have to build with Mike Trout not instead of Mike Trout and you know that their philosophy I don't know if you can do it but you know they're in baseball. Everybody can rebuild the baseball had the better system than for example the NBA or even sometimes the NFL. If you build something correctly and you draft bright you are right you any you develop young players. You can do so it's not a it's not a Herschel Walker situation you know and inspect. Trading Mike Trout everybody knows him as that this. It Boren got people that I like it's him. You know he plays on the west coach plays for allowed the team nobody really sees him play don't really know him. Like they know Bryce Harper for example or maybe which Otto or. Or one of the Cubs your resort Chris Bryant. But there'd be burgeoning young stars in Mike Trout one of those guys you might be the best one of the bonds that nobody note. Good stuff as always and I will talk again next week after finally worried games that matter and I always level we finally get in the games that matters. You see my old pal Bob black and out of Colorado Rockies Monday Miller Park probably watch and looking forward to a talkies embody. Out of there you go that Seth Everett our national baseball insider joining us. For a couple minutes in the shatter orange college that are hiring drivers right now are you work are they treat you fair eighty push yours immediate and call me 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com.