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Woelfel: Is there a best team in the East???

Mar 29, 2017|

03/29/17: Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times and discusses Malcolm Brogdon's success this year. Plus, would the Bucks have any chance of beating the Cavs in the first round of the playoffs?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talking to basketball Milwaukee Bucks basketball. Joining us now Gary Wolff for the receipt journal time tell you doing Gary perimeter well and you know this turnaround in almost. Remarkable. You have a real technique you know I mean. When Murton hill on ten of eleven games where I thought it was over you know we took away what a good look what that lottery they're good. Relevant team wont wont. Jason Kidd look Mikey. Wanted to be in Phoenix and sort of Milwaukee in it didn't look here in yeah miraculously you have to turn it around. The progress we're just say you're talking about mark Malcolm Brockman and the progress of Brockton. Has been also a remarkable in that sense that not only is he getting it done offensively with the assists another double double last night but he's offensively. They seem to be a better team with him on the floor is he going into next season easy is he that starting guy even looking for. You know there that's a real good question. I'm sure they're gonna look into possibilities could you know upgrade their expired. No encouragement to Malcolm. Who. You know it's really critical week that is a rookie you know I mean he is the most composed. Rookie that you have ever seen me look like a debt eat curry unflappable. And tour and seem to be bothered by you at any moment. I guess my question is why he fall so foreign that ran. Nobody see that potential. Well I think they saw potential. Or actually were sorted out who we are going season. That the biggest concern with with every NBA team one and go for it yet the foot. This year you when he was a freshman at Virginia. In Derrick sat out a year. And several sources from the NBA only pride in the cramped that they had already read what it. In that taken walker crap sports. Yeah and there was a lot of concern opponent's foot and yeah obviously we have any injuries and of course yours here but. Seen. Occur only one so I don't want to take that risk. Right now are the Boston Celtics the best team in the east or is that just in preparation until Cleveland finally turned back on. Is there a best team in the east. Are at the puck out I didn't. It is pretty. And important one team to Italy or Speedo really between them. I haven't seen and that in the Cavaliers who struggled big time. Let the team that has really been on different. News Washington. Me and I don't think anybody saw the possibility of Washington you know we've been number one equal. And so. They got a tough road trip coming up but after they have that your went five teams against Pitt teams. You know you know who scored upon that yet would sure you don't even be in play put. Four when you have cup respond. Now it's a battle for. The fifth seed or the six seed. Between Milwaukee and Atlanta. You've got Indiana game behind but. With the Cleveland Cavaliers reeling now we know when they get to the post season it's it's it's all hands on deck and it's different game. Blake that is no worry standard and do well yeah exactly what I got my here's my question though army is suddenly Cleveland team and I carefully and saying this is suddenly Cleveland team that you would consider. That would be a favorable matchup for the Bucs were sending vs Cleveland who is struggling from within. No. I would not want to play LeBron come playoff time could be the guy I have ever got broken leg and just don't want one accord which. And you know everybody forgets what can you Henry Irving having it cannery Erving didn't have bet suited that we did in the final last year they went in the champions that you would inspirational. So not that. I don't think there would be a good matchup at all with the puck. What right now with different players getting involved snell obviously Brockton. John gossage honest what right now in these two ignite Middleton just he do you think it's that time a year with fatigue. Or injustice of a few games or what is right now Middleton who's been in that shooting slump. There you know what I think he's pressing bill. I mean why every game. And seems like he's taken a lot of cut shots and any good good good shot but no question about it but. It seems like he's forced me more sharp than he ever some. I think he's got mechanically to have him in which group opportunities. In you more open looks. What. Out Henson where does he fall into this mix obviously has a thumb injury and is coming back from that. The did defensively speaking is he a guy that you can rely upon. Once you get into the post season you're gonna need some stops it's gonna be that guy or is he just gonna find himself deeper and deeper bench. No I had things that you don't you know obviously from a defense standpoint to have and they don't have any effect at all right now and we've been very fortunate that. They need John Henson to play at fifteen to twenty minutes simply scorer in the playoffs because. A lot of those teams none of the year attacking the basket. If you look at all the good teams in the east whether curtailed the Raptors so good. They have good guard play in that mold got to protect the basket so I think it's pretty important that and so it was a real world pro player. In your opinion what's made Beasley so Letterman's. While. That's a good question. I think the number one thing would be your focus. I mean I don't think anybody questioned his ability the skill level. But that includes the questions focused. That he's maybe he's. Not going to bail out wall you know all time. Or even have to kind and you know reflects on court you mean X. A lot of they can be sent simply because Bo lacked concentration. What are you what do you make a son maker in the fact that he's been getting some minutes he's not averaging a lot maybe right around ten minutes of ball game. But what do you make a sign maker in in his progression in his first year. Well I think I'm done great you know I was told good over the summer that drew them up and walk away and they have gotten that. He and you know Tom Baker's attitude is so good that he so what the scope of Duke. You know I'll maybe go eventually he's going to be a good player how did you know who knows what he's got William you know retro. Of brokered before I'll let you go Gary this team as they go towards this post season is it beneficial because I know the scheduling gods into him any favors but. To play in some of these arena as were other teams are buying a grad and a place to miss the competition but we're some of these teams like the policies as well. Does this only galvanized this team in that sense or is this going to be something that once again in the post season because of all the travel in the year they're going to be running on empty. Yeah no I and boosting her galvanize right now they're period folk sudden talked with Celek Craig Monroe. This is his seventh in your season in he has yet to be in the playoff some in the east only on a couple of occasions. In recent weeks how you almost themselves. Who didn't who play out so. Focus and attention for the books I don't think will be a problem. Gary good stuff as always we'll chat again next week as we get ever closer to kaposi's men okay. But it got a letter they go. It's up from Gary Wolff for the procedural times and hopefuls press box is where you can read his stuff certainly appreciate him joining us on the Schneider orange outline. Hiring drivers right now you work are they treat you fair eighty plus years they beginning it and call an 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com.