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BIG SHOW 2PM: Does Jabari Help or Hurt This Team When He Returns?

Mar 30, 2017|

03/30/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Maybe show served up high. And brash. Out on the hold Chevrolet studios here on the fans who. The other one of them like. Here. Now you get an eye black I thought you always come like I don't know what is it ago. All Boise hails corners and he's a black guy Ian yeah he's O'Leary's black heels in this eagle you why. I'm so confused. -- we are gonna start off to showed today. Talking about your favorite player in the NBA. Jabari park. This disability. It's easy. And. I picked it up. Easier knowing that thing about Al. Okay so this a go crazy for everybody I mean as a set up the guys I mean this that I meant that game last night. I was big time right there you go to Boston win that game nice the president Malcolm Roger was in each whole large. Must performance of that game weathered the storm dishing the ball Yasser Greg Monroe hit it that cold blooded shot at the end as time expired on the shot clock held up poll we ran a poll at the end of this show oh how big of yeah that there mayor Gary was there and I think -- was no chance there was no somewhat surprised couldn't couldn't win biggest game of the year older then you go brings him here there or it imported game but. Just as important as the rest of them were you come out that noise I thought it was a board game but nothing really more than that I did think it was the biggest game of the year okay by any stretch imagination. And I was with you used it didn't take you did they not win last night I don't know. I am sure they could win because remember we talked about playoff series. And who you wanna see in a class LeRoy yeah but also the team I wanted to see because I thought they could beat Boston in a series yes what's it about Toronto of one now Washington and of our daily lives. Vindicated us but if you could a game last night he played out of their mind for the book right. Does it have a career game at 22 in ninth and they're going yeah and that's normal yeah honest numbers. Milton didn't have a are outstanding game and rope play like fourteen and 814 and nine Dallas a normal game for Greg Monroe you know. Boston firstar player played like a star as a top 32 points as we knew that was. So what but my point is you can't say well yeah I was at fifty that's I can happen in a seven game series four times or. Isaiah Thomas at twelve yeah a bad shooting night that's not gonna happen you can't make any of those arguments because for the spark. The game played out probably how would play out Boston in shoot the ball as well. Maybe if they want to tell you just gave them the point to tell you couldn't sit led them did that on fire under 40% an agent to be that while it. On we did man rushes nobody on the team outside has its how was your old man had you worried about that guy. But then yesterday on the show we talked about Jabari Parker we weren't trying Todd like Jabari Parker we are talking about Tony snell and people kept bringing up Jabari Parker. We're talking about whether or not you'd. Thought it's always tell us your part of the future of this basketball team. So now all we want to continue that conversation. Okay. Do you thick. This team would be helped or hurt. With Jabari Parker on it right now. That the right way that's how we want to phrase a record as a by Parker helped this Seymour hurt this team if he's on this team. Yeah that's a question you know 41479912544147991252. Weeks that I won a 57 FM the fan. It's and we want to fork and because I was stunned yesterday. And when I'm hearing his Jabari Parker stopped. And I meet him so I don't. Completely torn about where our guys call. Don't wanna get down to the Al I just wanna hear from you people. Oh yea I didn't are you north side Joseph I know where yet. You jokers have absolutely lost your mind. I believe and we're rapidly we're talking about ponies. Of Romania yesterday and it. Talking about somewhat Jabari bought. You gotta go for either Jabari Parker were hurt your team. We got some that we go to about 4 o'clock this is now the Jabari Parker W they win. They win. That's more puck. Com that's 4 o'clock you're about to say what I think you're gonna say yeah yeah and you just for them they were gonna. They had to Bart marker. For one forced and unnatural fear afterwards where. Does your Byron Parker help or hurt this basketball team at all what I don't. Right now. We won't hang up only Dario on his return well what what does he do. You have heard east. The guys I don't understand. How. She's always the team's so. Double doors that ever got to whichever comes back. That means war is going to details right. The good point I that's that's kind of what's given us has been alluding to for last one hours. The only good thing for the Spurs as France gonna come back and I'll help the Spurs know that's lunacy but with Steve's been saying yeah. Still stood still. Romo or. I she's is okay because it's you know she's done a scratch her record tells you where you Hugh know more experts wrong humble you and commitment to the beard and then as opposed. 0147 and Nigel. Talk about on the ball. What you guys think about Jabari Parker and his role with the Milwaukee books now move full. Just if if if we got a court just all performance. All reform and we talk about it I don't I don't I don't get to do and it. Her. I wanted to stay at it had a big year of college. We won't bolts it's just a waters. On me all. Were people feel like about. You can't. Eligible are part of straight all our our guy like here. You look at it. When you win you your boy the army W bloating you wind chill. Our Miami. And with the war just yet to have a big. Move don't. Yeah I. Ray don't let nobody bit. Jabar and his defense all like big dog by no big deal either. And today's day review look at a guy you know look at the teams. They got four guys. They're winning chairmanship they got four. Now you've got abroad. Abroad on you give him to review the best he's been a bit. I started the whole heart bigger Jabari. Her team move and luckily it today. Great way left I don't want to usually from huge win. Milwaukee Bucks watts or national post game last night people don't race there great win last blocks. But if you could only thing. Where to get beat you with. Your ball. I. You know what. Tonight yeah yeah. It's right tonight we have a spark his Bucs weekly installment preseason sports on line now account we have Marcus Johnson on tonight and I object and ask for. Marcus Johnson because it was just anniversary white men can't jump he was in the movie obviously we're used and you don't really it and you this weekend now. For us now that's for numerous other things I mean Liggett. Always in tickets for tomorrow. Good luck on so. Marcus jock living humans can come on at 6 o'clock I'm asked Nicklaus. Alas I'm gonna tell me what do you think. I have to imagine that he is gonna have a batting Oakmont man. Edged out is that dude is there's no way he hurts his basketball team goal and forward. Then all of the Marcus Johnson is do you think your team can beat two talented. It tends to be at another popular belief amongst people nobody. Nowhere. Is it that you could be though that they're going to be too talented. You don't want those people there's a what all of going well. Basketball can't make it work. We'll branch out. Don't matter at age keep him open. He can entered a team me Letterman scorer rebounder not just just you can only do so. I don't think it too much talent. We heard it but because. That's all these teams do MM a Barkley and and Kareem and I'm a team and all he's got we did together our member Gary Payton and Karl Malone can't electorate are gonna win again and regularly and that they were dominant point. I don't know people. Now little social media obviously mobile pill called English yesterday I don't just hang up only Pete you have to say he missed the you always say agree to disagree. And nobody on I went out I need a I and hang on being able to run around right now and there are no out waffle. Think it's just. And you need to get a little bit on the block a gaga. A big note that if there are perennial my day on gulf wrote nice build while Reynolds observe on. Don't do you run single to NCAA serenading. Oh man and yeah. Me and all I did it wobbles and she can now go to Waffle House asked to pancakes are geared. Q do you want UN is. To waffle house with great sadness that he wouldn't among the fans irate. Do and they is that reload Burgundy colored my mama had a birthday party Julia. Actually working on all pals so ordinary so it is. Guy 2 o'clock. Oakland Huard in your right minds is accurate. Not homered while I'll whatever you any rhyme not positive it's scary this Gary misstate amount number of Dunn is. Why are still up top to broad agreement read it out I want it and I'm matters. That go to go. Right. Bell. And what are out there. You can get in a while rob and I hated that sit down the national would get to writes that he probably got to have guys that we don't have a slippery florist. Are you like started. I'll just slap across that I agree exactly I ought to Walla. You can it's not a problem for did not lead to go to that but a way Marreese average and agree that so we wanted to go to Garland. Do you realizes. Mark we get through it and it. Ago yeah. He said your draw it out. Well as well walk in a way I don't morning hearing Miami V film and that your blog meet you gotta do. Died and he related titles and 00. You'll. You going to be ABC team would you wish him like that Unita babysitters sometimes it. Just another one. Vehemently. Yeah. And thank you Dustin problems and problem after problem I ours Stan. Honest I reviewing everything and by eight in. Well when gears is them Lauren. And around the knee jerk pitcher I don't know how that a problem. And that's about all as you drive them out right. Is below him hit it. Out article I'd go heartland only now it's like he's encouraging you to go hard. Roy what coach good. And these guys and right now grown. Again nice spot in the that your stomach sitting. One more I could you know what I did he didn't. Trust me not. Da in England and doing middle you have to go out there that. You know he's. And it was early week. He's got his sugar and not going to even it out east. And I'm on twelve for Theo to bipartisan helper the single or 44147991254. It was there where you have a regular 99 and welfare of getting caught here Scott and frankly it's gotten here up first in the when his vigilance of snow it's gonna. They're valid or do you listen and darn excited are in the box but yeah. That game that. 000. Yeah. That. Everybody at work when you brought up Jabari Parker and a whole lot out of thirty start. We're better than doubles I would it. I don't. He can rebound with them and hit the street batter go one up. And you get rid. But he's got to come back from injury but on the site it's and all that worked out. Sort of tomko. And he basically he basis is the de Eric item where he works. And some are brings Jabari Parker and everything comes to a screeching halt preaching right right. No listen I know is good morning my favorite songs. Janet Jackson what have you definitely. Argued that and people are prisoners of them home. But you didn't scorch warning the 25 points or anything given night. With a team that's an ascending team. That's what you're gonna need it you won't try to compete puts him. Because the team no one out there and student last night yet the say yourself can they went championship. With Jabar Parker I would say no but. If you're at peace use continue to. Ed piece of dust cloud that Tony snell is a great topic. As opulent last note. I like guys who can make open shots and don't mind plan defense. And if you would I want to go out like that you're trying to hold all talk but also know that people that have been says the hallmark timeline this sense. Or you don't get stuck into another contract laying hands and and somebody's got to get stops. Us we just stopped on the bench you're not that in and a so we need to know if he is six man seven man ticket played three really four positions. You step on May be. You can get away but nah you camp with point guard. But maybe on a rotation he could probably just maybe I'll five but he got a very valid worn coach a lot of money. When you are by Jabari Parker I don't need him here allowed this dusty. So if he's around town which years in and out of town he here and he's he's hearing that came out the second overall pick in all event. It's who years. And their fans will meet. Too late. Get out of here and I got a new a ring. Asked him did limit he has is hardly a full season. I get humbled uniform don't nobody noticed on. I know that I do I'm just informing everybody else listening you're making a judgement basically got and then played a full season you know I mean. Yeah I and it's a little disheartening again that's where it is all right so you did you by Parker helps or hurts this team going forward great question 41479912541479. Nigel fifty Twitter so qualify seven FM the fan. When he did show some nobody's fresh air on Sports Radio 57 at bat the bat must come up a big win last night. Huge win. Over the Boston Celtics they were the one seed coming in they'd be up in Boston now. The Bucs still sit tied for that five hole with Atlanta. Atlanta with a tiebreaker you trying to figure out why hasn't bottom like the standings that's why. With a box may end this season in Boston against the Celtics team. That's Celtics team could be playing for a one seed this bucks team could be vying for a five seed. I could be eight even bigger game. Play on if I gave nobody is doing when you get that situation I can't I can't imagine that it's going to be a situation will Roy where anybody sitting anybody and again. I just I can't see. Dad being a possibility I can't I can't imagine as close as eastern covers ray says between Cavaliers. And Boston right an and between the box the Pacers. The heat. Odd Atlanta and the rest of these are cars on the bottom half and I think everybody plays all the way out now milk and Bruins have an Evans now I Alfonse. Lets the air right. Right now. It is and we're talking about Jabari Parker however it hurts to lose go. Yet the recent years ago all you script for a regular the last Ryder next on the founds a breath. I'm not that much more I don't know what people are making an increase they'll play a Wale they don't play Jabbar and went about his. Now he's a good question could pretty much. But the signs got Milken politically. Parker are bigger than him to do what they're quite but how do you look I don't like. I'm very good people mocked you by Parker for his defense that's the biggest thing bagel after the cell into his story can do anything else that did a bunch of our. But our man opens. Who starred our element start barking at Clayton meant but. So whether. Mecca. It tell me this. Rut what happened a race to the reds' obvious who are they're great defenders in the starting five for the bucks. Camilla defense that was pretty decent. Let me see me. As another not a not goodness I mean he's pretty good. I don't stoop to pick apart the top two defenders at him and now and Malcolm Malcolm blog about you don't want to be out as part of a lot. You played this. But what a's as you you point out he said DC then. He downplays defense and have Albright and probably the best the rest. It's not like this this this starting five made up of a great individual defenders they're not in the way this defense is playing into team's style defense I mean everybody's help whenever buddy and his defense and that's kind of what to do that defense is odd for enzyme Ford's big event of the high. Height. That you added two inches. And every Celtics player and a starting five last night so you're trying to get tipped passes get steals create turnovers. That's why this systems as is put in a place so as not really about individually defending anybody. Well and then when you have that many off chemical weapons ops while. I agree thanks for the call already bought and never yesterday were talking about certain. We were talking about his snail part of the. Featured yeah. You know going. Almost have to you know I kind of waffled on a little bit yesterday. I think you almost gonna have to only only. You know you let him go only view buys about it and Jim has been more money. Are already keep Q machine which that a guy already Eagles roll with these guys. Four point seven and it will repeat we talk about scenario yesterday. And invariably comes as you got towards Jabar. And most you folks here think that Jabari. Actually brings his team down done him. Stir it disagrees with you I disagree. Brought s.'s board totally disagree with. But we just read where you guys come from insane. If you look at it right now that are winning chairmanship of a gap for a guy. Airport so bit porches don't. Kill it coming back. Does that brings what you're saying. So I just I just don't wanna stay and I just don't give it. Shooter you gotta have and he can do a little bit more net no injuries don't take away from we don't know that I come back from that. We're just assuming. That he Jong what is he 22 we just drink beer me it's out of it but you drugs. They are thinking get in the club it's similar yeah right okay you still ascending and it just golf similar so Hugo. If you have a knee injury for a guy announced that do for young guy like that. Saw the Giants are old or what but. I had to bet me. And a couple of RJ yeah. He'll put fifty up only anti unit and ash. Guitar mellow but maybe I should have been a lot like mark the score. It's. He's mellow what is. At all had done it was small with opposite he's really let anybody go I don't. Problem looks as Bears he sure looks or Melo maybe you have bad favorite uncle Bernard team guard and marquis armament minimum. How good the laws. Unstoppable concern deepest. All right 4147991254147991250. We're sick and tired of the Jabari bashers that's what we're doing the topic next up Jay and Waukesha you're next on the fan. They got it. I neither is a big difference between. A more talented team and a better team and I don't think that there's any doubt that the Bucs are more talented team with Jabar. But I've just seen enough now that they that there are better. In the. You know I I does. I think that. Yeah I would I would get on on the defense adventure and if you want but it gives up points for 26 every night. You know so so what about the Swanee and I think the development and how good it Malcolm Brock and see. And it Jabari coming back means that you're going to start when the opportunities for guys like I. And done this show what they may have as far as potential. I I think it occurred between the second thing is there. I think without Jabari there's no doubt about it is the man. But I think when Jabari out there with. Still the main. I don't have that still the man I don't think you are knows that. I think Jabari. It's looking for us he's looking for his point and I think he wants that'd be demanded much on. And with him out there is just absolutely no question that these guys that look on me I don't sense that when you are now. Yeah I would disagree with destiny because Jabar target this marred gap he fills yeah it is it does. Second highest bogey and this year and play an all star game you get where you fit in right. Perimeter revealed off all star take dead back I'm not commit revealed us start. A layup best superstar get to platinum status to start and gave me a ring. I don't care who gets what do we also talked about this ever about the team get to wring the twelfth man known to god no more. When you get to a team like they are similar Reggie White joined the Packers. It wasn't an issue about. A brother this it up who was gonna be you know the leader of the team. It's bring it ain't no problem is Reggie white's team had no problems than it does it help me get a ring spot put all at a sat. It's your team whoever is tee mart doesn't I just yeah. Selfish guy to meet Carol Mann says you remember Arnold Arnold went zionist do we remember having a conversation on this show. But Jabari needs to be more aggressive off badly especially USC we are passing up on open shot up eight more shop there quite a little bit to veto ice dig yourself this are you don't get your fifty made sure that all. He's you are as good as they get offensively right now. Randall outside your next on the thing and it's a brand. You do you think Ramon period where and yeah it's round I don't weightless and Lybrand. And get us there are. Yeah. Written so that qualifies as a good winning your book then. Yeah great when a guy. Art art the art you do that it meant. I think where I who I would not Chicago all it did it but it would automatically. Do the ultimate. And Arnold beat these men and think about but you know yeah I. Mean. He's meant to analytic rant. Our days NBA two K and beer and out of the game they match and what they what they see but they don't seem talent. Louise you know in any other thing is I'll do it would Gary there I don't think there. It's about I've never gotten the same but don't seem mat team and daughter at basketball team and not nineteen. And got back slightly and dedicating a little Ukrainian. I don't say this. I watched the quote big game at that in the book or let our. And man that we don't fire me I mean it lacked was that apartment in the in the book to try to get that they better get Gorman. That is going to be weaker record or you're twenty cola in depart when Adam went. It is a bar to bar Milton and that's it should be no slight as fifty to 62 point and who knows what maker turns into being thanks political gesture and and that's a whole another questionable that's a good course to where you owners are for Indy you've told Brock in there within a huge. And just add any pieces would that you feel good about more. Or would you say there's. Don't understand how this works. Is not a shoot the facility then. So it's. Is not gonna do what Westbrook is. Ticking forty shots a game thirty shots gains he's not a volume she. He's he's he's a set the disabled terrible player he's a slasher. By. It feels like you've got it set today everybody else so there's fish there should be a problem with how many balls there you're. Jabar catches or yards as Nebraska it is your guy's not a shooter. The word on the ball. Is Gary Allison agro similar drug policy Sparky but you Ronnie Mack Clark is on vacation come back to more of your calls. On in two weeks that you tweet is a while by seven at and the fans and FaceBook page also is there for you or Wendy's email live at qualify seventh. And the fan. Of the before we do that Gary. Summers Gillick and get our rec room finished basement finished are looking and it's dwindles in their house or some honor one that got it is leak in red we always ranked problem world wars that. Group for. They do all of that all of that and about it enough I needed new bathroom. Yes sir but the nets him read about Garnett from. Getting on and off Roger kitchen. Not good so my name I don't listen to your heart and it was story I was it would fly it does some she had a a little opening and that goes to the weather stripping can't. Argue -- go some bright. Not a door in crawled out there of course I had to go and have these two Manning get it out yet now they don't they don't do like called at thirteen you'll never do. No I don't do loses whatever new front door for get after the regular you're out for me sure it's nice article to your friends outages and your rights do you. Bathroom trojans don't bad liberals they can do it to tomorrow. Yeah slash. Our home. And good afternoon from the masters these WS SP sports a big studio I'm bill Schmidt masters these. Sunset drive and walker shot a major Childs and around silver spring drive Wisconsin's largest told retailer check them out. At masters he's first on the fan bucks for the three point victory in Boston last night Malcolm Brock been the story is he continues to push. Towards a possible rookie of the year campaign. The final ten points in the game last night. Here's the rookie point guard. Yards as a lot of confidence from my coach and a much interest you know just threw the ball. Been allowed a bright red Roy's room again. Got a static you'll also it's whites two and nine in last night's victory over the Celtics. Plus rain a five seed playoffs their day they beat us six facing the Washington Wizards host Detroit tomorrow night. What books are tonight's party's Bucs weakly at 6 o'clock here on the band joined by Marcus Johnson at fox sports Wisconsin. Sweet your questions in using to have stayed ask and. I wasn't ready just and the job over initially. You know both. Was gonna retire right after the season and what I mean you name Greg and I like I couldn't do that I had to open it up for. First search the timing of it I had to give it to Greg on an interim basis the job that he did she showed me that he can handle it and not only their coaching job but how he dealt with the media how how he dealt with the athletes and how we improve the team. Here's the full interview that was constant athletic director or one about seven of on the fan dot com Brewers travel and home today rattled their spring training schedule would -- at Miller Park. Against the Chicago White Sox this weekend Colorado Rockies. And Brewers from Miller Park opening day on Monday read more online of one of 57 FM the fan dot count and I they'll spread. Sports Radio One 57 and on the fail listen live in the WSP Smartphone averaged twelve NB AM. And I was on line one about seven out of the Fam dot com. Is coming soon. Can help you get ready. Enter to win a 100 dollar gift card from mad Cal's mark your wallet Sosa Madcast market where you'll find everything to fuel your tailgate for the enter to win now a 1057 FM the fan dot com. If you Bennington actually telling your insurance company you're going to car star Milwaukee's auto body repair experts. Seven area locations with free estimates and nationwide warranty. Car start your hometown auto body repair experts find the next car start dot com or 1800 car start. It's dinnertime mom and you work overtime. So you have no time to make different. But that doesn't mean you have to cut scored. 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Study dot com limited space is available caller visit today participation is at no cost and compensation for time and travel may be available for qualified participants visit I care study dot com or call 8443. My eyes today. Mean Milwaukee's young exciting shortstop Orlando Garcia and Dave and buster's and Wallach Sosa on April 6 at 6:30 PM some fight for autographs photos and fun. Go to Cristiano dot com slash events for tickets crazed beyond it was the main listing source for all public autograph signings. This segment of the Wendy's big show is brought you by McCormick law office. McCormick law office Wisconsin's neck and back injury attorneys. This is the Wendy's big show. Moral 57 FM. Wrestling days. There's low one this wrestling season. That was nominated by human I believe right every talent depth daily cal shot nominated or last week. I'm wrestling themes of course. The triple H music shall hear wrestling themes a today and of course you can always use Twitter. Is Witter Reynolds what big throw back I believe is what what we use right on the shelf so use that as a Twitter handle and died. The rules are this yet to be at a group twenty years or older. Disbanded or dad. If any of those things applied to the group you want to nominate you can and then we go from there Gary Al Larson who work are you nominating this week. For raw. Actually in them as we did your objections Jack I'm all alone reason. Taller and is it for an injection and different adjudged Jimmy Jackson in them. Are right I echo that and lo wood pin gonna. Pin who. Janet Jackson Hole from there and I'll go third on that Richards jones' though you know OK I won here honesty next week. I'll go out now it doesn't into he wants. While I was your mistakes and it's kind of nice kind of quiet with our army air and he always said of a country guy wins that he take a day off summer to go Kenny Chesney. It's just twenty years his first how much is looking that was 94. Q. Her and Alec and it just looks like he's Hayes didn't country artists. A do you see a similar American Idol now. There's a bidding war between fox and NBC or bring them back. Didn't fox have a yeah they should what you did in one on the now why you don't bidding war to bring him back because they didn't know how good it was going to be if you're gonna miss did it's like day girl. The longer early Lego in high school on the new gazette theater. At the end of college in your like I want the same judges negative initial point Keith Urban want jail and a lot here Connick they're gonna be father and older I thought they were real income to Kenny Chesney. We know what rock coral revolution is knowing the idea acknowledges don't know what Kenny shows what they're don't know it's like Kenny Chesney. Now Al thinks that come with Jackson on LC I haven't seen anything military SN aren't so the question itself Jabari Parker do you think he helps or hurts this team. Going forward 41479912541479. Nines well so. Still just a clear this out. Sure. We're not. Everybody or national here cross the border agree that Jabari. Helps his team I don't know high. So we went we just want to clear it up from beginning this is something that we're a massive celestial sick of dealing with by this right. Rich and in his governor sore yesterday. So we're trying to clear it up steeper argued that morning about our jerseys at the polls and the examples connection. So we're just running third figure. You've allow tries she wore people are. Why they figured would it mean let's go to Roger Qaeda. Roger Knicks were far from their from foreign objects or rod which Dublin. All are no always. Chick you know awful I'm there I'm just gonna have to deal but it dead Saints or bring that up. Are you lets you know waffles. I love them I'm on the if not make in the batter as soon as I get off. I thought that the body problem. She didn't fried chicken fronts. Oh. Reject you take pride champion. That surprises you said don't talk to waffle. I and. Yes sir you're you're just serving you'd throw your serve on top of fried chicken don't forget about it. Yeah you done into the wobbles. And them all. In. And Boone and I don't worry at all and. I think but. Somebody there are reasons you walk. The I've magic crunch. Yeah all via a lot there's no other. Are okay we got Jud party here is our rival answer that. He did it better be debt a bit better. I'm improved with Jabar eight and maybe this is a question to me about Jason Kidd smoke pouring forward. Autumn and I understand. All this came up with how they're playing now but they darn well better be better I think it's all I'm season yet it gave them. To that next level so my expectations. Is absolutely yes. They'll be better. I think phone pro. Area there there is a lot of support. Coming this way I'll flip. We debt the fan response to buy parks help hurt does boxing going forward I think he might thrive in the Beasley role and not starting. Hours a lot of that talk. That Jabar might be better served as that sixth man pilot you know we was with the Spurs he was a part of their Big Three in an adventure begin at six man. Not going forward. Do you like Jabari better coming off the bench and leading Milton in yacht as it before and snell as the shooting guard. Or would you prefer it going back to Milton institute Jabari as the four Yana says a three or you don't like position scary but. Those three in the starting life together go yeah go straight start but it's the debate is snell starting personnel coming us a bit. Stewart minutia. Estimate news Chicago to its law like details elbow it's a long season and in his. Two. Brewers played Monday and it's the who's gonna start with were rote junior year. It is good for. Her it's probably that is if the minutia of the meet them. If you. Yeah. The way I see it because your number one. And in your pitching against the guy that's the number one that's why you do. Yeah more times than not you're one of space there right that's why all the time but it doesn't let it off very bright and very rarely happens again. Throughout the season there's no one ladies there one way and perhaps is that you'd better now Bob Joseph exactly well again that's. Listen so this club managers say too hot to us out of it. And then in April your worst pitcher in on opening day. Oh reverse order but I know these guys see in see how it plays out for you see me more games. Yeah I hear it you put it in reverse order to determine why you're here are you in your right as you said sometimes they'll face one will you hear register. Because the only time it really works its opening day use your ones last April mile long. That's what verse right just reverse rotation don't put your picture and see what are all the lines here. Just two for one game. That's stupid stupid match and you think nobody. But I think what did you want we know you're in you're seeing it one game out of a 162 that's the reason why your guys like Steve. Far you should be flyer if you had a job. A little more manager and they'll want to Albany game you throw your spot due up an average manager sounds like you do that it doesn't matter what I. It doesn't matter after it stopped on a commitment to them. Let's go out here yeah it doesn't matter what every manager does at the same light even though they'll tell you it does and I kind of flowers they all do at the same now. Your first series really that you're supposed to play it if you're playing three games at home. I don't know how many got out all on homes and start with against sanctioning an eight to 76 or seven games I just think he wrote the first three games against or I don't know what the Rockets so yeah. You have to start the and you don't three want. To the and they never do when there's works that way. Oh let's get back Jabbar would talk about baseball later. Yeah 3 o'clock are coming let's go to show racing Sharia that's part of an effort. Yeah I think the problem here is there are good runners start coincided with Jabari going down but it what you need for getting. That's when middle taking back. All along we've been saying all year what's gonna happen when middle to get back. How is going to be with this so called big during. We always said we needed another shooter they'll eventually get there aren't used to it. Some of them like to argue a bit of a liability. But we need to see what happened when middle changing back they started clicking a little bit better and he can't Arnie that's when I think. Haven't met a single win that they had during that stretch where they allowed over a hundred points to they've gotten better our defense and looked at coming back as. Awesome shooter is obviously what they did each you cannot tell me that Jabari coming back cannot help this cheat. It's going to get better when he gets back of course is that they don't that I have but whoever said that Jabari ERB and artistry and makes them better part of about. Yeah we know he. We're down the unit colleges on line. And it would win no matter what regular shivers up their regular dumb with some. We're gonna hear from it and that's gonna Thomas saw such measurements. From Valencia. Okay. You Byrd is needed but I see this. I see three it'd be history. Or potential. And it was a good so. Onto you know we use for I moved. They would change cart this year probable in BP six. James aren't starting probably UT get his career he made it. Easy. And why did he leave okay see. You wanna be the sixth man he wanted to be a starter I saw you put a bar as a sixth man and we sat and ride you put Tavarez 690 season luster in his career as a six man Milwaukee. Our. You're in the air but I think he ball well didn't move him yet. Change certain. He began to end the game on the court current project that he would players as Searle who. That's the game. You're worried but predicted that you were at Indy. There your issue with. You know it everybody and. We don't know there's an issue yet yet to see all triple play together I don't there's issue what are. Worse. Asserted until I see it you're making an assumption we don't have an answer. What are what are you see. That you carry. It. Must hit it great middle. Think oh where. Biddle didn't get back some iron. Yeah I did his lack of migraines you bring you very well the second being he can Lou Williams whomever is slowly points off the better. Disease are good enough to start. Lou Lou Williams or James Hardy and bolt are selfish basketball players are about themselves. And as Y that what im working Oklahoma City. Jabari is not Jabbar is not an ingredient is not. A salvage basketball player like James hard. Or. I know you're right you know isn't now I got Roger nobody earlier you know he's a fair point I had no defense did you know we want thanks for the call I don't offense to that. I'm just telling you if you Jabar yearlong term you if you six man he ain't saying. There's no way he staying good Chicago yeah. Do want to come sharp for us be our centerpiece gold seam blocking well we'll start over here with a lot more they want here's here's would go. Has to have to know it was Kirk was older by the time he got to the point of being six now. You're sort of have to have had to take place with. Him here. They have the relegated. And if that means that you August 6 that that as a reason like duel for a how. My health sample test line I mean that's that's how but that's I'll long term answer. That might be under the salary they don't do a militant you know what I know what it is who knows what it is by. I think. In the beginning. Unit had to marchers luxuries I don't disagree with you the second half of next year when he comes back right where you minors minutes there. But if you're saying my editors minutes the next five years he's never get down that. Well I mean I won't have you you don't know until you get the player you give him any you talk about what's good for him out 'cause it's not. Initially drew for the team we're talking about your fusion was good for you. And if you want to be a part of these we think that you know we weakening up you do there's if you wanna start you start. But our last caller is right it's a bottle finishes again it's not about yards to. This would be different conversation if you already signed his 100 million dollar extension like John S has now he's paid. It's all guaranteed money right right right he'll call me six man if he's already got the money in the bank. James Harding didn't have the money in the bank was trying to get paid. That's to me the exact same situation to bar Parker is going to be and trying to get his first big contract and I don't know how much big money you're gonna get as a sixth man. Because if when you get into negotiations. You're gonna go to your owner angle here yeah our six man on the bench then a hundred million dollars not. Maybe it dialed I don't know I imagining it's that's a tough deal if you were able to get and you get in a greatly strangle I picked a lane. I comes up but at 5 o'clock today your chance to give back in on this topic have no fear they're more buck stop coming up. As well 335. We'll talk with Gary wallboard obvious is be basketball insider what I while Malcolm bribed and I just before 4 o'clock and then Gary has some crazy thoughts about the Bucs at 4 o'clock. You DeVon wanna hear that first golf major 2017. Is next week. And to celebrate drafting Zach Thomas boasting eight free fantasy golf contest with 800000. Dollars in total prizes up for grabs. 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That's code iron to play for forty for your share a mile 100000 dollars in total prizes. Only at drafting Scott come. V destination for one week fantasy sports eligibility restrictions may apply C draft teams dot com. For details the general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers thoughts about taking a next step this year what does that mean Lou discuss straight ahead.