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Johnson: I have every belief Jabari will get better, despite injury

Mar 31, 2017|

03/31/17: Marques Johnson, Bucks TV Analyst on Fox Sports Wisconsin, believes Jabari Parker's absence is NOT because the Bucks are playing better. Plus, Marques has been very surprised with the offensive ability of Malcolm Brogdon....

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Regimen now targets of bucks basketball's a boxer one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now Marcus Johnson Bucs TV analyst for fox sports Wisconsin. Marcus NATO and. I'm doing wonderful man was at an. Well I tell you what this one from being a team that we kind of scratch your head over to a team that that could work it out the beginning of the season in close games now was so in the one of the hottest teams in the NBA and they're really really fun to watch. Or is it just the fact that they suddenly learn how to win some of those late games and they came of age. Yeah I mean that she. The residents. Chris Middleton. Since he's come back February 8 and how that coincides with. How will he miss his play. And that's what a good thing that. We cannot have a discussion around January. That we have a credentials. From Boston or Toronto or Charlotte about what we thought about like kind of the key to that at my first medal. At mainly because. And what he can do. I don't all fit the bleacher haven't like just matured upset. Being being basketball. Analyst in terms of on how to make it by late but but the big events. Is it communications. It Nolan. I think it can take it with a bit of the teammates to the team if you look at what they said Cletis. Gain by what the Mets within five minutes. That third in the league that you bring you know situations. At of that going to be key on how to get stops and haven't got Wuertz. Who could also did you bucket in the week so adorable things that need to close the deal. When people say to me. Well there better off without Jabari Parker it drives me nuts I don't have the tangible evidence to back up Y eight I get upset at that. So it take you tell me why would this team. Well first I think is a crazy statement because I think he's an incredibly talented guy what is it going to be when he finally comes back to you sent. Well yeah I think it was team. Performance. Expert short Lemond optics were planning it and he's he's done a lot of the second. The surgery. A lot of world class athletes and malls sports. After what he says he thinks you are going to come back. Yeah it not better than ever gonna have to make some adjustments teach him how to how to plant. All that leg a little bit differently. So sort some of the some of the over the inertia. A little bit more accurately. But I think that's going to be okay that was with Delcarmen about keeping bet it would out to. What they got to factor granted it is part improvement from last year to this year. And yet been phenomenal and his improvement as a professional. And either get them and hit it bad that you know value over replacement player stances but he hit it. Our club minor although areas at improved. We're Jabari Parker conceded it or get hurt at 51 games is up three point shooting percentage went up almost ten or 26 cents at thirty than that it was simple. You know tell you that it is not quite a bit. Jabari is an intelligent young man. He says that a young man he Knowles. That he's definitely. He needs to get better and you'll get better and so I have every belief that you get better and you don't hit on. But luck in the lineup with Turkey that we will with the way we got it now. To me that it might at its last. It doesn't you can you can make another matchup how the year that he got to it where it's got to deal with it's terribly you do ten and get a point final link. Is that the cool stat so what he has done a good. Working what you are deceit and part of it to areas up. Of the floor where he can check. Apparently she left wing that are so are we out of those areas a lot more effectively and get it started. He does it start scratch and assert that your twenty point Pierre six rebounds a game. If it'll get better I think that's. But you know that that that the guys went I can understand that the record but it's the guy that we we knew we get that if this team it would be better yet another. Your transition and get it then and error courts and at that particular group. You talked about to Chris Middleton in his return what has that meant to this team is not the fact that he's like an upper 2327. Points a game or what have you but I think that leadership back on the court. That confidence set ability there. That is gonna change in dynamic of this team as well. With that accurate you know we separate Argentina game last year you shot the ball extremely well and when my. You always read that one of the best defenders at his position. You're in and year out. Apparently. At that that bet that's an added bonus in the intimate before. The ability to. Forum even yesterday let's keep the attic you keeps our. Corporate dollar efficiency all game all you know it and that is we look out mr. You don't get him it can open seventeenth. The three point line jump shot. He's got an act it out with too boring yeah at the holders before we get back. They don't have that same look at it. Chris that it outside shooting and grit against it got Richards yeah that it would have been with a mullet like it should all like. So this is second nature to him the pull the trigger on an open shot. Depart the learned that happened in Asia I doubt we go a little harder terms that sent out and Indian and twenty. Drew grandstand that stand. Staying in the paint for an act now that the dust yeah. Now we get a guy in Chris militant that you get that done at the present a big difference is beat it out we've talked about. Communication it's contagious and that got him at least know what the Saints are. You've got to have a debris in your deep at the battle because he beat to get hurt the incident at the personalities. That you didn't benefit or. Talk on Marcus Johnson books television analyst for fox sports Wisconsin and I also wanted to ask you. About front of my just texted me he said hey when when you're Roman and Michael Jordan and guys had posters in their rooms. Who eluded MJ have a poster up. I don't think I had a closer men back into the air off maybe but that's. Tiger. Yeah it yet and you know. That might happen not altered his room was at Gillette is Bentley in the that you via quick story. You can they receive multi state you have some Michael invited. All you Selig players seem Warner brought studio they've got a hold of basketball court form at there were planned one day and I played well. And we just plant mile we have put up enough you know forty to whatever Bob wade kept apprised. Exactly and I don't want real easily so Michael like 8880 well he noted that they'll be trying to don't you know that would argue game we played it. Not that that's a commitment Michael whatever I was doing yet apples and government are purely did you looked up there right. Oh yeah you get you know that would it's a big Dominican gate like a game. We get a little bit my claim the banquet. You know it is just let it get a great interaction out here Burnett the shooting that movie. That's fantastic they Malcolm Brock didn't talk about him in the they're probably well he should be at least a good Canada solid candidate for rookie of the year he's played fantastic and really developed. If they don't look at that point on the air but we you know as we wind out that you are. Ian and Ian Dario charge. On the Sixers will will be that you got that everybody kind of bombed suspected jewel indeed did not have enough games to qualify. Even though there's not an official on the books I just kind of common sense I think Patrick Ewing playing the game was that the of these gains for rookie of the year. It be played with 3030 games so. But the rookie. Brought it and that doubles a misnomer to he started out in training camp. Who won at Michael Carter Williams one on one drill post Rio that's an upper ever saw. I'll committee will all get that we can you repeat that player's third year in there operate as a regular copper at Virginia. But it is all that is you know that really flattening. And he got it all who trying to build actors and Walt Frazier. And that you deciding. Well ask all the free state. I mean that we was able to catch up even at that ball to the other night but I hope they couldn't stop told him and that is you rolled in our state. I mean he is an epic war but even with that after your work done at the bungle or layup. Made some great play about six consecutive possessions down. Each statement out of all that would be that in the war that in what position they play. Eagle at all that little stop. Bet that you got to do to win ball and he got it actually it. Or on the floor and big bird. Not rocket it to get through and make the play he stood up and did that and to me. Form the last month in the season. For a playoff spot. Victim really really deserving strong consideration for rookie of the year so are the number but that Maclin and and and that went pretty. Looked at your level fracture. Warm up we knew that went for a playoff spot at the moment trying to I don't think or else I would improve your this and so. I like Malcolm Rogge who. Are real quick before I let you go Kevin Garnett has been almost a semi regular practice what they what does his presence mean what does he bring to some of the young guys and what does he bring to the team overall. And if they put a lot of work with our maker and you look at them and it got similar body. Types and and and and it allowed us similar to be used long. Ball all can shoot the basketball so. Just that experience that knowledge. And you know leader on and I didn't really need all about this because I thought it went in they that KG tell aren't. Does maintain that intensity at the that the blow at because in the floor and had been barn to do that. Do but he add. The opposite aren't gonna come we saw that he was like so against Mears got to make replay. In a crucial situation in the game ball in. But Medici it is going to be a difference maker that bit of like eighteen. I think that that. That the correlation between need to get that deep that the intensity and how to sustain it each and every possession. Each and every moment every possession of more to change he was able to do and I think will be able to that also. Always gotta talk jamarcus tournament properly bend your little bit once is so post season gets under way because we're looking forward that as well great do you think this team right now is there anybody that you would not wanna see this team face in a pro season. But you gotta get and all that you say you don't you know well whatever hand we're dealt. We got to deal with me you know we reached don't. Athletic. On the ball exactly didn't they wanted to play the bucket of old but my Andy left in the game and Bosnia and I I'm pretty sure that they're reevaluate that Becky. I bet that they'll they'll put the media and everybody all of the experts so I'll make it where we're at right now. It's like we can compete with anybody witnessed Suharto what is often where this lot isn't really that matter I think. Actually it does now against anybody ultimately. Nobody will talk you soon okay. Thank you go thanks for taking a couple minutes Marcus Johnson joining us on the Schneider orange hotline Schneider hiring drivers right now you work are they preach affair eighty plus years living and you're done column 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com.