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Could the Packers be making another signing? Don't count on it.

Mar 31, 2017|

03/31/17: Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig doesn't expect the Packers to be active in free agency for the time being. Also, would Paul be opposed if the Pack drafted Joe Mixon?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or even now talks and Packers football. Joining us now on the Schneider orange outline our agree gore analysts is Paula made par you don't today man. Our door while so. On the tour talk more about this with that Miller coming up here shortly regarding the police report and some of the draft positions but. I still go back to it some of the things that Ted said about the pre and post a draft in what's available out there and who he I don't mess necessarily thinks he's going to get but the holes that need to be filled. Barry he's really quiet right now do you expect much more action in the next couple weeks. No I don't think so I mean in less a running back with the Packers like like a veteran Eddie let's say they. Are just waiting for Adrian Peterson's place to drop let just say there waiting for Jamaal Charles is the drop or whatever the case might be. And old guys call coming in eventually begging and playing you know I'll take. Two million bucks. We signed me today may be bad and that is an extremely unlikely scenario more likely those guys that Peterson's child with air on gonna wait until after the draft and they know that some team work she worked three. Are due to not leave draft weekend with the running back they had hopes to get. Whatever round might be first second or the guards could maybe come in day one. And be contributing starter at running back is going to be used human I think they'll guide him at landed their bats on especially Peterson. On that happening but it's part of the Packers and really for any other team if if there are signing the next couple weeks and next few weeks early next month. I think it be surprising that they and the guys who've been targeted the guys have been identified by other teams. Has signed and have gone to those teams not just pointing to probably going to say in the packers' most read most specifically. Gonna say what the other draft shakes out and it we don't get a guy at a position that we need. Let's let's reconfigure after the draft and so if anything happened signing like next week I'll be surprised if that is. All Sicily draft season in full force. Not just for the for the GM of the executives would make those decisions. But but for the free agent players stellar out there probably assume that they're light Brett how about on until after the draft. So looking forward. Is there anybody as you start to decipher all the stripped information by the way you're going to be Wear this on draft night. Which we're doing it again this year yours truly Gary Ehlers and no it won't have my Clemens up in Green Bay you're going to be with us and we're going to be to Q club Wisconsin on walker shock. But is as we start to go through this I'm starting to look more and more into corners into pass rushers. I don't think they're gonna take a running back early on but to even our lads now has Fabian Morrow. The corner out of UCLA possibly going to Green Bay what do you think is the number one position the Green Bay Packers look to fill. Good question I assume the answer to that is. Warner and as rusher I don't know when what order. I think they have more guy to give chances to an edge rusher like you don't have in the quarterback room you don't have. A pilot back and what I mean by that is you don't have a guy drafted last year you and I and I highbrow in the third round of the upper 60% in the draft. Who you kind of need to find out what. I think the Packers and a position that they need to find out sooner or sooner than later actually. Because it was because the tackled aiding more demands second player. You need to find out what he has the quarterback room doesn't have. I think you know going into this thirteen and you have a lot find out about Randall Rollins and Gunter especially Randall and Rollins. Because Gunter had a better seat in and both of those guys but you don't have a guy who. You know you really curious about as you know I mean like those guys have been given chances back hadn't been given much chance he'll kind of yours similar technology Iran Elliott and the chances but he's. You being told or is expecting to get as an edge rusher so. From that perspective I'd lean quarter but from the perspective up to really think being nick Perry Tyler back Ruggiero and Elliott. Pass rushing him up and them were trio or 20 from the outside in this going at the 1980 Clint happy spend more aren't inside. And he has in at least is actually made he goes back to the days when. When he 142013. When he played more inside than outside. So I it from a from a true depth perspective built like a quarter but I think that you're looking from the value perspective I'm Michael Ed rush or one and one B. In some order they definitely need it need to target. Third round or round who could come indeed want to at least compete for that starting job and we can reference Corey lately. Was it fifth round pick and was able to come and as a starter and start setter. You know that's built arc on it especially when you get that capped the draft. So you know in a perfect ideal scenario. First round edge rusher second round corner third round running back fourth round are perfect world. That's how the draft board called in my opinion for the Packers but of course you don't know. Which players lack should be their work. Work the value at that round at that position at. I started listening to some of the other talk shows will say he sports talk and what have you in Minneapolis and Chicago and Detroit. Just kind of get a feel on the pulse for what it is because they're all chase agreement Tigers only talk about as well do right you have something to be with what Aaron Rodgers is about to throw up. Most of them seem to think that if you can do is bolster your defense enough to slow down. The Packers offensively. That they all feel the Packers defensively aggressive and they don't think there's enough out there there's an up and adrenaline even help this team to get into the top fifteen. And therefore it's all going to be shoot outs and if you get them on your home turf you're going to be able to beat the Green Bay Packers is that a legitimate concerns legitimate thought. Yeah I mean I think it is I think what have the Packers done this offseason thus far out it is not over so let's let's keep adding that at our. As part of our point. Alec yup you know they haven't even draft it would not. They might do post draft used it on and work there we have no idea but at stand today I think it's very rare or. Chicago Bears and more specifically though Vikings and an audience who. Those two teams could legitimately you know on beat the Packers index this upcoming see I think that. 022 under close enough that they're both right there that was the right to the cadets will be right there not conduct with the Packers for the top division. I would look at that I would say well okay let's just go and has a Vikings fan or lines and assume you know the Packers put up thirty. Spot can we put 35 on them. And I think you'll say okay you're the wind you know like you add enough offensive fire power. It's within the realm of possibility you could be able to do because. Those two teams today have better defense is and the Packers knock they don't have Aaron Rodgers and that's of course the big difference maker that. I've been controlling this division for the past many years and going to control the division clinic several. It's you know you need to have enough body at key positions defensively to keep the Packers under thirty. You know usually almost okay they put up 27 because you can expect. A rock went off at the point seven so it it makes total sense that Aaron Rodgers in recent years in recent public for the past six years at the next six years to come. Is having a lot to do with how the players out of my strap and out of Lions draft. It you have the subway on. Coach and play called by my card so I I totally bald like to think that you. You're just trying to see what kind of rushing to put together that can keep at least either eight outscored rotten look up to it and got a Albert weaker going to be 2030 points. Or to say he'll achieve in the European initial doubt because the Packers defense is. Well as an octave but you could probably do that with the right not I. Bomb Packers hosting Joseph makes in in deprive her work out obviously comes a lot of we'll say emotional baggage when it comes to how fans feel about his past. If he's there and say second round. You do the Packers take a murder they jump up to get. Well we of course don't know how the you know how public meetings went but the fact that they're exploring it is interesting and it's it's made plenty of headlines already. In the past 48 hours 24 hours that he couldn't or visit let's say those visits went well. Let's say didn't we know we know legitimate supplement your talent perspective would be drafted higher without this as part of its history we know that. So you know if he's old enough in the second round and if the Packers liked their visit with him. I think you'll have a very interesting show built the next day after that would happen because. Like that would probably be Friday night pick and people have 48 hours to think about it and talk about it before your your sure would start following Monday. And I'm wondering you know where the majority of a Packers fans would land on that could at the very moment it you know it would know. The fact that Nixon has been hitting it all told you that there is interest. The question is at what round at what value. Pure football lies you know it gets booed the overriding factor that Packers ultimately going to be judged on. If it worked out or not or did they take a risk and not have the payoff sport so. Military billet sounds more and more like. But it's at least possible and I think that is. Like the problems that it's at least in the realm of possibilities could there have been teams reportedly looked completely dead now and taking them off their board one or the draft and start. So. Yeah let's let's wait to see if he if he's there. He did late second round and if if in fact the Packers are ready to take that. You know that that player and and see how they would handle the follow some. As stubborn as always in all talk again on Monday is even any breaks over the weekend all right. Went to regulated degas that is a polity joining us for a couple of minutes in the Schneider warned challenge shatter hiring drivers right now you're currently treat you fair eighty plus years at beginning you don't call an 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs dot cal.