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BIG SHOW 2PM: What Is the "Next Step" for Brewers to You?

Mar 31, 2017|

03/31/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2 p.m. Hour - Gary, Sparky, and LeRoy talk about the upcoming Brewers' season. Also, Brewers' COO Rick Schlesinger joins the guys.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When he speaks out served up hot and crash lie. I've from the hole Chevrolet studios Steve Sparky fight but. Former packer and bad Europe and Lions running back Jerry Ellison. Fact where all of the one. About what the badgers know the Packers to pull this evening. Candidate made you yeah as I did retirement tour when he spots man I openings Houston. Wing thoughts Bob. LeRoy Butler the back are all a favor he'll be here and it's at 3 o'clock we're in talks numbers here this hour averaged less into the sea all all of the burst on. There is a bunch of cool stuff. Going out and Miller Park on this season that they've launcher in the last week your so. The media's had a chance go check out and I'm gonna be gone now two exhibition game tomorrow against the White Sox elect him on. I had 235 at a McKelvey Otis latest on what's gone out the brewers' bullpen they announced the starting rotation yesterday. We'll get into some of that with him coming up at 248 slots over stock you're in the first hour. All of the Wendy's big shelf. Gary there was an article in baseball America. By JJ Cooper. Couple days ago go days ago did Tuesday Cooper I've never met him Aram but it in the article. Nod. I Fonda's pretty cool now maybe this -- I'm sure the proper what's happening with Doug Melvin to but it's always cool here outsider. Talk about Milwaukee. Alex searched for passes and an outsider after your bout also called an outsider right hasn't been here along here he says odd that he's blown away by the fan base. Coming up a 73 win season and it's added a fourth place finish is Nash league central the Brewers have a fired up fan base quote. The enthusiasm I walk around Milwaukee even the winner when it's Packers time is unbelievable. People stop in the grocery store or wanna talk Brewers baseball it's unbelievable. Now I want to go back what you were just talking about the Detroit Lions are and that whole deal. Now in that city. I don't know who Kenya's Nazi I have no idea is that is that the alliances at the Red Wings. Tigers are in the red we have had the most success there were was rigor where you know they missed a class this year for the first time in like thirty years whatever it is here for injured right. Our bowl an hour there was a Pistons but I would think all right obviously a bad voice on but I would think. That in most towns. If you're a struggling franchise or whatever you don't have as many people wanting to talk to the general manager. A ball the team if you're struggling franchises that. Not right or is that right is he seems kind of shocked by this whole thing. Yeah. Nobody is our market size of Steve I mean you look at. The do you compared to like detours. I think if you look because each court has all of those other major sports were right. If you look at Milwaukee hoosiers to blocks and the Brewers and although it feels like to me that the Brewers or balks are two different people. What aspect when he says it different the Saints fans. Well you don't need as upon a crossover. It's to them either somber I don't think there's a whole lot put it this way let's call it a Packers I yeah our web producer when I go to. And I try to maker racial but when I go to boxing. ICO lot of after American bar Broxton are your mental brewer game. A remaining right. I don't just I don't know if it's so if from that aspect I don't see a lot of that. Trades for and that way and I just too good through the base maybe. This is the comment from David Stern so we're gonna talk about. He says with the amount of young talent we haven't our Major League roster or not amount of young talent the high levels of the minor leagues were understanding this could be the year. We take a significant step for wart. And may not be if it's not that's okay we'll reassess where we ours organization but as we sit here in spring training our goal is to begin to take that step. Now. That's the court from David Stern's new article on with JJ Cooper from baseball America the question is that's on the table. What is taking the quote next step and quote this season mean for the Brewers see you. He mean something different for everybody kind of the same type a question we asked about the box when Middleton went down as far as. Now what are are you looking at for the season from the brewer from the box. And back then. Are allowed to or title win Los Arnold totals with the box set and what they wanted. I remember me saying it's not really about wins and losses it's just about yeah Odyssey and Jabari taking the next step to correct and that's what it was for me win losses wasn't a big deal once you Los Middleton. But is more about those two stars taken and except sport. So when I ask are we asked this question what is taking the next step this season to the Brewers mean to you because Davis serves talks about taking the next step. It could be something different for everybody that's our rest and question. 4147991254147991250. Tweet us out 1057 FM the fancy get ready. For opening day on Monday and of course amount of vineyard in the post game show that afternoon with the big show. I'll once that game is done on Monday that exhibition game tonight at Miller Park exhibition game tomorrow at Miller Park self. Baseball season is here. Gary for you what does taking the next step mean for you as a percent well our think. More than anything else I think you'd speakers it's a young team. A and you're just looking for the jump players. Who play better I think ours VR. Yeah I think you're wondering if you are last year was that. A fluke so you looking for GR. To plays same if not better. I'll Broxton. Had the injury problem with the wrist so you're looking for in. Deceive you plea in over a hundred games this year you know 160 games if you look. So I think you know individually. RG I think you'd wanna go on I think you look for. Garcia. Your maybe your following futures see him a full time basis. Where you know what that what does that look like what improvement is that so I think those three things those UV just nailed it down to me the human commit players. I don't know overs about a record for me I think is more about players but the young players holiday maturing how are they get bear. Okay what does it mean for you taking the next step for the Brewers they discern says he thinks they're in position to take the next step. I could mean something different for everybody 41479912541479. Natural fit to tweet us at 1057 FM the fan. Start off with Mike in South Milwaukee your first up on a Wendy's big show what's up Mike. I think it. Our ballclub this year or so that yeah. That it that obligation that that they saw. And it is I don't have a solid wants to or at the pitcher with a pretty ill. Now we're back at it without that some players at small part and others aren't completely should it matter. What the pitch in areas is. Why all right don't Motorola. Are you specifically saying all pitching starting pitching bullpen did not talk to the pass I think. The starting rotation is probably going to be the key to how good this team is this year. I thought it. And it started out. But. Well we wouldn't got a much younger. At some guys this year or or timid out this year. He's big he's in the fifth spot in the rotation. Not long I hope not is that it's not really his deal me chased Anderson Internet. Ours is on the DL to start the year he's on a ten day DL and from what I read yesterday I. Their hope but Garza came rehab by the end of the month of April so this isn't going to be a short stay by the sounds of it. Want to. I don't want to three is going to be dare who's opening up sees junior guerra. Zach Davies is the two and Nen. Sleeper alters the three. That and you know I think that. Yet decrease our epic pitching is going to be. I have been in it or they're closers that your. This series and a tally of tough police we've got as a free agent pickup in the off season and he was with Pittsburgh are coming off of series into the previous year. So you're hoping that he pans out he could trade him at the deadline and in court enables probably going to be your set up guy. In the eighth inning more than likely. Yeah I mean that that's where it stands right now and they're sold to make bullpen decisions going forward to those two are set. We got to get start in goal and an six at all. Routinely and does some. Could sort out a bit and that would normally I'm about. Well again I face for the call I am I don't know. Right there with you as far as the key for this season. Being. The pitching because if you look at this rotation think about it. Jimmy Nelson and word Peralta Walt Roth and Nelson to be put in exact order what do what in two on this team. They want in two now there three and five now I know we had a sold a conversation goes about it doesn't matter where you stack up in the rotation. Maybe it doesn't. But in my mind. If you're three and five they gives you an idea where the manager thinks you are from a Drogba talent perspectives. Stacking up and a top five so. They've taken a big step backwards especially Jimmy Nelson and Nelson more than thrall to Peralta. Look good and WBZ pitch really well came to the Brewers pitched fairly well the Brewers. Jimmy Nelson is still trying to figure it out and again I really think that. In this maybe the last chance for both of them here to prove himself to Craig Counsell going forward this is gonna make or break your for those two. And for this Brewers organization knows what they're gonna do with both of them is specially commuter council talk about. Peralta and Jimmy Nelson you can kind of here and his voice like they better do something this year. Well when we interview. I don't know wing goal by compute that and zone. Mark doesn't Sergio Paul missed a four we interviewed David Stern's. About it spring training. He he made I mean if it was almost like. The do look Rafa existed and putting in the work he need to put him to be a better baseball player important were Brian meaning. Come and be an inch. I just feel like he just to concentrate on doing that and they expect out of out of him and it image of Charlotte when David Stern's were talking a bottom. He. You know you can't see his racers for we eve eve felt like you who will lore angry. Talking about him. Saw you got our fingers from pressure bar also there there is just when you commit kind of money. And you come in out of shape religious or skews for that and being you bomb like you deal last year he came digits are back go. One end existed to you it in. And this is an ankles were right as a matter is basketball football or baseball you can't take things for granted you can't just rest on your laurels and golf. I really don't need to work up much this off season I'm good can come back the next Aussie now sudden maybe you're a little bit overweight. Maybe things are going the way you want. And ended organization gets frustrated with you because you get complacent not not saying that's what happened with Jimmy Nelson with a Willie Peralta or whatever but it does happen in sports where I. I it's a good year and he says. I'm good I'm not gonna do the extradited to the producer to get here because I've got it all figured I'd straighten out art. And relax a bit more this offseason and now work out as much I got it figured out and and he got back next year and you don't have the same amount of success that you had the previous year. I think I'll I'll shoot. You don't want to it maybe I should've done why did the previous offseason to me that probably happens in every sport right. You guys it doesn't mean you see some guys who. And their images Rabin a professional. With your job and so you know he's got to give tour and they say he's in shape. And they say you know he's you know he's working on stuff so we'll see goals. Here's Gary Ellis and see sparks and I are asking you what is taking the next step this season for the Brewers mean to you. Gary says is about those young guys playing well and getting batter like Jonathan VR a Broxton showing something like he did last year continuing. At forward momentum so it's not about a record for Gary. First all of the show says it's about pitching to him the pitching has to improve with a periods this year for them to take step. It is. Oh did yours thoughts on that combat what does it mean to you could get a certain says he thinks this team if it is primed to take the next step. This year 4147991254147991250. Twitters at one all phi seven FM the fan. Willie had had a really what I think is gonna turn out to be a turning point year in his career. You really struggled out of the gate last year which followed a disappointing 2015 season. We sent him down to triple A he took that as a challenge. He understood that he needed to change things in or to be successful Major League pitcher and that's exactly what he did you send. A lot of guys down to AAA who have three years in the major leagues. And they salt and they pout and they don't get out of it what they should Willy went down there. Understood what he needs to change improved his mechanics generate a little more momentum throughout his delivery. There is David Stern's talking earlier during spring training with Gary and Ronnie when they are at a spring training. Dynamo it brought to you said he sounded a little I'd you phrase it. As you were edgy out big rewards I would agree. Kind of like disappointed like I use afterwards we Zachary does sound like to meet you when you hear the tone in his voice and how we shocking about Willie and it appears based on how we came back and I did a BBC. It appears that he's worked on some stuff and answer some stuff about it will it or Alter. Pitchers to the level he's supposed to. Jenny Nelson pitches to his talent level. Yell may disagree but they could be 500. I do I think they could be a 500 ballclub. I think those two guys are really the keys to how good this rotation we're going to be doormat Leino we got predictions for the season. My prediction will be every aren't aka my British will be if this happened diversions gonna be if everybody plays the level it. That you expect and play too and I don't expect both of them to both played to a level doubles doubles play to write because Jimmy's never done it for a full season. Rob has only done a once in his career in 2014 so. Bigger part while we climbing my prediction I'm not going to be making a prediction with a hundred things going right and that's when I'm gonna predict all right 414. 7991250. David Stern says he thinks this could be the year were the Brewers take in accept what is the next step for the Brewers this season mean to you Gary says it's about young players. Continue to play well VR having another good season Broxton. Are playing as well as he did in the second half last year throughout the year this year for you what does that mean for 14. 7991250. Let's go to Tim Q and west Milwaukee you're on the fan what's up Tim. It felt. You know a rebuilding years I think the players in the order are still searching. For critical pieces on the hotel plane with the Coyotes look I'm all for it couldn't go out shortstop. There rotating I think the biggest thing for me would be an all pitching it was on its own animal rights in fact you guys obviously know what scorer out that. But I think that the players in the field. Need to solidify and subtle in the they're starting positions so that they cantata we dealt what's going on and then. Hit that solid get the guys wearing a element playing third base this year making a quick first date with your I think. I think we can get that settled by the end of the year that he and the year that really is gonna catapult us then or we need to focus our. Some transition. Pieces that we may need to pick up in the off season. Pitching for the rotation I think that's. What I really would like to see this season thanks. Our thanks for the call. Mom and get a tweet here are from mill town bowling retreat to the fan to meet. It's winning more one run games in the ninth and cutting down the strikeouts with runners in scoring position. That right there is a guy that watch lubbers baseball lives on tab that statement. I think that when you talk about one run games. That more times than not is really the defining factor of who are the really good teams. Who are those scenes playing 500 baseball and those are playing bad baseball because that's really what it comes down to just like and I was naked gay person but. It's no different in the box and the beginning of the season last form it's a close games they self destructed a melted down in Los those games when they had a chance to win a passport to after the all star break put an exact same situation and now they're winning Eagles Colts game it's a part of that is Chris melted part of it is the experience of going through it in the first half of the season. And keeping your composure not making dumb turnovers. But you see the process happen. Now with the Brewers. At I think it's very similar they just have to figure out how to win those baseball games in tight situations who blocked. When you're brought infielder you know those guys were your clutch guy and just get them up and still get you debate here. Right fielder or did you go home run when you need it and what ever you knew I was gonna happen. This team brought still that guy but now do. I mean VR but he's gonna hit lead off probably between the middle of the lineup to mingle Santana. Haynes Travis Shaw. I. Mean hole you'll like and like you say are you Watson is just a step but you hope that Santana can stay healthy all year and maybe be calm that guy you hope. That you got lucky and things turns out to be as good as he wasn't in in South Korea or whatever that's what you're hoping. At las. On you I just think that in and likes and Panama they've got to go as him. Way more potential. Was sure prince and there are any xetra polite but for the time being it's going to be Domingo Santana he's gonna be a lineup that is that's fine but they're. Because of that event didn't work out they have a guy and so uses happen if if if if Santana isn't. Or you just hope he plays well and you can trade down gets better form. But and I think it's going to be a lot of that I you know year. I play well last year and I think the record last year. I was a credit to I think. Craig Counsell on really how he no question did team together. And will you had a lot of veterans Norman they weren't going to be year Nolan you know what are what are we playing for. It's hard to his credit him on keeping his team together and those guys come and good spot long season you know you really don't have a lot plea for not going to play you know you don't have enough army out. I'll play for a team. Why I knew that we weren't as good as other teams we just in them to which one is that. Well that was when my second year when forwards got rid of everybody so we literally organizational it up ourselves so we knew who. No we know I mean you know we had what it's. Maybe 45 stored in quarterbacks that season you know you know armies of it you're not gonna go on trying give your armor you gonna do that. Because you don't full bar you get killed but I I just think. Still for coaches try to keep a player motivated for that mean in number games Nolan that you just don't have a two outs they like. The Cubs and I used to gonna give the Cubs everything. It concerns us I didn't interview. I'm in baseball America JJ Cooper that he believes the Brewers aren't position to take the next step. This year with the talent that they have. Asking you what this taking me quote next step. This season for the Brewers mean to you. Something different for everybody 4147991254147991250. Garrett I'd into more answers work. To this question prior to the Shell. But my answer is an exact same as Gary Ellis and it's there and that is. I want VR to prove that it wasn't just a flash in the faster I would want him to prove he's a stud but I do IPs if he has it it's a huge. It changes everything because your future second baseman well yeah DNR and now all of a sudden you got to figure out where you're gonna shift him to be arcing answer at sec. You know why you're scrutiny. That we knew already Boris Diaw veggies solidifies. Why you had to make that move right you do me yup so Diaz yeah I'm Broxton is the other one that you want to be a stunt because. If Broxton to stunt. And prince and it's who we think we are he has an embracing all the same Duke men are I think kind of do everything close topic and whoever it looked like me here. Both about 6364. Meter clones Carlos Gomez asked. Means both big huge second run like an injury like Carlos was but he now has built these guys are more house was older you are these guys are these guys are built more like a horse elected sale community can flat. Oh yeah I mean they're tall slender athletic. They come over basketball by. Carlos Gomez to me like he could play for all. He would have play like running. Okay outlawed receive Carlos Lee's daughter play a lot receiver there are receivers on their Randy Moss right Carlos Gomez is like agent Peters oh my god. You meet him yet or in. It's going to Joseph and Kenosha you're next on the fan wants a joke. Eight Sparky Gary allowed you guys limitless and if forever. You'd make an usher Prague thank you appreciate and okay answers this is my feeling we've got two inexperienced catchers pitchers. Starting pitching is everything and pitchers don't fail and isolation. So there's no look right behind a plate you got and you patty I without a lot of Major League experience the question is. And they call a good game and they connect with pitching staff in the second thing barking at like like your opinion that's pitching coach. The Brewers have ever had and I look. You know that winning organizations. That Tony La Russa had gave Doug an attached to accept forever response he has favored Getty. We had Mike addicts we let him blow it up that was a huge mistake. Odds he'll look what you did for joke of if you were Stearns wooden you go out get the best pitching coach available. We got to any guy on human Els or or also. But crash and burn every year so to me. Something missing a with the catching. And be with the pitching coach. Do you bring that up eight and you're right like Leo Mazzone he of Brohm on the Atlanta Braves they have got a rocked all the time owner Bobby Cox he was there pitching coach. On it was a stud too. I think for me. Tom. I was just reading article. Earlier to day. Bribed by I think was Craig Altera are telkom terra Harvey says name on I was a preview of of the Pittsburgh Pirates and their coach racer it's. And act guy he's done unbelievable things when you look at the track record that he's had it's taken reclamation projects and making them. I'm a pretty good pitchers I guess I had my choice of the guys who I'd probably want to go talk to add that might be one of the guys began he's under contract and the other problem this Joseph is. As general manager not not all general managers believed to some general managers overstepped their bounds and dictate all the coaches. But a lot of general managers what the manager have the coaches that he wants you know it you're gonna go to battle you're gonna like Craig Counsell tickled he wants to go to battle with. Arm and that's kind of how the whole thing plays out more times than not thanks for the column and I would assume it's that way in football too for the most part now sometimes. You will have a general manager that will come to the manager with a head coach and it's even say okay look. Defense sucks so. Either. You can go. And everybody can go. Or Ricky replaced the defense of side of the ball you can say. She your choice and sometimes. The deep corner that coach our bull Tyson and he says well you give army that is on my arm I got exactly. And don't want him there all other side it's just such a taser is a solid to get ready for its coaching staff. We will bring somebody else and it all depends. I just think in this situation here Stearns has enough respect for Craig counsel Gary he's just gonna let him half we. That's where it feels like right now and encourage sugar MITRE has enough equity right now go to corporate his organization or. I think your Cardinals he knows who's don't. Yeah no question agrifuel 100% that last year was part of that on and going off of overtime old David Stern's and I got a tweet here. From hollers at a loss from Corey who says next step is seeing a players respond to pressure winning close games the front office is gold. Players need to finish. I heard a call or the other day. I can't remember it was our show or another show. But I hurts a brewer fan say that we finally have our Theo Epstein on in Milwaukee and he said. That's not a knock on Doug Melvin and how he went about it but it just seems like visiting Yong. Cat that goes along with the ways Billy Beane and Theo I've seen all these guys have done. Now we got our guys a little cars. Mears. And you'll be doing an audio law post answers are. Don't do well enough I would like competing for something good and now I mean so I mean we don't. We can get to drew a lot we can try to nail this thing down and Julie downs as we can and it is it does not mean there really isn't I mean. Everybody's you look at the Milwaukee Bucks army on the other hand paint would you agree to inaudible at a schedule. Gary. I'll say this. I think. That's the box and the Brewers bowls. Will be competing for something significant in 2019. That's what we're trouble don't don't you think the books or are here to schedule our problem within the books are ahead of schedule but. I guess it's it's twofold. Arm nobody expecting them to do what they did last year no. I'm by the injury to Jabar a Guillen yes. Foot and a step yeah. But birds go loves to have that big year in 2018. I'm Marcus Johnson last night's that he thinks he does an eighteen to be especially here for the Hawks on I don't know from all the way there I don't know I think 2019. Would be my year that I looking. That's a year every point to because I think that's year we need a year all of them playing together and not even that. Two years would know Indies from Jabbar is when he's. And you'll see the real Jamal. Probably a 1002019. Is when use cracked. Now I don't know contractors into government last year as did yet that's when you're here Jabbar you won't see Andrews bar for a couple of years. Just checked it to Arnold contract also shirts last saw just saying this artists. I just don't want you ordered to be be to get mad are ready to. You're just they're just they're rebuilding now I think he's got to enjoy this what you people want it. If you people or one of the papers that you want to reveal you wanna start all over again your title earlier door of things where that's were they doing right now the and so we've you are. You gotta be patient. Losers are very emperors used. At 201819. I'm looking at this right be restricted free agent if I'm reading this correctly then I'm horrible at greens country but things. But I think that's how it looks possibly the Dodgers and 18192 dozen nineteen beat away right in that area there. And then you have to make a decision at this horrible time for Jabari when it comes to money wise coming up national talk with Rick singer see all all of your Milwaukee Brewers straight ahead. Here on the fan. When he speaks just served up hot hand stressed not from the home Chevrolet studio C Sparky Phifer. Jerry Heller said running back while on vacation would back opening day I. I on Monday. Many of you will be out at Miller Park. As you should be joining us now is to see a whole poll of your Milwaukee Brewers Rick's lessing erect a slot for coming up they quirky grab. Me and excited and talk. Lot lots that gets you obviously eight and first thing's first are the coming out to the exhibition game not tomorrow wants yelled at all the new fun stuff you guys have. But I think the Cubs think that I hear is this. When you guys announced your re doing the concession stands and everything else. This is what I get it's a concession stand what could they possibly due to a concession stand that merits all this talk. So I guess you're jabs to answer that question. Well for forty million dollars we quit we better a lot. It it's. It's really a transformation and it's. Every concession stand a reportable. As new visual branding an identity eleven new concession stands literally that did not exist before. Reid knew bars to and it's a level when craft beer bar on the lowest level. And 33% more points of sale means 33% war. Our cash registers which will X you know ease the transaction time in. And we decreased the Lions and managed you know flow better and and of course it all comes down to the mood in the back into the pay. If this dust pretty boring but I was at least we have the right answer. Rhetorical opponent we have tremendous righty higher quality food. We've got branded products and guts or was he a got all these Tunisia commerce. Burgers we got all these specialty tacos she's charismatic and she's all natural Clemens sausages. So that variety to announce meaning the quality is elevated. That number stands it's it's really transfer and so and get consistent and consistent in. I think they'll be pleasantly surprised. Difference this vehicle park and people Corey. A lot of things come yours or wanna know as a back up one more step. So season in it last year and in your group against you guys get together. And it how do you guys didn't didn't get together and then decide okay. This is what we would like to do we do you guys hire some sort of firmer or is this your god is idea do you get ideas from different ball marks. How do you how you. Make this better for the following year would you get your ideas. Yep well in this particular keys we've been doing it wouldn't beverage complaining about three year so we hired a number consultants. Design firms food and beverage experts consultant I think character. When I spent per also a consultant would you know speed a small army for a long time but you need to do this because. He is really important that you're gonna spend that kind of money you've got to get a late and you've got to be accurate we do a lot of sites. Ballparks. Talked to a lot of other teens talk told teams in other sports. Talk a lot of eons and took all of this information distilled it. Working with consultants and experts and did you know two and a half to three years of planning so there's this was a long time coming. Other projects we we are already now starting to plant for ops decent. For next year and I got a loose about fifteen projects we've got to narrowed it down that won't be quite is. The scope of the food beverage renovation but they're going to be you know secret. You know we we do with her a lot of planning and analysis both inside and outside consultants. Rick that's good job security. You know I don't know a little embarrassed for one bad to a level that's for. Department on one of enough people the blade. Reality is the date him. And will decide in terms of what they like and alike and expertise or I'd but. You know we're always learning. We are not perfect or learning. Curious. Our ballparks aggressive as you are is upgrading in doing things with their park as the Brewers are. You know I think I think there is a trend in a secure realization of folks special baseball conduct the arc my counterparts baseball more than that they don't sports. That you know we we have to work harder to earned the Syrian oil he and Entrust you never what the teams into the field. And sure were winning the division every year my job's a lot easier and art can draw three million people. But if you start relying on that kind of T performance and you get complacent all the sudden you're gonna look up to the ballparks antiquated. And people are going to be salty so. I think even the teams that didn't win a lot are doing things that ball are past in other Cardinals have done so the Cubs have upgraded Wrigley Field from an. Well he needed to richt. Yeah well believe me that he they needed to that. You all but it needs a lot of help we're lucky we have a great ballparks. You know don't Bisping has built a sports and paid for it. So we have a special obligation which were constantly upgrading making its state of the art. And it's important Watson. We want the fans come here without regard to weather and I can promise them the win every can chip and didn't like I do that I think we Europeans. A great experience here or not just watching the ballpark but having an entire you know experience here from the time that it's the part York's the target. So you know me I always have ideas right. So I just like I just had an idea popped in my head because you brought the fans paid for or whatever if this if this is the stadium tax ever does go away. I'm as we delayed for two going for awhile but if it ever did well does all officially and you all it's like throw the biggest party Milwaukee's ever seen out of Miller Park bands play and everything else let everybody come out and celebrated the taxes dodging people Woody sacks over the taxes over party type DI think fans with lord only. Yeah I mean I ID I think that's the belida that I'm in a question that the text land. And it's gonna end soon. And I do think there are something to be said about the fact that you know not only does. Accent but look at the investment that fans may. Emotionally politically financially. And we should be very proud of the ballpark so I think it's critical and it's it was going to be a way you're like sent to celebrate. The defect to the ballpark a couple of teed off. And it's a jewel of the ballpark and we're so privileged to have baseball here and it is it is it's a great experience so very good idea. So you can tell credit yeah that's fine that's I'm finally you can tell Steve belongs Tea Party. Wanted him to talk about the about that politics and I don't know I. Whatever political strikes I think everybody. Like secure the worse the Texans. I'm out of jail. Hiding it at our record solstice honesty got a lot of courts aren't academic knowledge and you're walking out black. Steve told me subbing today. About this. Did you tell me about this man as I I've been out this off. This is this is real the and the special. It's a free app you loaded on your load. And it's gonna artificial intelligence has got to Mikell Bernie brought it Q. Go on your cap renewable displaying it and you can tight been a question is say where can I get. A hot dogs we're Connecticut a bloody Mary seniors Kristi so it'll spot on. And it'll keep you answers and you can't get any question about where anything at the ballpark. In the give you answers and we're also going to be able to do ultimately with this are real time chat. When our guest relations people sort of a question you count the QP answered Friday our social pollutants the get a life person to respondents expect cancer. It's a tremendous Beecher and were cursing our fans be given a shout we're doing tutorials are ballpark. It's it's a future. I know I know got a giggle so then tell me they do did you guys just do know we need to get going I don't talking. Did you guys to do today's special wiring been around the arc to. Make that happen. Know we've got the ball parks like size and literally it's work with Major League Baseball fans media. To help us over fineness. And they've been great partners in you know this is only the beginning this ballpark app is going to be. Such a way for fans to engage with with the Brewers and engaged the ballpark in. We early we're only touching the surface of what it typically are so cure to you got emotional you're two years now we're talking ballpark out. We will be talking about some new features that I don't even know exist right now that a come in and really been embraced our fans it's really from it and it's easy it's. You don't have to be a tech savvy guy or girl just figured out it's very simple and easy in print friendly. I I downloaded the ad yesterday it's are playing with an easy tomorrow we go to the game for sure. On the other thing I wanted to get your thoughts I'm was this brew crew bar that you're gonna have out in the yell parking lot. And looks like us storage bin that you fancy it all up on and turning to like a little lounge area with double TDs. It's a lot nicer than historic and it was. Doing television and it's fun places it's got to order people its hurry. We got. Period portable cocktails and then beer available gutsy lamps structure. Alone it's got nice comparable at seeding. And again for people who look tailgate it's part of our culture we encourage it. For people who want to tailgate and haven't hit it like experience and certainly bringing everything. On pit spot and this'll be available. So. So you don't so just say I'm not bringing anything into okay so what does his plate you give me if I don't rank number. Well right now worried since Berlin network part of our cocktails and been beverages hasn't bureau since you were sort component is something worth looking into Britt. You can imagine Thursday we run and see what the demand for it is for the space first. I haven't been again part. Pardon rather pay to get in their. Street. Me. So my question is now you have a you have a sponsor tying his right is in our company that's doing this for you. There's a we're probably would accompany. That's doing this out quick starts and they're based out of Dallas and donuts will be some football stadiums. But this is I think the first entry into a Major League Baseball. So my question is 'cause when I saw my first question was why not just make. You know permanent structures all over the different areas of the different parking lots and just goal fall in. Yet what you do your equipment in their personal and we want to make sure there and we've put in the right spot in sync beat the young a lot of good spot on the mixture secondly. It's it's a lot more cost efficient to do this and so we know for sure that a successful and we've got the right location. And ultimately yes rule could this potentially convert into it more permanent structure absolutely but we wanted to sort of you know. Dip our toe in the water but are we made the investment. Out you know hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to put a permit structure Richards. Alcohol and Wisconsin would be things more seriously and this. A no brainer but they still did it sure would get a ground there would be good yeah I'd written real quick so. I'm a big mama ex smoker Rick arise where it's coming down there. The smokers. Is there something going on a while. Smoking while well you know. Are you smoke weed of the priorities coworker in. Also at designated smoking area on the plaza and we move closer to first base but you know. Smoke free environment so and so now leak you know it's huge tobacco in part. But Rangel really now six win this year. This here in Milwaukee test and organs that they answering tobacco it go Kart. Don't chew tobacco blah Cutler Ricky just gave you a free idea because there is. A growing population of guys like Q and just hang out with and you'll see all the guys that do this. But I mean it that little idea that you have outside that bar area you could take another one. And make it a cigar bar in some area of a parking lot. Miller Park and you'd fill it up with a bunch of dudes smoking cigars and having cocktails. Are you you. The bar thing right broker I think could any smoking a cigar in a brew crew bar area are now. You can go outside too and all I'll. Well then you'd have to make it specific to a cigar bar type area outside and make catering to. Yeah. That's right Rick I do a lot of for example. Income. Eight. What in your sponsors fronts and our guards so yeah right process gone and our board I'm sure I'm I know that he's probably agent at an opportunity did get over by the refugees something. Yeah he's got enough money you'll pull off. They are written it. Yeah. Before we got one more one more report. There were spring training what are you guys do different you know around arc. For spring training you've been there ago. Do you guys do anything there that's for us what you're doing here with with fans and with entertainment. I obviously am much more condense let her close you know we've got fifteen Rick roughly fifteen home games don't and there are Rory here. And the crowds are smaller Anders you know there's. Dozens of other teams playing at the same time so it's challenging mean. The the best appeal that we have is the Central Asia and all are to respect the tickets are Kurt or all the action but also reasons are there. We bring their mascots. It is a don't it's a different experience and frankly we are looking to upgrade renovate or potentially you know look at another location or stroke. That battery certainly needs changing the current state miracle it's going to be renovated it. Just don't going smaller racquets alliance is please let me drugs do floor everything's like an hour away from everything. In Arizona at least everything's within liked when he minutes all the ballparks and everything else I'd so long term. Florida. Upper. And Steve from Q yeah. But. The goal our guys stepped in and renovation renovation and when might have a look at the habit of moving to a move the ball park is that on the horizon. We're looking to make a decision body later this year in terms of what we're gonna do whether it's renovating her Goler picture and location so. If you have me on the Cheryl. Right after the season they probably had a little more formations. If we will and narrow area yeah it. Yeah merry go built a Wal-Mart for yet you built the stadium sells nice and that's about all they didn't want mark yeah that's bottle it and I Alomar numerous times they are little things that so much for coming on and I appreciate it. That's an area as Rick's lessing received all all of them want to Burres in the great midwest bank hotline. When you're ready to get into our back into the housing market would go further than great mid West Bank this agreement West Bank doc kinda take the next step towards your new home. At a Mckelvin we bunt to the top of the arc has Rick Schlesinger and Gary reverend bill time so we will talk with Adam Mckelvin. Are a baseball insider coming up next.