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Rick Schlesinger: Fans Will Be Pleasantly Surprised By Changes to the Concessions.

Mar 31, 2017|

Brewers' COO Rick Schlesinger joins The BIG SHOW to talk about the upcoming Brewers' season and renovations to the stadium.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now is to see all hole of your Milwaukee Brewers Rick's lessing erect a slot for coming up. They are you grab me and excited and talk. A lot lot lot C gets you obviously eight and first things first saw the coming out to the exhibition game not tomorrow wants yelled on the new fun stuff you guys have. But I think the Cubs think that I hear is this. When you guys announced your re doing the concession stands and everything else. This is what I do it it's a concession stand what could they possibly due to a concession stand their merits all this talk. So I just your jabs to answer that question. Well for forty million dollars we quit do we better a lot. It it's. It's really transformation and it's. Every concessions stands there reportable. As new visual branding an identity eleven new concession stands literally that did not exist before. Three new bars to at a skill level when craft beer bar on the lowest level. And 33% more points sailed mean it's 33% war. Art cash registers which will X you know ease the transaction time. And we increased the lines and managed you know flow better and and of course it all comes down to the salute in the back in a if this dust pretty boring but I was at east and we have the right. The critical moment we have tremendous righty higher quality food. We got oriented products who gets a Rose leads the got all these secret agent commerce. Burgers we got all the specialty tacos she's current neck and she's all natural Clemens sausages. So to have variety and it notes meaning the quality is elevated. Is that numbers stand it's it's really transfer and so and they get a consistent and consistent and I think they'll be pleasantly surprised. Difference this seasonal park and people. Are. A lot of things from here or wanna know as a back up one more step. So season and last year and in your group against you guys get together. And it how do you guys didn't didn't get together and then decide okay. This is what we would like to do we do you guys hire some sort firmer or is this your god is I dear do you get ideas from different ball marks. How do you how you. Make this better for the following year you get your ideas. Yep well in this particular keys we've been doing it wouldn't beverage complaining about three year so we hired a number consultants. Design firms food and beverage experts consultant I think. When I spent per also a consultant would you know eat a small army for a long time but you need to do this because. He is really important that you're gonna spend that kind of money you've got to get a light and you got to be accurate we do a lot of street circuits all parks. Talked to a lot of other teams charcoal teams and other sports. Talk a lot of eons and took all of this information distilled it. Working with consultants and experts and did you know two and a half to three years of planning so there's this was a long time coming. Other projects we we are already now starting to plan for what season. For next year and I got a loose about fifteen projects we've got to narrow that down there won't be quite is. The scope of a food beverage renovation but they're going to be beat us. Yeah we we do with her a lot of planning and analysis both inside and consultants. Rick that's good job security and you know I don't I don't throw my embarrassed for one bad to a level that's for. About it blog a lot of enough people to blade. Reality is the date him. And will decide in terms of what they like and alike and expertise and I but it. You know we're always learning. We are not perfect world learning. Curious. Our ballparks aggressive as you are is upgrading in doing things with their park as the Brewers are. You know I think I think there is. A trend in a secure realization. Of folks special baseball conduct the arc my car park baseball more than the regular sports. That you know we we have to work hearts earnest and well Ian. And trust you you never what the teams into industrial. And sure we're winning the division every year my job's a lot easier and art can draw three million people. But if you start relying on that kind of team performance and you get complacent all the sudden you're gonna look up from the ballparks antiquated. And people are going to be salty you soak. I think even the teams that win a lot are doing things the ballparks you know the Cardinals have done so the Cubs have upgraded Wrigley Field. Well he needed to richt. Yeah well believe me that he they needed to that. You'll but it yeah lot of help we're lucky we have a great ballpark. You know build the stadiums built at forest and paid for it. So we have a special obligation which were constantly upgrading making it studio are. And it's import Austin is we want the fans come here. Without regard to weather and I can promise them we'd every get chipped that and and like I do that I think we Europeans. A great experience here or not just watching the ballpark but having an entire you know experience here from the time they get to the parking lots of the time. So you know meow a's have ideas right. So I just like I just had an idea popped in my head because you brought the fans paid Ford or whatever if this if this is the stadium tax ever does go away. I'm as we've been waiting for to go for a while but if it ever it will does all officially and you all it's like throw the biggest party Milwaukee's ever seen out of Miller Park bands play and everything else let everybody come out and celebrate that the taxes dodging people Woody sacks over the taxes over party type. Can yeah I mean I IE I think that's the value of that and no question that the text land. And it's can and soon. And I do think there are something to be said about the fact that you know not only does. Texts and but look at the investment that fans may. Emotionally politically financially. And we should be very proud of the ballpark so I think it's real Hornets it was going to be away your link you sent to celebrate. The defect to the ballpark a couple of teed off. And it's a jewel ballpark and we're so privileged to have baseball here and it is it's it it's a great experience so very good idea. So you can tell you credit yeah that's fine that's I'm finally you can tell Steve belongs Tea Party. Wanted him to talk about the about that politics and I don't know I. Whatever political strikes I think everybody. Like secure the worse the taxes and this. I'm out of jail. Hiding out at our record solstice honesty got a lot of court are yeah I would argue that in a positive walk out black. Steve told me subbing today. About this apt. Did you tell me about this man as I I've been out this off. This is this is real the and this special. It's a free app you loaded on your own and it's gonna artificial intelligence has got political Bernie brought it Q go on your happened to blow this thing in. You can tight been a question is city where can I gets. A hot dogs we're gonna get a bloody Mary your superiors peace it'll spot on. And it'll keep you answers and you can't get any question about where anything at the ballpark. You know give you answers and we're also going to be able to do ultimately with this are real time chat. But I guess relations people sort of a question you have the QP answer by the artificial pollutants the delight person to respondents expecting mr. It's a tremendous Beecher and were cursing our fans to give it a shout we're directorial served or are. It's it's a future. I know I know we've got a giggle so then tell me they do did you guys just do know we need to get going I don't talking. Did you guys to do today's special wiring been around the arc to. Make that happen. No we got the ball parks like size and literally it's work with Major League Baseball fans media. To help us over blindness. And have been great partners and you know this is only the beginning this ballpark out Israel cannot be. Such a way for fans to engage with with the Brewers and engage the ballpark in. We are only only touching the surface of what it typically are so like you're too you got yourself you're two years out we're talking ball park out. We will be talking about some new features that I don't even know exist right now that a come in and really been embraced our fans are truly tremendous it's easy it's. You don't have to be attacks every guy or girl to figure out it's very simple and easy in print friendly. I I downloaded the ad yesterday it's are playing with the values and tomorrow we go to the game for sure. On the other thing I wanted to get your thoughts I'm was this brew crew bar that you're gonna have out in the yell parking lot. And looks like us storage bin that you fancy doll up on in turning to like a little lounge area with double TV's. It's a lot nicer than the story and which. Doing television it's fun places it's gotten what are people its hurry. We got very affordable cocktails and then beer available got heat lamps structure. Alone. It's got nice comparable conceding. And again for people who looked tailgate it's part of our culture we encourage it. For people who wanna to delegated and haven't hit it like experience that's certainly bringing everything. On pit spot and this'll be available. So are. So you don't so just say I'm not bringing anything into okay so what does his plate you give me. If I don't rank number. Well right now worried since Berlin and it worked harder or cocktails and in beverages as in beer suits you over the true component is something worth looking into Britt. You can imagine Thursday we want to see what the demand for space first. I haven't paid to get in our. Pardon rather pay to get in there you'd treat. Me. See my question is now you have like you have a sponsor tying his right is in our company that's doing this for you. There's a we're partnering with a company. That's doing this out quick starts and their based out of Dallas and donuts will be simple all mediums. But this is I think the first entry into a Major League Baseball or. So my question is 'cause when I saw my first question was why not just make. You know permanent structures all over the different areas of the different parking lots and just go full in. Yeah it would guarantee your equipment in their personal and we want to make sure we're then. We put it right spot and we think the young a lot of good spot but we want to make sure secondly. It's it's a lot more cost efficient to do this and so we know for sure that a successful and we've got the right location. And ultimately yes rule could this potentially convert into it more permanent structure absolutely but we wanted to sort of you know. Chipper told the water but are we need to be investments. Out you know hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to put a permanent structure rich it's. Alcohol and Wisconsin would be things more seriously this. A no brainer but they still did it sure would get a ground there would be yeah I had written it still. I'm of the humble ex smoker Rick arise where it's coming down there. The smokers. Is there something going on or why. Smoking. Well you know. Our smoke we priorities your Kirk in. I also have a designated smoking area on the plaza and do a little closer to first base but you know. Smoke free environment so and so now week in smoke huge tobacco in part. But ring all really now six win this year. This year in Milwaukee test and organs that they answering tobacco go Kart. Well I don't chew tobacco but I Cutler Ricky just gave me a free idea because there is. A growing population of guys like Kim just hang out with and you'll see all the guys that do this. But I mean it that little idea that you have outside that bar area you could take another one. And make it a cigar bar in some area of a parking lot. Miller Park and you'd fill it up with a bunch of dudes smoking cigars and having cocktails. You you. Yeah. They just. To the bar thing right to recruit I think could any smoking a cigar in a brew crew bar area are now. You go outside to read. All I'll. Well then you'd have to make it specific to a cigar bar type area outside her make it work tutoring through so. Yeah. That's right I've Rick I do have a lot of for example I'm. Income. It. Yet that they would like your sponsors fronts and our guards so yeah right price gun crimes are born I'm sure I'm I know that he's probably agent at the net at the opportunity did get over by directing something I'll you know he's got enough money you'll pulling off. Hey a Rick thanks need to outline community guy's name and number will. Yeah I look forward got one more one more record. So we're spring training what are you guys do different you know around arc. For spring training in there ago. Do you guys do anything there that's for us what you're doing here with with fans and with entertainment. I obviously at a much more condense let her close you know we've got fifteen Rick roughly fifteen home games don't in there every year. And the crowds are smaller in theirs you know there's. Dozens of other teams playing at the same time so it's challenging mean. Of the best appeal that we have that is the central location of all are to respect the tickets are hurt or owners reaction but the alterations are there. We bring her mascots. It is the don't it's a different experience and frankly we are looking to upgrade renovate or potentially you know look at another location or so. That better it certainly needs changing according seen very little it's going to be renovated it. Just don't go to smaller racquets alliance has please let me drugs do floor everything's like an hour away from everything. In Arizona at least everything's within like twenty minutes all the ballparks and everything else I'm so long term Rick. And Florida are are arbor. And Steve from Cuba. But. The dog stepped in and renovation renovation. When might have a look at the habit of moving to move the ball part is that on the horizon. We're looking to make a decision on a day later this year in terms of what we're gonna do whether it's renovating her goal or two and location so. If you have me on the Cheryl. Right after the season by a probably a little more patient. Yeah memorabilia. And it. Yeah merry go built a Wal-Mart for yet you built the stadium sells nice and that's about all they did it while mark yeah that's model and I Alomar numerous times in a little things thanks so much for coming on and I appreciate it. Yeah that's an area as Rick's lessing received all all of them want to Burres in the great midwest bank hotline.